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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Media's Refugee Activism And Topless Girls
By B. F. Firos with comments by Ron
Sep 8, 2015 - 5:34:47 AM

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Media's Refugee Activism And Topless Girls

By B. F. Firos

05 September, 2015

Voila, who is out there looking for refugees with such messianic grandiosity? It’s Slovakia. The central European country said it is ready to admit 200 Syrians provided they are Christians, because, according to the government, “we don't have mosques... we only want to choose the Christians.” Fair point; so has the diktat been communicated to the refugees fleeing for their life, probably via satellite communication? And in the unfortunate event of not finding enough Christians to fill its 200-slot, is there any government-sponsored mid-sea baptism bid to pick the willing 200 subjects? Or is there a clergy-man baptize-ready standing along the razor-thin fence along with sniffer dogs and police men who have been deployed to drive the refugees away on the borders of Hungary and Austria? Or are there enough high-sensitive religion-detection machines installed at the border checkpoints to sift the 200 souls?

Amid this religionizing of a human tragedy came the picture of a dead Syrian boy lying face-down on a Turkish beach; it has jolted the world which has hitherto been beauty sleeping in its cozy comforts, refusing to even wink at the biggest catastrophe unfolding right under its nose. No doubt, the image is the defining one à la the heart-breaking image of that Vietnam girl running from a Napalm bomb that went on to encapsulate the horrors of the war.

Indeed, it is not the first such loss of life; people have been fleeing war zones and desolation from conflict-ridden countries in the middle-east and Africa for the past many months. [Ron: Bullshit! Refugees have been fleeing USraeli and NATO organised terrorism, invasions and warfare in Iraq, Afghansitan, Somalia, Sudan, Eretria, Ethiopia, Libya, Ukraine, Congo, Vietnam, Cambodia, and many other countries for years, and in some cases, decades!]. It is just that this dead boy just got lucky enough to have been photographed by a western news agency, prompting TV channels the world over to spare their prime time and newspapers to front-page the image to the accompaniment of such poetic headlines as “Europe couldn’t save him.”

[Ron: More bullshit! Clearly the massive publicity given to this particular dead Syrian boy has been organised by the global matrix controllers (who of course control the global mass media) for reasons best known to themselves but probably designed to force EU nations to accept swarms of refugees from Libya, North Africa and the Middle East, and especially lots of Syrian refugees previously stockpiled in Turkey ready for this occasion. Why? As part of the Jews' plan to swamp European nations with people from foreign cultures in order to destroy their national sovereignty and their distinct national identities and cultures.

The other major reason is that it is an attempt by Jew controlled USrael and NATO  to deceive EU citizens into thinking that President Bashar Al-Assad and his Syrian military are responsible for these refugee outflows because of the Jewmedia's false allegeations that the Syrian army is killing Syrian civilians. At the last Syrian election President Al-Assad got a confidence vote of over 80% from the Syrian people, that is much higher than ANY Western leader gets in their elections. NO tyrant who is killing his own people would get such a vote. This is the same libel that USrael and NATO used to fool Russia and China into allowing them to bomb Libya back to the Stone Age and to murder the Libyan people's  beloved leader, Muammar Gaddafi.]

And for the readers of Western tabloids it was a refreshing change as the boy’s body was front-paged. Celebrity bums and boobs, of course, can wait for a day; sorry not more than that.[Ron: I disagree for the reasons above stated.].

And we must appreciate the BBC over its journalistic circumspection, for, it says that it has chosen to publish only one photograph of Aylan, in which he is being carried by a Turkish police officer. Oh Aylan. That is the boy name, the enterprising media has found out his name. We don’t know the names of those 2,500 people who were drowned or killed on their way to Europe. They remain faceless.

Amid the cacophony of reactions of European leaders, that of German Chancellor Angela Merkel stands out like that of a real angel, a beacon of hope and humanity as she welcomed these seas of desperate souls into her country with open arms. So is France.

[Ron: BARF! BARF! Total bullshit! Merkel runs Germany for the Jews who have controlled Germany since 8 May 1945, using the US military occupation for muscle. Clearly the Jews want to totally destroy Germany by swamping it with foreign refugees and foreign cultures. Native Germans are NOT replacing themselves, their national fertility rate is abysmal. DITTO re France which is controlled by Jews who dominate the Presidency and the government and wish to swamp France with Muslim and other foreign cultures.]. Rightwing-ruled countries like Hungary closed their doors to the people with predictable insensitivity. Hungary Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, said Europe is in the grip of madness over immigration and refugees, and that he was “defending European Christianity against a Muslim influx.” But thanks to Aylan effect, countries like Hungary have been forced to change their position.

[Ron: Got that, Pilgrims?! The global Jewmedia's campaign using "Aylan"has FORCED Hungary to change its position on refugees. Sooo, what about Israel? The Jews, ie Israel, support the terrorists that have caused the Syrian refugee crisis but REFUSE to take any of them! See eg: Israel: Refugees not our problem -We make’em & You take’em! - At best this author is totally ignorant. Alternatively he is a shill for the Jews and their agenda.].

And we saw the likes of David Cameron going into pedagogic mode with didactic precision, trying to differentiate between the vexatious words like ‘immigrants’ and ‘migrants’ and ‘asylum seekers’! Now, he says the UK is ready to accept “thousands more” Syrian refugees. Thanks, again, to Aylan effect.[Ron: Barf! Barf! The Jews always use the Hegelian dialectic to produce the "solution" they want while appearing to have general popular opinion force the issue.And this commentator facilitates the Jews' agenda.].

Hello world, it is very easy to brand people fleeing war zones and catastrophes with such heavily loaded words like ‘migrants’ and ‘illegal emigrants’; in effect bracketing them all in the “bad people” category. And instead of applying the balm of humanity upon these wounded souls, rest of the right-wing world, instead, is poking at their wounds with the poison of religion and xenophobia.

[Ron: WTF?! WHY are we being given this emotionalist bullshit? Of course refugees from USraeli and NATO organised terrorism are not "bad" people! IF this author is serious he would be telling us the truth about WHO is causing the refugee problem and demanding that action be taken to STOP that action, not giving us a spiel about how refugees are "wounded souls" and so we shouldn't be 'poking at their wounds with the poison of religion and xenophobia'! That amounts to misdirecting the debate and evidences that he is a shill or batshit ignorant!

Yes, the world is made of migrations and cross-migrations; people’s movement has always been the inevitable ingredient of human civilization; each country of the world as we know it today has been peopled by migrations of different kinds. Nobody was air-dropped to countries according to pre-fixed maps based on their skin color, nose size and passports that they possess. [Ron: this is rabbinical speak, designed to mislead the debate!].

For a change those rightwing leaders in Europe may read history books. Europe has benefitted from migration immensely: when the continent was ravaged by war seven decades ago, rest of the world embraced the refugees with open arms. After the Second World War, Australia, New Zealand and rest of Americas accepted huge refugee population that emanated from Europe.

[Ron: WTF has WWII got to do with this matter? Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Gaza, to name just a few, have been viciously attacked by the USraeli and NATO military and secret services, THAT is the problem! and thta is what has to stop in order for the refugees to stop coming and to allow them to return to their home countries. This is typical Judaic misdirection of the debate.].

Even as these human tragedies are being played out, in another part of the world called Swaziland, one of the poorest countries in the African continent, a total of 65 girls were killed in a ghastly road accident. They were traveling in an open truck to take part in the annual reeds festival, where the Swazi king traditionally picks one of the topless girls as his newest bride. Some 40,000 virgin-girls gather in a stadium and dance bare-breasted to attract the attention of this African monarch who already has 15 wives, 13 palaces, a private jet and a fleet of luxury cars. Other facts are: the country has the highest HIV and tuberculosis rate in the world and over 50% of the people are under the poverty line.

These girls, desperate to escape the tyranny of poverty and squalor in their lives, hope to lead a better life as queen. Their condition is no less wretched than those thousands of refugees fleeing for their lives. While those girls were killed on the road, most of the refugees perished in the sea. The difference primarily ends there. Both of them flee their pitiable conditions for a life of dignity.

[Ron: The more i read the more ridiculous this rabbinical discourse becomes!  This author HAS to be a hasbara, feeding us garbage and laughing at the gullible goyim. No wonder the Jews think goyim have shit for brains. There is NO logical connection between a road accident in Swaziland and EU refugee problems. The only logical connection to be drawn is that poverty is rampant in Swaziland  due to the existance of plutocratic oligarchs just as it is in all areas of the world were the Jews hold sway. Poverty wherever it exists in our world is due to the Jewish global control matrix which is built on Jewish monopoly control of the issuance of fiat debt tokens fraudulently called money, combined with usury and fractional reserve banking. Using their control of the money supply and usury, the Jew banksters have been able to suppress the development and distribution of "free" energy Tesla and Keshe plasma devices which could solve humanity's poverty problems within a decade. Availability of those technologies could also create general good health and abundance within less than 20 years. Tesla's patents are over a century old and Keshe's plasma technologies have been made available since about 2008.].

Until and unless a western news agency photographer meets with his epiphany Aylan-moment, places like Swaziland – and the stark realities of the people’s lives there – will continue to remain off from the radar of our tabloid front-pages and TV primetimes.

[Ron: Barf! Barf! Emotionalist bullshit barf! Until and unless ALL so-called commentators and journalists such as "B. F. Firos", get a brain or a conscience, and stop writing rabbinical style gibberish, global consciousnes is unlikely to change, barring divine intervention.

(The author is a journalist based out of Dubai) [Ron: And it shows.].

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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