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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Jews "disproportionally represented" amongst world's wealthiest
By John Friend with comments by Ron
Mar 12, 2015 - 2:40:13 AM

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Jews "disproportionally represented" amongst world's wealthiest

Earlier this week, Forbes released its annual list of the world's billionaires, which now includes 1,826 people - a record. According to a recent article published by The Jewish Daily Forward highlighting the Forbes list, "Jews are disproportionately represented on the roster of the world’s wealthiest, with 10 Jews among the top 50."

On Monday Forbes released its 29th annual list of every billionaire on the planet, and it features a record 1,826 people, or 181 more than last year.

As in previous years, Jews are disproportionately represented on the roster of the world’s wealthiest, with 10 Jews among the top 50.
(The list, topped by Bill Gates, ranks from richest to slightly less rich.)

Larry Ellison, the founder of the tech giant Oracle Corporation, is the wealthiest Jew in the world and the fifth wealthiest person alive. At age 70, his net worth is $54.2 billion.

With a net worth of $35.5 billion, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is the second wealthiest Jew on the list and 14th wealthiest person overall. Mark Zuckerberg, still one of the world’s youngest billionaires at age 30, climbed five spots on the list to number 16 overall. His net worth has grown to $33.4 billion.

Other Jews in the top 50 include casino magnate Sheldon Adelson ($31.4 billion), Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page ($29.2 and $29.7 billion), investors George Soros ($24.2 billion), Carl Icahn ($23.5 billion) and Len Blavatnik ($20.2 billion), and Dell Computer Founder Michael Dell ($19.2 billion).

There are several Jews among the newcomers on the list as well, including Russ Weiner, the founder and CEO of Rockstar energy drinks, Jerry Reinsdorf, the owner of the Chicago Bulls and the Chicago White Sox sports franchises, and Ken Grossman, a co-founder of the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Weiner is the son of prominent conservative radio talk show host Michael Savage (born Michael Weiner). Seth Klarman, an investor in the Times of Israel, is also on the list, with a net worth of $1.5 billion.

While men far outnumber women on the list, a few Jewish women are on it, including Shari Arison ($4.4 billion), Karen Pritzker ($4.3 billion), Lynn Schusterman ($3.7 billion) and Doris Fisher ($3.2 billion). With a net worth of $1 billion, Sheryl Sandberg, of Facebook and “Lean In” fame, just makes the cutoff for the list.
Once again, we have a perfect example of the extent of Jewish power in America and around the world. Jews are easily the most financially and politically successful ethnic group in the world today.

And yet, few of us are willing to discuss the reality of Jewish power and influence in America and the wider Western world, including their phenomenal financial, political, and cultural success over the course of the past 50 years or so, and the (destructive and subversive) role the organized Jewish community plays in American political, financial, and cultural life.

Philip Weiss, the Jewish journalist and political commentator who runs the popular
Mondoweiss website, isn't afraid to openly discuss Jewish power, influence, and success in America, as Dr. Kevin MacDonald recently noted and blogged about.

In a
recent article discussing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech before the United States Congress, Weiss explained to his audience that Jews are "the wealthiest American group by religion" and that Jews "took over many establishment perches in the last generation." He continues:
We are three of the four Democratic appointees to the Supreme Court, and whenever I turn on the news, I see influential Jews. Andrea Mitchell the wife of Alan Greenspan interviews Kenneth Pollack, Matt Lauer interviews Lorne Michaels. Last night I watched a panel on CSPAN about the Charlie Hebdo murders at the French-American Foundation and it appeared that all four speakers were Jewish.

Peter Beinart is one of the few writers who is honest about Jewish power: “the extraordinary acceptance and privilege afforded to Jews in late 20th century America.” In
Haaretz he recently itemized our editorial control of publications: “Jews edit The New York Review of Books, The New Yorker, The Weekly Standard, The Atlantic, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, Vox, Buzzfeed, Politico, and the opinion pages of The New York Times and Washington Post.”

Every Jew of my and my parents’ generation is aware of our incredible advance into the establishment and is embarrassed about it or will tell you that it doesn’t matter or that America is all about the rich anyway and there are tons of other rich people, religion has nothing to do with it. I think they are all rationalizing the fact of our power because it is extremely uncomfortable for us. [...]
Indeed, pointing out the fact that Jews in America and their organized political lobbies are extremely powerful - the most powerful political lobbying force - and that Jews have tremendous influence and outright control over important aspects of American society, including but not limited to ownership of the mass media, Federal Reserve banking system, and Wall Street, is one of the great taboos of American society. Honestly and unabashedly discussing Jewish influence and power is strictly off limits in polite society. In fact, it's often considered "anti-Semitic" to even bring the topic of Jews up.

Surely, bringing up the fact that Jews are "disproportionally represented" amongst the world's wealthiest billionaires is itself "anti-Semitic," at least when a non-Jew states this fact.


If you enjoyed this article and appreciate the work I'm doing here on this website, please consider supporting my Indiegogo Fundraiser entitled Support John Friend's Free Speech!, which I announced earlier this week. Many thanks to everyone who has and continues to support my efforts here. It is very much appreciated!


  1. Good stuff, John. I wouldn't give MondoJew too much credit though. He was one of the gatekeeping shills who piled on the woman who asked about the HoloLIE at the DC Conference last year. "The check is in the mail" when I've got some extra dough.

  2. I stumbled upon this blog searching for info on the 911 theories of Ace Baker, whom I believe hit the nail on the head.

    After reading some of these other entries, I think I might have found my new favorite blog.

    There is a large zionist presence on this list and it will only get more saturated. I cringe thinking about how my personal information through google and facebook will be used to further an israeli agenda.

    Its hard to boycott the zionist regime entirely though. They are so entrenched in us daily life. Ive already boycotted tv, and I think google and facebook will be next.

    the more I learn about our fiscal and monetary system, the more I aspire towards a walden-like state of self sufficiency.

    1. Ace Baker is another "Anyone other the media did 9/11" gatekeeper i believe. Correct me if im wrong. The shills and gatekeepers will throw anyone else or group under the bus, but they don't want you suspecting the media having an involvment.

    2. "...and I think google and facebook will be next."

      Shouldn't that read: google and facebook will be next?

      No time like the present. Dump facebook today. Why would anyone register on facebook?

      And use Startpage for a search engine. Sheesh.


  3. It's not google. It's joogle,

  4. Dr. Patrick Slattery wrote an excellent article dealing with this very subject last Tuesday, March 3rd for Be sure to check it out:

  5. How many have changed their last names, and are assumed to be non-jew? *Worth investigating the gatekeepers

  6. Catholics and Agnostics missed the boat so the Jews took the helm. Stating that Jews took control of finance and many businesses is not anti Semitic. Not mentioning the reason why leans that way.

    They did not take the helm of many large Banks, Financial, and Corporate institutions because they were stupid, lucky, evil, or entitled, they took the helm for one primary reason:

    The Jewish sect "teaches" their children business and how to run a business from an early age. Usually starting from the age of 3 to 5 years old. They networked between each other to obtain money, power, and control.

    Well, the effects of those teachings have and did create an advantage for the Jewish community as a networked state.

    Was this a wrong thing? This was debatable from "every-other-person's" point of perspective.

    Well, being a person who looks at things from all sides, I know that if the "Catholics" had followed the same learning, teaching, and focus "in general" most of the top names of finance, banking, corporate world would have been Catholics and the Jewish sect would have been bumped to the wayside. [Ron: Sooo, if the Catholics were really Talmudists they would control the world?!].

    There is one other religion out there teaching their young and new members "Business" and "Inter networking" that is coming up quick as takeover specialists of the business community. The Mormons. You would be amazed if you actually looked at their takeover of all businesses and influence on governments within the communities they occupy. Jewish sects move over, you are no match for the Mormons. They are teaching their young business, economic control, and networking better than you ever did. Don't be resentful, just get over it, you are no longer #1 on the block in this regards.[Ron: Yabba, yabba, Mormons are Talmudists yabba.].

    I was born Catholic. I enjoy seeing all at peace and tranquil in life enjoying the creator's gift to us all. I confront evil, bullies, corrupt individuals, and stick up for the little guy being picked on by the bullies.

    Now at business over the decades I lacked severely. My parents and church never taught me ANYTHING about finance and business. Had to learn that via the school of hard knocks which in general put me at a severe disadvantage. Much was lost and opportunities wasted.

    I have taken on causes and opposition against parties that have left me ducking for cover many a time. Most of those causes centered around confronting the inherently corrupt who were using their position in business or government to steal from or abuse the general population simply because out of arrogance, greed, and opportunity chose to do so. I note many of those people were Atheist, Catholic, Jewish, Mormon, German, the whole mix. Never confronted any Orientals. It appears from their upbringing they are smart, stay in the background, and in general have respect for all others.

    Bottom line towards my comments here: I do not resent the Jews (or now the Mormons) for having learned the edge in finance an business from an early age as a networked community. I do though hold a little resentment for the Catholic Church for NOT having filled that gap a thousand-years ago to assist in giving their members the "edge" over all others in business and finance. [Ron: Is there any wonder our world is ratshit? this passes for erudite discourse I presume?].

    But then having learned independently from the school of hard knocks knowing the time is late and are world is moving off til-tier towards an end-game with totalitarian lethal consequences, my pure focus is now and will remain towards "neutralizing" corrupt government officials and any corporate sect leader who's interests are clearly against the population's peace, well-being, or ability to easily enjoy the gift given to us all by the timeless one, the creator. It shall not matter to me what "sect" they come from. Hopefully they will find the clear and irrefutable motivation to change the errors of their ways.

    Now for Jewish sect scholars, understand and take heed: “haShem Haba” as singular.

  7. Not to mention the owners of all the central banks across the world, from which jews [they are a race, not a religion] derive their power over every part of our daily lives.[Ron; Jews are NOT a genetic race although most of them are Techma who are a race from another universe, quaratined here to rehabilitate after having rejected the Creator and Creation. Being a Jew means being a Talmudist ie a racist ethno-centric political ideologue who chooses that ideology, either deliberately or because of being mind cintrolled by an ethno-centric upbringing. Most jews are of Khazarian extraction but that is not a requirement for being a Jew.].

  8. This list is a COMPLETE FARCE!! The two wealthiest families on the planet are represented only by David Rockefeller (#603 @ $3 Bn) and Benjamin de Rothschild (#1250 @ $1.5 Bn).
    Out of nearly 1,800 names, they're the only two! Perhaps Forbes is coming out with a list of trillionaires? Don't hold your breath.
    [Ron: Indeed it is!].


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