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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 13, 2019 - 2:38:36 AM

JUSTICE is on the Horizon! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT
By Neon Revolt
Mar 13, 2019 - 2:14:34 AM

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Well, well, well...

Been a while since I've done one of these, huh ?

Believe me, I've heard you guys the whole time I wasn't writing #QAnonarticles. I really did. And I know it's been painful, but I had a very important mission I had to complete: I had to write what I saw as the definitive QAnon book, so that once all the proverbial excrement started hitting the fan... everyone would be able to find something that would help them understand what was happening.

And boy, does it look like we're closer than ever to that happening any day now.

When I started the book, I wasn't sure I'd be able to fill 200 pages, let alone effectively communicate all that I was trying to communicate.

But in the end, the manuscript I submitted turned out to be over 460 pages long; over 161,000 words in its entirety. I feel confident that I've done the movement justice, and that there will be plenty of meat for both newcomer and old-time reader to devour.

And if you didn't see the cover when I put it up on Gab, you can check it, well... how about in an Anon post from the boards from a week ago?

That's right, REVOLUTION Q: The Story of QAnon and the 2nd American Revolution is the title, and when I announced this on Gab, the media started collectively soiling their pants on the spot.

Why, just watch Noah "#RapeEnabler" Oppenheim's #AttackPoodle Ben Collins look like he's trying to keep his colon from falling out his backside live on #MSNBS... I mean... MSNBC:

And then the usual "journalistic" circlejerk ensured, with all these plebs writing articles that cited Collins, and then cited each other, and blah blah blah. The general thrust of Collin's "argument" is that we're somehow "gaming" Amazon's algorithm by, you know... selling content through that particular store.

Oh wait! You wanted EVIDENCE for this assertion?


You're not gonna find any here. Collins is just going to assert and reassert his baseless accusation of "algorithm gaming" (which is the same tactic they pulled with youtube) to malign any ORGANIC POPULARITY QAnon has.

And why do they do this?

To make QAnon people feel isolated and powerless; like they're some kind of social pariah being exploited by "greedy grifters" looking merely to profit off them.

The Cabal's tactics really are that simple, and it really is that despicable.

But while we're on the subject of Anon posts, I wanted to highlight another one I saw last week. I posted this on Gab, but I wanted to post it here, too, to show my appreciation for Anon here wearing one of the hats she ordered from me!

And I want to know, of course, did FLOTUS see the hat? Was there a reaction of any sort? So curious!

Still, very cool, Anon!

Okay, one last thing about the book, and then we get into #NewQ.

Firstly, I don't have a release date, yet. It still has to go to and editor, and there's just a couple process things that have to be taken care of before I'll know anything. Believe me, I'll be signalling that very loudly once I know. I also don't know a price point or anything yet. That's up to the publisher.

And a lot of people have been asking me about signed copies of the book, so I took to Gab to answer that. Short story: don't plan on it. Long answer: you'll find by following the link to this Gab post:

ℕ𝔼𝕆ℕ ℝ𝔼𝕍𝕆𝕃𝕋 on Gab: "A looooot of people keep askin..."

A looooot of people keep asking me about "autographed copies" of the book, when it finally comes out, so I wanted to address that.First, look, I'm flattered by the requests, and I don't want to knock the people asking for it, but... autographing things, r...

And while... I'm hesitant to promise regular articles from this point forward... I'd like to at least start to try to get back into the flow of things, by at least picking up on today's posts.

As you are well aware, there's been a lot of Qdrops in the interim since my last Q-focused article at the beginning of December. Almost 500 posts, in fact:

Extinguishing a Thousand Points of Light, One at a Time. #NewQ#QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

And while we've seen some wild things in those drops, I won't be going back and dissecting them in detail, because - if you followed my advice at the time - I've been covering them all on a rolling basis over on Gab. (And if you haven't joined /g/GreatAwakening yet, please do! We've added over 2000 members in just a over a week, and it shows no sign of slowing down! Find the link in the previous article, or in the menu-bar up top). While its not one big, coherent info-dump like the articles I write, it is a fast-paced, non-stop stream of the most cutting edge research, by some brilliant minds - so hop on over there!

So, all that's to say, I'll be picking up with today's drops, starting at post 3034.

This is a video link. Be sure to watch it.

Embedded video


This entire convo is very telling...

SH: "We learned today that those investigations have been ongoing, and they're happening, and they're real..."
SC: "That's right."
SH: "And there's other things that are about to happen that I know you know."

Optics. ...

8,72712:35 PM - Mar 12, 2019

As we should all be aware of by now, Sarah Carter and Hannity (and John Solomon, too) have sources tied to Q, so they're getting info that will dovetail nicely with what Q has been saying.

I think this is Q's way of telling us, "Hang in there! Not much longer..."

Now as for this next post...

First link if the OIG report. You've seen it already.

Second link shows RR's wife defending Bill Clinton in a case from 2017.

Third link is part of the Congressional record, which basically asks everyone to go look for the "Robert Mueller: Unmasked" pdf put together by Congressman Louis Gohmert a while back, which Q posted a long time ago.

In other words - absolutely nothing new.

I said this earlier on Gab today, that whenever Q starts talking along these lines, I roll my eyes and go, "Okay, Q, I'll pretend to be surprised when it turns out RR and RM are actually White Hats."

I see too much evidence to back this up; most recently, the threads by "StealthJeff" and Imperator Rex, which echo what I've been saying this whole time:

Let's start with Rex:

Q wants us to believe in a "pay-to-play spider web," but how can we ignore this nexus of connections in the process?? We can't!

And what of the timeline "StealthJeff" reminds us of:

I didn't mean to knock Q before when I said I'd play along with his surprise party. He's got concerns to balance out, and disinfo is perpetually necessary in this game. So I get it. If Q is lying here, I bet its because he's trying to provide cover for Mueller and Rosenstein as they see their respective missions across the finishing line.

But I keep going back to two particular things in my head with all this: the day Rosenstein offered to resign (and POTUS didn't let him), and the ancient Q post where Q basically said that not everyone who participated in Cabal activities wanted to be there; ie, they were manipulated or blackmailed somehow into silence and compliance. That's simply where I'm at with Rosenstein and Mueller.

And if Q is upset with me advancing this idea, and not just taking his words at face value, well... that's what he gets for presenting himself so often as an "unreliable narrator."


Report: Attorney General Barr Gave Mueller Permission to Indict Trump's Three Adult Children and Jared Kushner

A report at The Specator on Friday claims dirty cop Robert Mueller met with Attorney General Bob Barr and the two agreed that President Trump's children should be indicted. The report goes on to say that Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his 13 angry Democrats also want President Trump to be indicted but that Barr ...

The story said members of President Trump's family would be charged but also noted that it is Department of Justice policy not to indict a sitting President. However, there was no frenzy at the DoJ on Friday, no throng of reporters to make the tourists heading up Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House stop and look. So what happened?

Several sources tell Cockburn that the Special Counsel has indeed completed his report. It is said to recommend indicting three of President Trump's children - Don junior, Ivanka and Eric - as well as his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. The Attorney General, William Barr, is said to have ‘silently assented' to this. It's also claimed that Mueller wants President Trump himself to be indicted. Barr is said to oppose this. The two men met on Friday but apparently could not agree and this was the reason for the delay in any announcement from the DoJ. At least this is what the sources say.

So who are these sources? Joseph Heller mocked Washington's - and journalism's - culture of ‘sources' in his novel Good as Gold.

‘I believe I got that information about you from a reliable unnamed source.'

‘I've been doing a lot of work here as an unnamed source,' Gold answered with nervousness and haste, ‘so it may have come from me. No truth to it at all.'

None of Cockburn's sources was ‘in the room' - as they say in Washington - for the (alleged) discussions between Mueller and Barr and their two staffs. And none of the sources was briefed by the people ‘in the room'. But they did talk to the people briefed by the people in the room and - twice removed from the original conversations - they all give the same account. It is that the older Trump children and Jared will be indicted for financial crimes while Mueller wants to charge Trump with obstruction of justice. The charges, Cockburn is told now, will not be about ‘Russia collusion'.

This is different from the story yesterday, which was that Mueller would ‘make the case for collusion'. It is different from what the former CIA director, John Brennan, said on Lawrence O'Donnell's show on MSNBC this week. He thought that the children would be indicted and (like Cockburn) that it would happen on Friday.

BIG Problems with this:

Cockburn's sources at The Spectator are EXTREMELY suspect.

And indicting the kids requires Mueller to make his case to Barr, providing all the hard evidence he's acquired over the past two years, so Barr can sign off on the indictment.

Yeeeaaaaaaaah, that ain't happenin' because you and I both know, no evidence exists.

I don't know how Q expects any of the Anons to get all these indictment counts he requested, but this looks like more pretty transparent BS. I highly doubt Barr had to pull anything Mueller filed, so the only reason I think Q is posting this absolute nonsense is to provide more cover for Mueller.

I do think, however, that there is something to this idea that Mueller is going to indict POTUS' kids, in terms of... building a useful narrative, and baiting out more deep-state/media assets/Dems in the process.

Think of it - any Trump-related indictment is like catnip to the #LunaticLeftists. So all the White Hats would need to do is play some "he-said-she-said" and suddenly... you see articles like this popping off.

With Q "confirming" that this is what really happened, Mueller gets another layer of cover (or at least, plausible deniability), to see him through the home-stretch.

(Or, at least that's how I see it. We'll see if I'm right in a very short time, I imagine - and I'm happy to be wrong, as well).

So the big news today was that full transcripts of Lisa Page's Judiciary Committee interviews were made available to the public:

Embedded video

Rep. Doug Collins✔@RepDougCollins

Today, the link will be placed in the record so the American people can read the transcripts of Lisa Page's interviews before the Judiciary Committee.

13.5K2:26 AM - Mar 13, 2019

These transcripts were from her interviews taken on July 13th, and 16th, of 2018.

Rep. Collins posted them here:

Interview of: Lisa Page

READ: The transcribed interview of Lisa Page by the Committee on the Judiciary. READ: The transcribed interview of Lisa Page by the Committee on the Judiciary - Day 2.

And the BIG "revelation" from it is the fact that the "insurance policy" she and Strzok texted about previously was, in fact, the Special Counsel investigation.

Which... I suppose it's nice that it's not a matter of public record, so no one can dispute it.

Her testimony also revealed that AG Lynch lied when it came to choosing not to prosecute Hillary for gross negligence. Previously, Lynch had testified that they were simply accepting the FBI's recommendation not to prosecute. In actuality, it was the DOJ who shut the whole thing down.

Ratcliffe asked if the decision not to charge Clinton with gross negligence was a direct order from the DOJ. "When you say advice you got from the Department, you're making it sound like it was the Department that told you: ‘You're not going to charge gross negligence because we're the prosecutors and we're telling you we're not going to,'" he said.

Page responded: "That's correct."

Lisa Page said FBI discussed charging Hillary Clinton with ‘gross negligence' in 2016, and DOJ told them no

Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page testified last year that officials in the bureau, including then-FBI Director James Comey, discussed Espionage Act charges against Hillary Clinton, citing "gross negligence," but the Justice Department shut them down.

And you can't forget that this order from the DOJ to the FBI came after the Tarmac meeting.

I like, how in recent drops, Q has been highlighting examples of this mental enslavement on Twitter. The estimated 4-6% who will be forever lost are very real.

Let's do everything we can to help minimize that, by sharpening our dialog skills, and our arguments in the meantime.

Shifty doing everything he can to protect Obama.

#POTUS would later retweet all these same Jim Jordan tweets, just to add that extra bit of spicy #QProof sauce to the dish!

Oh-please-oh-please-oh-please-oh-please! We are sitting on the edge of our seats, waiting for all this to finally transpire, Q!

And you've got to love the continued references to Obama-era sloganeering. Makes my blood boil just a little bit hotter with each empty refrain. What a fraudster that Obama was!

And this may be tied into those high-profile celebrity arrests we saw today; where the likes of Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman were caught in the Ivy League bribery scandal:

Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman among dozens charged in college bribery scheme

Actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman were among 50 people indicted Tuesday in a widespread college admission bribery scandal. The racketeering conspiracy case includes the parents of applicants, ACT and SAT administrators, a test proctor and coaches at universities including Yale, Stanford, Georgetown, University of Southern California, UCLA and the University of Texas at Austin.

Basically, these uber-rich types would bribe, say... a coach to tell the school he was working at that the uber-rich person's kid was a mega-star who they neededto have on the team, and thus, also needed a scholarship.

Well, some of these uber-rich took this bribery a step further, and actually set up their finances where they were claiming these bribes as charitable donations, thus making them tax exempt...

Which means, these uber-rich types were actually using taxpayers to indirectly reimburse themselves for their illegal bribes.

And, it turns out that's not where the story ends...

Sasha and Malia's tennis instructor indicted for bribery

Gordon Ernst, former head coach at Georgetown - and the Obamas' tennis instructor - charged in connection to college-admissions bribery scheme Federal investigation dubbed Operation Varsity Blues netted nearly 50 people, among them nearly a dozen coaches, accused of accepting bribes Actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman charged among 33

O O P S I E - D A I S Y!!

Betchya Brennan goes down first.

I have no evidence to back that up.

I just can't stand that old Wahabbi barracuda's face.

Seriously, he's like Jaws from the 007 movies and a barracuda had a child. I wouldn't be surprised if his teeth were actually serrated.

Now, this was interesting because POTUS himself posted that famous video 12 times here.

What's the significance of 12?

Well, the 12th week of the year starts March 19th...

And he posted the 12 links on the the 12th of March...

12 x 12 = 144.

Which made one Anon go back to post 144...

And if you look closely, you'll note all the letters in killboxes spell a phrase.

[T][h][i][s] [W][e][e][k]

This Week.


Looks like we're at the beginning of the end, folks.

And realistically-speaking, it makes sense that all this would start happening now, because, as I've said many times before, as this absolutely can NOT be allowed to drag out into the Primary season. Otherwise, Trump would look like a "dictator" trying to dispatch his political rivals, and the media would be running with that angle non-stop.

Oh, they still will try that angle, but it'll be much less effective, considering how far away we are from any actual elections. It's why the Democratic field is so overwhelmingly crowded right now.

As Q says, its total "PANIC in DC."

You know, one day, when Twitter is gone, all these video clips are gonna disappear, Q:

SEE LINK FOR 13 second clip

Hannity is a

6,91011:24 AM - Mar 13, 2019


Come on, Q wouldn't be hyping us this bad, if he was having us plan on waiting another three months. The precipitation of events leading, ultimately, to Military Tribunals, is IMMINENT!

We knew POTUS wasn't lying, but the rest of the world wouldn't give him the benefit of the doubt at the time.

Now, there can be no shadow of a doubt.

#Spygate is about to ERUPT onto the world stage, and we are at the verge of QAnon entering the mainstream.

Good to be back here with you all, writing in this format again.

Buckle up!

More to come, soon.

Thanks so much for reading and sharing my articles today!

Want to support my efforts with the site? One way you can do that is through the purchase of a shirt or an awesome QAnon Hat, which you can order in the Neon Revolt Shop! These hats are great, with 3D puff embroidery, and I'm working with great manufacturer to get these made and distributed. People love the hats when they get them.

Shirts are still available in the sidebar, too, naturally.

Thanks so much for your continued support through this wild ride we call Q!

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