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Political Information Last Updated: Sep 17, 2019 - 12:16:14 AM

Media Break Down: Why Bolton and Why Now?
By Tim Kirby
Sep 17, 2019 - 12:13:48 AM

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In the above video, the men of "Right Angle" try to get down to the mystery behind Bolton's sudden firing but really couldn't provide an answer. One of the hosts Bill Whittle, in regards to the constant disagreement between Trump and Bolton, made a good point that at times we need an advisor to disagree with us and mentally challenge the leader. But it is highly unlikely that Trump brought someone on to challenge himself, the real reason is a lot more practical for his particular presidency.

The men of Right Angle, like many in the media seem to forget that the President is not a omnipotent dictator. Very often and especially under continuous media attack the man in the highest office in the land needs to play ball in the system just like anyone else. Office politics can lead to a miserable work experience or even getting fired, if you've ever been afriad to express your true opinions at work or school just imagine what it is like to be the POTUS.

Trump came to power amidst a hurricane of madness claiming that he would be the next Hitler, that he would doom the economy and most insane of all that he was a Russian Manchurian Candidate just waiting to surrender to Moscow. In this sort of climate it was pivotal for Trump to demonstrate that he was at one with the swamp. This situation is like being a conservative professor at a university in California, you better hire a "diverse staff" to deflect any future allegations against you.

Candidate Trump was very angry at America's wasteful foreign wars, viewed NATO as obsolete and wanted to work with Russia, not out of love for Putin or pelmeni but probably as a means of leverage against China. These sorts of radical opinions can be bad for your health on the Beltway so Trump immediately raised defense spending by 54 billion dollars after taking office. Bringing on good ole reliable pro status quo Bolton, after his spat with pro status quo McMaster probably gave Trump further breathing room.

Supposedly McMaster's gruff attitude and aggression towards the narcissist-in-chief was his reason for being fired. Trump reacts very sharply to criticism and what he sees as betrayal, so perhaps The Donald just wanted a new quieter mumbling warmonger that would be easier to ignore. Curiously, Trump has greenlit further defense spending opportunities right before dumping Bolton. Maybe he has bought his way out of the need for a military industrial complex nanny?

We also should not forget that, Trump despite his "reputation" has not started any new conflicts and is more or less from a military standpoint stagnant as a leader, he really hasn't done anything other than make threats and ignore or allow the State Department to continue to do its thing in regions like Venezuela and Hong Kong.

2017 and 2018 Trump needed to play ball, 2019 Trump who has cleared the media field of all the insane unfounded allegations against him has a lot more freedom to act. He is more free now to fire an advisor, whose advice he really didn't listen to anyways and move forward. We should look at the firing of the frail moustached chickenhawk with some optimism.

If Trump is able to fire "one of the boys" from the Washington consensus then he must have already worked out enough deals to do things at least partially the way he wants to do them. True, there is not much time before the next election but Trump is now out from under the yoke of accusations.

The men in the video from Right Angle ended their conversation with Scott Ott's view that Trump is simply bad at making a team. It would seem hard to believe that a titan of real-estate who has also been a key figure in television at his ripe old age has no idea how to build a team. In this regard Trump knows exactly what he is doing and whom he needs to pick for effect.

McCain picked Palin to have a younger female candidate to draw more votes. Obama picked Biden as a generic white person to play down any racial issues. Trump may be picking advisors the same way Presidents pick their back up - purely for PR, it is just that Trump's PR is more internal and not aimed at any voters.

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