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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Mining Cartel Topples Aussie Government…Again
By Dean Henderson
Nov 15, 2012 - 2:12:33 PM

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Mining Cartel Topples Aussie Government…Again

On June 24, 2010 Australian Labor Party Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was forced to suddenly step down.  Rudd’s undoing came after weeks of ads run by multinational mining giants Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton convinced voters that a 40% tax Rudd has proposed on mining companies is a bad idea.  God forbid the Australian public gets a little something for their minerals. 

Rudd isn’t the first Australian Labor Party PM to be driven from office by Big Mining.  In 1972, after the massive carpet bombing which Henry Kissinger ordered on the North Vietnamese capital of Hanoi, several of Australian Labor Party PM Gough Whitlam’s Cabinet Ministers lost their stomach for the Vietnam War and called for a boycott on US imports to Australia.

As discussed in Chapter 2: Hong Kong Shangheid of my book Big Oil & Their Bankers…, Whitlam announced support for the establishment of a nuclear-free Indian Ocean Peace Zone, a move that threatened US bases in the region.  He proposed joining the Non-Aligned Movement, a large group of nations led by India who wished to side with neither the Soviets nor the US during the Cold War.

But his fate was sealed when he announced Australian membership in a mineral exporting cartel modeled on OPEC that would improve collective bargaining for nations endowed with large mineral deposits such as his own.  This didn’t sit well with multinational mining interests like Rio Tinto, Billiton, Anaconda, Phelps Dodge and Kennecott.

So Whitlam went on the offensive.  Allegations arose in the Australian media that Australian security (ASIO) had been infiltrated by and was working for the CIA.  Whitlam had ASIO offices raided and searched.  Whitlam went public about the US National Security Administration’s Pine Gap facility, a heavily fortified site in remote central Australia which collects NSA intelligence for a good chunk of the Southern Hemisphere.

It captures satellite intelligence via numerous massive parabolic dishes and transmits the information to TRW Corporation in Los Angeles, which passes it on to NSA headquarters in Ft. Meade, Maryland.  Australian officials are scarcely even allowed on site and US flights into Pine Gap are exempt from Australian Customs.  Whitlam called for a review of the installation before its license to operate could be renewed.  He set hearings for November 11, 1975.

Suddenly, the Australian press was full of allegations alleging Whitlam’s involvement in a “loan scandal”.  Nugan Hand Bank, a CIA drug laundry, was at the center of this and other misinformation in a campaign to bring down Whitlam’s Labor government.  Just one day before Whitlam was forced out, CIA East Asia Chief of Station Ted Shackley sent a memo delivering an ultimatum to his counterpart at ASIO.  ASIO was to shut Whitlam up and make sure that the November 11th hearings on Pine Gap were cancelled or CIA/ASIO interagency cooperation would cease immediately.

Soon Governor General John Kerr arrived in Sydney from England representing the British Crown.  Many forget that Australians are still officially British subjects loyal to Buckingham Palace. [Ron: Arguably Australia is no longer a British colony (which means that it has no lawful constitution or governance arrangements)and certainly, under international law, Australians are no longer British subjects. In other words all current Australian federal and state governments and their agencies are ultra vires and have NO lawful or legal standing. The system is maintained by a conspiracy of silence at elitest levels.]. Kerr had ties to the CIA-predecessor OSS, the Asia Foundation (a CIA funding conduit), and the CIA-front Congress for Cultural Freedom.

The same day ASIO received Shackley’s terse memo, Kerr held a meeting with Australia’s Permanent Secretary of the Department of Defense regarding the CIA demarche.  Whitlam, Kerr was told, refused to back down on the Pine Gap hearings, which were scheduled to commence that very day.  On the morning of November 11th Kerr, for the first time in Australian history, exercised the British Crown’s right to depose a duly elected government at its discretion.[Ron: In international law Australia in 1975 was an independent country NOT a British colony (in other words the so-called Australian Constitution, which was merely a portion of an imperial British Act of the British parliament no longer had any valid effect ) and accordingly Kerr, by purporting to act on behalf of QEII, a foreign head of state, was acting as a traitor to the Australian people.].

Kerr installed a coalition government led by Malcolm Fraser, which was immediately endorsed by Business International, a group of twenty multinational corporations operating in Australia.  The Australian House immediately passed a no confidence resolution, condemning the new government.  Kerr then proceeded to dissolve both the House and the Senate.  And Malcolm Fraser was soon off to New York where he met with David Rockefeller before stopping in at the White House.

In 1981 CIA contract agent Joseph Flynn admitted to Australia’s National Times that he had fabricated information implicating Whitlam’s government in the “loan scandal” under directions from Nugan Hand Bank official and CIA super spook Ed Wilson.

Governor General John Kerr received a 171% increase in pay for his efforts, while Ted Shackley was promoted to CIA Director of Covert Operations Worldwide.  The CIA, acting as it always does on behalf of multinational corporations, had overthrown the Australian government.

The picture in the June 25, 2010 Wall Street Journal of Kevin Rudd’s PM replacement Julia Gillard standing alongside current Governor General Quentin Bryce harkens back to the 1975 Whitlam coup. It reminds us that any government is but a subsidiary of the Illiminati Money Power, easily replaced whenever necessary.

Dean Henderson is the author of four books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve & Stickin’ it to the Matrix.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column @



THE MONKEY OR THE ORGAN GRINDER? See For a detailed discussion of the invalidity of the so-called Australian Constitution see End Note (1) to ‘THE MONKEY OR THE ORGAN GRINDER?


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For a good discussion of statism and the global farming of human livestock see True News 13: Statism is Dead - Part 3 - The Matrix at:


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©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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