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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 19, 2019 - 7:38:23 AM

Look at The UK and see Tyranny Being Imposed on Disarmed Britons
By Michael Scheur
Mar 19, 2019 - 1:56:59 AM

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Nearly three years ago, the majority of the British electorate voted in a referendum to leave the EU. The British voters were sick of Brussels' authoritarians strutting, preening, and acting as their masters; the EU-sanctioned flood of unwanted, diseased, unskilled, uneducated, and violent migrants; the refusal of their own government to protect them from that wave of human refuse; and the increasingly clear reality that the power of the British Parliament, judiciary, and laws was being blunted by EU institutions. It also was clear - though nearly all British media ignored this fact - that the civil liberties of Britons were being constricted in favor of giving legal preference to migrants. So much is this the reality, that a native-born Briton defending himself against a threat by, say, a knife-wielding Muslim, is more likely to be damned than helped by the law.

While shocked by the public's support for what was, in essence, a freedom referendum meant to make sure that Britons once again would be ruled by Britons, and that British sovereignty, independence, and nationalism could again flourish, Britain's political class stayed cool. The oh-so-wise. British upper-class - long ensconced in the parts of the Conservative Party - joined with other Conservative, Liberal, and Labor leaders, business titans, and almost all of the nation's media to undermine, slow-roll, terrify the citizenry, and, eventually, undo the result of a legitimate referendum that approved the UK's departure from the EU. To date they have succeeded. With very few exceptions, those working to keep the UK mired in the EU swamp have used every possible artifice to disguise their obvious contempt for the pro-exit voters' because of lower socio-economic status, lack of Oxbridge educations, and cheeky uppityness in challenging what their betters had so kindly done for them by making Britons the groveling subjects of the mighty EU.

As the March 29th, 2019, deadline for the referendum-sanctioned UK withdrawal from the EU approaches it is emphatically clear that neither the Prime Minister, the Parliament, the House of Lords, nor the political establishment as a whole intend to do what the voters demanded they do. Instead, they will debate, comment, introduce new withdrawal plans, and create organizations that support a second referendum to overrule the first. The second referendum, like the 2018 U.S midterm elections, will turn not on the re-expression of the people's will but on the number of illegal ballots that are needed to ensure vote totals that keep Britain in the EU.

These past three years of debate on withdrawal from the EU demonstrate, not the concern of the British governing class for the country's economic future or the population's welfare, but rather the fact that the governing elite does not have the least fear of the people who vote for them, and thereby instruct them  about what to do. Britain's upper-class governing elite has been conditioned to regard their countrymen as docile, non-threatening semi-humans who will take any amount of disenfranchisement or other forms of abuse the elite chooses to dispense. After all, the British elites believe:

-We dismantled the UK immigration-control system and let in a plague of unwanted Muslim and other economically and socially debilitating migrants, and they did nothing.

-We allowed Brussels to pass judgement on our laws and virtually all governmental policy decisions, and they did nothing.

-We sent tens of billions of pounds to Brussels to be dispersed to the EU's long line of loser states and Third World shitholes, and they did nothing.

-We passed laws to give legal preferment to Muslim migrants and reduced the civil liberties of the native-born, and they did nothing.

-We read or listened to all of their electronic communications, and even sent them to jail for their thoughts or speech, and they did nothing.

-We have killed and maimed their children in the military by starting unnecessary wars that we did not intend to win, and they did nothing.

-We limited the ability of the police to apprehend or kill the many Muslim migrants who have made knifing the native-born their main recreational activity.

-We have turned a blind-eye to Muslim migrants who are grooming young, native-born British girls for future raping, and they did nothing.

These people, these voters, the British elite has concluded, will abide any pain, poverty, humiliation, betrayal, and legal degradation we fix on them, and they will do nothing but vote us back into power. The pro-exit voters may be Britons, the pro-EU elite has concluded, but if they are, they are mindless British sheep.

And now these British elitists, these so superior politicians, journalists, professors, businessmen, pundits, etc. will brazenly prove, by ignoring the exit-referendum's results, that the sheep can vote whatever they they want, but we will still do want we want. Britain will remain in the EU forever, under any terms we decide to shackle on Britons, and they will do nothing.

How can this be happening? The answer is simple and the lesson is clear. The elite have ensured that Britons have long been virtually unarmed, and that their schools have taught students only to obey, not to think. What, then, have these elitists to fear from those in whom all power supposedly rests? To date the answer has been nothing. A politician, journalist, professor, parliamentarian, businessman, or prime minister, who does not keep a slight but always present fear in the back of his mind that people can only be pushed and abused for so long, historically is the stuff that sneering tyrants and popular anti-regime violence are made from. In Britain, today, there is an enormous number of the former, and none of the latter who, being disarmed, cannot put a sense of fear into their tyrannical masters.

It appears to be too late for Britons to protect themselves, and save their laws, their culture, and their nation from the UK's elite, EU-worshiping tyrants, but it is not too late for Americans beat off their domestic grandees. So long as Americans maintain their 2ndAmendment rights - even by killing those who would dare try to neuter them - they will be following the all-to-true warning of, oddly enough, an Englishman whom the American Founders respected and, obviously, took to heart for themselves and their posterity.  "[O]ur ancestors were willing," John Milton wrote in his Defence of the People of England

"to put anything into the king's power rather than their arms and the garrisons of their towns; conceiving that that would be as if they went about to hand over their liberty to the unrestrained cruelty of their kings."

John Milton was saying that free men must never allow the power of the sword to belong to the king alone. By allowing themselves to be disarmed, Britons long ago handed over their liberty to the "unrestrained cruelty of their kings." It seems much too late for Britons to recover their lost liberties, but it is not too late for Americans. So long as they protect the 2nd Amendment, Americans will have a chance to recover their eroded liberties and defend themselves and their republic.

Who knows, perhaps the Americans-killing, no votes on border control by the MS-13 faction of Republican U.S. Senators on 14 March 2019, may be close to the last straw for those who oppose that kind of consistently bloody-minded, callous disregard for the citizenry's lives and welfare. Endangered Americans ought to recall a few of the other words written by the estimable Mr. Milton: "[I]t is in the highest degree agreeable to the law of nature, that tyrants should be punished...."

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