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Political Information Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:23:11 PM

Merkel, Macron, Trudeau And May Versus Trump
By Frosty Wooldridge
Nov 15, 2018 - 12:41:52 AM

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Nov 12, 2018

This past week, President Macron of France, along with Merkel, May and Canada's Trudeau, shunned President Trump for being a nationalist. Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Holland and Finland's leaders follow in Macron's steps.

A lady on Facebook chastised Trump for his steadfast honoring of America's right to borders and maintaining a sovereign nation. The entire Democratic party of America welcomes the 14,000 immigrant caravan to break over America's borders in their quest for a better life. What the Democratic Party and its followers don't realize:  100,000,000 (million) would move to America next week if given a plane ticket. So who receives the lucky lottery numbers out of billions on the planet living in squalor ?

Mass migration into the hundreds of millions across the globe in the 21st century.

But what those leaders don't admit grows more ominous by the day.  Since Merkel allowed mass immigration into Germany in 2015, and essentially, the entire European Union-every country in Europe boils like a cultural cauldron awash in linguistic chaos, violent Muslim religious confrontations and terror events, no go zones too dangerous for Europeans to enter and a growing "civilizational despair" at losing their countries to third world barbarians.

In the land of free speech, Norway locks up anyone who speaks out against Middle Eastern and African immigrants.  No matter how many rapes of Norwegian women by immigrants, no Norwegian dares speak up against the power elite. If anyone does speak up, they can be charged with a hate crime.  No matter how many torched cars, vandalism of stores and homes, completely trashed schools and educational systems-immigrants cannot be blamed or corrected or deported.

In Sweden, once the most peaceful country in Europe, it absorbed so many Middle Eastern and African immigrants, that its citizens face becoming minority status within three decades.  Additionally, rapes, robberies, torching of cars and shoplifting dominate the evening news. One prominent imam stated, "Sweden will become Europe's first Islamic caliphate."

In France, tourists must guard their purses from immigrants prowling the streets for ‘marks'.  European women cannot safely walk the streets of any city dominated by immigrants.  France features parallel societies that speak, practice and fulfill Islam's prime directive: "Convert or kill all non-believers." France suffers from 90 ‘no go' zones where French citizens dare not tread. Sharia Law, alien and diametrically opposed to democracy, operates in all Moslem dominated cities. Under that law, no French woman possesses any rights whatsoever. While Macron welcomes hundreds of thousands of illiterate Africans and Middle Easterners, his countrymen prepare for civil war.  Yet, Macron chastises and condemns Trump for his loyalty to America.

In Germany, Merkel faces expulsion for her acceptance of 2,000,000 (million) Islamic immigrants.  In a country about the size of Oregon, with 68,000,000 (million) people and too crowded to spit without hitting someone-she overloaded every city, town and village with people who cannot and do not enjoy any commonality with the German people. But the damage cannot be reversed.  Nationalism grows by the day throughout Germany and much of Europe as citizens prepare to defend their homelands against an invasion of barbarians.

Theresa May, leading the United Kingdom, lacks the guts, gumption and vision to save her own country.  In the UK today, Islam dominates dozens of once British cities. Much like Detroit, Michigan, British citizens flee the violence, rapes, robberies and destruction of their schools. Today, two different London's exist: one Moslem and one British European.  Moslems created 130 Sharia Law courts and over 50 Sharia Law city councils. Honor killings occur with too much regularity on innocent women, along with thousands of female genital mutilation cases-these barbaric practices flourish in a country based on free speech, women's rights and children's rights.

And the man-child Trudeau of Canada simply immigrated his own country into a multicultural morass of confusion, anger, angst, welfare, languages and fragmentation.  British Columbia of Canada will become the first state to secede and become the new overpopulation outlet arm of the Chinese.

Belgium, Holland, Finland and Denmark suffer the same fates as the rest of Europe. Every single African and Middle Eastern immigrant that crashes the gates of each country-brings that country closer and closer to its final destruction of culture, language and ethos.

Whether you read Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail or The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity and Islam by Douglas Murray, or America on the Brink: The Next Added 100 Million Americans by FHW-you cannot help but succumb to the uneasy feeling that America shares the same fate with endless immigration.

In the wake of "Merkel's Mistake," the German prime minister's 2015 invitation to the Middle East of unlimited immigration to her country - and therefore the European Union, a fair number of populist politicians have risen to power promising to radically curb mass immigration: Orban in Hungary, Duda in Poland, Kurtz in Austria. And Salvini in Italy.

If and when the United States collapses from endless third world immigration, Donald J. Trump will be seen as one of the few leaders in the world that saw the danger, acted as best he could to stop it, and yet failed because of the overwhelming power of the U.S. Congress to thwart him, and the incredible apathy of the American people who sat by watching their own country turn into everybody else's county.

And worse, America ultimately collapsed into a balkanized, unsustainable, culturally confused, totally destroyed sense of identity and environmentally degraded civilization beyond repair.

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