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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Jew propaganda: Gilad Atzmon continues to Blame the German nation for Israel's genociding of Palestinians
By Ron Chapman
Sep 16, 2011 - 5:50:27 AM

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Jew propaganda: Gilad Atzmon continues to Blame the German nation for Israel's genociding of Palestinians

Ron: Gilad Atzmon regaled an audience at the 'Palestine, Israel, Germany - The Boundaries of Open discussion Conference', Freiburg 11th September 2011, with an update of his usual Blood Libel of the German people. Not satisfied with repeating the LIE that Germans committed a "Holocaust" of six million Jews during WWII, he also blames them for Israel's current genocidal activities against the Palestinian people whose homeland they have stolen. See:

Disguised in a welter of meaningless pseudo philosophical and psychological  jargon Atzmon says:

'And what about you, my dearest Germans. What about your past? Are you free to look into your past and to re-shape your understanding of it as you move along? I don’t think so. Your history, or at least some chapters of it, are sealed by some draconian laws. Consequently, you younger generation do not attempt to grasp the true ethical meaning of the holocaust. Clearly,  Germans do not understand that the Palestinians are actually the last victims of Hitler, for without Hitler, there wouldn’t be a Jewish State. Your young generations fail to see that the Palestinians are certainly victims of a Nazi-like ideology, which is both racist and expansionist. Let me also advise you, if any of you feel guilty about anything to do with your past, it should be the Palestinians whom you should care for. The fact that Germany is detached from its past clearly explains German political complicity in the Zionist crime. It certainly explains why your government provides Israel with a nuclear submarine every so often. But it also explains why you may remain silent when you find out that Yad Vashem is built on Palestinian land stolen in 1948.... Needless to say, I have never denied the Holocaust or any other historical chapter.'

On this evidence Gilad Atzmon is right up there with Noam Chomsky as a YID shill posing as an intellectually compassionate, caring Jew. Blaming Germans (some 13 million of whom were "holocausted" by Churchill, Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Bolshevik Jews at the end of WWII. See eg. GRUESOME HARVEST The Costly Attempt To Exterminate The People of Germany. - for the Jews' current "holocausting" of Palestinians is not only cynical, its insane! Moreover, the Shoa (Holocaust) is a fraudulent Blood Libel against the German nation and every time Atzmon repeats that racist calumny he adds to the defamation and the damage and pain it causes.

NO Jews were gassed and/or incinerated in German WWII work camps. NONE! The Red Cross records are unequivicol.  They indicate a total of 271, 301 deaths of Jews from all causes (none of which were gassings) in German work camps duting WWII. See: OFFICIAL RECORDS FROM INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS PROVE "HOLOCAUST" WAS A FRAUD which show that RECENTLY RELEASED RECORDS, SEALED FOR YEARS, SHOW "CONCENTRATION CAMP" DEATH TOTALS OF ONLY 271,301.  See:


Similarly,  the meticulously kept German records taken and concealed by the Bolsheviks at the end of WWII but released after the breakup of the Bolshevik created Soviet Union, evidence that Jewish prisoners in the Auschwitz camp system from 1941-1944 were as follows:


Jewish prisoners entering the Auschwitz camp system 173000
Jewish prisoners who died of typhus 58240
Jewish prisoners who died of natural causes 2064
Jewish prisoners executed 117
Jewish prisoners transferred to other camps 100743

TOTALS 173000


The records show only 173,000 Jews were ever assigned to Auschwitz and of them 58,240 died of typhus, 2064 died of natural causes and 117 were executed, the rest survived their stay in the Auschwitz camp. So much for millions of Jews being murdered at Auschwitz. This material is readily available to anyone who wants to know the truth. Gilad Atzmon is therefore prevaricating or invincibly ignorant due, presumably, to being in a perpetual state of cognitive dissonance which he is unwilling to rectify.

Atzmon's attempt to blame Germans for the current genocidal activities of Jews in Palestine ranks with his blaming of Germans for genociding six million Jews during WWII when they did no such thing. Moreover, in truth, the Jews were busy bombing and starving to death more than twice that number of defenceless German civilians and POWs at the end of WWII and  thereafter. The Holocaust Blood Libel against the Germans was originally concocted to conceal the fact that the Allies, led and directed by Jews notably Churchill, Roosevelt. Eisenhower, Baruch and others, were attempting to eliminate the entire German nation. It seems that Atzmon is attempting to be similarly creative with the truth in seeking to have the world believe that the German nation is somehow responsible for Israel's genociding of the Palestinian people. These people have no shame.




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