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Political Information Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:23:11 PM

How Incompetent Can a Modern Abettor State Grow ?
By Grete Mautner
Jul 17, 2018 - 12:34:54 AM

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Over the last couple of years, London's relentless determination to lecture each and every one from the so-called moral high ground has started chipping away at the reputation the UK once enjoyed upon the international stage.

The British mainstream media, including leading outlets like the Times and BBC engaged in a full blown Russophobic frenzy on the eve of the FIFA World Cup-2018, repeatedly warning British sports fans of non-existent dangers waiting for them just around the corner in Russia. However, shortly after the start of this sports event, The Guardian, The Times, The Independent and many other British media organizations were forced to undermine this inflammatory anti-Russian rhetoric of the British government headed by Theresa May. After all, how could the British PM even think about placing national dignity above wild allegations against Moscow?

Who was to suffer from this dubious scheme? - First of all, the British national team, its fans, and the overall prestige of Great Britain. This neglectful approach towards the national team was visibly demonstrated by representatives of the British government, none of whom took the effort of traveling to Russia to attend the matches that were to decide the fate of the championship, unlike representatives from all other states that were cheering for their national teams at Russian stadiums hosting the event.

Theresa May, who built her political career on deception and lies, is now doing everything she can to distract the attention of her voters away from Brexit and a long list of failures her cabinet made in negotiating it. First, we witnessed a poorly organized drama over the Salisbury incident staged with the assistance of the secret British laboratory Porton Down. The alleged poisoning of the runaway Russian spy with allegedly deadly nerve-paralytic gas in Salisbury (that left its victims both alive and well) in March, was then followed by alleged poisoning of two more British citizens in Amesbury. For years weapons experts from all across the globe tried to draw attention to the fact that the Porton Down laboratory has been carrying out a number of research programs that were studying WMDs, with experiments conducted drastically affecting the peaceful population dwelling in the immediate vicinity of the lab. It is also noteworthy that, instead of reinforcing security measures around this biological laboratory, along with bringing the development of new biological weapons to a screeching halt in the aftermath of the Salisbury incident, the sitting British PM announced that in a bid to prevent new poisoning incidents, it's been announced that London will allocate some 67.1 million dollars toward the construction of the so-called Center for Protection against Chemical Weapons, that will be defending against biological substances nobody seems to be able to track and analyze.

Equally unfounded allegations about the fight against the Russian mafia that is supposedly carried on by Theresa May are equally dubious, since the sole goal of this so-called fight is the seizure of all sorts of assets owned by Russian oligarchs in a bid to find a remedy to the sorry state of the British economy. At the same time, May does seem to be too embarrassed by the fact that the Conservative party she represents received well over one million dollars from Russian oligarchs over the course of the last couple years. This fact was examined in much detail by Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbin in a report he drafted for the Independent.

As far as the real fight against crime is concerned in the UK, one shouldn't be too happy with the fact that the justice system designed by British oligarchs protects all sorts of felons fleeing justice in their nation states, with the exception of American criminals. Once a felon with a long list of crimes arrives in the UK, he can forget about any attempts that his country would make to bring him to justice - those are both senseless and fruitless in today's realities. It is no accident that a great many of renowned criminals from all across the globe own property in London.

Even back when Theresa May was Home Secretary, hundreds of war criminals enjoyed peaceful carefree lives in Britain. In 2012, the Home Office established that since 2005 more than 700 high-profile war criminals were residing in the UK This resulted in law enforcement agencies establishing the identity of over a hundred individuals who were suspected of committing war crimes but have nevertheless applied for a residence card. Most of them have had a long record of dwelling within the UK's borders. We‘re talking people who committed terrible crimes in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Serbia and a number of other countries and sought to escape accountability. Of the 99 suspects identified, only three were deported from the UK, a total of 20 were rejected asylum, while another 46 did not receive a residence card. The fate of the rest remains unknown.

Earlier, Chairman of the All-Party Group for the Prevention of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity, Michael McCann would point out repeatedly the urgent need of increasing the transparency of official information concerning the number of criminals residing in the UK. He has repeatedly stated that enforcement agencies that were supposed to track such individuals have failed miserably to effectively fulfill their duties, but Theresa May failed to address these concerns both back in the day when she was Home Secretary and today, as head of the British government.

In fact, criminals from all across the world have been looking at Britain as a second home for decades now. After all, one can commit despicable crimes, become engaged in money laundering, then jump the UK border and claim that he is being persecuted for political, racial, religious or other reasons at home, and be protected. A refugee who managed to reach Britain gets all the necessary benefits a state can provide: free housing , unemployment benefits, working permit, and a chance to earn citizenship. The only problem is the fact that he is forbidden to travel back home. But why would anyone even consider this option when he's about to be jailed the moment a plane carrying him touches the runaway in his native state.

In addition to countless criminals enjoying their stay in England, there's a lot of those who earned their money through dubious schemes, got the attention of local law enforcement agencies and rushed to the nearest airport. Those would typically start a new business in London. Everyone knows that England is a country of broad business opportunities, including for those fleeing justice from abroad. And one can be certain that the UK will never extradite a wealthy individual, regardless of offense.

Yes, among such criminals there are people who committed serious crimes, including in Russia, with at least 20 still wanted in Russia, including a renowned emissary of Chechen terrorists, Ahmed Zakayev.

In one piece The Guardian would note:

According to Hope Not Hate, a group named the Misanthropic Division, which is linked to the Azov battalion, is working with representatives of UK-based far-right groups, including the proscribed terror organization National Action and a London-based Polish ultra-nationalist group, to recruit activists to travel to Ukraine.

But, instead of revealing these facts to the public, Theresa May and her government prefer to stick their heads in the sand, pretending there could be nothing wrong with such practices. It seems that's precisely why the sitting Secretary of state for defence, Gavin Williamson decided that he must be a team player by describing Russia as the gravest threat to London these days. However, the Daily Mail would come to the conclusion rather swiftly that such statements haven't been dictated by the desire to get additional funding, but by an attempt to divert public attention from his infidelity to his lifetime partner.

Against the backdrop, the government of Theresa May has begun to crumble, with a number of her ministers leaving the party early, including David Davis and the infamous "poodle of Washington", Boris Johnson. And it seems that in the White House the sitting British government has already been written off, as evidenced by the subtle proposal made by US President Donald Trump to replace it with a team that would be up to the tasks at hand.

The resignation of ministers who played an important role in the history of Brexit and the future of Great Britain may well be the first sign that Teresa May's days in office are already numbered. There's growing opposition in the parliament that would hardly miss a chance to exploit all the lies, all the incompetence and all the unparalleled arrogance of the May government to get an upper hand.

Grete Mautner is an independent researcher and journalist from Germany, exclusively for the online magazine "New Eastern Outlook."

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©2005-2019 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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