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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

It’s an Illusion
By John Harris with commentary by ron
May 30, 2009 - 9:13:00 AM

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It’s an Illusion – John Harris’ Presentation at the “Lawful Rebellion Conference” Stoke-on-Trent 24/1/2009 (BBC 5 TV)

Ron: In my view this is an excellent 52 minute video presentation about the operational mechanics of the corporate Matrix illusion in the UK. It is especially relevant because the UK was arguably the crucible in which the current global matrix and Strawman Illusion was forged. I have extracted and paraphrased large portions of John Harris’ talk but I urge everyone who can, to watch and listen to the live presentation. There is much to be gained from watching the whole talk  because this man has “been there and done that.” What he says resonates strongly for me. Moreover, he presents salient points on easily read slides and has good illustrations and an interesting little video of a typical encounter between a man filming in his own backyard and two police officers who  try to get him to enjoin (contract) with them by giving his name and address when they had no excuse to intrude upon his privacy at all let alone demand that he stop filming and give them his name and address. If you want to understand the 'Strawman Illusion' and the part that government corporations play in it watch this video!
Extracts from the Video

Society is NOT broken – it works EXACTLY as it was planned to work. And that planning has been going on for hundreds of years. Politics is not what you think it is. Members of parliament are, in effect, directors of a corporation: ‘The United Kingdom Corporation Ltd.’ Moreover, if you have a National Insurance Number [Ron: or equivalent in other jurisdictions] you are an employee of the UK Corporation Ltd [or other relevant national government corporation like the US Corporation, Commonwealth of Australia and so on].

ALL political parties  in the UK are companies. The UK Labour Party is a company registered as Alastair Darling MP. Why? Because he is a diplomat and so has certain deceptive diplomatic advantages which accrue to the party and its activities. Similarly, all UK police departments and courts are companies.

Constitutions set out the fundamental rules that establish the character of a government. The courts, police and other government instrumentalities are there to enforce the corporate political and economic policies of the UK Corporation Ltd. Moreover, they are all FOR PROFIT companies sooo they are expected to make a profit when carrying out their enforcement roles.

In the world of a police officer s/he can only act ON you if you consent – thus police officers need you to give them your name AND your address. They need the address to get joinder – to enjoin you in contract. Why? Because they may be many PERSONS with your name  - your address identifies  your particular PERSON ie the one you are able to represent.

In effect police officers and other “public servants” are corporate policy enforcement  agents. They enforce the government’s corporate policies and they do it to make a profit.

All UK courts (including the House of Lords) and instrumentalities are companies run for profit. There are some 160 million companies listed in the Dunn and Bradstreet corporate directory.

Police officers are primarily Corporate Policy Enforcement Officers whose function is to enforce the statutes and rules of the corporations and their corporate policies thereunder.

Legalese is the language of the Law Society. That language is used to manipulate  men and women and fraudulently entrap them into paying taxes and giving up legal title to their children, their homes, their cars and anything else they “register” with government corporate instrumentalities.

In legalese “must” means “may” because it refers only to fictional corporate policy not common law.

In legalese a summons is an invitation to attend a court’s place of business. By responding you give consent to the court having jurisdiction over you.

“Mr” is a fictional corporate [Fleet, maritime?] title applied to the PERSON. In legalese it does not pertain to a living man. It denotes PERSONALITY STATUS. If you respond to a question whether you are “Mr” XX by, for example, saying “YES” you have agreed to represent the fictional legal entity which bears your name in capitalised letters. In effect, that is sufficient to signify CONSENT to its jurisdiction so far as a court is concerned.

A man or women is subject to Natural Law and to the Common Law, which essentially embodies Natural Law. A man or women is not subject to government Commercial policy (Universal Commercial Code - UCC), Civil policy, or Political policy unless s/he consents to be bound by it.

A company /corporation is just a fiction – a bit of paper.

The Common Law (Natural Law) requirement on men and women is to never injure, harm or cause loss to any man, women or child. This understanding is inherent.

Statute  (civil) laws apply to the “person” NOT to a flesh and blood man or women.

You ARE a man or a woman and you HAVE a “person”
A man or a woman IS subject to common law jurisdiction but must contract (consent) before they can be bound by statute law.

Offer, consideration and acceptance is needed to create every contract. The methods by which governments and courts have manipulated men and women into so-called contracts concerning payment of tax, registration of their children and property and many other things are obviously fraudulent.

The world is not complicated but it has been made complicated by those who wish to delude men and women into accepting statute and contract law.


Man created government which in turn created the PERSON.

Black’s dictionary defines “person” as:


- how can you define a PERSON as including a natural PERSON? Defining a word with the very same word is failing to define anything.

- This definition is from Blacks Law 8th Edition

-  PERSON    is defined as a FICTION in Blacks Law 3rd Edition.

John Harris also makes a point by asking the question “WHY would you need eight editions of a legal dictionary? Words should not need to change their meaning [Ron: Yet for instance the meaning of “person” was obviously changed in the interval between the creation of the 3rd and 8th Editions of Blacks dictionary] unless you want to change the meaning of words  for a reason.

The Creation of the PERSON… requires the registration of a Birth Certificate.

So what is a ‘Certificate of registration’?

To submit means “bending to another’s will.

When you REGISTER; you are handing over LEGAL TITLE of what you are REGISTERING to whomever or whatever you are REGISTERING it with and ACKNOWLEDGING or TRANSFERRING the AUTHORITY (legal title) to another by this PROCESS.

When you APPLY; which means to Beg; the assumption is made that you know exactly what you are begging for, by whom or what you are APPLYING to and that you know, exactly what you are willing to give up for it.

And most of the time you VOLUNTEER your APPLICATION and you are not forced to APPLY. For instance you SUBMIT an application for a credit card…

You do not get the original Birth Certificate – you get a certified copy.

The name of the PERSONS on the certificate  – Father/Mother - have CAPITALISED SURNAMES.

INFORMANT: The QUALIFICATION NEEDED to be able to INFORM regarding the baby is : Father/Mother.
So, parents INFORM on their own child being born!

BUT note that the Birth Certificate HAS to include a signed DECLARATION (which is a genuine common law sworn oath document) from a real flesh and blood man or woman to PROVE that a man or woman was PRESENT to REPRESENT the new PERSON (ie the fictional legal entity having the CAPITALISED child’s name). Notice that this man or woman’s Declaration and signature is needed to create the new PERSON’S LEGAL PERSONALITY!
Then the PERSON is registered (ie legal title is given) to a CORPORATION.

So, by registering children men and women TRANSFER legal title to the body they have registered. This is the worst type of abuse of this process.

Simple examples of how your child no longer belongs to you include; mandatory vaccinations, mandatory schooling and school holidays; requiring you to manage children as property of the state and if you don’t do it their way state appointed guardians take your children away via the Social Services PLC and so on.

Remember, you signed over title ownership to your children via the registering of the Birth Certificate.

Same deal with registering a car or a house or anything else.

A certificate of title is virtually worthless in this [legal matrix] world.

Fixed penalty notices. Speed cameras fines etc. are levied via  NOTICES issued by corporations. Under these NOTICES PERSONS are penalised by way of FORFEIT; something surrendered or subject to surrender as PUNISHMENT for a BREACH OF CONTRACT.

Adhesion Contracts.

Adhesion contracts are a type of contract, a legally binding agreement between two parties to do a certain thing, in which one side has all the bargaining power and uses it to write the contract PRIMARILY to his/her/its ADVANTAGE.

A NOTICE is not a BILL. A NOTICE is not a DEMAND. A NOTICE is nothing more than … an OFFER TO DISCUSS the CONTRACT which the OFFEROR is trying to force upon your PERSON – this is simply a tool of REVENUE COLLECTION.

The true reason why these FPN are FORCED upon your PERSON is simply to maintain the ILLUSION that they have control over your LIFE, FORTUNE and FREEDOM, because you FEAR their ability to take from you something you deem VALUABLE… ie MONEY.

But what is money and is it backed by anything of real value? For instance when you are offered “twenty pounds” the obvious question is:  “Of WHAT?”

The real truth is that YOU are the currency, not money. The WORK you do is the only real currency. The money created by banksters is, at best, bits of paper with no backing of any value.

Lawful Rebellion

Peacefully resist all claims against your PERSON by refusing to CONSENT to the government Corporation’s POLICY in each instance.

Always ask  ‘Am I obliged to answer your questions?’

‘Under what authority and under what Law are you ACTING’

Remind them that failure to differentiate between a statute and a Law is GROSS NEGLIGENCE which is equivalent to the common law crime of FRAUD.’

You are a man or a woman; YOU are not a PERSON.

The LEGAL world is the same as your PERSON, IT IS A FICTION, AN ILLUSION that does not exist in the real world.

That is why police, court officials and other Corporate EMPLOYEES must get the man or woman to REPRESENT the PERSON before a CONTRACT can be formed.

Remember there is no JUSTICE in the UK only SUMMARY JUDGMENT, because every court, even the highest in the land, is a FOR PROFIT corporation which is part of the UNITED KINGDOM CORPORATION Ltd. 
[Ron: Incidentally, given that all courts are created by and subordinate to the UK Corporation Ltd it is not possible for those courts to ever avoid a conflict of interest when supposedly adjudicating claims  made by agents of the parent corporation or any of its subsidiary corporate instruments, including any court. Of course the same reasoning applies to court proceedings in civil (and non-jury) matters in virtually every country in the world. Presumably that is why the common law required that real issues concerning whether human conduct is lawful or not be tried before juries of (usually) 13 peers].

We must sacrifice ie eliminate, the fictional legal entity “PERSON” from our world.

Ron: I highly recommend watching this video. John Harris tells it like it is.

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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