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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018 - 6:46:38 AM

NATO Defeated at All Fronts exept for War of Lies
By Dr. Christof Lehmann with comments by Ron
Sep 25, 2011 - 2:33:13 PM

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NATO Defeated at All Fronts exept for War of Lies

Posted: 2011/09/25
From: Source

While NATO is winning the war of lies and the diplomatic battle at a U.N. that has long lost all credibility, the Libyan Forces are winning one battle after the other on the ground and the competition for the "war criminal of the year award"

by Dr. Christof Lehmann

Let alone the countless U.N. -Sanctioned and NATO- Implemented charades that masked the aggression of the Anglo-American Empire from Yugoslavia, to Afghanistan, to Iraq, to Kosovo, to Pakistan, to Libya and Syria; latest with the hoisting of the “New Libyan” flag at the United Nations, in the context of a 60 year long neglect of international jurisprudence with regards to Palestine, the United Nations has lost any credibility as a representative of the “International Community” that was left. It is now nothing but “The International Non-Governmental Organization, that lends the appearance of legitimacy to the illegalities of the Anglo-American Empire, that are the Antithesis of it´s very own Charter and Legitimation for it´s Existence and Recognition”. The U.N. is passé; and the recognition of the National Transitional Counsel (NTC) of Libya by China, does not lend legitimacy to either the NTC or the UN. The question that remains, and that requires the most urgent considerations is now, what comes next, how will free nations take the most urgently needed steps to establish a new, truly independent international forum that provides legitimate security in the spirit of the best intentions behind the U.N. Charter and international jurisprudence, against the abuse of empires; and when will a viable initiative be taken, by whom “.

What does the “United Nations” care about that the people are protesting, as long as the governments of the countries that have the absolute power by means of veto and violence, can enforce “law and order” in best democratic spirit, and force IMF enslaved nations leaders to voluntarily implement the same policies, when their populations march into the streets in protest of the U.N. and NATO, as today in Ghana. What democracy to build in nations building projects, the new term for installing a Vice Roy, when the very organization that supposedly represents “The International Community” is such a very good example of what democracy is not.

Hollywood Green Square in Doha Qatar

And as it is with empires that have no legitimacy, whose elite knows, that an informed public would oust them in a split second, they lie. Historical governments could enforce their inhumanity on their populations by means of brute oppression. But then, we did not have those metropolis with millions, and no charades were played to present the impression of respect for civil liberties and human rights. You protest ? We kill you, if necessary in the hundreds or thousands, who cares ? Latest since the genius of NAZI Propaganda Minister Göbbels [Ron: This LIBELLOUS "throw-away" reference to Gobbels and the German National Socialist government IS A MAJOR PART OF TODAY'S FALSE MEDIA REPORTING PROBLEMS! It is pathetic that otherwise genuine commentators on NATO's war crimes and crimes against humanity being perpetrated in Libya should AT THE SAME TIME perpetuate the monstrous media LIES against Hitler and Germany made by the SAME Khazar Jew sources that are NOW enabling the rape of Libya on behalf of the Jew banksters. The Wikipedia entry on Gobbels referenced in this article IS A PACK OF LIES. That's not surprising since the Jews control Wikipedia and virtually all mainstream information sources. THAT is why this author should independently research the basis for his opinions. After all he is currently lamenting the fact that the Jew-controlled global media is telling the world that Muammar Gaddafi and the Libyan Jamahiriya are vicious, genocidal, lying monsters when that is patently NOT the case. WHY then, does this author spread Jew concocted LIES about Gobbels and the German National Socialist government which, together with the German people, WERE VICTIMISED IN THE SAME WAY (and by many of the the same nations) THAT THE JEW CONTROLLED US, UK, UN AND NATO are now doing to Libya! For instance for an expose of the Kristallnacht LIE see: And: Note also that Hitler's government, like the Jamahiriya, gave the people of the nation many freedoms and benefits NOT available in the nations that attacked and destroyed Germany:]. and the refinement of his theories on psychological manipulation of populations by Sigmund Freud Cousin Edward Bernaise, [Ron: Both of whom were Jews.] those crude methods have become antiquated relics that are only to be used at the most ceremonial bloodlettings of the empire. In industrial and post-industrial capitalist societies, tax payers like slaves, have too great a value to sacrifice them en mass on the alter of power. The weapon of choice against the people of the empire have become CNN, Al Jazeera, Twitter, ABC, NBC, Hollywood. The false Green Square Images, the make belief of Libyans endorsing them being murdered en mass made in Doha is but one example of a carefully implemented strategy against the people, that would tar and feather Obama and his likes, if only they knew.  It would be well deserved.

So what are the real news about Libya today ?

Representative of the Libyan Democratic Party, DPL,  Sabri Malik elicited that the NTC is split, when he demanded that Jibril had to step down. Malik also “pleaded” to the Warfallah Tribe to cease fighting, which reflects the fact, that the NATO rag tack rebels have severe problems; and that in spite of massive backup by NATO Special Operations and Air Force.

While Al Jazeera informs us, that out of the pure goodness of his heart, NTC Chieftain and CIA Stooge Jalil has prolonged the ultimatum on Sirte, so the people could come to their senses and avoid an unnecessary “bloodbath” – the nicest way to to make a war crime sound like an act of compassion I´ve ever heard, the reality is quite a different story.

This morning at 08.30 nsnbc received a report from a medical doctor inside Sirte Hospital, calling for an immediate halt of the illegal blockade of the city to stop an ongoing humanitarian catastrophe of unprecedented proportion.The Hospital of Sirte has literally “run out of medicine”. Patients are dying because there are no antibiotics nor the simplest of medicines for cardiac or other internal diseases like diabetes. Sirte Hospital resembles a butchery, overcrowded with triaged patients, that are victims of the relentless bombing campaign and ongoing battles around the city. Complicated surgery has to be performed without anesthetics, and patients are dying from shock; this includes children too. After yesterdays confirmed reports, that NATO Special Operations use Ambulances in Tripoli for transport, and ambush attacks, as well as confirmed reports about the abuse of the Red Cross Flag by NATO Special Operations, the Doctor is making a desperate appeal to the press and the world leaders to step up to their responsibilities.

The Armed Forces, Armed Volunteers, and Tribal Militia in Sabah, a city with a population of 150.000, have initiated a counter attack against the “rebels” while NATO Fighter Bombers were occupied with bombing civilian targets inside the city. There are reports of NATO and NTC casualties and more than 100 prisoners.

Tonight nsnbc received a confirmed report of an ongoing tank battle inside Tripoli near the Zarwia Hospital, and heavy clashes of loyalist troops and “rebel” forces in the Aljimahria Street and Abu Salim.

At the outskirts of Bani Walid, Libyan Troops captured a group of NATO Special Operations, disguised in civilian cloth. The captured soldiers will be treated according to international law.

The Militia of the Tarhuna Tribe has joined the Libyan Army under the motto “NO Division of Libya, Throw the NATO R..s out!”

The daughter of Muammar Ghadafi informed the Libyan People that her father is well, and is fighting together with his sons, the Libyan Army, the Tribes, and Volunteers.

Aisha Ghadafi

Aisha Ghadafi the wife of Muammar Ghadafi, spoke to the Libyan People on ARRAY Channel, speaking her heart about NTC leaser Jibril and his likes.

Non of these informations will be found on any of the NATO Co-Opted Satellite Channels. [Ron: The reason being that they are all controlled directly or indirectly by Jews.]

As all  objective analysts observe, the battle for Libya will develop into a protracted conflict that will last months if not years. It will ultimately spill over into the neighboring countries to Libya. With no United Nations to rely on, the only way forward to avoiding a humanitarian disaster of unheard of proportions in Northern Africa. It is time for political leaders with courage and vision to walk out of the United Nations and to form a true International Community.

Dr. Christof Lehmann




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