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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

How stupid do the Jews think we are....?
By Ron chapman
Dec 11, 2012 - 4:05:44 PM

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How stupid do the Jews think we are?

Ron Chapman

Appended to The Kissinger article entitled: ‘“military men are dumb stupid animals to be used for foreign policy” | THE JEENYUS CORNER’ at;read=260701 is a load of steaming horsechit entitled:

“The Rothschilds were (are) Jesuits who used their Jewish background as a façade to cover their sinister activities.’

SPARE ME! How stupid do these Jew shills think we are?

Please note that in this discussion my references to “Jews” is for the sake of convenience and because that is the name that Talmudists have “self chosen” for themselves. Of course, in the heart of darkness at the core of the Talmudic Jewish phenomena are beings who are intrinsically anti-God and anti-human whose true origins are shrouded in the mists of time.

Esu Immaneul (Jesus the Christ) came to teach us the Way the Truth and the Life. He did NOT come to establish a church, ie another mind controlling religious organization. Christianity is a mind control mechanism that has been shaped by emperors and Talmudists since the Pharisee Saul of Tarsus (Saint. Paul) established the ground work for it. In his confused state Paul, who never knew Esu, distorted Esu’s teaching in subtle ways and the Talmudists have continued to do that ever since just as they subsequently did to Islam and other religions.

An obvious example of this distortion is the fact that the Christian Bible saddles Esu’s New Testament message of unconditional love of neighbour AS self for the love of God, with the exceptionalist, separatist and genocideal hatred of all non-Talmudists exhibited by Levites, Pharisees and Jews generally down the ages. That hatred of ALL non-Talmudists actually includes ALL Christians as well as over six billion other people in today’s world. What could be more absurd than for the “Christian” Bible to include the Torah – a litany of genocidal hatred for all non-Talmudists?! BUT that is what has been done.

Presumably that has a lot to do with the fact that the Israelites constituted the brutal regime of the Hyksos (shepherd Kings) of Egypt that enslaved the indigenous Egyptian population rather than the other way around. The Levites lied about that by reversing the roles of slaves and slave masters in their Torah stories just as Talmudists have done in relation to their reporting of their anti-God and anti-human activities ever since. The HoloHoax being the premier example in our age.

But I digress.

Elite Roman families and prominent individuals like Vespasian, Titus, Claudius, Poppaea Constantine, Theodosius, and Justinian, appear to have been seduced by the power and wealth of the Talmudists. For example, several members of the Flavian dynasty of Rome rose to power because of their allegiance with descendants of Pharaoh Akhenaton (the Atonist) who is believed to have been the individual portrayed as Moses in the Torah. The actions of these Romans are said to have been directed and funded by "Atonists" ie those referred to as Talmudists today. Rome’s decline and fall is attributed to those Talmudists whose descendants have self chosen the name “Jew”.

In 325 AD Emperor Constantine reshaped “Christianity” into an instrument of state control. Using the Council of Nicaea Constantine radically changed the Bible, deleting many books and teachings.

In 545 A.D. Emperor Justinian pressured the Christian Church to eliminate all reference to and belief in reincarnation. He forced the ruling cardinals to draft a papal decree stating that anyone who believes that souls come from God and return to God will be punished by death. The actual decree stated:

'If anyone asserts the fabulous preexistence of souls, and shall assert the monstrous restoration which follows from it: let him be anathema. (The Anathemas against Origen), attached to the decrees of the Fifth Ecumenical Council, A.D. 545, in Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers,' 2d ser., 14: 318). See : Christian Reincarnation The Long Forgotten Doctrine -

That decree eliminated belief in REINCARNATION and thus fundamentally altered the teachings of Esu. It established the basis upon which the Christian religion thereafter could create a constant state of FEAR in everyone in Christendom.

Frank O’Collins says that Rome became a ghost town in the 5th Century and it wasn’t until 751 A D that the Carologians under Pippin established the Catholic Church in the Vatican. He also plausibly states that in the 11th century, Venetian banksters took over the Vatican. All in all, both the Eastern Orthodox and Catholic Churches were created, compromised and/or controlled by powerful secular forces almost from their inception.

The issue then, is HOW can the Catholic Church and the Vatican be said to have ever been truly independent of Talmudists or anyone else, rather than in effect: “Did Catholics or Jesuits secretly control and USE Jewry?”

For instance Henry Makow, a Jew, spills the beans saying that:

‘After Christians took back Spain from the Moors in the 14th Century, they wanted "to root out all non-Catholic elements in the country and unite it under Catholic rule." (Prinz, The Secret Jews,

Jews had lived in Spain since the 4th Century BC and had prospered under the Moors. The Church demanded that the more than 400,000 Jews convert or leave. Because thousands had been massacred in anti-Jews riots of 1391, more than 250,000 Jews agreed to convert and became known as "conversos" or "marranos."

However, the Church soon realized it had made a fatal blunder. As you would expect, the majority of these converts were not sincere. But now that they could pass as Christians, they were exempt from the taxes and restrictions that governed Jews. They were more influential and powerful than ever.

They intermarried with the nobility and rose to the highest ranks in government and the Church. The founder of the Jesuits, Ignatius of Loyala , was a converso, and so was his successor Diego Lainex. Most conversos practiced Judaism in secret and were considered "Judaizers.

The "Jews had invaded Spain from within...Judaism was not only incurable; it seemed to be invincible....rather than solving the "Jewish question" the mass conversions had created a new problem: a powerful middle class made up of secret Jews." (42)

The Marranos are the original model for the Freemasons and Communists. They pretended to belong to the target group. But, like Masons, they had hand signs to recognize each other and they met in secret at night to rehearse their subversive dogma. "

THAT is a fair statement of the true situation and it evidences that the Jesuits, far from being Jews (let alone Rothschilds) “using their Jewish background as a façade to cover their sinister activities” , they were in fact established by, infiltrated, subverted and used by Jews to gain control of the Vatican and thereby take over the Catholic Church.

Henry Makow goes on to say:

The same process was repeated in Portugal. While many Iberian Marranos eventually gave up their religion, many more left and flooded Europe and the New World (America) with Jews who were able to pass as Christians, i.e. "crypto Jews." [Ron: For instance Christopher Columbus was a converso and he had five Marranos with him on his voyage to America.].

According to Prinz, they prospered wherever they went. Their wealth was "staggering...In Bordeaux, Avignon, Nantes and Marseilles, it became a compliment to characterize a Christian businessman as being "riche comme une juif."

In England, there were only 100 Marrano families in the early 17th century but "they were among the most successful merchants in London." In Germany, 40 Marrano families participated in the founding of the Bank of Hamburg in 1619. The fortune of the Marranos of Altona near Hamburg, was estimated at almost six million marks and some of the finest homes in nearby Amsterdam belonged to newly arrived Marranos." (127)

Everyone knew they were Christians of convenience. "The fiction of their Christian allegiance was a business arrangement...[their] banking house..was a Christian institution with which emperors, dukes, bishops, and heads of government could safely do business." (130)

Inevitably, these Marrano bankers and merchants acted in concert. Prinz tells the story of the Marrano banker (House of Mendes) Joseph Nasi (1524-1579) who controlled the Ottoman Empire as Adviser to Sultan Suleiman and later his son Salim. He tried to create a Jewish homeland at Tiberias but no Jews wanted to settle there. Later, he devised the "Marrano Strategy." He would boycott or ruin anyone who persecuted Marranos. (141)


The real history of the world is the story of how certain rich Jews and their non-Jewish allies have conspired to establish the world government dictatorship now emerging.

The outline of this history is becoming visible. Jews or Marranos have always dominated commerce. Their natural allies were the local aristocrats, who provided protection. Intermarriages took place. The royal families of Europe are probably part Jewish.

Now we are seeing a resurgence of a feudal order, where the masses serve this small, inbred, super rich, network of perverts and satanists. Education and media will teach the serfs to embrace the wishes of this clique. Taser wielding cops and soldiers will prod the laggards.

Welcome to the New World Order. It entails some risk for Jews who aren't part of this tiny clique. But Jews never were very good at "predicting their own catastrophes."

Found at:

Arguably the Rothschilds and their cabal have assumed control of Jewry since its Central global controlling authority situated in Poland ceased to exist around 1772. Around that time the Rothschilds funded Adam Weishaupt to establish the Illuminati and to organise the French Revolution. Those activities were certainly sinister but they were NOT done by covert Rothschilds' Jesuits. Similarly, the American Revolution, the American Civil War, WWI and WWII, the Great Depression, the creation of atomic bombs by Einstein, Oppenheimer and other Jews, and their use on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, were NOT covert Jesuit activities. Nor have the Jesuits secretly organised the Rothschilds et al to create the current global financial and economic crises. Those who assert such things really need to support their verbiage with some evidence.

In all the circumstances, the suggestion that the Rothschilds are secret Jesuits is beyond ludicrous.

The Rothschilds are said to have controlled Vatican finances since the 1820s. Ordinarily, whoever controls the money calls the tune.

The suggestion that Rothschilds’ use their Jewish background to conceal Jesuit activities is presumably meant to imply that Judaism has positive connotations. That is not the case. For instance Deuteronomy – “the Second Law” – was founded upon religious intolerance, Murder and genocide in the name of religion is its distinctive tenet. Racial intolerance followed later in another “New Law”. These “laws” contradict and negative the moral (“Ten’) Commandments leaving intact only the injunctions relating to the exclusive worship (under the close supervision of the Levite priests) of the jealous and psychopathic Jehovah. All the moral commandments governing relations between people are buried beneath a great mound of "statutes and judgments" (regulations issued by rabbis under an overriding “Law” which effectively cancels them save in respect of fellow Judaists. Sooo, the moral commandments against murder, stealing, adultery, coveting, bad neighbourliness, and the like are vitiated by a mass of "statutes" expressly demanding the massacre and utter destruction of other peoples, the murder of apostates individually or in communities, the taking of concubines from among women captives, "utter destruction" of conquered peoples, leaving "nothing alive", the exclusion of "the stranger" from debt-remission and so on.

Deuteronomy sets up the moral commandments [See 5,1:22] as a strawman, a misleading moral mirage that has totally bedazzled Christians who, as a result, were subliminally saddled with the overriding and totally amoral Old Testament Levitical “laws and statutes” along with the New Testament, the valid portions of which enjoin us to love neighbour as self for the love of God. In effect Deuteronomy totally nullified the moral commandments with a vicious amoral political ideology posing as a religion. That ideology centres upon the grandiose political idea of a people especially sent into the world to destroy and "possess" all other peoples and to rule the whole world. For instance the Commandments against killing, stealing, coveting etc are followed immediately by the promise that those whose hearts are ‘set on the fear of me and the keeping of my commandments’ will be given ‘great and prosperous cities not of your building, houses full of good things not furnished by you, wells you did not dig, vineyards and olives you did not plant’ (Deuteronomy 5,29; & 6,10:11).

Of course, in order to “possess” all these freebies the good Judaist has to kill and dispossess those who built those items with personal ingenuity and the sweat of their brows, and so Deuteronomy and later, the rest of the Pentateuch, is full of injunctions to do just that. Judaic ‘history’ is replete with the idea of massacre and destruction which is the essential ingredient in Deuteronomy. In the absence of the Judaic god’s demands for bloodshed and destruction, Deuteronomy, the so-called Mosaic Law, is an empty shell.

Sooo, why would Jesuits want to HIDE behind Jews supposedly to conceal their "sinister" Jesuit activities which must pale in comparison?

Those who want to know HOW the Rothschilds and their Bolshevik and other Jewish agents currently control the Vatican should read some of the literature about it. A good start is:

The “Jews” Behind the Second Vatican Council. see:

Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letters No. 39, 41 & 42: And:


And; The Jewish Siege Of Europe. See:


Blessings to all.

May Peace be with you.



First posted at:;read=260834


All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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