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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

McALPINE: A New Byword for Piss Taking Paedophile
By Chris Spivey
Nov 18, 2012 - 9:20:05 PM

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McALPINE: A New Byword for Piss Taking Paedophile

Posted by admin On November - 17 - 2012

Chris Spivey

So, Lord McAlpine is in line to receive £185,000  in recompense from the BBC for naming him as a paedophile… Although the BBC never actually named him. Put another way, the BBC are giving £185,000 of  your money to a predatory paedophile even though they don’t have too… I will give you a moment to let that sink in.

Sunk in? Cool, I will carry on. The fact that the BBC are paying an outed nonce your money and giving him a grovelling apology for not slandering him, even though they wouldn’t have been slandering him even if they had named him, should spur on every single person in the country to demand their TV licence money back.

Moreover, according to McAlpine’s lawyer, ITV’s ‘This Morning’ program is also on their “very long” hit list… Even though they didn’t name him either… Fucked up or what?.

McAlpine, who appeared on TV apparently feigning fragility, said no amount of money would compensate him for [not] being named as a child abuser.

To help soothe McAlpine’s wounded pride, the child molester’s lawyer Andrew Neil… Remember that name people… is apparently sending out letters to those on the hit list prior to commencing court action. Why would McAlpine do that? One can only presume that in doing so the piss taking kiddy fiddler is offering the recipient chance to settle out of court… Oh, how that makes my blood boil.

Sally Bercow, is apparently in receipt of one of these letters. Hmmm. If you are a regular visitor to my site, you will perhaps know that I made mention in an article I posted yesterday (16/11/12) regarding McAlpine, in which I expressed my view that Bercow was being less than honest about her motives for naming him. This thought of mine was based on the fact that I haven’t had a McAlpine letter, despite being much more scathing of the nonce than Sally ever was.

I find it highly unlikely that McAlpine is not aware of what I have said about him, since David Cameron’s good friend Derek Laud knows exactly what I in turn, said about him. And, with up to 20,000 hits a day, this website is far from inconsequential, don’t cha know.

Neither has David Icke received a letter, as far as I know. David was equally as scathing of McAlpine on his own website as I was on mine. Since David’s website is visited far more than mine, it is inconcievable that Andrew Neil is not aware of David’s comments.

I don’t know about you, but I am of the opinion that there is something extremely nauseous about a man, who in the pursuit of financial gain, is prepared to represent a child molester? But, as usual I digress.

Now, I assume we all know Bercow’s link to parliament. With that in mind, what better way to stop others telling the truth about the Nonce McAlpine, than to use Sally as a decoy?

If I am wrong, I will most certainly publicly apologise to her. However, my instincts, which are usually spot on, tell me that I am right.

Furthermore, as David Icke rightly pointed out, why did McAlpine not take legal action against Scallywag Magazine? Here’s what David said:

So why wasn’t the Conservative Party treasurer in the Thatcher era equally ‘horrendously shocked’, and why didn’t he therefore sue, when similar allegations involving North Wales children’s homes were published by Scallywag magazine in the 1990s and he was the subject of a banner headline to that effect – and more?”

The whole thing stinks people… The Police should have been at McAlpine’s door the moment that his name repeatedly cropped up on the internet. Instead he is being rewarded for not being named as a nonce… Which he most definitely is.

There is a high level government cover-up and whitewash taking place. Worst still the transparency of that cover up is breathtaking. Do I need to remind you of the Steve Messham fiasco?

And why is there a Government cover up?

The answer to that is simple. Its because those in government, along with those in past governments, all the way back to at least the early 1960′s, are all either involved in the paedophile rings or are all too aware of them and those involved. Moreover, it isn’t just Politicians involved. There are corporate hotshots, private bankers, high ranking members of the cuntstabulary as well as prominent members of the judiciary, all equally involved. Channel 4′s claim that the men involved are all Freemasons was spot on.

Worse still, our Royal family are involved too… Therefore, I will say it again; it fucking stinks. And it is up to us, the people to put a stop to it. There is absolutely no other way. You don’t really think that those involved are going to implicate themselves do you? Course they aren’t. They are going to continue offering up the likes of Gary Glitter, Freddie Starr and DLT- Bit part players along with a few long dead nonentities chucked in for good measure.

As for the nonce McAlpine. He is at the very heart of these paedophile rings. His threatening to sue all and sundry is reminiscent of that other Tory Peer, Lord Robert Boothby following the  Sunday Mirrors now infamous 1964 front page headline ‘The Peer and the Gangster’. The following is taken from my successful article, Monsters Inc‘ about the Royal family:

Lord Robert Boothby was thought of by post WW2 Britain as being a ray of sunshine amongst the otherwise ‘stuffed shirts’ who made up the Conservative party. Born into the aristocracy, Boothby could apparently do no wrong in the nations eye’s and had even been tipped to become a future Prime Minister. Course, as you are hopefully beginning to recognise by now, our elite are corrupt to the core and Boothby was no exception..

The following extract is taken from Wikipedia and I have once again taken the liberty of underlining the points I feel need emphasising:

Boothby had a colourful, if reasonably discreet, private life, mainly because the press refused to print what they knew of him, or were prevented from doing so. Woodrow Wyatt – whose reliability has been questioned – claimed after the death of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother that she had confided to him in a 1991 interview that “The press knew all about it”, referring to Boothby’s affairs, and that she described him as “a bounder but not a cad”.

He was married twice: in 1935 to Diana Cavendish (marriage dissolved in 1937) and in 1967 to Wanda Sanna, a Sardinian woman, 33 years his junior. The writer and broadcaster Sir Ludovic Kennedy has asserted that Boothby fathered at least three children by the wives of other men (two by one woman, one by another).”

From 1930 he had a long affair with Dorothy Macmillan, wife of the Conservative politician Harold Macmillan (who would serve as prime minister from 1957 until 1963).He was rumoured to be father of the youngest Macmillan daughter, Sarah, though Harold Macmillan’s most recent biographer D. R. Thorpe discounts Boothby’s paternity. This connection to Macmillan, via his wife, has been seen as one of the reasons why the police didn’t investigate the death of Edward Cavendish, 10th Duke of Devonshire, who died in the presence of suspected serial killer Dr John Bodkin Adams.

The duke was Lady Dorothy’s brother, and it is thought the police were wary of drawing press attention to her while she was being unfaithful”.

It is therefore quite obvious that Boothby’s popularity with the public was based solely on him presenting himself as being someone he certainly wasn’t and only getting away with it because of the press blackout imposed by fear… Exactly the same way the Royal family get away with it.


The Conservative party were happy to go along with this charade of Lord Bob’s (they were all doing the same anyway and getting away with it thanks to the spineless press.  However, they  lacked Boothby’s charm).

Never the less, Boothby’s halo slipped somewhat in 1964 when the Sunday Mirror ran the now famous headline ‘The Peer and the Gangster’. For the full details on how this scandal was covered up go to:

Basically, the story was that the notorious East End gangster Ronnie Kray was having an affair with Boothby. So serious were the implications of this affair, that Harold Wilson, the Labour Prime minister at the time ordered his ‘Mr Fixit’  Arnold Goodman to represent Tory MP Boothby in his libel case against the Mirror.

The Sunday Mirror wobbled and decided to settle out of court. Boothby received  £40,000 (£660000 at today’s prices) in compensation from the newspaper and the Editor  was sacked. However, history has revealed that the headline was only the very tip of the iceberg and Boothby was up to his neck in the perverted cesspit.

Did he give the money back that he’d received? Dont be silly.
Was the Mirror editor who wanted to print the truth compensated for losing his livelihood? Dont be silly.

John Simpkin has this to say on the matter. I have, as always underlined the important bits for emphasis:

“It is a myth that is often repeated, that in a modern democratic society with a free press it is impossible to keep a political conspiracy secret”…

… “In 1963 Michael Thornton, a journalist working for the Sunday Express, (Remember Michael Thornton, the journalist who interviewed Edward about the Queer Mother? – Spivey] heard rumours that Lord Boothby, a former member of the Conservative government, was having a homosexual relationship with Ronnie Kray, the leader of one of the most notorious criminal gangs in London. Thornton became friendly with Boothby and evenattended the sex parties organized by Kray. He discovered that Boothby was introducing Kray to upper-class homosexuals whereas Kray was providing Boothby with working-class rent boys.

Amazingly, Boothby was also having an affair with Dorothy Macmillan, wife of his fellow Conservative politician and Prime Minister Harold Macmillan. He was also rumoured to be having an affair with the Queen Mother (This is getting too easy – Spivey), who described him as “a bounder but not a cad”.

On one occasion, Kray used a gun on Thornton in an attempt to have sex with him. Thornton decided that it was now time to write-up the article on the Kray-Boothby relationship. However, the editor of the Sunday Express, a Tory newspaper, refused to publish the story as he thought it would bring down the Conservative government that was still reeling from the Profumo scandal. (More on the Profumo scandal later – Spivey).

Someone, probably Thornton, leaked the story to the Labour supporting Daily Mirror. This included a photograph showing Lord Boothby, Ronnie Kray and Leslie Holt, a rent boy with a criminal record, who had been sleeping with both men. Despite having the necessary evidence, the newspaper editor published the story without naming either Boothby or Kray. Instead, they were described as the “Lord” and the “Crime Boss”. The story also revealed that the two men were being investigated by Scotland Yard as a result of their “illegal relationship” that dated back to the early 1960s. A German magazine did publish the names of the two men but this was not reported in the UK press.

It later emerged that the reason that the men were not named in the Daily Mirror, was the owner, Cecil King refused permission for the editor to do this .

[In 1968 King became involved with Peter Wright of MI5 in a plot to bring down the government of Harold Wilson and replace it with a coalition led by Lord Mountbatten – Spivey]

It was argued that the Labour MP, Tom Driberg, was also involved with Ronnie Kray and had also attended these sex parties. To show that Harold Wilson, the leader of the Labour Party, was also committed to keeping this story out of the press, he suggested that his legal advisor, Lord Goodman*, should represent Boothby…

*Goodman, according to Lord Portman stole funds of over £10Million over a 30 year period from various institutions. We now know that he was definitely corrupt since he successfully defended Boothby at the request of the PM Harold Wilson (Thus making Wilson equally if not more Corrupt). Goodman was also a ‘Fellow of the Eugenics Society’.


… Boothby now wrote a letter to The Times and argued that the Daily Mirror had been referring to him and that he intended to sue this newspaper for libel. He claimed that he had only met Kray three times. However, this had been public events in 1964 (there were published photographs of these meetings and so they could not be denied). When the case came to court, the Daily Mirror decided not to reveal the compromising photograph. Unwilling to defend their story, Lord Boothby was awarded £40,000 and the editor of the newspaper was sackedThis resulted in other newspapers not touching the story. Scotland Yard was also ordered to drop their investigation into Boothby and Ronnie Kray.

In 1965 the brothers were arrested and charged with running a protection racket. Lord Boothby raised the case in the House of Lords and called for them to be released on bail. This is completely unconstitutional and he was shouted down in the chamber. Later it was revealed that Kray had compromising photographs of Boothby and he was therefore blackmailed into raising the case in the House of Lords.

Ronnie Kray shot and killed George Cornell in the Blind Beggar in Whitechapel on 9th March 1966. The following year, his twin-brother, Reggie Kray, killed Jack McVitie. Scotland Yard was now forced to take action and arrest the two brothers for the murders of Cornell and McVitie.

The Kray brothers were both sentenced to life imprisonment, with a non-parole period of 30 years for the murders of Cornell and McVitie, the longest sentences ever passed at the Central Criminal Court for murder. Their brother Charlie was jailed for 10 years for his part in the murders.

John Pearson, a freelance journalist, had been working on the case for several years. After their conviction, Ronnie Kray arranged for his mother to pass over documents and photographs showing that Boothby had been having a corrupt relationship with the Krays since the early 1960s. In other words, evidence that supported the story that appeared in the Daily Mirror in 1964.

Pearson finished the book on the case and arranged for it to be serialized in the Sunday Observer newspaper. However, the publisher refused to publish the final manuscript and the newspaper cancelled its contract to publish a series of articles by Pearson. Every other publisher and newspaper refused to publish this story… Pearson recently used the Freedom of Information Act to gain access to the Scotland Yard report on the Boothby and Kray relationship.

The report revealed that several prominent figures were involved in the cover-up. However, the passage naming these men has been blacked out on the advice of the Attorney General. The reason given is that some of these men are still alive.

The bottom line is that Kray was providing Boothby with underage boys to have sex with. He was also taking Boothby to perverted paedophile sex parties. In the following extract, John Pearson, the Kray’s Biographer gives us a little insight as to what Boothby got up to at these ‘parties’:

“As well as boys there were East End orgies and sex shows involving criminals. One account described Boothby lying under a glass-topped table while boys were made to defecate above him. Another described him sitting naked in a room with a number of criminals and boys around him, and “love beads” protruding from his anus”.


How does the old saying go? Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. How very apt that saying is.

McAlpine is every bit as vile and peverted as Boothby was. His claim to have only been to Wrexham once is laughable, when you know of the large property and land that his family owned and may well still own, in a nearby village. Likewise, is his claim that he never wears aftershave…  Its all Bollocks.

Therefore I will reiterate what I said when Steve Messham had his epiphany moment. McAlpine you are a vile, odious abomination of a man who remains an extreme danger to children. Get your equally odious Solicitor to send me one of your fucking joke letters. Because I will promise you this; you will have to put me 6 feet under before I shut up about your perverted paedophile activities. Sue me, because you better fucking believe that I will in turn sue you when the truth comes out, for an awful lot more than you will get off me… Fucking idiot.

Never the less, if you are in any doubt at all, here is that 1990′s Scallywag article in full. Just click on the picture to enlarge it:


Peer’s revenge over Twitter slurs: McAlpine will sue internet gossips as BBC pays him £185,000 damages following Newsnight report

The Daily Mail

Lord McAlpine is taking landmark legal action against internet gossips who falsely branded him a paedophile.

Lawyers for the Tory peer warned Twitter users ‘we know who you are’ and urged them to come forward voluntarily or face being pursued through the courts.

His action is intended to stop so-called ‘trial by Twitter’ and, if successful, could radically change the way the internet is policed and make those using social networks more directly accountable for defamatory comments.

Lord McAlpine, the former Tory party treasurer wrongly accused of being a child abuser following a botched Newsnight report, yesterday agreed a £185,000 compensation settlement with the BBC – funded by licence-payers.

Anguish: Lord McAlpine today described how the false child abuse slur by Newsnight left him utterly devastated, saying: ‘It makes you angry, it gets into your bones’

ITV’s This Morning and Sally Bercow, wife of the House of Commons Speaker and a prolific Twitter user, were next in the firing line.

Lord McAlpine’s lawyer Andrew Reid said those suspected of defaming the peer would receive a letter before action was taken telling them they had 48 hours to respond. He said there was a ‘very long list’ of people to whom letters would be sent.

Lord McAlpine, 70, said no amount of compensation could repair the damage to his reputation from being branded a paedophile. He told the BBC: ‘There is nothing as bad as this that you can do to people.’

Describing his revulsion at the false accusations, the former Thatcher aide said: ‘It gets into your bones, it makes you angry. And it gets into your soul. You just think there’s something wrong with the world.’

Twitter gaffe: Speaker's wife Sally Bercow arrived at the Vaudeville Theatre to watch a performance of Uncle Vanya last night. She is facing a legal claim by Lord McAlpine after joining a frenzy of paedophile speculationTwitter gaffe: Speaker’s wife Sally Bercow arrived at the Vaudeville Theatre to watch a performance of Uncle Vanya last night. She is facing a legal claim by Lord McAlpine after joining a frenzy of paedophile speculation and is yet to contact them to apologise

The fiasco began on Twitter when Iain Overton, managing editor of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, which jointly produced the Newsnight report, sent a Twitter message saying: ‘If all goes well we’ve got a Newsnight out tonight about a very senior political figure who is a paedophile.’

The message prompted a maelstrom of internet speculation about the man’s identity, despite Newsnight’s decision not to broadcast a name that night, November 2.

On November 4, Mrs Bercow tweeted, ‘Why is Lord McAlpine trending? *Innocent face*’, a reference to the fact the peer’s name was being repeatedly mentioned on Twitter.

Mrs Bercow later apologised on Twitter but Lord McAlpine’s lawyers said she had not approached them to make a personal apology to the peer.

Mr Reid told Radio 4’s World At One programme: ‘Very sadly, we are going to have to take action against a lot of people.

‘The next person on our list is in fact the This Morning programme, run by ITV, where Phillip Schofield managed to embarrass the Prime Minister… and then destroy my client’s reputation.’

Schofield confronted David Cameron with a supposed list of paedophiles live on air last week.

The Newsnight investigation into child sex allegations at the Bryn Estyn children’s home in North Wales in the 1970s was a joint project with the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, which is also being sued by Lord McAlpine.

Neither organisation contacted the peer to allow him to respond to allegations he was involved in the abuse.

Sally Bercow took to Twitter to comment on speculation as to the identity of the Tory at the centre of a Newsnight investigation Mistake: Sally Bercow took to Twitter to comment on speculation as to the identity of the Tory at the centre of a Newsnight investigation and could be sued

BBC director general George Entwistle resigned over the fiasco and Mr Overton quit his job over his disastrous Twitter message.

Lord McAlpine’s lawyers said anyone who had made allegations on social media should contact them or face a legal battle.

Mr Reid said: ‘Let it be a lesson to everybody that trial by Twitter or trial by the internet is a very nasty way of hurting people unnecessarily and it will cost people a lot of money.’

As part of yesterday’s settlement, the BBC agreed additionally to pay Lord McAlpine’s legal costs. The bill could approach £100,000.

[Colour fonts and bolding added.].


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