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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 13, 2019 - 4:32:25 AM

Meet Godfathers of Ukraine's New Church: CIA, Neo-Nazis and Mafia
By Live Leak with comments by Ron
Jan 12, 2019 - 10:33:01 PM

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On January 5, 2019, Bartholomew I, patriarch of Constantinople (today known as Istanbul in Turkey) had signed a decree of autocephaly (independence) for the new unified Orthodox Church of Ukraine. Decree of autocephaly is also known as Tomos. This was preceded by the council organized by the Ukrainian government on December 15, 2018 in Kiev which was supposed to unite three existing separate Ukrainian Orthodox Churches in to one. Unity did not materialize as the largest and oldest of the three churches, Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow patriarchate refused to attend, bringing fears that Ukrainian government may resort to more heavy handed methods to subdue it. Like those used against Russian speaking Ukrainians in the east of the Ukraine, sparking 4 years of civil conflict in Donbas and ethnic violence elsewhere.

However Tomos for Ukraine created large controversy not just inside Ukraine but in the whole Orthodox Christian world, as it brought Bartholomew I in to inevitable confrontation with Russian Orthodox Church, which was for centuries senior to Ukrainian Orthodox Church and claims that Bartholomew I have no right to grant Ukrainian church independence as he has no jurisdiction over it. Other Orthodox Churches all around the world now have to choose between Patriarch of Constantinople and Russian Orthodox Church, which is by far the largest and most influential one among all Orthodox Churches.

Despite looming schism in Orthodox Christianity, Kiev authorities and their backers in Washington and London had burst in to celebrations. Pictures from these celebrations which emerged from Kiev and Istanbul had however left many people baffled. Even people supporting Bartholomew's actions. Standing around the cradle of the new independent Ukrainian church were strange figures. Figures that bring questions about what purpose and whose interests new Ukrainian church represent.

The first one is Jack Devine, ex-Acting Director and Associate Director of the CIA's operations outside the United States. As such he directed CIA overthrow and assassination of the president Salvador Allende in Chile, bringing to power dictator Augusto Pinochet in 1973. In 1980s he oversaw Iran-Contra scandal, illegal sale of arms to Iran in order to finance US death squads in Nicaragua. Height of his career came however when he directed creation of the Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan to fight Soviet Union. Jack Devine is also member of the Atlantic Council, think tank representing powerful globalist corporations set up by Bush era neoconservatives of war in Iraq and Afghanistan fame.

On the pictures emerging from Ukraine following establishment of the new unified Church, Jack Devine is seen receiving order of St. Andrew the Apostle from the hands of patriarch Filaret, head of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kiev Patriarchate, close associate of Ukrainian president Poroshenko and major proponent of the new church. Jack Devine received order of St. Andrew -highest in the church, for "support of the independence of Ukraine and the creation of a single local Ukrainian Orthodox Church", as was explained by the press service of the Filaret himself.


The next picture invoking no less questions is that of a Alexander Petrovsky, born Nalekreshvili, nicknamed "Narik" and Emil Harutyunyan, well known mafia bosses from Ukraine of Caucasian origin. Poroshenko's own general procurer Yuriy Lutsenko described Petrovsky-Nalekreshvili in the past as "criminal authority".
Instead of pictures of police taking them in to custody, pictures and videos published on the official site of the Ukrainian president show them smiling next to president Poroshenko, authorities of the new church and "sacred" Tomos in Istanbul.



The last of the shadowy figures seen standing at the cradle of the new Ukrainian church is Andriy Parubiy, speaker of the Ukrainian parliament, leader of the Majdan movement and co founder of the Social-National Party of Ukraine -in reference to National-Socialist Party of Germany of Adolph Hitler (Nazi is short for National-Socialist). In the run up to a Majdan coup of 2014, which saw last president of Ukraine Yanukovich toppled and replaced by pro-American oligarch Poroshenko, party was renamed to "Svoboda", likely in order not to embarrass it's backers from US State Department and EU with obvious reference to Nazism, as party was assigned important role in the planed overthrow of the government.

Following the bloodbath during the coup itself, which left dozens of protesters and policemen shot to death by unknown snipers, Parubiy was caught on camera coordinating evacuation of masked fighters of the Neonazi organization Right Sector carrying "musical instrument cases" from hotel "Dnepr" next to the site of the massacre. Fighters refused to reveal what instruments those cases contained, bringing suspicion that they might not be musical in nature at all.




So who needs new conflict along religious lines in Ukraine, as if ethnic one did not kill enough Ukrainians already? Who needs conflict inside Christian Orthodox Church world wide? Who needs to divide Ukraine more? Who needs to divide Christian believers? Who needs new "independent" Ukrainian Church?

[Ron: the short answer, as usual, is the Jews. Some of the Jews who originally gained power in that putsch were:

President-Poroshenko (Vlatsman) - Jew
President Turchinov (Kogan) - Jew
Prime Minister - Yatsenyuk (Buckeye) - Jew
Minister of Finance - Alexander Shlapak - Jew
Secretary of national security and Defence - Andrew Parubiy- Jew
Vice Prime Minister - Vladimir Groisman - a Jew
Interior Minister Arsen Avakov - Armenian Jew
Minister of Culture - Sergei Nischuk - Jew
Mason - Director of the National Bank - Stepan Kubiv - Jew
Head of the Administration of President - Sergey Pashinskiy- Jew

The main presidential candidates from the opposition were:
Yulia Tymoshenko (Celia Kapitelman) - Jewish

Vitali Klitschko (Etinzon) - a Jew by his father
Oleg Tyagnibok (Frotman) - a Jew mom
Dmitry (Avdimou) Yarosh - Jew Hasid

See also this list of the falsely alleged nazi-regime in Kiev:

President - Poroshenko (Valtsman) - Jew. - and. o. President Turchinov (Kogan) - Jew. - Prime Minister - Yatsenyuk (Buckeye) - Jew. - The Minister of Finance - Alexander Shlapak- Jew. - Secretary of national security and Defence - Andrew Parubiy- Jew - Vice Prime Minister - Vladimir Groisman - a Jew. - Interior Minister Arsen Avakov - Armenian Jew - Minister of Culture - Sergei Nischuk - Jew, Mason - Director of the National Bank - Stepan Kubiv - Jew. - Head of the Administration of President - Sergey Pashinskiy- Jew. The main presidential candidates from the opposition: - Julia Tymoshenko (Celia Kapitelman) - Jewish. - Vitali Klitschko (Etinzon) - a Jew by his father. - Oleg Tyagnibok (Frotman) a Jew mom. - Dmitry (Avdimou) Yarosh-Jew Hasid. The oligarchs in Ukraine - all Jews: I. Kolomoisky, E. Hurwitz, H. Bogolyubov, Poroshenko, D. Firtash, S. Liovochkin, V. Haiduk, V.Nemirovsky, K. Zhevago, V. Pinchuk, E. Prutnik, Akhmetov, A. Martynov, B. Kostelman, E.Sigal, B. Kolesnikov, A. Feldman, F. Shpyg, N. Shufrych, Rodnyanskii A., I. Butler, A. Abdinov, V. Ermolaev, M. Kiperman, E. Zviagilskiy, F. Zhebrovskaya, S. Ronis, H. Korban, G. Surkis, I. Surkis, V. Shamotiy, A. Leszczynski, J. Rodin, M. Becker. All media - in the hands of Jews P. Poroshenko, I. Kolomoisky, D. Firtash, V. Pinchuk, Akhmetov. nezalezhnoy Presidents: - Kravchuk (Bloom) - a Jew. - Kuchma (Kuchman) - Jew.].

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2019 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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