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Israel Stunned by Ukrainian neo-Nazis
By Thierry Meyssan with comments by Ron
Mar 12, 2022 - 7:46:35 PM



The state-organized presence of neo-Nazis within the Ukrainian army is not anecdotal, even if it is not possible to quantify it in a certain way. On the other hand, it is easy to count their victims. In general indifference, they have killed 14,000 Ukrainians in eight years. This situation is one of the causes of the Russian military intervention in Ukraine. Israel is confronted for the first time with what it could never have imagined: the support of its US protector to its historical enemy, Nazism.






Naftali Bennett and Olaf Scholtz at the Yad Vashem Memorial. Israel and Germany discover the magnitude of the problem.Prime Minister's Press Office

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Israel faces an unexpected problem in the Ukrainian crisis: is it true, as Moscow claims, that the country is in the hands of a "gang of neo-Nazis" financed by Ukrainian and American Jews? If so, it is a moral duty for Tel Aviv to clarify its position on Jews supporting Nazis, regardless of any position on the Ukrainian crisis.

[Ron: Silly question.  Arguably Ukraine has been in the hands of Talmudists who created the Maidan COUP since March 2014. Fascism and Nazism are ideologies created by Talmudists, ie those who call themselves Jews but are not. Talmudists also created Capitalism, Fabianism, Socialism, Bolshevism, Communism Fascism and cultural Marxism etc as part of their divide and conquer strategy to control the planet and her population. The ethnic origins of those Talmudic ideologists was the Ashkenazis of Germany and eastern Europe, and the Venetian banksters.





Fascism, Nazism and Boshevism have similar ideological progenitors; all have Talmudic origins and aim to totally control government, industry and the population. Fascism and Nazism maintain a fascade of democratic governance behind which corporatists dominated by Jews rule, whereas in Bolshevism the tiny cabal of rulers dominated by Jews overtly exercise control of everything. These mechanisms accord with the Talmud.

The UK, US, Australia and many other nations have been crypto fascist puppet regimes for decades and even centuries in some cases. The only difference with the Ukraine is that the Jewish puppet masters took centre stage during the 2014 Kiev COUP, and kept it.

The mislabelled democratic Kiev revolution in 2014 was actually a Jews' COUP, not dissimilar to the Jews' COUP mislabelled as the Russian Revolution in Imperial Russia in 1917. Jews like Victoria Nuland, Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk and Ihor Kolymoiski organised Russian hating Western Ukrainian Nazi thugs as the 'muscle' to effectuate the COUP and dominate ethnic Russians, especially those in Novorussian eastern Ukraine. See eg: Chabad seeks to re-build Khazaria in Ukraine -

Ukraine: New Jewish 'Promised Land'

Surprise, surprise In Ukraine protests, young Jews are marching with ultranationalists


Fascism develops wherever an economy is based on money and the population is wedded to the Talmudically created money meme. In due course those who accumulate excessive amounts of money use it to join with other plutocrats to control markets and then governments. Once plutocrats (banksters and corporatists) control enough money to covertly control governments the result is fascism - a government in which capitalists collude with politicians and government officials to rule covertly.

The alternative form of fascism arises when a socialist ideological group manages to manipulate sufficient public opinion to seize control of government. However this socialistic Fascism is still invariably underpinned by Jewish plutocrats who fund revolutionaries to take over government, often by force. The joke is that the externalities of government control vary in relation to the ideological propganda used but the identity and pyschopathic nature of the perpetrators varies little.

The conflicting ideologies displayed by the capitalist v socialist protagonists is really window dressing. Both groups seek excessive power and control of society but capitalists conceal their rapacity and pretend they aren't exploiting the general population whereas the Socialists/Communists and Bolsheviks don't conceal their intentions. Socialists often seek to destroy wealth creating workers to ensure the maintenance of their power. For instance Alexandr Solzhenitsyn said the Bolshevik killed 66 million Russians to ensure they held power. The Capitalists do it differently, they use denatured foods and lethal allopathic medical concoctions and technologies combined with wars and Depressions to cull millions of people from the herd.

For instance the US has been increasingly Fascist since 1913 when banksters established the privately owned Federal Reserve System (the Fed) which controls the US money supply. The primary enslavement mechanism used by the Fed has been the devaluation of the US dollar (USD). Today the purchasing power of a USD is less than what ONE CENT could buy in 1913. The superiority of Fascism over Socialism and Communism as an enslavement mechanism is that Capitalism deludes the population into thinking they are free and working for themselves while usury and devaluation of the value of money combined with taxation and rampant corruption, assisted by corrupt legislators and judiciaries, surreptitiously enslaves them mentally as well as physically.

Fascism and Nazism both create a tiny privileged elite that live in oppulance above the law that controls and enslaves everyone else. See eg: The USA Isn't a Country, It's a Corporation! -

The Corporation Of The United States Of America Is It True? We Are Not Under Common Law? 84 -

The Socialism Of The Federal Reserve -

How COVID Paved The Road To Serfdom

How Money Rules -

How To Destroy A Civilization -

ll the more cruel because the few American Jews who support or instrumentalize Ukrainian Nazi groups are a tiny group of a few hundred people, the Straussians, who are now in power in President Joe Biden's immediate circle.


[Ron: I disagree. International Jewry created Israel and the Maidan COUP in Ukraine; and they control the Biden pretendency which is supplying arms and training to the Nazi and extremist right wing battalions that have been slaughtering and dispossessing Russians in Ukraine for the last eight years.

The US and Israel fomented, funded and supported the Jews' Maiden Coup in Kiev in February 2014 somewhat similar to what they did in mounting the Bolshevik COUP in Imperial Russia in 1917. The difference this time though, was that they lacked a large population of Jews in the Ukraine and had to use neo-Nazi anti-Russian thugs from western Ukraine to mount the successful COUP. The result has ben an attempt to enslave and genocide ethnic Russians in Ukraine and especially in Donbass, Odessa and Crimea. Calling ethnic Russians in Ukraine's wholly Russian population "Donbass terrorists" is a bit rich when they were attacked by a demonic Talmudic cabal that overthrew a legitimately elected Ukrainian government. See eg: The Deep State, the IMF and the Fleecing of Ukraine -

Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine: The future Jewish power center of the world? at


Dnepropetrovsk could be renamed - Jerusalem-on-the-Dnieper -

The COUP installed Poroshenko, a Jewish billionaire, as the new president. Poroshenko's pretenece to identify with Bandera was a subterfuge to conceal the truth that the Kiev putsch in Febrary 2014 was a Jews' COUP supported by US money and other assistance, similar to the Bolshevik COUP mislabelled as the Russian Revolution in 1917.

Some of the Jews who originally gained power in that putsch were: President-Poroshenko (Vlatsman) - Jew

President Turchinov (Kogan) - Jew
Prime Minister - Yatsenyuk (Buckeye) - Jew
Minister of Finance - Alexander Shlapak - Jew
Secretary of national security and Defence - Andrew Parubiy- Jew
Vice Prime Minister - Vladimir Groisman - a Jew
Interior Minister Arsen Avakov - Armenian Jew
Minister of Culture - Sergei Nischuk - Jew
Mason - Director of the National Bank - Stepan Kubiv - Jew
Head of the Administration of President - Sergey Pashinskiy- Jew

The main presidential candidates from the opposition were:
Yulia Tymoshenko (Celia Kapitelman) - Jewish
Vitali Klitschko (Etinzon) - a Jew by his father
Oleg Tyagnibok (Frotman) - a Jew mom
Dmitry (Avdimou) Yarosh - Jew Hasid

See also this list of the falsely alleged nazi-regime in Kiev:

President - Poroshenko (Valtsman) - Jew. - and. o. President Turchinov (Kogan) - Jew. - Prime Minister - Yatsenyuk (Buckeye) - Jew. - The Minister of Finance - Alexander Shlapak- Jew. - Secretary of national security and Defence - Andrew Parubiy- Jew - Vice Prime Minister - Vladimir Groisman - a Jew. - Interior Minister Arsen Avakov - Armenian Jew - Minister of Culture - Sergei Nischuk - Jew, Mason - Director of the National Bank - Stepan Kubiv - Jew. - Head of the Administration of President - Sergey Pashinskiy- Jew. The main presidential candidates from the opposition: - Julia Tymoshenko (Celia Kapitelman) - Jewish. - Vitali Klitschko (Etinzon) - a Jew by his father. - Oleg Tyagnibok (Frotman) a Jew mom. - Dmitry (Avdimou) Yarosh-Jew Hasid. The oligarchs in Ukraine - all Jews: I. Kolomoisky, E. Hurwitz, H. Bogolyubov, Poroshenko, D. Firtash, S. Liovochkin, V. Haiduk, V.Nemirovsky, K. Zhevago, V. Pinchuk, E. Prutnik, Akhmetov, A. Martynov, B. Kostelman, E.Sigal, B. Kolesnikov, A. Feldman, F. Shpyg, N. Shufrych, Rodnyanskii A., I. Butler, A. Abdinov, V. Ermolaev, M. Kiperman, E. Zviagilskiy, F. Zhebrovskaya, S. Ronis, H. Korban, G. Surkis, I. Surkis, V. Shamotiy, A. Leszczynski, J. Rodin, M. Becker. All media - in the hands of Jews P. Poroshenko, I. Kolomoisky, D. Firtash, V. Pinchuk, Akhmetov. nezalezhnoy Presidents: - Kravchuk (Bloom) - a Jew. - Kuchma (Kuchman) - Jew.].





In February 2014, the "Revolution of Dignity," also known as "EuroMaidan," was a regime change sponsored by Straussian Victoria Nuland, assistant to Secretaries of State Hilary Clinton and John Kerry. In this context, a group of hooligan supporters of the Kharkiv soccer club, "Sect 82", occupied the premises of the oblast governorate and beat up the employees of the former regime.

Become Minister of Interior, Arsen Avakov, who had been governor of Kharkiv during the former regime and one of the organizers of Euro 2012, authorized the formation of a paramilitary force of 12,000 men, around the hooligans of the "Sect 82" to defend the "revolution". On May 5, 2014, the "Azov Battalion" or "Eastern Corps" was officially formed under the command of Andriy Biletsky.
The latter, known as the "White Führer", is a theoretician of Nazism. He had been the leader of the "Patriots of Ukraine", a neo-Nazi grouping that supported a Greater Ukraine and was violently anti-communist.

Andriy Biletsky and Dmitro Yarosh founded together the "Right Sector" which played the main role on Maidan Square in 2014. This openly anti-Semitic, homophobic structure was financed by the godfather of the Ukrainian mafia, the Jewish billionaire Ihor Kolomoysky. Internationally, the "Right Sector" is violently opposed to the European Union and intends instead to form an alliance of Central European and Baltic states, the Intermarium. This is also the project of the Straussians who, since the 1992 Wolfowitz report, consider the European Union to be a more dangerous rival for the United States than Russia. You remember the intercepted telephone conversation between Ms. Nuland and the US ambassador, in which she exclaimed : "fuck the European Union" (sic).
Dmitro Yarosh is an agent of NATO's stay-behind networks who organized an anti-Russian congress in Ternopol in 2007 with the Emir Doku Umarov, under the watchful eye of Victoria Nuland, who was the US ambassador to NATO at the time. Yarosh gathered neo-Nazis from all over Europe and Islamists from the Middle East to wage jihad in Chechnya against Russia. Later, he was the leader of "Stepan Bandera's Trident" (also known as "Tryzub"), a small group glorifying Ukrainian collaboration with the Nazis. According to Stepan Bandera, genuine Ukrainians are of Scandinavian or proto-Germanic origin, unfortunately, they have mixed with Slavs, the Russians, whom they must fight and dominate. At the end of 2013, Yarosh's men and the youth of another Nazi group were trained in street fighting by Nato instructors in Poland. I was heavily criticized when I revealed this case because I had quoted a satirical newspaper as a note, however the Polish Prosecutor General opened an investigation which, of course, never came to fruition because it would have implicated the Minister of Defense [

By the summer of 2014, the Azov Battalion already included all these neo-Nazi groups, but not only them. They were sent to fight the rebels in Donetsk and Lugansk, which they did with pleasure. Their pay was increased to more than twice that of regular soldiers. The Battalion took the city of Marinka from the self-proclaimed Donestk People's Republic, where they massacred "separatists."

In September 2014, the interim government tasked the National Guard with absorbing the Azov Battalion and removing some Nazi leaders from the outfit.

In the October 2014 elections, two former Nazi leaders of the Azov Regiment, Andriy Biletsky and Oleh Petrenko were elected to the Rada (National Assembly). While the "white führer" sat alone, Petrenko joined the parliamentary group supporting President Petro Poroshenko. The Azov Battalion then became the Azov Regiment of the National Guard.

In March 2015, the Minister of the Interior (still Arsen Avakov) negotiated with the Pentagon for military training to be given by U.S. Special Forces to the Azov Regiment as part of Operation Fearless Guardian. But immediately Representatives John Conyers, Jr. (Democrat, Michigan) and Ted Yoho (Republican, Florida) denounced this as folly. They argued that arming Islamists in Afghanistan had made possible the formation of al-Qaeda and the spread of terrorism. They convinced their colleagues that the United States could not train neo-Nazis without risking the consequences. The congressmen therefore forbade the Pentagon to pursue and arm the Azov Regiment with rocket launchers (MANPADs) during the vote on the defense budget [2]. However, the Pentagon returned to the charge and succeeded in having the amendment withdrawn. [3], prompting protests from the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

During this period, Senator John McCain (Republican, Arizona), a supporter of Russia's enemies, after having maintained links with the leaders of al-Qaeda and Daesh in Libya, Lebanon and Syria [4], visited a unit of the Azov Regiment, Dnipro-1. He warmly congratulated these brave Nazis who defy Russia as he had once congratulated these brave jihadists.

It was at this time that the Azov Regiment recruited from abroad. They came from all over the West, including Brazil, Croatia, Spain, the United States, France, Greece, Italy, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom and Russia. However, the Minsk Agreement, which is guaranteed by Germany and France, formally forbids the Kiev authorities to hire foreign mercenaries. The Azov Regiment also organized youth camps for 15,000 teenagers and associations for civilians, so that the whole Regiment comprised about 10,000 men and at least twice as many "sympathizers. Andriy Biletsky could declare that the Regiment's historic mission was to unite "the white races of the world in a last crusade for their survival...a crusade against the subhumans led by the Jews.

Two reports by Prince Zeid Raad al-Hussein, in his capacity as UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, mention the war crimes committed by the Azov Regiment [5].

In 2017, an official Nato delegation, including officers from the United States and Canada, met officially with the Azov Regiment.

A huge number of media outlets have devoted reports to Ukrainian neo-Nazi groups. All of them, without exception, were horrified by the ideology and violence of the Azov Regiment. As an example, the Huffington Post warned against the complacency of Ukrainian politicians in an article titled: "Note to Ukraine: Stop whitewashing the political record" [6].

In 2018, the FBI again came into conflict with the CIA. This time it was over US neo-Nazis who had trained with the Azov Regiment and returned to perpetrate violence on US soil. The enemy from within, the Rise Above Movement (RAM), was trained by the CIA in Ukraine [7].

After the Christchuch (New Zealand) attacks, which killed 51 people and injured 49 in October 2019, 39 members of the US House of Representatives wrote to the State Department to demand that the Azov Regiment be labeled a "foreign terrorist organization" (FTO) because the terrorist had frequented the Ukrainian organization.

In 2020, billionaire Erik Prince, the founder of the private army Blackwater, signed various contracts with Ukraine. One of these contracts gave him the authority to supervise the Azov Regiment. Prince hoped to eventually take control of the Ukrainian arms industry inherited from the Soviet Union [8].

On July 21, 2021, President Zelensky promulgated a law on "indigenous peoples". It recognizes the enjoyment of human and civil rights and fundamental freedoms only for Ukrainians of Scandinavian or Germanic origin, but not for those of Slavic origin. This is the first racial law passed in Europe in 77 years.

At the suggestion of Victoria Nuland, on November 2, 2021, President Volodymyr Zelensky appointed Dmitro Yarosh as an advisor to the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, General Valerii Zaluzhnyi, with the task of preparing the attack on the Donbass and Crimea. It is important to keep in mind that Yarosh is a Nazi, while Victoria Nuland and Volodymyr Zelensky are Ukrainian Jews (originally for Ms. Nuland who is now American).

In eight years, from regime change to the Russian military operation not included, neo-Nazis in Ukraine have killed at least 14,000 Ukrainians.


President Zelensky replied to his Russian counterpart who denounced a "bunch of neo-Nazis" in power in Kiev that it was impossible because he was Jewish. As this was not enough, on the sixth day of the conflict, he accused Russia of having bombed the Babi Yar memorial where 33,000 Jews were massacred by the Nazis. Not only was he not supporting the Nazis, but the Russians were erasing their crimes.

Without waiting, the Yad Vashem Memorial, the Israeli institution that preserves the memory of the Nazi "final solution of the Jewish question", issued an angry statement. It seemed outrageous to the Israelis that Russia would compare the Ukrainian far right with the Nazis of the Shoah and even more so that it would bomb a place of memory.

Then Israeli journalists went to the crime scene to find that it had never been bombed. The Ukrainian president had lied. Then the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Preskov, invited the Yad Vashem Memorial to send a delegation to Ukraine to see for themselves, under the protection of the Russian army, what President Putin was talking about.

A great silence followed. What if the Kremlin, like the Simon Wiesenthal Center, was telling the truth? What if the Straussian Jews in the United States, the Ukrainian Jewish leader Ihor Kolomoysky and his employee the Jewish president Volodymyr Zelensky were working with real Nazis?

Immediately, the Israeli Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, went to Moscow and received Chancellor Scholtz in Tel Aviv, then phoned the Ukrainian president, whose bad faith was evident to all. Presented as yet another attempt at peace, this trip was in fact intended only to find out whether or not the United States was relying on real Nazis. Confused by his findings, Bennett called President Putin, whom he had left the day before. He was also phoning various heads of Nato member states.

It would be desirable for Naftali Bennett to make public what he has verified, but it is unlikely. He would have to open a forgotten file, that of the relations between certain Zionists and the Nazis. Why, then, did David Ben Gurion insist that Ze'ev Jabotinsky, the founder of revisionist Zionism, was a fascist and possibly a Nazi? Who were the Jews who, before Adolf Hitler came to power, warmly welcomed an official delegation of the Nazi party, the NSDAP, to Palestine while it was practicing pogroms in Germany? Who negotiated the 1933 transfer agreement (the so-called "Haavara Agreement") and maintained an office in Berlin until 1939? How did half-Jew Vollrath von Maltzan become the purveyor of Zyklon B gas to the death camps? So many questions that historians usually leave unanswered. And today, is it true, as many witnesses claim, that Professor Leo Strauss taught his Jewish students that they had to build their own dictatorship, using the same methods as the Nazis, to protect themselves from a new Shoah?

Clearly, Naftali Bennett did not buy into the Ukraine/NATO narrative. He said that the Russian president was not theorizing a plot, was not irrational and did not suffer from mental illness. On the contrary, when asked about the support of the Jewish state, President Zelenski replied: "I have spoken to the Prime Minister of Israel. And I tell you frankly, and this may sound a bit insulting, but I think I have to say it: our relations are not bad, not bad at all. But relationships are tested at times like these, at the most difficult times, when help and support is needed. And I don't think he [Bennett] is wrapped up in our flag.

Israel should withdraw from the Ukrainian conflict. If it suddenly changes his mind about something else and gets into a fight with Washington, you'll know why.

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Thierry Meyssan


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