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Political Information Last Updated: Dec 5, 2018 - 3:36:01 AM

Indicator 6: "Syria’s Assad Has Gassed His Own People, Again" Bloomberg
By Penny
Dec 5, 2018 - 3:31:44 AM

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This latest news simply begged for it's own post. Keeping on with the theme of indicators that the US will escalate soon in Syria; After having documented 5 of them in the earlier post from today:

5 Indicators the US Will Escalate Soon in Syria. And Beyond.

We'll note this as indicator number 6 that the US will soon escalate in Syria. And also take notice that this latest claim is a replay of the same rhetoric from the invasion of Iraq.
Repetition is great for perception management, as George Bush Jr said... it "catapults the propaganda"

Assad Gassed His Own People, Again..

"A newly declassified U.S. assessment of the incident, scheduled to be released today, will say a so-called chlorine attack on Nov. 24 was essentially a false-flag operation.

The assessment, which reflects the view of U.S. intelligence agencies and was shared with me before its release, says it was not a chlorine gas attack at all, but rather tear gas. What's more, the U.S. now has "credible information that pro-regime forces" probably used it against Syrian civilians in northwestern Aleppo. It says they are "blaming the attack on opposition and extremist groups to undermine confidence in the ceasefire in Idlib."
One piece of evidence the assessment cites, ironically, is the consistent narrative about the attack from Russian and Syrian media outlets: Reports agreed that chlorine-filled rockets or mortars against Syrian military personnel were fired by rebels from Idlib. In the past, after admittedly more serious chemical weapons attacks, it took more time for a consistent media narrative to emerge.
The statement also says a "technical analysis of videos and images of munition remnants of Russian-media portrayed mortars indicate they are not suitable for delivering chlorine." Nor did witnesses describe the characteristic odor of chlorine bombs.
Finally, the Syrian regime has maintained control of the site of the alleged attack. The White House is worried that the regime could contaminate the site or fabricate samples to hand over to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.
The statement and its evidence are important not only because of what they say about Assad and his allies, but also because of what they mean for the fragile Syrian ceasefire. The Syrian regime used last month's false-flag attack as a pretext to resume bombing of rebel positions in Idlib. A senior White House official tells me there is a concern that the fabricated attack in Aleppo might end up unraveling the ceasefire even more and force Turkey to respond.

And the US does not want Turkey to respond. Since they will cooperate with Russia to clear the area of Usrael/France etc., backed terrorists

"Mouaz Moustafa, the executive director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force, says he is grateful the Trump administration is making its conclusion public. The Assad regime and its Russian and Iranian allies "concocted" this incident last month as a pretense for a military action in Idlib, he says. Moustafa warns that the new offensive "could double the refugees to Europe and kill countless civilians."
In Syria's civil war, there is only one side gassing civilians: the government. The new assessment makes that abundantly clear. The regime and the rebels are not equally guilty, and anyone who says so is only emboldening the side actually using chemical weapons"

Let's recall the use of tear gas takes place constantly in the US against civilians. And migrant caravans.

*France is using tear gas as well. Against civilian protestors. Including high school students
I guess France is gassing it's own people too?
Though no one is reporting that incident in the manner of civilians being gassed.

*In July, in the US, Police used tear gas and rubber bullets against protestors- the word "gassed' wasn't employed

None of these above stories includ the words "declassified assessment"Or "gassed"
Ah, perception management. It's always being employed. To advance agendas.
As stated when I posted another link to this same news in the comment section/previous post: "Seeds being sown"

PennyDecember 4, 2018 at 12:40 PMand more:
god, i've got to get away from this blog!!
these two comments will either be included in the above post or perhaps a new one- not sure?
no matter though- escalation/false flag is coming

US to discredit Assad and Russia over alleged chemical weapons attack

Perhaps Russia and company got ahead of an earlier plan to frame Damascus?

ISIS to Launch False Flag Chemical Attack on Kurds To Frame Damascus

Forcing the US to resort to such a sad presentation which will be undoubtedly sold.
And sadly believed.

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