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Excerpt from PJ #76 " SORTING THE PIECES, RELATIVE CONNECTIONS VOL. IV ", chapter 9 & 10

The secret or underground overseas efforts of Khazar-domi­nated Russia apparently have been entrusted principally to Jews. This is especially true of atomic espionage. The Report of the Royal Commission of Canada, already referred to, shows that Sam Car (Cohen), organizer for all Canada; Fred Rose (Rosenberg), organizer for French Canada, and member of the Canadian Parliament from a Montreal constituency; and Ger­mina (or Hermina) Rabinowich, in charge of liaison with U.S. Communists, were all born in Russia or satellite lands. In this connection, it is important to stress the fact that the possession of a Western name does not necessarily imply Western Euro­pean stock. In fact, the maneuver of name-changing frequently disguises an individual's stock or origin. Thus the birth-name of John Gates, editor of the Communist Daily Worker was Israel Regenstreif. Other name changers among the eleven Commu­nists found guilty by a New York jury in October, 1949, in­cluded Gil Green--born Greenberg; Gus Hall--born Halberg; and Carl Winter--born Weissberg. (For details on these men and the others, see the article, "The Trial of the Eleven Com­munists", by Sidney Shalett, Reader's Digest, August, 1950, pp. 59-72.) Other examples of name-changing can be cited among political writers, army officers, and prominent officials in the executive agencies and departments in Washington. Parentheti­cally, the maneuver of acquiring a name easily acceptable to the majority was very widely practiced by the aliens prominent in the seizure of Russia for Communism, among the name-chang­ers being Lenin (Ulianov), Trotsky (Bronstein), and Stalin (Dzugashvili), the principal founders of state Communism. [H: How many of you realize this? How many of you ever DREAMED in your wildest nightmares that Lenin and Stalin were JEWS? PONDER IT--WHAT ELSE DO YOU NOT KNOW?]


Very pertinent to the subject under consideration is a state­ment entitled "Displaced Persons: Facts vs. Fiction", made in the Senate of the United States on January 6, 1950, by Senator Pat McCarran, Democrat of Nevada, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. Senator McCarran said in part: "Let it be remem­bered that the Attorney General of the United States recently testified that an analysis of 4,984 of the more militant members of the Communist Party in the United States showed that 91.4 percent of the total were of foreign stock or were married to persons of foreign stock."


With more than nine-tenths of our "more militant" Commu­nists thus recruited from or allied to "foreign stock" and with that "stock" totaling perhaps not more than 10,000,000 or one-fifteenth of our nation's population, a little recourse to mathematics will suggest that the employment of an Eastern European or other person of recent alien extraction or connection is one hundred and fifty times more likely to yield a traitor than is the employment of a person of native stock!


An "authoritative" Jewish point of view toward Soviet Russia is explained in the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia in the con­cluding paragraphs on Karl Marx. According to this source, Jews "recognize the experience of the Soviet Union, home of 6,000,0000 Jews, as testimony of the Marxist position on the question of national and racial equality." The Encyclopedia comments further on the "striking fact that the one country which professes official allegiance to Marxian teachings is the one where anti-Semitism has been outlawed and its resurgence rendered impossible by the removal of social and economic in­equalities."

[Ron: The situation in the Soviet Union changed dramatically after 1977 when a Russian Christian sect finally wrested control of the Soviet Union from the Jews and expelled the most prominent Bolshevik Jews from the country. The Rockefeller brothers who controlled the US at that time made the mistake of welcoming those Bolsheviks into the US and into prominent power positions in the government and Pentagon. Big Mistake! The Bolsheviks murdered the Rockefeller brothers and replaced them with replicas and doubles. see Dr Peter Beter's Audio Letters at ]

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