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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018 - 6:46:38 AM

By Diabolical Avocado, Page Editor
Sep 30, 2012 - 12:36:36 AM

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Global Tin-Foil Hat Day *Wear it with Pride* Conspiracy "Theory" Awareness 1,191 like thisMay 21 at 7:12am ·


    A few days ago I was going through my news feed to see what stories were gaining currency with conspiracy "theorists"/truthers, and I happen to come upon an article by Susan Posel who writes/edits the "e-zine" Occupy Corporatism. Occupy Corporatism had come to my attention only a few weeks earlier when it and its sole contributor began appearing in my news feed, both as Occupy Corporatism and as Mrs. Posel as contributor to trusted sources of information like the Activist Post and The Intel Hub Pakalert Press, etc.. Because of its success from seemingly nowhere, I decided to “like” the Occupy Corporatism Facebook page, and I really like what I saw. I thought to myself, “Now here is a great source for content for the people on Global Tin-Foil Hat Day!” However, like all the other viral phenomena on social networking sites (e.g., the Arab Spring, Anonymous, Kony 2012, OWS…) the success made me somewhat skeptical (many of you will recall my skepticism at many of the aforementioned movements, screaming and shouting that I was wrong in observing that they were made-up contrivances, and that this was true revolution, etc., but when more information became available, my instincts were proven quite correct and the contrarian howls died down): Could this be another means of wagging the dog? Was this site playing into expectations among the paranoid or awake that “something” was going on and using magic media powers to induce specific results in its audience? I took a wait and see approach. I had never heard of Susanne Posel or Occupy Corporatism; so I lent them no credibility.

    Then one day an article titled "Disney, Biometrics and the Department of Defense" ( appeared. I first thought to myself, “what a great subject to write about!” It was a fine read, tying conspiracy theories about Disney, the Department of Defense (DoD) and biometrics all into one, but the article failed to cite any sources and its thesis had a very major flaw. The article alleges that "through the Freedom of Information Act, the Disney Corporation hands over to the DoD all data on their customers." Now while I have no doubt as to collusion between the U.S. government and Disney, I did have some serious doubts about a government agency like DoD gaining control over Disney’s biometric data via a FOIA request, rather than by contract. FOIA requests are requests for information to government entities or private entities performing governmental functions with public monies. So, while Disney could use FOIA to get non-classified data from DoD, Disney is under no obligation to pass on its private work product data to a nosey government for free. My first instinct was that perhaps this was a syntax error on the part of the writer, Susanne Posel , who had perhaps gotten the order of operations mixed up, and that she had meant that, via a FOIA request to DoD, it was revealed that they were getting information from Disney. So, I posted in Occupy Corporatism’s Facebook comments section last Friday for the article and outlined my objections to the plausibility as to the “How” of the article for the reasons I have just described, hoping it would be corrected to a journalistic level that I could post Global Tin-Foil Hat Day’s audience without getting flak for it. I waited for a reply.

    Yesterday, I checked to see if any reply was forthcoming, and not only was there no reply, but my comment had been deleted, my ability to comment was removed, and even my ability to like posts was suspended. My reaction was subdued at first, and then it turned to one of disappointment. I thought, “Occupy Corporatism cares naught for the truth, insults the intelligence of her readers, and marginalizes those who challenge the consistency of her work. Maybe she’s like most writers who hate criticism and editors (I know the feeling). Who is this Susanne Postel anyway? And how did she come from obscurity to inject her thoughts into publications (for which I have more than a modicum of respect) from seemingly nowhere?” I also saw on Occupy Corporatism’s page that Mrs. Posel posted a status update that read “Yesterday, Aaron Dykes from InfoWars emailed me and asked if I would be a regular contributor to the InfoWars website. I am beyond thrilled; nearly coming out of my skin. This is a wonderful opportunity and I am grateful to be added to their team. Although they have reposted several of my articles, this is my first official post as a contributor. “ Then I did some checking…

    The first thing I did was to Google her name subtracting the year 2012 to see if there was any track record or information on which to base any conclusions, and there was none. No Susanne Posel! Next, I went through Occupy Corporatism’s Facebook timeline where I discovered Occupy Corporatism joined Facebook on November 25, 2011. A fine sounding manifesto appeared on the following Christmas day. On December 29th, the first link to the site appeared. Scrolling up, I discovered more information on Mrs. Posel, including a cell phone number and a link her personal page. The strange thing was that Mrs. Posel’s page has no privacy settings. I was able to comb through the data quite easily.

    Mrs. Posel, according to her, married David Posel on February the 25th, 2011. David Posel (whose Facebook page is also unsecured) says he married Susanne on March 4th. Mrs. Posel has 104 friends on Facebook, David 59 (the funny thing about their friends list is that they and their “friends” have little in common geographically with each’s personal history). Mrs. Posel graduated from Coral Gables Senior High School in 1996, graduated from Broward Community College in 2005, and joined Facebook on December 3, 2010. The first week of December 2010, a daughter Emily was born. They live in Beaverton, Oregon, and they both have nice, professionally-done headshots.

    Until Occupy Corporatism was launched, Mrs. Posel’s OCCASIONAL posts were pretty “normal” and varied as one would expect from a real-live human being since she joined Facebook. To further enrich my profile of her, I went through her “likes”, and this is when it gets weirder! Originally, there was variety in likes, thought there was a tendency to global warming alarmism (from December 3, 2010 up until September 2011), many were apolitical and humorous. There was a like here, and a like there, i.e., one on October 26th, 3:20pm; another on October 25th, 7:53am; October 22nd, 12:10pm… Then a silence until on November 2nd, 10:14am when she liked Ron Paul and 8 other pages in the anti-tax genre; even stranger, the 9 likes were accomplished in less than 2 minutes (ending at 10:16am). On November 3rd, there were 24 likes in 5 minutes (6:02 - 6:07am), almost all of them Occupy movements, from Melbourne, Australia to Las Vegas, Nevada. On November 4th, 20 more Occupys in exactly 2 hours (9:44am - 11:44am). On November 5th, there were 109 page likes, mostly Occupy, in just under 12 hours ( 9:23am - 8:54pm). On November 6th from 4:43am - 5:58pm there were about 101 more likes; the Occupy pattern completed and the pattern turned to the food freedom genre. November 7th: 23 likes of misc. Occupy and media + 5 in a row of pages in support of localized business. November 8th from 6:46am - 4:26pm: more buy local stuff, more Occupy, and lots of mainstream “alternative” media, including Huffington Post pages liked at 7:28-7:32 (HuffPo Media, HuffPo Denver, Entertainment, Business, Impact, New York, LA, Politics, Women) . On November 9th there were 64 likes between 6:46am and 8am—all Occupy (Occupy Philippines anyone?)—and 2 likes just before 8pm. The pattern goes quiet with 2 likes November 10th and doesn’t resume until the 14th. After the 14th, there is a like here or there, mostly Occupy This or Occupy That at a rate of about one per day. Then on November 25th, 7:59pm, Occupy Corporatism is liked/born. The immediately following likes are a slow trickle of Occupys until December 3rd, 12:32pm when 11 Occupys are simultaneously liked, for a rate of 1 like per 5.45 seconds.

    Now if you’ve made it through my recital of Mrs. Posel’s liking habits, perhaps you’ll concede that a pattern exists. The like pattern suggests a mechanical and thematic methodology: sets of all Occupy, food freedom, anti-tax protestors, etc.; coupled with a daily like timeline that reads like a clock, 10:00, 10:01, 10:02…. Now, I personally rely on about 25 Facebook pages for timely information and another 50 for the occasional post. From these I can gauge what the collective mind of the “activist” set is thinking/being fed, what is going viral, and which ideas have currency in REAL TIME. A Facebook feed is a real treasure trove of information! I can even tell which media personalities have the same e-publicist as InfoWars. And if you’ve been a faithful follower of Global Tin-Foil Hat Day, you know that the defense establishment and intelligence communities are heavy into “persona management software”, using signals intelligence to predict or manipulate herd movements among the masses, foment “revolution”, etc.; so, it should come as no surprise to you that after analysis of Mrs. Posel’s page I’m quite convinced that there is an organized effort behind it much larger than husband David (listed as Marketing Manager/Contributing Writer) and her. How else can one explain how in 6 short months Occupy Corporatism has made such waves?

    David Posel presents himself as head of marketing firm Green Buddha Group and head of CEO Association of North America, but unless he is the greatest electronic marketing genius of all time, Occupy Corporatism is a sham! Now I’m not saying that it is impossible that in 6 months’ time to take over a good portion of the eyeballs in the conspiracy “theory” genre from obscurity (I could do it with my expertise in advertising and marketing, among other skills), I’m saying that it’s inconceivable that two newlywed people with a baby do all this, like 1,000 pages on Facebook, read all the information, produce a website, churn out an original article or two per day on subjects that require a great deal of study (for which they have no track record) and a sophisticated understanding of audience, and partner with alternative media publishers. The lack of any privacy settings on their personal pages, the lack of interaction with “friends”, etc., all suggest that they are deliberately viewable so as to appear to be real people with a history, though their individual narratives don’t always match (they can’t even agree on the date of their marriage). I formally suggest that OCCUPY CORPORATISM is a BLACK OP and DISINFORMATION AGENT!

    And to all you government-types trying to get your system of social media infiltration down pat: you’re welcome! Get your stories straight, get a better cover story, don’t mechanically and systematically “like” pages, and--for God’s sake--don’t rush in so that you’re noticed!

    --Diabolical Avocado, Page Editor


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