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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

I spent 4 years at an Ivy-league medical school. The truth about healthcare is SO, SO, SO much worse than you are imagining. ⚠️ Vax-TYRANNY ☠️
By hope111111 with comment by Ron
Jan 21, 2022 - 3:22:35 AM

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I spent 4 years at an Ivy-league medical school. The truth about healthcare is SO, SO, SO much worse than you are imagining. ⚠️ Vax-TYRANNY ☠️

I'm 28 years old. I spent the past 4 years at an Ivy-league medical school. I couldn't have been more excited to be a doctor when I first arrived on campus. Then, slowly, the truth became more and more apparent to me. I refused to swallow the dogma just because that was what was being taught in class, and always went to the primary research to see if what they were selling was truly accurate. And what I found was worse than I could ever have imagined. It would take multiple textbooks to fully articulate my feelings about the profession, but I'll try to summarize as best as I can below the horrors of healthcare in the US.

The healthcare industry in the US is explicitly designed to suck as much money as possible out of people suffering from disease. It is the #1 cause of bankruptcy in the US. Insurance companies and pharma are protected by law in charging truly obscene prices for drugs that have been around for decades. If the patent runs out, they add a single change to the drug and re-patent it. This can be as fucking stupid as combining two drugs or changing the carrier the drug is delivered in. Drugs that should be priced in the $5-$20 range are routinely gouging innocent Americans for thousands of dollars. Many of the drugs are completely ineffective or even harmful and yet are routinely prescribed because they are "approved" and are literally bankrupting our nation and individual citizens.

The "healthcare" industry is perfectly designed to keep you a customer for life. At one of the "best" medical schools in the country, we not only received next to no education about nutrition or lifestyle in our entire curriculum. I'm here to tell you to your face that the biggest killers (biggest $$) in the US are 90% due to nutrition and ARE 100% REVERSIBLE. Obesity, Type II diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, and high cholesterol (don't even get me started. Statins are a COMPLETE scam and are the most profitable drugs in medicine) are DUE TO WHAT YOU EAT . The diabetes and heart associations promote diets that will ensure you have your condition forever. The "heart-healthy" oils promoted by the AHA in the supermarket are the highly inflammatory oils that cause heart disease. Same goes with the ADA and sugar recommendations. Many cancers should also be included in the preventable and reversible category, but say that as a doctor and you'll be ostracized. I'll give you a ~very~ quick lesson that should make your jaw drop. Your body develops microcancers (genetically defective cells) ALL THE TIME. Your innate immune system recognizes these defective cells and deals with them on a daily basis. What does "Modern" medicine do when they find a cancer? THEY WIPE OUT YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM WITH CHEMO. No matter what they say, I promise you there are other ways to treat cancer besides chemo, surgery, and radiation, but this is all the profession has to offer because they can't charge for natural immune boosts and dietary changes. It is disgusting beyond comprehension. (I will caveat here that there are a few subtypes of cancer that do respond well to chemo. the vast majority do not, and the side effects are brutal).

Without going to deep into the history of the profession, I'll just say that the main reason doctors don't wake up to the two above facts is because they are put into immense debt, and forced under pressure and shaming to learn MOUNTAINS of biochemical pathways, mechanisms, drug interactions etc that put them in a panic/fear state and as such they keep their heads down and simply regurgitate what they are taught. They also are routinely forced to work 80-100 hours a week for years on end during residency and literally go into survival mode where you just do what you're told so you won't ruffle any feathers after giving up 8+ years of your life to become a doctor. If you want to do a deeper dive, you can look into the Rockefeller takeover of allopathic medicine via the Flexner report and other mechanisms.

This wouldn't be a proper post without the most relevant topic of all today - VACCINES. Again, a full exploration would be an entire book, but I cannot stress to you how unbelievably disgusting the data is when you actually look at it. Vaccines are almost never tested against placebo, they always are compared to other vaccines so no harmful effects will be found. THIS IS NOT SCIENCE. The FDA and CDC have been fully compromised for decades. Pharma is the biggest lobby in the US. How difficult do you think it is to buy the few dozen voters at these agencies? It was done a long time ago. I'll say it right to your face. Many of the childhood vaccines are 100% 100% 100% 100% causing neurodevelopmental disorders including autism, severe autoimmune disorders and allergies that will make these children dependent on the healthcare industry for their entire lives. The rates are SKYROCKETING, the link is obvious and admitted by top officials, and it is literally one of the biggest threats to humankind's future. 1 in 33 children is being diagnosed with SEVERE developmental disorders, up from 1 in 10,000 in the 70s. The mechanistic link to vaccines is clear. THEY LITERALLY TEACH US IN MEDICAL SCHOOL THAT IT IS NORMAL FOR INFANTS TO HAVE FEBRILE SEIZURES. I'M NOT KIDDING. Listen to the parents who describe their perfectly normal kids who had febrile seizures post-vaccination and became severely delayed many times to the point of inability to speak, read, or write. You need to do your own research. You can listen to documentaries including vaxxed and others where top CDC officials admit straight up that they covered up direct evidence of harm because they were told to. Further, if you actually look at the history of many of the diseases which they are now vaccinating kids for, the incidence rates in the US had already fallen by 90-99% due to water chlorination and other sanitation improvements well before the vaccines were introduced. Some particularly disgusting examples are the Hep B vaccine (given to all newborns ON THE DAY THEY ARE BORN) despite evidence of brain inflammation, and the fact that hep B is a bloodborne illness that can't even be caught by babies (unless their mother is positive which is rare) and their antibodies wane before the age at which they would ever be at risk anyways due to needles or sexual intercourse. It's SICK. HPV vaccine data is also so hilariously bad it really makes me question on a daily basis how this world we live in is possibly real. RFK Jr did an amazing expose on this vaccine in particular years ago if you are interested. Of course the brainwashing is so complete in medical school that you will be INSTANTLY ostracized if you speak out.

I honestly could keep going. The journals are compromised by pharma (editors of top journals quitting and saying straight up their journals have been compromised. Female editor of the NEJM wrote a particularly good piece about this), the ways in which studies are designed and performed are explicitly to make them look better than they are and to cover up adverse events. Choosing poor placebos, limiting follow-up time, testing healthy populations so the results will look better than reality, among 100 other ways they manipulate the trials.

Food, water, soil, and air (all 4) in this country contains poisons from Industry and the government does nothing about it. If you want me to go deeper into this topic in particular, DM me.

When you have done the literally thousands of hours of research into the reality of healthcare as I have done, some of what is going on currently makes more sense, although it is enough to make anyone on earth cry. Pharma control was so entrenched, doctors so brainwashed, and the population so dumbed down that it literally might have taken something as disgusting as the covid vaccine (worse than normal vaccines which are already bad by at least 2 to 3 orders of magnitude) to wake the population up. It breaks my heart. but maybe, just maybe, it will bring down the empire of lies.

If any of you have any questions about anything I wrote or want more direction, I'm always open to talk.

[Ron: The author and the thread that follows present a damning summation of the current medical situation. It is succinct and clearly researched from experience. The global allopathic medical industry must be eliminated and replaced with genuine natural medicie and healthcare approaches].

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-JC77 2 days ago +200 / -1
Killer post.

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- MAG768720 1 day ago +59 / -1
[Hijacking ...]

Outstanding post, OP!

I would like to add some to this, for those around here just learning of some of these things.

Nutrition - Not 1 doctor in 1,000 knows anything about nutrition. Most of what they think they know is WRONG. Since nutrition is the #1 factor in overall health, this tells you everything you need to know about the medical industry. Not only do they not know ANYTHING, but they actually think it is not important to know anything.

Statins - Drugs to lower cholesterol are 100% scams. Studies show that higher cholesterol are associated with healthier people. The ever-lower "recommendations" that doctors push (so that more and more statins can be sold) are determined by a single board of "experts" who are ALL PAID by the statin drug makers. Lipator is the most profitable drug in history. It was originally made by Pfizer, and Pfizer LIED about the cholesterol-lowering effectiveness. They pulled the exact same scam as they have done with their Covid "vaxx." They use relative risk vs. absolute risk, and thereby make false claims that the studies did NOT produce. With Covid, they went even further and did a completely bogus study, and then lied about every aspect of it. With Lipator, their lies made them extreme profits -- for a drug that is not only not necessary, but actually harmful. A former Pfizer exec wrote a book about how harmful that drug is.

Cancer - It turns out that Otto Warburg was mostly right, more than 100 years ago. MOST cancers survive on glucose. Take away the glucose (by not eating carbs), and most cancers will die off. However, Warburg did not know that there are some cancers (blood cancers and those that "take a ride" on white blood cells and circulate through the body, which is falsely referred to as metastasizing), which survive on glutamine. Thomas Seyfried and his associates around the world have proven numerous times now that ALL cancers can be killed off by either eliminating glucose or glutamine from the diet. Glucose is easy. Just don't eat carbs. Glutamine is tough, because most foods have it. His solution is drugs that are glutamine blockers. He has had success with those. I speculate that multi-day fasting should also work. He has discovered that cancer occurs when the mitochondria of cells becomes dysfunctional for some reason. Now that he has figured out how to cure cancer, the next step is to figure out why the mitochondria becomes dysfunctional. Most likely (IMO), that comes back to a combination of poor nutrition and outside influences (EMF's, etc.).

Vaccines - NO vaccine has EVER been prove safe OR effective. NONE. All such claims are lies, either by misreporting the data, or simply by making the claim and expecting people to believe it.

Another issue that MUST be addressed, as well, is that the METHOD used to corrupt medicine is the SAME method used to corrupt other important areas of our society -- namely, the courts and the police.

Medicine has become corrupt because of CENTRALIZATION. There is a small group of people who decide which medical schools are "authorized," what they teach and cannot teach, how doctors are "licensed," and how hospitals and clinics are allowed to prescribe treatments.

Doctors claim to follow "evidence-based medicine." In reality, there is very little to NO evidence to back up what they do and what they claim causes illness. In reality, they are TOLD to believe certain things, and then they just do what they are told and they do NOT research for themselves. People like OP are the rare exception, not the rule.

The SAME is true in law and law enforcement. The law schools have been taken over, and REAL LAW -- American common law -- has been pushed aside in favor of "muh feels" by judges. The stupidity of SCOTUS Justice Sotomayor is the poster child of this corrupt system. She thinks that her false beliefs should somehow have a role in judicial decisions. She is a nutcase, making case law on her massive ignorance.

This is a HUGE problem. When Obama's birth certificate was shown to be fraudulent, NO JUDGE would actually do his duty and take up cases on the issue. In fact, some of them dismissed cases ONLY because other judges had also dismissed. These people are not judges, they are COWARDS.

The same thing happened with the election fraud cases. ALL judges (except for one in Michagan) were cowards. They REFUSED to do their duty.

The same problem exists in law enforcement. The police academies do not teach law enforcement. They brainwash the recruits into believing that they are going to war on the streets of America and there is a cop killer behind every bush.

It is a LIE. There are about 50 cops killed each year in the line of duty in a "felonious assault," meaning they are shot, stabbed, or otherwise murdered. And we don't really know how many of those were true "cop killers" vs. some cop who was causing trouble and someone got pissed off and acted out.

This centralization of power is THE MAIN PROBLEM in our society today. This is why the Founding Fathers created a DECENTRALIZED system of government.

Our corrupt courts refuse to acknowledge that 99% of what the federal government does today is NOT constitutional.

This is one of the main things we need to focus on, and the corruption of the medical industry is a good way to understand how this centralization occurs, and how it causes corruption.

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