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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Michael Hoffman Attacks Nostalgia for Hitler
By Henry Makow with comments by Ron
Dec 6, 2019 - 3:38:22 AM

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December 3, 2019

"Revisionist scholar Michael Hoffman revises the revisionists with this new chronicle of the unprecedented disasters Adolf Hitler needlessly brought down upon the heads of the German people, and countless others.
Excavating Hitler's occult initiation, his Nazi ideology of self-worship, and his first high profile bloodshed -- the murders of his own colleagues -- the culmination of Hoffman's thesis is his review of Hitler's invasion of Soviet Russia, demonstrating that it had no chance of victory, and was in fact a mass suicide operation by a reckless, apocalyptic gambler who saw himself transcending the fate of the burned, beaten and prostrate German people as he was transfigured into the presiding spirit of Götterdämmerung, the final act of Wagnerian legend."

See Michael Hoffman's reply below my review.

by Henry Makow PhD

The promotional blurb above summarizes the thesis of Michael Hoffman's latest book, "Hitler - Enemy of the German People."
Hoffman believes that Hitler does not deserve the veneration he gets from the alt right because he was delusional, leading a woefully under equipped army to inevitable defeat.

Hoffman repeats this thesis again and again with sparse evidence.  He claims that Stalin had no intention of attacking Europe but he ignores the fact that the Soviet armies were made vulnerable because they were in offensive formations. Stalin and Churchill had a secret agreement to attack Germany. Moreover, the Nazis could have defeated the Russians had Hitler allowed his generals free rein.

[Ron: Arguably Stalin DID intend to invade Germany and Western Europe. See eg: Did Adolf Hitler Save Europe From Communism? See:

Arguably the German military could have destroyed the British expeditionary Force at Dunkirk and Le Havre in May and June 1941 but Hitler prevented that from happening. The result was that wikipedia says that the British Navy rescued and returned to Britain some 558,032 people, including 368,491 British troops. Had Hitler ordered the destruction or capture of those British troops he could have then ordered a quick invasion of Britain with probably positive results. But he didn't. It is said that Hitler spent time in Britain and was probably subject to Tavistokian type brain washing prior to his political activities in Germany. If that happened it could account for his strange behaviour in relation to Britain and his erratic and indeed fatal direction of German military forces during WWII. IMHO it may have been possible for Hitler to have been mind controlled by Britain's demonic controllers without necessarily being a conscious traitor to Germany. The fact that Hitler was subsequently unrepentant to the point of uncreation suggests that he didn'r see himself as just an illuminati agent and traitor. ].

In fact, Hitler sabotaged the Nazi war effort, and the question is why.

Herein lies my biggest complaint. Hoffman attributes Hitler's behavior to "magical thinking" i.e. Cabalism. Although this was a factor, Hoffman has not sullied his mind by consulting my many articles making the case that Hitler was an Allied (Illuminati) agent and a traitor. I argue that he was in cahoots with Stalin and the "Allies" to kill as many gentiles as possible and debilitate Western civilization.

[Ron: I agree that Hitler's policies led to what appears to have been the maximisation of the killing of gentiles but I doubt that he was a fully conscious traitor to Germany. It is also possible that Martin Bormann was an illuminati agent and traitor who was able to influence and distort Hitler's thoughts and actions. Indeed Henry Makow has suggested this. See eg: Bormann Ran Hitler for the Illuminati - ].

I hold Michael Hoffman in the highest regard and often repost his work. Apparently the respect is not reciprocated.  Nevertheless, I will always tip my hat to this prodigious researcher who, who with the late Texe Marrs, has done more than anyone to expose Judaism for what it is. See also "Judaism is Satanism."

However Hoffman has many blindspots. He seems to go out of his way to absolve Jews of blame and spread it around among the goyim.
For example,he dismisses the Protocols of Zion as "cartoonish" and "probably fake."

[Ron: The Protocols are not a fake in that they accurately portray what has happened and continues to happen in our world. It is irrelevant who actually wrote the Protocols because they accurately reflect the reality of Talmudism and what global Jewry has actually done in the 120 years or more since they came to light.].

In my opinion, this is a major lapse. Otherwise, he may have noticed that the Protocols say that no one is allowed to lead an antisemitic movement except by design. This is the key to Hitler's failure and to Hoffman's.


Below, I will provide links to articles that show Hitler was false opposition mandated by the Illuminati to destroy Germany. However before I conclude, I will take note of some of the gems that can be found in this book.
Hoffman debunks the popular alt right notion that Auschwitz was a country club for Jews, replete with swimming pool and orchestra.He quotes the Nazi camp physician Eduard Wirth on the effects of typhus: " I discovered intolerable conditions for the prisoners. There was no running water, no [proper toilets, no means of bathing. The barracks ... were unheated, overcrowded and the beds were missing. Lice literally swarmed on the floors, clothes, bodies of the people. The walls were black with fleas. The people...wasted to their ribs, plagued with vermin, the dead lying between the living and the dying. Every day, hundreds of dead were carted off, often after lying for days among the living. I was so spiritually demoralized that I soon saw suicide as the only way out." ( p. 180-181)
In this perspective, gas chambers at Auschwitz seems like a moot point. It was a death camp.

[Ron: The Red Cross report does not support the allegation that Auschwitz was a death camp nor do the meticulously kept German camp statistics support that contention. See eg:

And: Official German Record of all Prisoners in Auschwitz Concentration Camp from May of 1940 through December of 1944. See:].


Hoffman devotes 35 pages to Gregor Strasser whom Hitler had murdered in the 1934 purge. He shows that Strasser and many other victims were killed because they were sincere, capable and idealistic socialists who wanted to keep Nazism true to its original promise.  Hitler's cold blooded murder of about one thousand of his former comrades in arms, without trial, is a measure of his depravity.

Finally, Hoffman is very good on Cabalism:
"Time and time again, [German soldiers] reported that they had ...little or no ammunition, food, tanks, transport, spare parts or winter clothing. They were told...that these were merely perceptions ... due to the failure of their will....What is the occult in this context? It is the human being raised above the Creator to the Cabalistic egomania of the magician...The black magic consists in ...the belief that the imposition of the magicians will on nature, shall alter reality itself in the process." (Revisionist History, Oct.- Nov.2019)

No doubt this was a factor, but the reason Hitler spared Great Britain and attacked Russia, is that he was an Illuminati agent, in collusion with Stalin and Churchill, tasked with leading Germans to a catastrophe.

[Ron: Query whether Hitler really was colluding with Stalin and Hitler in the way suggested. He could have been mind controlled and deluded and/or manipulated by Bormann and drugs.].

In conclusion, Hoffman fails to appreciate that the Illuminati (Cabalists) were in control of both sides, and that the war was a ruse to destroy Western civilization and kill "the best of the goyim." This war continues today.

Hoffman complains that the book is getting "the silent treatment" because the alt right won't face the facts about Hitler. What does he expect when he addresses a book to a minority desperate to believe in anyone?

In my view, this book was misconceived because Hitler's acolytes aren't worth the bother. Hoffman's next book should be a collection of the best articles with broader appeal from his excellent Revisionist History newsletter. 

Related - Hitler & Stalin Colluded in Operation Barbarossa

Stalin Funded Hitler

Hitler and Bormann Were Traitors

Hitler and Churchill Were Secret Allies

Martin Bormann Ran Hitler for the Illuminati

Proof WW2 was a Ruse to Kill Patriots

Hitler's British Handler

Michael Hoffman replies:

I don't ignore or dismiss your work. You call it "Illuminati." I call it the magical thinking of the Neoplatonic-Hermetic prisca theologia, as expressed in the Kabbalah. I'm not sure what you think I'm missing.

We agree to disagree on your insistence that Nazi Germany could have defeated Russia had the generals been given free rein. Defeat them with what? Non-existent bullets, tanks, fuel, spare parts-- and manpower for an army that could not replace its hundreds of thousands of dead?  (See the attachment in this e-mail).

[Ron: Had the German High command given General Von Paulus the forces and reserves they diverted to the Caucuses and to the Moscow and Leningrad fronts during mid 1942 the Germans would have taken Stalingrad and it and the Kursk defeat could not have happened.].

You believe Stalin had a secret agreement with Churchill to attack Germany based on this exceedingly thin material: I have not seen any credible documentation to support that thesis.

Have you read Stephen Kotkin's Stalin Waiting for Hitler? If you have, can you refute it?  Stalin feared and respected Hitler. Until June 22, 1941 he despised Churchill.

In attacking my arguments concerning the Protocols you ought to answer the issues I raised about the virtual suppression of Johann Andreas Eisemenger's far more powerful and indisputable book. Why use a text whose provenance is subject to considerable dispute when there is an indisputable source? You say nothing about it.

I wonder where you get the idea that I reject the proposition that both sides, Allied and Axis, were evil and destructive of Western civilization? Is there a page in my book that says or suggests otherwise?
Makow reply- You don't address my point. Hitler was not just delusional, as you say. Hitler was a traitor. He was working for the Cabalist Jewish bankers he pretended to oppose. He actively sabotaged the German war effort. You have still not read any of the articles I cite above.

Moreover, the proposition that we should ignore the blueprint of the NWO, the Protocols of Zion because Jewry casts doubt on it in favor of Johann Andreas Eisemenger's seventeenth century expose of the Talmud is laughable. Your book is getting "the silent treatment" because it is out of touch with reality. Hitler, FDR, Churchill and Stalin were all Freemasons -- all in cahoots.

Your appraisal of the Wehrmacht flies in the face of their near victory. The fact the Nazis did not enlist the Ukrainians and Russian anti Communists but instead earned their bitter enmity is another example of Nazi-Soviet collusion. The real war is against humanity.

[Ron: I tend to agree with Henry Makow on these two issues.].

This link is from Erkki Hautama"ki re. Stalin-Churchill secret pact.

"On the 15th of October 1939 an agreement was signed between Stalin and Churchill (the allied forces). The core of it was the plan to destroy Germany both militarily and economically. Churchill's old plan regarding the Scandinavian operation was also accepted.

When the general courier of Stalin was transporting the strategic war plans from Churchill, the air force of Germany compelled the airplane to land on 9 Feb. 1940. During the examination of the air crew and the passengers, all documents were photographed. Hitler received exact information about the attack plans on several fronts of the allied forces. He thus started a preventive attack plan in Norway. Stalin did not know that the plans had been revealed."

Despite our differences, I am your biggest supporter. As such, I have a duty to tell you when I think you are in error.

[Some colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].



Did Adolf Hitler Save Europe From Communism? See:

Bormann Ran Hitler for the Illuminati -

Britain – Adolf Hitler’s star-crossed love (III) -

Official German Record of all Prisoners in Auschwitz Concentration Camp from May of 1940 through December of 1944. See:



Hitler in Argentina & The US-Hitler Bargain -


THE PROTOCOLS of the Learned Elders of Zion, Pdf. -


All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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