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Political Information Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:37:51 PM

It's time to kill Zionist vampire
By Jim W Dean with comments by Ron
Sep 27, 2013 - 5:20:31 PM

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It's time to kill Zionist vampire

"If you see a snake, just kill it - you don't appoint a committee on snakes." - Ross Perot

Americans are finally starting to wake up to the stark reality. The Israeli regime must be erased from the sands of time. If the US really wants peace and security it is time to throw away what is left of the NecCon's mini-World War they had engaged in after 911 and concentrate on one threat...Israel. [Ron: Yes and No. Israel is a major tentacle of the Jew banksters and their controllers BUT it is the creators of Israel - the Rothschilds (however described) that have to be brought to justice.].

But this will not be easy. Like cancer can start in one place and then spread itself throughout the body to overwhelm its defenses, Israeli espionage has used a similar tact. Poisonous spider bites work similarly. I know, as two years ago I got a brown recluse spider bite, and a year later another by a black widow.

The brown recluse bite, at the beginning of the third day when I finally realized it was worse than a red ant bite I thought it was, my heavily swollen right hand was beginning to go into paralysis. When I picked up my car keys they slipped out of my hand onto the floor. And when I picked them up they slipped out again. The light came on that I was in a serious situation with a major poison spider bite.

Fortunately my Afghanistani doctor down the street was very experienced in these bites. They told me that if I had waited one more day I would have been hospitalized and kissing away a lot of money. He explained that after the poison formed a red spot and a pimple at the bite, it spreads throughout the whole body so your white blood cells were running all over trying to fight it. The bite area was then left undefended and the flesh there would just begin to die and rot with gangrene.

Americans live under an analogous attack with Israeli espionage and terrorism here. Sure, they have certain key targets that they strike, like with military and nuclear espionage. But their political espionage spreads far and wide so they are everywhere.
I can give you one shocking example of how bad it has been.

The peak of Israeli espionage was in the 1980's when they began their big push to build their own military industrial complex to be able to export high value items, and actually compete with America. Israel has to real port and is unsuited for any kind of regular major industry. So one of it's major exports is death and mayhem.

At the peak of their offensive in the '80's, 50% of the FBI's counter intelligence resources are occupied in 'blocking' Israeli military espionage as they were stealing everything here they could get their hands on. This even projects in early development which they then tried to bring to market sooner, or with a better version. Think miniaturization of nuclear weapons to get my drift here.

Mind you, this was still right in the middle of the Cold War days where the FBI had their hands full with traditional counter espionage concerns. Part of the disaster here, like the brown recluse spider bite, while the FBI's resources were overstretched, Jonathan Pollard was able to destroy a whole generation of American Intelligence effort and expenditures.

Pollard was tasked by the Israelis for getting first strike capability for the Russians by compromising our nuclear force, along with as much damage to our overseas spy networks.
[Ron: It is very unlikely that the Israelis were "getting first strike capability for the Russians' in the 1980s  because  Dr Peter Beter disclosed in his Audio Letters that a Christian sect replaced the Rothschilds' controlled Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union in 1977 and thereafter the Rothschilds used their Bolshevik agents in the US together with the Vatican (which they took over by murdering and replacing with doubles Popes John Paul I and II) to seek to regain control of the Soviet Union. Sooo, their Israeli puppets would not have been helping the Russians in the 1980s. Indeed, the Rothschilds managed to destroy the Soviet Union at the end of that decade and then using crypto Jew Yeltsin and Jewish mafia oligarchs, temporarily retook control of Russia in the 1990s until Putin, backed by Christians retook control in 2000AD.].

He turned in a stellar performance. He was able to penetrate the navy's nuclear submarine codes, and defeat the ground based missiles. That left only the B-52's as a deterrent, something much easier for the Soviets to contend with it they could concentrate all of their resources against them. [Ron: Bullshit! Read Dr Peter Beter's Audio Letters. After the Soviets destroyed the US base on the Moon in the Battle of the Harvest Moon in September 1977, the Soviet Union had total space based weapons control and the Bolshevik controlled US was reduced to seeking to destroy the Soviet Union with a covert FIRST STRIKE. The US was not interested in haveing a "deterrant"!].

Pollard was also killed our Eastern European spy networks. Over a 1000 CIA agents and assets were arrested and many executed. Why did Israel do this? They were playing a double game on us with the Russians. They want a million Soviet pretend-a-Jews allowed to immigrate to Israel so the Zios could kick a corresponding number of Palestinian low level workers out of those job slots, and also help stem the changing birth demographics. Now you know why the Pollard file is still classified and why the Intel community has fought his release so hard whenever it came up.

But you also saw how deep the political espionage has run when you look as the Who's Who of the American political establishment who have signed on to the Free Pollard movement, including the likes of Hillary Clinton and even ex-CIA director James Woolsey, who knows what the Israelis really did to us.
[Ron: This stuff is beyond naive. Amerikka has been run by Bolsheviks evicted from the Soviet Union since the late 1970s when they started murdering the Rockefeller brothers and replacing some of them and their supporters with "clones" and doubles. Prior to that time the Rothschilds and Rockefellers COLLUDED in creating the appearances of a Cold War (used to enable both parties to attack and subjugate other countries like Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia, Angola and El Salvador et al, under the guise of so-called Capitalist/Communist antipathy) while secretly building up the Soviet Union and weakening the US as part of their plan to create a New World Order in which national sovereignty would be eliminated.].

The Zios [Ron: The appropraite term is "Jews"because covertly Zionists and Bolsheviks are essentially Jews working for the same Talmudic goals] gave the Soviets the best first strike opportunity they had ever had.

[Ron: Bullshit, as indicated above. After the Battle of the Harvest Moon in September 1977, the Christian controlled Soviet Union had the space based weapons ability to totally destroy the US and its allies at any time they chose. BUT, being Christians, they did not do that whereas the US Bolsheviks were  constantly trying to find a way to deliver a FIRST STRIKE nuclear attack upon the Soviet Union but failed to find one - being constantly foiled by the (newly) Christian  Soviets.]. And such Intel is never sought to put up on the shelf to use for a rainy day. They knew that codes would eventually be changed and new security measures put in place. They had to use it, or loose we must assume they were planning a first strike, and Israel was cut in on the deal. [Ron: Bullshit! See my comments above.].

To defeat Israeli espionage in America, all of their dual citizen and political assets have to be rooted out and destroyed. The problem there is they are so substantial that the country would be shocked beyond belief at the depth of the betrayal.
For quite a while now the main justification (other than shame) for keeping the lid on all this is that the shock to public trust in government would be so deep as to actually be deemed a major national security threat. Imagine that!

[Ron: Really? Sooo, the justification for not telling the truth and doing something about Jewish control of the US and its military etc is concern for the SHOCK the truth would cause to Amerikkans' sensibilities?! I don't think so.  Isn't that the same bullshit reason given for not telling Amerikkans about the existance of ET's, Deep Underground Bases and all the rest, over  the last 65 years? How infantile does the Amerikkan elite and military think Amerikkans are?].

That is the wall of silence this has all been hidden behind, and why our government as never warned the American people about the constant attack we have always been under by the Israeli's and their traitor helpers here. This lack of warning, and concern by even the mainline veterans orgs, has kept Americans dumb and happy (or unhappy) about this national security disaster.
[Ron: WHY does thei author constantly refer to this problem as if it is limited to Israel? Does he not know that it is global Jewry that controls Israel, the US, the UK, Germany and the EU, and most everything else? And isn't it global Jewry, NOT Israel, that currently cntrols our world? Hacking at the branches of evil rather than its roots is not only fruitless, it is (at best)  delusional.].

But fortunately the tide is turning. When AIPAC deployed its 250 man A-team in its much publicized raid on Congress to make them tow the line on supporting Obama's Syria strike, they found that Americans had gotten there ahead of them with their huge outpouring of contempt at what they felt was another staged intervention event.
AIPAC got crushed, but their media buddies kept the extent of the rebuff off the front page news.

Reeling from that defeat, and in a panic to put something on the table to show that AIPAC was still feared on Mid East issues, we saw their expected pivot away from Syria and shift to bring Iran back onto the bogeyman threat table.
But there was only one problem. The 'bomb, bomb Iran' hoax had already been beaten to death with a long history of crying wolf about their 'having a bomb in six months'.

American Intel was watching their initial moves, a push to have a strike option put into a UN resolution, and even getting Obama to say so stupidly on a Sunday night that he was still willing to use military force to 'succeed' with Iran, only to announce on the following Wednesday that he was open to a diplomatic solution.
Mr. Nobel Peace prize was 'open to it' only after he [Ron: And more particularly, his controllers.] had been forced to be.

In a last ditch effort
the Zios [Ron: Jews!] bet the farm on a big UN move, and they picked last year's cartoon character, Bibi the Bungler, to put on another comic attack as he took four flat tires off the Zio-Con mobile and replaced them with four more flat tires. The Intel community was shocked at the stupidity and even Israelis were publicly condemning the dead end strategy of the Likud gang. [Ron: Rhetoric like "the Likud gang" falsely implies that this activity is merely a frolic of their own carried on by some splinter group of politicians in Rothschildslandia (Israel). IT ISN'T! It is an integral part of the anti-gentile policies of global Jewry as orchestrated by Jew banksters and their controllers.].

The plan to rekindle the Iranians as holocaust deniers and nuclear extortionists went down in flames, but with a different after effect than we have seen in the past. There is a different tone in the air, where a light has come on and people are now asking,

“Why do we ALLOW the Zios [Ron; Jews!] to do this to us? Rather than being reactive to their moves, why shouldn't we start getting proactive and begin shutting them down.” This is a huge shift in thinking, but one many of us have been pushing for a long time.

The only part of America's regime change foreign policy that we really need, the biggest threat we must eliminate, is the militant Zionist
regime in Israel [Ron: Jewish! The regime in Israel is JEWISH! The whole country is JEWISH! It's national ideology is JEWISH ie Tamudistic!] and the army they have forward deployed in the US. It should be our number one national security priority but that will not be easy. [Ron: NO! The number one national security priority in the US has to be the elimination of the Federal Reserve and dual national Jews in ALL government, judiical, media, military and other positions of power and influence!].

We already see some smoke and mirrors attempts in Congress to play good guys on issues like the NSA massive domestic data gathering. This week they played two cards, a bill to stop the NSA from collecting such data, and an 'independent investigation' of all NSA's spying activities.

Right at the top of their 'independent' list was suspected Israeli spy Richard Clarke of Bush (43) fame. While at the Pentagon, and involved in 911 and regime change planning he was under investigation by the FBI for spying for Israel. In a typical move, the Bush regime quickly transferred him over to the White House where FBI agents could no longer interview him without the President's permission. How is that for a little quick obstruction of justice, and all perfectly legal? [Ron: What is the point of fulminating about alleged Jewish spies in the US when the whole federal administration and Congress is/are full of so-called fual national Jews and ALL of the Administration and Congress virtually swears allegiance to Israel every day?!].

This really angered the loyal FBI people so they turned to what they have had to do in the past to stay on top of spies who have very high political protection. Although that could never use the information they gathered in court because it would be inadmissible, they put a 'watch' on Clarke through communications surveillance and even had some White House people wear wires to get the good stuff. Loyal Secret Service people have helped out in the god awful situations when there are protected traitors at the top.

By the way, Jonathan Pollard's real handler was not in the Israeli embassy as reported for cover. He was in the White House, guiding him as to what documents to get, what their names were and how they were filed. Pollard never would have known what existed and where it was without someone steering him.

The key person to run such an operation would have been someone like a high National Security Council official. We have never heard an actual name mentioned, yet. Such infiltrator people are groomed for years to maneuver into such a position. Our sources are solid on this, including one of the people who wore a wire.

I share this with you today as it has already been revealed at Veterans Today past articles, but I ask you to sharpen your wooden stakes because we now have the momentum to take the fight to the Zionists [Ron: JEWS!] ...and terminate it. And as I have covered above they have a significant political human shield protecting them up to now which has really been impenetrable.
[Ron: Sooo, WHY is this author ONLY on about lower level spies?!].

But the past fears of the Zionist Lobby [Ron: Actually it is a JEWISH lobby - Zionism is merely ONE of its guises.] here are now crumbling before our eyes, and it is the duty of all loyal Americans and institutions to support those who had stuck their necks out to get us to this point. We have to get the weed killer out and get on with the business that needs to be done, and maybe we can then recover some of the lost pride of being an American again because of these traitors.


[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].


Rothschilds & Rockefellers, TRILLIONAIRES of the World. See:

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©2005-2019 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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