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Political Information Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:23:11 PM

Lessons from Ezra Pound
By SARTRE with comments by Ron
Nov 20, 2018 - 9:04:23 PM

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Lessons from Ezra Pound


From no less than the wordsmith who warned of Big Brother, George Orwell writes in History is Written By the Winners.

"During part of 1941 and 1942, when the Luftwaffe was busy in Russia, the German radio regaled its home audiences with stories of devestating air raids on London.  Now, we are aware that those raids did not happen.  But what use would our knowledge be if the Germans conquered Britain?  For the purposes of a future historian, did those raids happen, or didn’t they?  The answer is:  If Hitler survives, they happened, and if he falls they didn’t happen.  So with innumerable other events of the past ten or twenty years.  Is the Protocols of the Elders of Zion a genuine document?  Did Trotsky plot with the Nazis?  How many German aeroplanes were shot down in the Battle of Britain?  Does Europe welcome the New Order?  In no case do you get one answer which is universally accepted because it is true: in each case you get a number of totally incompatible answers, one of which is finally adopted as the result of a physical struggle.  History is written by the winners."

Starting as a master propagandist, who better to know and understand the benefits of "Political Correctness" as practiced by government manipulators. Contrast these skills with the poetic essence of Ezra Pound and the threat that his sapience posed to the ruling order of his era. Read the Canto XLV With Usura or watch the video.

The money changers imposed a debt obligation currency system that imposes an untenable burden on any economy. In the account, Ezra Pound: Jew-Wise Poet and Political Prisoner, an objective student of history would conclude that Central Banking is a curse on all humanity.

"While many intelligent people throughout history recognised usury as a crushing weight that provided no benefit, other than to those who profited by preying on greed or desperation, the practice is now so embedded in our society that the majority no longer question its presence. Pound not only questioned usury and those who practised it, but spoke out against it. Often and vociferously. This, along with his grasp of history and anti-communist stance, was a major reason for his being accused of treason."

Confirming Ezra Pound's conclusions, Eustace Mullins took up the challenge. "Pound asked Mullins to research the Federal Reserve at the Library of Congress. Initially, the project held little interest for Mullins, but he quickly realised the importance of his research. Pound encouraged Mullins to “work on it as a detective story”, the results of which were published in 1952, entitled Mullins on the Federal Reserve, and later retitled The Secrets of the Federal Reserve."

The consequences from the indebtedness of a Rothschild theft banking system are the ultimate taboo for examination or discussion. However, much like George Orwell admonished, censorship is the inevitable result when duplicity marches in the triumphed parades as their version of a global order is adopted. Ezra Pound certainly will not be riding and waving in an open car or hear the cheers from the crowd, but more likely would be chained within a jail wagon.

Michael Collins Piper references from the radio broadcasts that opponents of Pound use to smear and condemn his vocal criticism of usury and international capitalism in What Did Ezra Pound Really Say?

In Pound’s view understanding the issue of usury was central to understanding history:

"Until you know who has lent what to whom, you know nothing whatever of politics, you know nothing whatever of history, you know nothing of international wrangles. The usury system does no nation . . . any good whatsoever. It is an internal peril to him who hath, and it can make no use of nations in the play of international diplomacy save to breed strife between them and use the worst as flails against the best. It is the usurer’s game to hurl the savage against the civilized opponent. The game is not pretty, it is not a very safe game. It does no one any credit."

The unremitting persecution of Pound primarily stems from his dedication to expose the nefarious betrayal of the bankster tribe. Since revealing the factual record brings the risk of being labeled as anti-Semitic, Pound is deemed the most dangerous lyricist and outcast. Incarcerating him in a cage or placing him in an insane asylum becomes just one more departure from reality for the real winner of WW II.

Oswald Mosley - Briton, Fascist, European, Ezra Pound wrote in Mosley’s BUF Quarterly.

"Pound stated that Roosevelt and his Jewish advisers had betrayed the American Revolution. The American Revolution of 1776 had been a revolt against the control by the Bank of England of the monetary system of the American colonies. Indeed, Benjamin Franklin had stated in his diary that the colonists would have gladly borne the tax on tea. They had issued their own colonial script reminiscent of the social credit policy that Pound was advocating, and which was being undertaken in Italy and Germany. This had resulted in prosperity with a credit supply independent of the private banking system. The Bank of England intervened to compel the colonies to withdraw the script at a rate of devaluation that caused depression and unemployment. The colonists rebelled. But people such as Alexander Hamilton ensured that an independent America was soon again subject to the orthodox financial system of private banking control. Lincoln attempted the same resistance to the bankers and issued his famous ‘Lincoln Greenbacks’."

Dismissing the substance within the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, especially when the specifics reflect a much more true account of historic reality is the primary goal to keep people dumb and stupid. Screaming the anti-Semitic canard is controlled deflection. The most honest scrutiny must include the insightful analysis of Ezra Pound. Both world wars were inventions for the purpose of establishing the Jewish state of Israel.

Finally, Eustace Mullins reminds that Ezra Pound traces the forbidden history of the Byzantine Empire and provides a solution that few dare repeat in public discourse.

"Throughout the history of Byzantium, as it was known, by imperial edict, no Jew was allowed to hold any post in the Empire, nor was he allowed to educate the young. The Byzantine Empire finally fell to the Turks after twelve centuries of prosperity, and the Jews have attempted to wipe out all traces of its history.

It was Ezra Pound who launched upon a study of Byzantine civilization, and who reminded the world of this happily non-Jewish land. From the Byzantines, Pound derived his no-violent formula for controlling the Jews. “The answer to the Jewish problem is simple,” he said. “Keep them out of banking, out of education, out of government.”

SARTRE - November 20, 2018


Ezra Pound's formula for preventing Jewish conquest from within -- peaceful methods derived from the Byzantine Empire -

Eustace Mullins - The New World Order (Full Length) -

Eustace Mullins, Curse of Canaan. p16:

*Rare* Eustace Mullins Interview -

In 1992 Eustace Mullins Wrote This Book -

Douglas Reed's discussion of the relevance of the PROTOCOLS of the Learned Elders of Zion -

THE PROTOCOLS of the Learned Elders of Zion, Pdf. -


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