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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Japan: The World's Really Lucky Country
By Jean-Pierre Lehmann
Aug 4, 2013 - 5:08:05 AM

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Japan: The World's Really Lucky Country

By Jean-Pierre Lehmann | Sunday, June 16, 2013

Jean-Pierre Lehmann reflects on the American occupation of Japan after World War II. Compared with other occupied areas, such as Germany or Palestine, Japan came close to getting a free pass. In the short-term, that was very advantageous for the Japanese, but it continues to have unintended, negative consequences for the nation and the region today. Taking past luck for granted would be unwise for Japan.


recently attended a meeting organized by the World Economic Forum (WEF) on Israel and Palestine, entitled "Breaking the Impasse," in Ramallah, Palestine.


Looking at the Israeli occupation of the Palestinians reminded me of how lucky the Japanese have been.
The last time I was in a country under occupation was Japan after World War II.


This recollection and looking at the state of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinians reminded me of how unbelievably lucky the Japanese have been, arguably the world's luckiest people.


Since there is a good deal of revisionism in the air with the current Abe administration in Japan, it seems important to set things in their proper context.


First, the Japanese were lucky with respect to their occupier.[Ron:WTF?! The US has occupied Japan for 68 years and counting! The Rockefeller Cartel has determined all important issues and milked the Japanese economy for all its worth. The on ly difference between Japan and Palestine is that the Japanese have been FREE to work their butts off to produce wealth fior the Jews and act as a defence base for US military aggression against, Korea and subsequently North Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, China and Russia. Japan was also required to provide funding for two US wars on Iraq. The Japanese have been used as free range serfs for the Amerikkan empire.].


In spite of the fact that Japan was an ally of Nazi Germany and the USSR was an ally of the United States and the UK in World War II, the USSR and Japan had signed a neutrality pact at the beginning of the war.


This allowed Stalin to focus energy on fighting Hitler, while the Japanese could concentrate on the conquest of China and Southeast Asia — the so-called Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.


Following the defeat of Germany, the USSR declared war on Japan: Further Soviet moves, however, were pre-empted by the sudden declaration by Japan of unconditional surrender to the United States.[Ron: That nconditional surrender was precipitated by the Amerikkan atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In What way was that "LUCKY" for the Japanese people?].


Japan thus escaped the fate that befell Germany and Korea of being divided in two.


Because of unconditional surrender to the US, Japan escaped being divided in two like Germany and Korea.
Even so, the Japanese to this day contest the Russian occupation of what they refer to as their "Northern Territories" (the Kuril Islands for Russia).


But that is peanuts compared to what could have been the Soviet occupation of Hokkaido and possibly the northern part of Honshu. Lucky Japan![Ron: WOT is this author "on"?!]


Second, witnessing the Israeli occupation of Palestine and remembering the American occupation of Japan, one is struck by how much comparatively the latter was a bed of roses.[Ron: WTF? Next this author will be comparing Japan's post WWII situation with that of the Russian people under Lenin and Stalin's Bolshevik Jew occupation of Russia and telling us that compared to the Jews' genociding 66 million Russians Japan's experiences at the hands of the Amerikkans was "a bed of roses"!].


When Japan surrendered and the United States occupied, the Americans were bent on punishing and weakening Japan. The goals were encapsulated in the so-called three "de's": demilitarize, de-industrialize and democratize.


By the time I arrived in occupied Japan in 1950, however, the policy had radically changed from retribution to rehabilitation. Japan was extremely lucky that Mao "liberated" China in 1949 and the Korean War broke out in 1950.


These two events and the onset of the Cold War almost instantly transformed Japan from defeated enemy to pampered protégé.[Ron: The Japanese worked from daylight 'till dark fuelling the US war machine, what is "pampered" about that? Is this author suggesting that because the Japanese were not genocided after Nagasaki in the way that the Allied military murdered 13 million Germans after WWII, they were "pampered"?!].


Senior wartime officials who had been imprisoned were liberated (including Prime Minister Abe's grand-father, Nobusuke Kishi). And the United States used multiple means to facilitate and promote the country's "re-industrialization."


The Japanese thus benefited from the Korean War in two ways: First, through American soldiers sojourning on R&R (rest and recuperation), and second, via industrial revitalization and skill development (such as through repairs of U.S. ships and planes).


Japan was lucky that Mao "liberated" China in 1949 and the Korean War broke out in 1950.
Technology was transferred on a massive scale.


Some U.S. companies had had partnerships with Japanese conglomerates before the war — notably General Electric with the Mitsui group and Westinghouse with the Mitsubishi group.


These U.S. firms were instructed by none other than the Supreme Commander of the Allied Pacific (SCAP) General MacArthur to renew their business ties.


Before the war Japanese production had had severe quality problems. The "made in Japan" label was synonymous with junk.


The Americans' biggest gift was to bring the great guru of statistical quality control (SQC), Edwards Deming, to Japan. There he found avid learners.


The dollar-yen exchange rate under the fixed Bretton Woods regime was set at ¥360. This gave Japanese exporters a huge competitiveness boost, allowing the export-driven Japanese economic miracle to occur.


Most societies have had to fight hard for democracy. The Japanese received it on a silver platter from Uncle Sam. [Ron: This is sheer propaganda! Since WWII Japan has never had a genuinely independant government let alone one that served the Japamese. All Japanese government have been corrupt and controlled by the Rockefellers. Japan didn't even have a semblance of democracy for decades because the Rockefeller Cartel ensured that the SAME party was elected all the time. In any event, at best  US democracy consists of having two virtually identical groups of politicians alternating in power endlessly while they implement Jew bankster policies.  See eg: Japanese Finance Minister forced to apologise for suggesting government reforms should 'follow the example of the Nazis' - ]. This included a constitution, promulgated in 1947, which is a model of its kind and laid the basis for developing solid political institutions.


In contrast to the Germans after WWII, the Japanese have no collective sense of guilt.
Japan's is the first constitution, I believe, that explicitly recognizes the equality of men and women.[Ron: Equality in slave status is not a real advantage.].


Of course, that is the constitution — what happens in society may be another matter.


The constitution includes the famous Article 9, in which the Japanese "forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes."


This is the main article that the country's prime minister, Shinzo Abe, and his co-revisionists want to revise, even though this clause has served lucky Japan remarkably well. It allowed the country to focus all its energies on economic development.


Furthermore, the security treaty signed with the United States at the end of the occupation, still in force, provided the Japanese with enviable military protection.[Ron: Actually it provides unenviable foreign military OCCUPATION! for which the Japanese people must pay]


Furthermore, the occupation in Japan, unlike that of Palestine, was not characterized by constant harassment and humiliation of the Japanese people.[Ron: Sooo...].


There were no checkpoints through which Japanese citizens had to pass while going from A to B. [Ron: How LUCKY must the Japanese feel then!] Families were not separated. Indeed, there was quite a lot of fraternizing between the Occupied and the Occupiers.[Ron: Not to mention the rapes; and the fact that US service personnel cannot be charges and prosecuted in Japanese courts for crimes they commit against Japanese people in Japan.].



The U.S. occupation of Japan laid the foundations for the country's economic prosperity and political stability.[Ron: NO they didn't. The conscientious hard work of the Japanese people did that!]. However, there are two residual issues that are matters of grave concern.


Lack of collective guilt harms relations with Japan's neighbors, especially Korea and China.
First, General MacArthur, for the sake of avoiding political turbulence, opted not to prosecute, let alone execute, Emperor Hirohito.[Ron: How FKN reasonable of him, given that the US forced Japan into WWII!]


Since the war had been fought in the Emperor's name and, by all credible accounts, with his active involvement, the fact that he was exonerated and relieved of guilt meant that so was all of Japan.[Ron: Which accords with the true historical facts since the Jews used their agent President Roosevelt to force Japan to bomb Pearl Harbour so that the US could enter WWII. And the reason the Jews did that was because Japan had rejected Jew controlled Central banking, money creation and usury. See eg: Japan in WWII: A Casualty of Usury? Was WWII Fought to make the World Safe for the Bankers? See: And: The Ultimatum that Gave Us Pearl Harbor. see: And: FDR, Pearl Harbor and the U.N. See:



In striking contrast to the Germans post-World War Two, the Japanese have no collective sense of guilt.[Ron: That's hardly surprising since the Japanese have not been subjected to the horrendous and fraudulent Holocaust Blood Libel LIE for the last 68 years whereas Germany has. Moreover, all German governments and courts are dominated and controlled by Jews backed up by the US military which persecutes and prosecutes ANY German who dares to even question the HoloHoax or seeks to be a patriotic German. This author is sooo ignorant on thses matters one has to wonder whether he's a shill.[ causes acute problems in relations with its neighbors, especially Korea and China, and is a profound source of acute tension.


Second, and partly arising from the first, Japan, again unlike Germany, has not renounced irredentist territorial claims. Japan harbors territorial disputes with its three major neighbors: the Russians, the Chinese and the Koreans.


These contemporary and historical narratives should also serve to remind us how much the Asian continent is potentially explosive.[Ron: WHY?]


All of this makes for a tension-laden continental expanse. At its western end, there is the Israel-Palestine powder keg and at the eastern end, the territorial conflicts between Japan and its neighbors.[Ron: This is Jew bankster propaganda,].


In between, there are critical geopolitical fault lines, not the least of which is that between Pakistan and India.[Ron: How FKN deep is that onservation?!].


Japan, unlike Germany, never renounced territorial claims.
Were the Japanese to recognize how lucky they were, their luck might endure. [Ron: Barf, Barf!].


The failure to do so, indeed the spirit of nationalism and revisionism currently prevailing in the Japanese government, may cause luck to turn to disaster. [Ron: I assume that is a warning on behalf of the Jew banksters controlling the US that genuine independance by Japan will not be tolerated. Good luck with that.].

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].



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©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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