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Political Information Last Updated: Aug 1, 2020 - 11:33:17 PM

LGBT Activists Desecrate Warsaw
By Martina Moyski
Aug 1, 2020 - 11:30:02 PM

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Print Friendly and PDF July 31, 2020

'This is war!'

WARSAW, Poland ( - LGBT activists have desecrated one of Poland's most beloved Catholic monuments along with several other cultural icons.

Holy Cross in Warsaw vandalized

Leftist vandals marred the historic statue of the martyred Christ that stands in front of the Basilica of the Holy Cross in Warsaw on the night of July 28-29. The vandals wrapped a pink mask with a feminist-anarchist symbol across the face of Christ and tied a rainbow flag attached to a pole to Christ's arm pointing toward Heaven.

Election- or Copycat-Inspired?

Speaking to Church Militant, Catholic journalist Dr. Adam Nowak, a Pole based in London, accounted for the timing of the recent desecrations.

"I think in part it's a reaction to Andrzej Duda winning the presidential election. As a proud Catholic, he wasn't shy in speaking out against the LGBT ideology during his campaign. This is the LGBT community's way of protesting his re-election - by attacking the Faith so dear to him."

"There's also an element of copying the West," Dr. Nowak added. "Many 'progressives' in Poland see how leftists in the United States - whom they look up to - are behaving. They see churches burning and religious icons being vandalized and try to do the same in Poland."

Vulgar Manifesto

The anarchists placed a manifesto on the pedestal beneath the statue, which threatened, "We solemnly pledge to provoke." The pedestal is inscribed with the words Sursum corda, which translates to "lift up your heart."

In lofty-sounding, yet-vulgar, language the manifesto further declared:

In remembrance of the fallen in the fight with daily hatred, those who had enough strength to leap in the dark. Giving faith in a better future to those whose freedom and security was [sic] taken by the state. Calling for an open war against discrimination. Telling not to ask, not to beg for respect and mercy anymore. This city belongs to all of us. F *** ck you ignoramuses!

The manifesto was signed by "Gang Samozamęt" (Self-Confusion Gang), "Stop Bzdurom" (Stop to Nonsense) and "Poetka" (Poetess).

The manifesto, which was also posted on Facebook by one of the vandals, explained why they "decided to take action." The violence will be stoked, their post promised, "as long as I'm afraid of holding your hand. As long as the last homophobic truck is on our streets."

As long as the rainbow scandalizes anybody and is treated as inappropriate, we solemnly pledge to provoke.Tweet

Regarding the leftists' appropriation of the image of a rainbow to symbolize their gay lifestyle, the manifesto read, "This is our manifestation of distinctness."

"As long as the rainbow scandalizes anybody and is treated as inappropriate, we solemnly pledge to provoke," declared the manifesto.

"The silence of politicians is worrying - their words horrify," wrote the authors, adding as an afterthought:

We will not ask for mercy, beg for respect and understanding. We are the voice of those who are too little to be listened to, too little to say anything. Silenced by their parents. Tired of the daily battle with the world. We have unlearnt politeness and the imposed game of normality. When the system wants us to leap in the dark alone, we declare war to it.

The authors rallied, "This city belongs to you, too. Fight!"

Mother of God of Częstochowa with the LGBT rainbow

Symbol of 'War'

Poles from various quarters reacted to the vandalism. Krystian Kratiuk, editor-in-chief of the portal and magazine Polonia Christiana, took issue with the LGBT manifesto: "The rainbow flag is not a symbol of tolerance, but it is a symbol of the war waged against Christian culture and the remnants of Christian civilization."

"It's time to repeat again what many do not want to admit to themselves," Kratiuk urged. "This is war!"

"This terrible image of the flag stuck in the monument of the martyred Savior in front of the Holy Cross Church, as well as the image from a year ago, when LGBT activists inscribed the rainbow in the halo of the Mother of God, prove this obvious once again," he said, making a reference to the prior desecration of the holy image of Our Lady of Częstochowa.

Seeking Condemnation

Concerning an appropriate response, Kratiuk said he expects "sharp words of condemnation" from the Warsaw bishop, the Polish bishops' conference as well as from the Polish primate.

From Warsaw mayor Rafał Trzaskowski, the Polonia Christiana editor said he expects "nothing." He referred to Trzaskowski's close relationship with the "rainbow" activists, his being photographed with them on their marches and his promising them "incredible things" as mayor.

The rainbow flag is not a symbol of tolerance, but it is a symbol of the war waged against Christian culture and the remnants of Christian civilization.Tweet

"I always react when dealing with such acts; I condemn all acts of vandalism," said Trzaskowski when he was asked about the vandalism.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki

LGBT vandals also targeted several other well-known monuments during the night of destruction, including the mermaid statue in Old Town, the Józef Piłsudski monument, the Nicolaus Copernicus monument and Wincenty Witos statue.

Avoid 'Mistakes of the West'

Dr. Nowak noted that "even though Poland is considered a Catholic country, there are still many people living there who despise Catholicism and Christianity in general."

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said the LGBT activists went too far in their desecration of the statue, a statue that survived the Warsaw Uprising in 1944.

"There are some limits that were exceeded yesterday," Morawiecki said. "The desecrated figure of Jesus from Krakowskie Przedmieście [the street on which the Basilica of the Holy Cross is located] is not only a religious symbol but also a witness to the dramatic history of the capital."

"In Poland, we will not make the mistakes of the West. We all see what tolerance towards barbarism leads to," he affirmed.

Following the provocative and blasphemous far-left attacks of the LGBT activists, the Morawiecki prayed at the feet of the statue of Christ.


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