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Political Information Last Updated: Aug 4, 2020 - 7:43:13 AM

MindMatters: Interview with Gary Lachman: The Return of Holy Russia II
By Harrison Koehli and Elan Martin
Aug 6, 2020 - 6:44:07 PM

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gary lachman holy russia
The American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce once said, "Through Russia, comes the hope of the world." He spoke those words in the era of Stalin, and it would be another 60 years or so before the end of Communism. But starting in the tumultuous 90s, the great country straddling East and West not only has made a comeback on the world stage - it is seeing a spiritual revival of sorts. Forgotten thinkers are being resurrected in the minds of Russians, new movements are cropping up, and old ones reinvigorated.

While most Westerners may be familiar with Russia's turbulent period of totalitarianism, and the works of a few of its literary giants, there are whole areas of the nation's philosophical, scientific and spiritual inquiry that are largely unknown to many observers. Until now.

This week on MindMatters we are joined by Gary Lachman, author of the new book The Return of Holy Russia: Apocalyptic History, Mystical Awakening, and the Struggle for the Soul of the World - and delve into some of the history, movements and individuals that helped shape the religious, social and cultural DNA of its people. It may come as some surprise to know that many developments in science, as well as religious questions, were being seriously addressed and worked out in Russia shortly before the scourge of revolution squelched, and in may cases destroyed, the lives of the people who dared go where few had gone previously.

Join us as we see how this resurgence of Russian thought isn't an anomaly, but is, perhaps, a kind of synthesis, and integration of its hard-won lessons learned, and part of a long tradition we can all learn from.

Running Time:

MP3 — 80.5 MB


Harrison Koehli (Profile)

Harrison Koehli co-hosts SOTT Radio Network's MindMatters, and is an editor for Red Pill Press. He has been interviewed on several North American radio shows about his writings on the study of ponerology. In addition to music and books, Harrison enjoys tobacco and bacon (often at the same time) and dislikes cell phones, vegetables, and fascists (commies too).


Elan Martin (Profile)

Born and raised in New York City, Elan has been an editor for since 2014 and is a co-host for MindMatters. He enjoys seeing and sharing what's true about our profoundly and rapidly changing world.

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Reader Comments (25)

Dog · 4 days ago
wasnt the author also a drummer for the 80's band Blondie? RC would know he knows everything
JB17 · 3 days ago
Dog According to himself. Yes.
Dog · 4 days ago
oops i guess he was the bass player
adipocere · 4 days ago
The only thing that legitimately separates Russia from any other second tier country of its ilk; eg Turkey, Brazil, South Africa, Iran, Saudi Arabia etc is the legacy of the USSR and the achievements of socialism. What they are calling a spiritual revival in Russia is merely a process of reactionary re-traditionalization as you see in any place that has suffered a socio-economic collapse.

Of course you would never understand that it is an extreme minority that has turned to the church here in Russia, because the West is entirely self-referential, even in this interview. It has a mythology to maintain, so it seeks out others who support that narrative. The vast majority of people I have met view the Orthodox Church as being corrupt and predatory. They made Czar Nicholas a saint for crying out loud, this is the same man whose wonton abuse of the lives of Russians led to one of the most radical revolutions in history.
codis · 4 days ago
What they are calling a spiritual revival in Russia is merely a process of reactionary re-traditionalization as you see in any place that has suffered a socio-economic collapse.
And I would say, a largely fictional tradition and history. As with the other great communist experiment in China, the old culture and tradition was destroyed with great care, and the bearer killed and documents evicerated.

My wife was born in the Soviet Union (USSR), here family still lives there.
JB17 · 2 days ago
codis the old culture and tradition was destroyed with great care, and the bearer killed and documents evicerated.

Just as the culture and values of Europe have been and are being destroyed right now by the same dark forces that operated then.
codis · 2 days ago
JB17 Only the efforts to "recreate" that European culture are missing yet.

But otherwise, I agree. Culture is destroyed and history falsified for hundreds of years - at least.
smertzasmert · 2 days ago
adipocere if Russia is 2nd tier, USA is 4th tier--your ignorance is typically amerikan
smertzasmert · 2 days ago
codis more amerikan stupidity...expected
Anna1 · 3 days ago
“We think we have free will but...” says Gary Lachman.

I contend that we DO have free will. Look back. There is a clear causative link between what you are currently thinking saying and doing and all the moments that led up to this time.

We each have free will. In light of all your previous experiences and imprints your next thought, word and deeds are entirely predictable (based in who you are).

Anna1 · 2 days ago
Anna1 Consequently, if we want change for the better we have to receive those experiences and imprints into our reality.

Change from within is conditional upon our receptiveness to changes in our new experience and imprinting far more than on any push/ pull of intergalactic forces.
Anna1 · 2 days ago
Anna1 Similarly, a cake recipe needs the addition of chocolate to create chocolate cake, the addition of lemon to create lemon cake.....

Joyly · 2 days ago
Anna1 And ... be the change you wish to see in the world. Mahatma Ghanaian.
Ragnar · 3 days ago
I remember reading that sentence by Cayce back in the late 80's. For whatever reason, I've always remembered it. But currently, under Putin, Russia seems no better than the US or England. I guess every country needs to oust their entire government in order to actually progress..
smertzasmert · 2 days ago
Ragnar more ignorance----"amerikans bewilder Europeans". Geoffrey Gorer
agni · 3 days ago
Just like here people think Americans are the most exceptional nation on earth, Russian believe same way in exceptional and complex Russian Soul. (Also that Russian women are super duper hot and dream of every single man.)
Rowan Cocoan
Rowan Cocoan · 3 days ago
agni (Also that Russian women are super duper hot and dream of every single man.)

From what I've heard, you got that right.
Joyly · 3 days ago
The conversation reminded me how dumbed down the masses are with 24/7 official narrative drivel. I am not sure now whether the primary outcome is to convince viewers of the official lies or to stop thinking. The cabal do not want people to think.

I was not concerned about what the Russians thought, but that at least they were thinking. In the West today one cannot question anything; it is taboo. Censorship has become the priority.
JB17 · 2 days ago
Thanks for the interesting discussion. I discovered and had a passion for Russian Literature as a teenager but Solzhenitsyn apart, have read nothing Russian since.

I find it strange that there is always talk of "The Russian Soul" but we never hear of an "American Soul or French or any other country having a soul for that matter.

As for the contradictory nature of the "Russian Soul" the antinomian "Russian Man" it seems to me that such people are simply psychologically unstable personalities, possibly split or fractured and that there is nothing particularly Russian about them. Unstable environments create unstable people.
parzival · 2 days ago
On another note and now translated into English for your viewing pleasure: A documentary film by Yuri Goroshko dedicated to the legendary commander of the "Ghost" brigade Alexei Mozgovoy . [Link]
Joyly · about 20 hours ago
parzival Thanks for the link.
parzival · · about 18 hours ago
parzival · 2 days ago
To Harrison Koehli & Elan Martin, if you have ever heard of The Rising Tide Foundation you might check out their history series past, present & lectures to come. For instance, there will be a lecture Sunday, August 16 (4-6pm) Russia and America: A Forgotten Brotherhood; Lecturer: Martin Sieff, Strategic Culture Foundation, veteran journalist and author.

Concurrently, if you are so inclined, you might check out a lecture by historian and engineer Sam Labrier who introduced the philosophical, political and economic origins of the American System by taking his audience into a study of world history starting with the french Cameralist school of Jean-Baptiste Colbert that arose in the wake of the 1648 Peace of Westphalia.

Leaders of this school of political economy included such great statesmen and scholars as Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and the jurist Emerich de Vattel whose “Law of Nations” stands in total opposition to all systems of Hobbesian empire upon which today’s current geopolitical system is premised.

The ideas of value, productivity, law, technology and economy which arose from the Camerialist school and which was later advanced by the great Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton (first U.S. Treasury Secretary) and Henry C Carey stands in total opposition to all monetarist/free trade schools of thought rooted in the philosophy of such minds as Adam Smith, John Locke, Thomas Malthus and J.S. Mill upon which today’s globalized world order are based.

With the immanent collapse of the neoliberal financial system now underway and the potential emergence of a new global operating system, it is vital that such historic lessons be absorbed by today’s citizenry in order to avoid falling for naive traps being set in our path by those same arsonists who have burned down the village in which we reside. [Link]
Other classes in this series including the upcoming Russia and America: A Forgotten Brotherhood can be found here. [Link]
smertzasmert · 2 days ago
Russia is a collectivist society where there is individuality; amerika is individualistic, like the entire anglosphere where there is no Philip Slater wrote, "amerikans poorly understand that individualism produces uniformity", something long ago observed by Tocqueville
Good Optics
Good Optics · 2 days ago
smertzasmert That's interesting as far as you went, but can you expand pls?

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