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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Hundreds of thousands march in Puerto Rico against gay rights
By Pilar Olivares
Feb 22, 2013 - 3:12:45 AM

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Hundreds of thousands march in Puerto Rico against gay rights

February 20, 2013 15:39

More than 200,000 religious Christians marched against gay rights in Puerto Rico on Monday in the largest such demonstration in the history of the US commonwealth.


Photo from user ‏@YoDash
Photo from user ‏@YoDash


Gathering in front of San Juan’s Capitol building, hundreds of thousands of Christian Puerto Ricans stopped traffic while defending “traditional marriage” and protesting against the idea of granting gay couples legal rights.


“Traffic was snarled for miles leading toward the San Juan islet as buses packed with marchers headed toward the north side of the Capitol,” described the Puerto Rican-based Caribbean Business. The mass demonstration, which took just three weeks to organize, drew in protesters from all types of Christian denominations who oppose same-sex marriage. And while some simply rallied against the idea of same-sex marriage, many were opposed to granting any rights to gay couples – including protections against violence. [Ron: The fact that so-called Christians were opposed to granting protection against violence to sams sex couples indicates that such opponents are Christians in name but not in spirit and ideology. IMHO it also evidences the involvement of Talmudists among the organisers of the march because Talmudists invariably create and "lead" all sides in such societal conflicts, in furtherance of the aims set out in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.].


Some lawmakers are seeking to pass an amendment to the Domestic Violence Act 54 to make the conditions of the legislation apply to all couples, gay or straight. [Ron: Violence against anyone (other than in self defence or defence of another being, is unlawful ie contrary to divine (cosmic) law.  Legislation by fictional corporate governments controlled by banksters is not necessary to make such actions unlawful. Humanity has to learn that; and until it does, those who control corporate governments can continue to manipulate nations and societies as is exampled in this instance. People who live together should not need to get married in the eyes of the corporate state in order to obtain taxation and other advantages from the state. Why? Because corporate governments have NO right to tax sovereign individual humans, apportion human rights or to determine how anyone should live, provided that the individuals concerned cause no harm to others.].


“It is a measure of justice and a desire that all citizens have equal access to protection from assault, intimidation, or potential domestic violence in their relationships,” Puerto Rican Sen. Luis Vega Ramos told reporters last Thursday.


But in Puerto Rico, massive opposition to the move could prevent gay couples from receiving any sort of protections. The wave of protesters, blaring gospel music and brandishing large posters, alleged that the proposed legislation would discriminate against the church. [Ron: such controversies bear all the hallmarks of Talmudic "divide and conquer" meddling in the affairs of goyim - in this instance so-called Christians.].


“We are concerned that laws will be created to discriminate against the church… We are concerned that public education will be used to change our children, presenting them with behaviors their parents don’t think are correct,” said Pastor Cesar Vazquez Muñiz, a spokesman of Puerto Rico for the Family, in an interview with El Vocero. “This demonstration tells the government that there are things that they cannot touch and those are marriage and family.” [Ron: If one scrutinises this situation closely no doubt one will find that it has been instigated by Talmudists (be they banksters, politicians or whoever) who have an agenda that seeks to create conflict and social disunity for covert purposes.].


Rep. Ramón Luis Nieves has also introduced legislation that would ban employment and housing discrimination based on someone’s sexual preference. But protesters are even opposed to that initiative, claiming that there are more important issues that politicians should be working on instead. [Ron: See above comments.].


“We chose [these politicians] to do other things – to improve the economy, to reduce crime, to help health and education – but not to change something as fundamental as marriage, [which] is between a man and a woman, and the family that is born of that relationship,” said Pastor Cesar Vazquez in a speech in front of the masses. “Politicians count the numbers, and the numbers are here.” [Ron: Pastor Cesar Vazquez is a bit naive, the politicians are TOLD what to do by hidden plutocratic controllers, NOT by voters.].


Monday’s protest was the largest anti-gay gathering in the history of the US commonwealth. The rally offended members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, some of whom held a small counter protest that went largely unnoticed.[Ron: This is of course part of what the hidden Talmudic controllers seek to achieve. NOTHING is ever what it seems.].


Puerto Rican human rights activist Pedro Julio Serrano called the rally “full of hate and intolerance”, while Pastor Yenen Silén told Univision Puerto Rico that he has always had a problem with the church’s stance. [Ron: Of course. This is all part of the same old formula: PROBLEM; REACTION; SOLUTION.  Matthew Ward probably articulates best the meme the Talmudists wish to implant. In his message of February 18,  2013 Matthew says:

'Eventually everyone will know that homosexuality is an advanced stage of spiritual growth wherein feminine and masculine energies are more balanced than in heterosexual persons.'

Among other things, the implication of that statement seems to be that the US education system and US society at large, is growing mightily in balance and advanced spiritual growth.]


“One of the struggles I’ve had with the church is its sexist and homophobic message, and obviously when I see that they are using the resources they have to promote discrimination I cannot stay quiet because that is not the message of God,” the pastor said.


Some [Ron: The implication being that MOST are of a contrary view?] Puerto Rican legislators have expressed their opposition to same-sex marriage, while still advocating for protections for gay couples. The country remains largely divided over an issue that is controversial, especially among the religious.

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].

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