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"Madman Hitler in 1945" - Response by Broken Wrench.
By Broken Wrench
Oct 11, 2012 - 4:16:11 AM

"Madman Hitler in 1945" - RMN article Response by Broken Wrench

Re: Madman Hitler In 1945: The Holocaust Is A ....

okay i am blowing the whistle on this one.

the Holocaust was invented by Churchill and Ike to cover up biological warfare that was outlawed.

the RAF and the 8th air force bombed europe out of existence with carpet bombing. they took out the water and sewer sevices then they dropped parasite infested head lice all across europe. the head lice infected the people. when a person is infected they start losing weight become ill to the point they cant keep anything they eat down or if they do it goes right on through with diarrhea. they cant put on weight and they die of starvation unless the parasites are killed out of their system. without treatment 98% died. those who died their bodies were contagious . the only way to dispose of them was to burn the bodies.

it is a historical fact that were ever the german army went they set up public delousing stations for all the people in the area. they went door to door. and all internment camp internees and pows were put thru delousing stations. those with symptoms of infestation were tested and quarantined to prevent the entire camp from getting infested.

you might ask how i know this well my uncle was a medic assigned to one of those liberated mid 46 he was given leave to be close to my aunt who was about to give birth to their second child. he came home infested and infected. he infected my cousin who was 2. my uncle got sick and could not return to duty in europe he weighted over 200 and lost down to 98 lbs before the VA stabilized him. my cousin was not so lucky 3 months after infestation he died on my parents living room floor from acute dehydration, vomiting and diarrhea. when i asked my uncle about it he said it was a war secret he could not talk about now, this was in the mid 60s when i asked him. in 73 when dying of cancer he told me the whole story. he said the germans were working hard to find a treatment to stop the infestation but did not have a clue. 60 million dead Europeons from this and it was covered up. the jewish people had a higher death rate than other non jewish people. [Ron: Presumably that was because they tended to be less hygienic than Germans and other nationalities. General George Patton remared upon this. See eg: General George S. Patton on Communism and Khazar Jews. See: And: Did Jews Kill General Patton? See: ].

this is the truth as i know it based upon a death bed eye witness to the evidence. the Holocost did happen but not the way the history books say which were written by the victors. the Nuramburg trials were done to coverup the truth and sell the lies.

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