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Katie Hopkins tells Mark Steyn: “Swedes are desperate to leave”
By Hopkins World
Apr 22, 2018 - 9:39:37 PM


Sweden is collapsing fast.

Thanks to a decision by liberals to allow over 170,000 Afghans, Syrians and Africans into Sweden in a two year period, the country is falling apart.

It's neighbour, Norway, is clear: We do not want to become Sweden, a country that has earned the dubious title of rape capital of Europe. Shockingly 43 per cent of those rapes are committed against children.

There are 62 "no go" zones - so called "vulnerable areas" where first responders cannot operate without being attacked, and ambulances and fire engines need armed protection. Within two hours of my arrival at one of these locations, a hand grenade was found in a bin outside a police station. This is not uncommon.

At the police headquarters I visited on my last trip to Sweden, they predict it will not be long before there is an ambush, and emergency services are taken out by grenades and Kalashnikovs, which are freely available on the black market.

Despite the liberal media's desperate attempt to downplay the pending crises and distort the rape statistics, or conceal crime figures (until last year, hand grenades were listened as flammable products) the thin veneer of civility has truly worn thin.

The increase in the use of hand grenades is indicative of the rise in the power among gangs and their casual attitude to crime. Until 2014, there were about a handful of such attacks. In 2015, that number leapt: 45 grenades were seized by the police, and 10 others were detonated. The next year, 55 were seized and 35 detonated. A modest decrease occurred in 2017, when 39 were seized and 21 were detonated.

Recently, an elderly man was killed when he bent down from his bike to pick up what he thought was a toy in the road. It was a hand grenade. And he was killed instantly. He was trying to leave the country for Thailand with his wife because he was so tired of the violence that now grips the country he used to love.

Women, meanwhile, are trapped in the home, unable to go out after dark because it is unsafe. They fear the gangs. I spoke to a lady in Rinkby, one of the most violent suburbs, and she said she was now a prisoner at night. She says the gangs are in complete control. They know the police fear to respond even if she was to call. She is resigned to the fact it is "when not if" she is attacked.

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Now that this violence has started to spill out from the poorer suburbs like Rinkby, which are rammed to the rafters with migrants in cramped concrete housing, the middle classes are starting to get alarmed.

Suddenly policies of the liberals and hug-a-migrant Conservatives are no longer looking so appealing.

As crime rates spiral out of control, the September elections will be a test of who can sound toughest on crime and who is willing to deliver on deportation of rejected asylum seekers.

The incumbents will surely be ousted and deservedly so. They are complicit in the near complete collapse of a beautiful culture - once a near mono-culture.

By mid 2050, Sweden will be 30 per cent Muslim, with their high birth rates. Factor in the white-flight of those no longer able to withstand the gangs, and Sweden will be unrecognizable. In many places, this is already true.

Sweden is a perfect case study of what happens when you fail to protect your culture,blatantly disregard security at the border, and prioritize the needs of outsiders over the rights of your own people - then deliberately obfuscate the truth in the media.

The outcome is tragic. Child rape, gang warfare and drugs. And all for what?

To fulfil some globalist agenda? To prove virtue? To aggressively signal racial acceptance and tolerance even of those who wish us harm.

When we show compassion and reach out a hand to help migrants from the Middle East, they do not feel a debt of gratitude. They see an opportunity to take more to get further ahead.

Uncontrolled immigration has killed Sweden.

The country is bleeding out on the floor.


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