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Landless Peasants vs Gordon Brown
By Deek Jackson
May 7, 2010 - 4:20:01 AM

Landless Peasants vs Gordon Brown: April 30, 2010 — Landless peasants Election Hustings Gordon Brown’s Constituency

Deek Jackson was seriously running for Parliament in this recent UK election. His message resonated with the voters at a panel of candidates as shown in this video. It’s a 40 minute clip and Deek doesn't get started until 7 minutes 30 seconds in. He tells it like it is. At first the audience does not know what to think, since UK politicians do not often go there. His answers in the Q&A indicate the general direction in which future republican assembly elections will need to go

This was small audience but still the response is noticeable. Why? Because Deek speaks truth and from the heart.

It is very unlikely that anyone listening to this will have ever heard such plain speaking in a political gathering in their life. It’s very refreshing.


IF you don’t think you are a landless peasant (because, for example you think you “own” some land registered with some government and pay land taxes etc) you need to do some homework on your true situation as a probable strawman wherever you live. If you are one of the global plantation “owners” or a minion or henchman and are happy living off the labour of the landless peasants (free range serfs) you need to be aware that the fraudulent system on which you batten is crumbling to bits and disappearing as we speak and so you will very soon be, at best, a landless peasant on some other primitive planet.


If listening to Deek creates cognitive dissonance for you, heed the message immediately for there’s no time left for sitting on the fence but swift recantation may possibly ameliorate your future situation somewhat.



fknnewz April 30, 2010 — Landless peasants Election Hustings Gordon Brown’s Constituency


For those unable or unwilling to take the time to view the video I have transcribed Deek’s statements.

Between 7’30” to 8’ 45” he says:

My name’s Derrick Jackson and I’m a landless peasant. In fact your all landless peasants as well unless you're one of the 6,000 people that own 70% of our nation. That’s half of one percent of the population own this nation. We, are their livestock, almost their pets. We are their economic units. Slaves in fact. The definition of slavery being a system of forced labour. It’s the view of landless peasants, who I represent, that unless we have the right to access to land to look after ourselves, provide for ourselves and sustain our own lives, then we ARE slaves. No more and no less. Unlike the rest of the people here this evening I’m not campaigning to tell you that our party can look after you and your lives. I’m campaigning for the right for all of you to look after yourselves. To have as small a government as possible and to be self reliant, as far as is practicable.


On religious beliefs he says:

What you believe is of course your business. And every effort should be made to protect your right to believe whatever you like. However, a government that believes in one god is much more dangerous than a government that believes in your right to believe in God. And for that reason we’re opposed to anything that restricts or enhances one person’s right to believe or affects their right to believe in any way at all.‘ [24’ 11” to 24’ 40”].


In answer to a question about what to do about foreign countries having anti-Christian religious influences in their governments he says:

‘ I agree with Donald that we should set an example and so I propose we remove the unelected bishops from the unelected House of Lords and then say to other governments around the world you shouldn’t have religion in your government. Its wrong. Government should represent the needs of the people and not adhere itself to one particular religious belief, I believe (inaudible].[27’42” – 28’ 09”].


In response to another candidate advocated adherence to the “Ten commandments” he said:

‘The first five of the ten commandments are about only believing in the one god [inaudible] I’m not sure about that.'[29’05” to 29’13”]

In answer to a question: ’Are you in favour of making it easier to have a near term abortion?’ Deek responded:

‘Is there anybody here in favour of forcing somebody not to?' [Around 29’ 35”].

In answer to a question about what the UK government should be doing to prevent China from supporting the tyrannical policies of the government of Myanmar he points out the ignorance and hypocrisy inherent in the question by saying:

‘One billion economic slaves under a tyranny Hitler could never have dreamed of. A vast amount of resources and an iron fist in dealing with its population. WE BUY ALL OF OUT STUFF FROM THEM. Your (inaudible], your Televisions, soon, your cars. In fact the more stuff that comes from China the better for our economy. We’ll all be better off when the stuff from China’s cheaper. And their labour force are working with less rights than we ever had.’ [30’ 50” to 31’ 27”]


Responding to the question ‘WHY should you be elected?


‘I don’t know why you should trust me or anybody else by taking their word for it. You should find out for yourselves what’s going on. You should find out how these people vote What they want and who they’re really working for, and the register of members interests. Don’t take my word for it. Almost all of them are in hoc to some business. And they’re only interested in you, when its time to vote.

THEIR’S NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A HUNG PARLIAMENT and any other parliament and I can’t imagine a better state of affairs that the House of Parliament representing the entire country. And running it on behalf of the entire country instead of their political party. Only two percent of people in this country belong to a political party. Those are the people who run your lives. They don’t represent you when they get into parliament. They represent their political parties. [31’ 35” to 32’05”] [Ron: arguably it is even worse than that. When a party gets elected with a parliamentary majority usually a small leadership clique actually runs the party and the government. Worse yet, that parliamentary leadership claque takes orders from unseen banksters and top corporate bosses who have no allegiance to any nation but manipulate their political puppets in all countries for secret purposes known only to them as a secret global government.]


Summing Up Deek says:

'Any mathematicians or economists in the audience tonight? Like to tell me what 3 percent growth in the economy is in 100 years? Its an astronomical number. Beyond belief. It means a doubling of our consumption of the Earth’s resources ever 20 years. I wish Gordon were here so I could ask him to do the figures for me. A doubling of our consumption every 20 years. Don’t vote for me if you don’t like the idea of looking after yourself and stopping an economy that relies on exploiting other people in places so far away we don’t even know the names of their countries. Don’t vote for me if you don’t want to look after yourself and be provided with the means to do that – fundamentally, land. Land’s what we live on, not TESCO, NOT THE ECONOMY. And not as Adam Smith a son of [inaudible] once said: “The invisible hand of enlightened self interest”. I think Mr Gecko from the film Wall Street said it best: “Greed is good”. That’s what our economy’s based on. The greed of a few people to make profit from the many. Vote for me if you want to look after yourself on the one thing that will enable you to do that – land. Vote Landless Peasant – vote for Derrick Jackson. [35’17” to 36’ 27”].



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