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Political Information Last Updated: Feb 7, 2018 - 11:31:39 PM

How They Do It– ‘Why Poland’s New Holocaust law should terrify everyone’
By -
Feb 7, 2018 - 10:49:26 PM

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How They Do It– ‘Why Poland’s New Holocaust law should terrify everyone’

4 Votes

ed note--again, please try not to choke to death on the suffocating hypocrisy here.

There are laws on the books in dozens of European countries making it a crime punishable by 5+ years in prison to exercise one's free speech in doubting the Hollerco$t, and at this very moment there are people rotting away in prison for doing exactly that, and yet, this fact does not cause our esteemed (presumably) Hebraic author the least bit of intellectual or philosophical indigestion.

Again, please note how comfortable Jews (or those who act as their enablers, defenders, and protectors) jump from one extreme to another in their climb to the top of the power pyramid. On one hand they screech that the collapse of liberal enlightened society is at hand with the passage of laws criminalizing free speech (of course when such 'free speech' works in their interests) and yet they are the ones writing those very same laws when the criminalizing of free speech works in their favor.

The point is, unlike other peoples who submit themselves to a fixed set of 'thou shalts' and 'thou shalt nots' in guiding their mindset and behavior, the Jews on the other hand have no such constraints. Power is the ultimate goal, and if every single absolute in nature has to be violated in the attainment of power, so be it. While other peoples utilize a spiritual/moral compass that will in all situations designate and differentiate between north/south, right/wrong, Judaism and its acolytes however use a compass whose magnetic north is power, enrichment, and the absolute tyranny over others, a fact first proven by the various characters featured in the tall tales making up the Torah, from Abraham to Sarah to Isaac, Jacob, Lott, Moses, etc, who all engaged in what was empirically and infamously evil behavior in order to attain some earthly empowerment.

When politicians manipulate history for political purposes, we should worry. When they write laws, ordering prison terms for those who counter their version of history, we should challenge them.

Polish President Andrzej Duda just announced he will sign a controversial bill making it illegal to accuse Poland of complicity in the Holocaust. The developments in Poland come at the intersection of two troubling trends taking place in many countries — the upsurge in Holocaust denialism and the political manipulation of the truth for political purposes.

Poland’s bill rises from a legitimate concern. After behaving in largely heroic ways during World War II, Poles are tired of hearing others blame them for the horrors of the Holocaust, some of whose worst chapters took place on their soil. The law aims to defend the “good name of Poland,” but instead it criminalizes talk about historical truths.

The Nazis built Auschwitz-Birkenau, Treblinka and other death camps there, murdering 3 million Polish Jews. The Poles, whose country suffered horrifically under Nazi occupation, have bristled when hearing people refer to “Polish death camps.” Soon using words such as these could land you in jail for three years.

The law will inevitably turn the world’s attentions to the fact that even though Poland resisted and fought the Nazis and many Poles risked their lives to help Jews, there were, indeed, Poles who actively helped the Nazis. That is a historical fact, recounted by people who survived the massacres.

Instead of drawing attention to the heroism of the Polish nation, the law will highlight the misdeeds of these individuals. So why would the government make such a foolish, counterproductive move? Because it’s good politics at home.

Poland’s ruling Law and Justice Party, a right-wing nationalist party that has steadily eroded democracy in Poland and is turning it into a magnet for xenophobes, has found an issue that resonates across the nation, and is exploiting it to inflame “patriotic” feeling. The more the world complains, the more Poland’s ruling party can boast of defending the nation against the world.

The United States has warned Poland of “repercussions” — or costs to its international relationships — if it does not reconsider the legislation, and its alliance with Israel — until now a close friend of Poland’s — is in crisis.

Israel’s centrist opposition leader, Yair Lapid, tweeted his condemnation of the proposed law, writing that “hundreds of thousands of Jews were murdered without ever meeting a German soldier.” When the Polish Embassy in Israel responded that the law was to “protect truth against such slander,” Lapid fired back, “I am a son of a Holocaust survivor. My grandmother was murdered in Poland by Germans and Poles. I don’t need Holocaust education from you.” The Israeli parliament is considering changing the law banning Holocaust denial to include “denying or minimizing the involvement of the Nazi helpers and collaborators.”

Poland’s efforts to rewrite history are a new twist on Holocaust denial, which is a perverse maneuver that always has political and ideological objectives but usually hides under the deceptive claims of pursuing historical accuracy.

Denial goes hand in hand with other forms of ideological extremism. Not surprisingly, Holocaust deniers don’t hate only Jews; they are also prejudiced against other minorities.

In the United States, a Holocaust denier and brazen anti-Semite is on track to become the Republican nominee for Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District. Arthur Jones, a retired insurance salesman, has run for the seat seven times. This time no other Republican is on the ballot. His website describes the “Holocaust racket” as a Jewish scam, uses the Confederate flag as “a symbol of White Pride and White resistance,” and his blog blames leftists for the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, where an admitted neo-Nazi has been charged with murder in the death of Heather Heyer, who was protesting against white supremacists.

Jones’ Holocaust denials are built, like all others, on falsehoods. The Holocaust is one of the most thoroughly documented events in history — with mountains of data, testimony, and artifacts demonstrating beyond question that the Nazis set out to annihilate Europe’s Jews, and nearly succeeded, killing 6 million of them, along with tens of thousands of homosexuals, hundreds of thousands of Roma (Gypsies), disabled people and others.

And yet deniers persist.

When Trump became President, many worried about how much he would empower the extreme right. After all, his top aide, Steve Bannon, had boasted of making his website, Breitbart, a platform for the so-called alt-right. Those fears appeared to be borne out after the inauguration, when the White House issued a statement marking Holocaust Remembrance Day that did not even mention Jews or anti-Semitism, instead referring to “innocent people.”

Since then, Trump has made something of a course correction. Bannon is out, and this year’s statement was what you would expect from a normal presidency.

And yet the disturbing memories of Trump’s reluctance to condemn neo-Nazis and white supremacists at Charlottesville cannot be erased.

His rhetoric may have even empowered true bigots to act on their worst impulses. Anti-Semitic incidents surged in the first year of the Trump presidency. In the seven weeks after Charlottesville alone, the Anti-Defamation League counted more than 200 incidents.

More than 70 years after the end of World War II, the Holocaust remains a testing strip, providing warning signs that should not be ignored, whether in an Eastern European country or a congressional district in Illinois.

  1. #1 by mothman777 on 02/07/2018 - 9:34

    Many Communist Polish Jews and other Communist Poles joined the Russians in their savage attacks on German women and young girls, raping and mutilating them to death in ways typical of the Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia following the 1917 Jewish terrorist takeover of Russia following which the Jews savagely murdered 66 million Christians there.

    We never ever hear of the Bengali holocaust of up to 4.5 million caused by Churchill, the Ukrainian holocaust of 10 million self-admittedly caused by Stalin, the Russian holocaust of scores of millions of Christians caused by Trotsky and Lenin et al, we only hear the fake and impossible Jewish holocaust of 6 million that is publicised whenever the Jewish-controlled MSM reports on any war crimes, and it is thoroughly sickening.

    The fact that the falsely-alleged Jewish holocaust of 6 million is featured literally daily on national TV, not only by ‘documentaries’, but also in war films falsely acknowledging the fake holocaust of Jews. but no other holocaust ones that really took place, means that WWII is still on, and that whatever they wanted to accomplish by WWI is still being worked on, bizarre almost beyond belief, yet the reality is that this fake war propaganda is still being hammered into us daily nonetheless. It is obviously part of the JWO NWO program to take over the entire world by first numbing everyone with an induced sense of guilt for something that never occurred, so that we will always say sorry and never dare to criticize them for all the horrors the Jews themselves continue to inflict, like in Palestine in the Gaza Strip.

    Personally, I see that the real reason they keep relentlessly stuffing us with this falsehood about their ‘holocaust’ of 6 million Jews is precisely because that makes it uttterly unthinkable for anyone then to be able to say that the Jews themselves have caused several major holocausts, the 50 million dead gentiles in WWI that they caused, the 60 million dead gentiles in WWII that they caused, the 66 million Christian gentiles dead in the misnomered Russian ‘Revolution’ that they caused, the holocaust of 100 million Chinese in Mao-Tse-Tung’s largely Jewish- infuenced Communist regime that they caused, and so on, but as always, we hear in response to any claims we may make of these things, accompanied by very pained and anguished expressions on the faces of anyone we may raise these issues with, “but you can never say that it did not happen, I have seen the photographs”, and “you can never day it was right, it is never right to kill, as if it still really happened, you can never get through to these people. [Ron: Of course it might help if leaders like Presidents Trump and Putin and their governments were to SAY it didn't happen...].

    They act as if it is still the case that only the Jews have died, as if the 6 million (falsely-alleged deaths) of Jews in WWII are somehow of vastly greater importance in comparison to several hundred million actually dead gentiles, and those gentiles intended to be killed under the Noahide Laws, which number 6 billion. which itself, I know sounds a highly unlikely and even impossible figure, so impossible as to warrant being completey ignored, yet the Jewish rabbis themselves are quite literally making verbal statements today stating that to kill all so-called ‘idolatrous’ gentiles is quite literally what they intend, and they do number around 6 billion when you add up the total devotees in the various religions that will be affected, yet STILL, it is wrong to blalme the Jews they say, and they insist that the holocaust of Jews really happened and that it was the worst tragedy ever, so they are obviously under a suicidal state of hypnosis, quite unable to rouse themselves from their deep inner paralysis whilst their own peoples are literally destroyed by one means or another by the Jews all around them.

    But the ‘holocaust’ of 6 million Jews never ever occurred, they have tried to assert this falsehood over and over again, the 4 billion Jews burned alive in their own Torah scrolls by the Romans, the 6 million near death or dying in Russia, and in another instance in Poland, well before Germany. The Jews use these lies as a weapon, to disable the possibility of any dissent against their ongoing programs that are destroying our societies in many western countries today, using their purposely- created and conditioned ‘refugee’ bioweapons.

    Most negroe men that I see with white women today, and there are a lot, seem almost always to be going out with pretty blonde caucasian women, some obviously impossibly with money that must have been earned fom dealing crack and so on, as if to make a statement ‘I can do this now, I have the right, this is my trophy bitch, and I am taking the best of your blonde-haired, blue-eyed devil women to have sex with, right in your face, and you can’t have her, and all I had to do to get her was to drug her with crack’, and they are thinking of not only taking the white man’s women, they are thinking ahead, they don’t want a white woman with black hair, they want their children to get ahead in a white man’s world, so they aim, very craftily, to produce kids with sandy-coloured hair, not black hair.

    “Even the best of non-Jews should all be killed,” says the Jewish Talmud. And that is not taken out of context, becuase when put together with the statement in the Zohar, that ‘the Lord in his wrath will kill all gentiles in the world’, that statement means that ALL gentiles are to be killed, after many of our numbers have first been enslaved by one means or another and made to manufacture the weapons to accomplish that with of course, and the DARPA humanoid robots intended to be perfected in 20 years time will be perfect servants for the Jews to use once we ourselves have all been removed from this world, likely also by those same robots, if any of are still left alive after the other Jewish programs that are intended for our destruction, like the nuclear weapons, all of them invented without any exception by Jews, and those DARPA humanoid robots will be able to self-replicate at an exponential rate, making us utterly and completely redundant and unneccessary in this world, as the Jewish scriptures state that gentiles were only created to serve the Jews, so when they no longer have any need for us, we will without the slightest doubt, all be physically annihilated, to leave the Jews to enjoy ‘their’ world, in their intended Pax Judaica.

  2. #2 by K. Chris C. on 02/07/2018 - 9:34

    In the 1930s Khazarians attacked, like the did England, France, and Russia at other times, the society and government of Spain. The Spanish people and government fought back. The Khazarians then sent “volunteers,” foreign interlopers of the Khazarian kind – making them doubly foreign interlopers – to Spain to further destroy Spanish society and Government. Unfortunately, Orwell was amongst one of these “volunteer” groups.

    Living and fighting amidst the Khazarian “volunteers” enabled Orwell to gain a deep firsthand acquaintance with the Khazarians’ true nature. He came back to England disabused of the Khazarians and their Communism.

    Over the years before and after Spain, Orwell had become aware of what a menace the Khazarians are to the world, especially to England. During and immediately after the Second War for Zionist Hegemony, WW-II, Orwell also began to pay attention to the Khazarians’ Zionsim.

    The culmination of Orwell’s enlightenment as to the threat of the Khazarians was his warning to then and now, his 1984. 1984 is a warning of what Khazarian power realized over us would be like.

    As part of that warning, Orwell named the defector from 1984’s “Big Brother” “Emmanuel Goldstein,” and limited 1984’s ruling elite, the “Inner Party,” to membership of “6,000,000.”

    Orwell was not warning us of a general tyranny, but of a Khazarian one.

    One is not a true American until resident in the ADL’s database.

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