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Political Information Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:23:11 PM

How Can Amalek be Identified Today?
By Breaking Israel News - with comments by Ron
Aug 18, 2018 - 6:17:53 AM

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ed note–a few very important things to note about this–

1. As clearly outlined in the various rabbinic opinions on this topic featured in this essay, all of this ‘wipe out Amalek’ business is from the Torah and not the Talmud.

Again, we are forced to point this out due to the preponderance of ‘experts’ out there today chirping the nonsense that today’s Jews and the Judaism they follow eschew the ‘holy’ teachings of the Torah in favor of the ‘evil’ teachings of the Talmud. Nothing could be further from the truth, as the two compendia of religious literature are complementary and work cooperative with each other in the same ways that two legs are used in propelling someone forward.

Next, please note the very important section dealing with just ‘who’ modern-day ‘Amalek’ is–

‘There is no real purebred Amalek today.  We cannot point at any one nation and say that they are Amalek, as Amalek has gotten mixed into the other nations and a little bit of Amalek is in everyone.’

IN OTHER WORDS, the Jews as a group–acting on religious commands from their violent deity, Yar-way, see EVERYONE as ‘Amalek’ and thus are commanded–according to the literal words found in Deuteronomy–to ‘blot out the memory of Amalek from under heaven. Do not forget!’

And thus, we have as a result–

A. Wars throughout the world instigated by organized Jewish interests resulting in ‘Amalek’ being ‘blotted out’.

B. The daily, systematic slaughter of Amalek through the process of legalized abortion taking place in numbers that far exceed those being systematically murdered through overt war.

C. The destruction of ‘Amalek’ via the war on culture, civilization, the family, morals, and all civil order (primarily the Christian and Islamic, both of which Jews view as the ULTIMATE ‘Amalek’) through Judaic control of the media and the degenerative and degenerate ‘values’ that are celebrated therein, including violence, the sodomite lifestyle, promiscuity and the general abandonment of all moral sanity.

And finally, please note the the section dealing with ‘liberalism’–as much as those of the conservative pedigree might find common cause with such a position, please note that it means something entirely different in Jewspeak than one may assume. In this case, what the rabbi means by ‘Liberalism’ are those Gentile ways of thinking as originally propagated by the Greeks, whom the Jews despise for having turned large numbers of Chosenoids away from the mental prison of Judaism in favor of the enlightened and ‘liberating’ philosophy of Hellenism. Today, this same war over the mind of Judea that historically played itself out in the Macabbean war against Greek culture, where thousands of Hellenized Jews were butchered by their religious nutcase counterparts and which is celebrated yearly in the religious holiday of H’Nooka is today being replayed in the war between the ‘left and right’ within Jewry.

And, a final thought that all should consider–imagine, JUST IMAGINE–a section within the New Testament or the Holy Qu’ran discussing ‘blotting out’ an entire people and the noise that would be generated by it.

However, when it is Jews discussing genocide against Gentiles, even to the tune of 7 billion, no one even bats an eye at it.

Breaking Israel News

‘Therefore, when Hashem your God grants you safety from all your enemies around you, in the land that Hashem your God is giving you as a hereditary portion, you shall blot out the memory of Amalek from under heaven. Do not forget!’– Deuteronomy 25:19

Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, a prominent Israeli mystic, gave a sermon that was published on Sunday. In it, he referred to Hamas as “the seed of Amalek.”

Amalek was the grandson of Esau whose descendants became a nation infamous for attacking the Hebrews after they came out of Egypt. The archetypal enemies of Israel, Torah commands the Jews to wipe out the memory of Amalek–

Therefore, when Hashem your God grants you safety from all your enemies around you, in the land that Hashem your God is giving you as a hereditary portion, you shall blot out the memory of Amalek from under heaven. Do not forget! Deuteronomy 25:19

This commandment requires killing all the men, women, and children, anywhere and at any time.

Rabbi Ben Artzi stated that, as the “seed of Amalek,” this commandment applies to Hamas.

“When they cry ‘ceasefire,’ it is just like in the Ten Plagues when Pharaoh was stubborn until he got a plague, relented, and then returned to being stubborn until the next plague. This continued until the plague of the death of the firstborn and finished him completely.”

Like Ben Artzi, many rabbis throughout Jewish history have conjectured as to the identity of Amalek with the title frequently being placed on the worst enemies of the Jews. Breaking Israel News asked several rabbis their opinions.

Liberalism: Amalek’s Rejection of Life

Rabbi Pinchas Winston, a prolific author and end-of-days expert, has written several books on the subject of Amalek.

“There is no real purebred Amalek today since, according to the Talmud, King Sennacherib mixed up the nations,” Rabbi Winston told Breaking Israel News. “This means that we cannot point at any one nation and say that they are Amalek. It also means that Amalek has gotten mixed into the other nations and a little bit of Amalek is in everyone.”

“Amalek is more than a physical people. It is also a concept and a spiritual reality. Different people can embody that concept. First and foremost, Amalek is doubt in divine providence. According to the midrash (homiletic teachings), after killing Jewish men, Amalek cut off the brit milah (circumcision) of the male Jewish casualties and threw them up at heaven. They were saying that there is no room in this world for a covenant with God.”

“Atheism is an extreme form of Amalek. The second thing that Amalek does is that they are willing to kill themselves in order to bring that about. The Nazis clearly did this. Much of liberalism today is like that. They are killing themselves spiritually, politically, and even physically. When a person says that they are not going to speak to members of their own family because they disagree with their ideology, that is a form of spiritual suicide, saying that the ideology trumps all. That does not make them from Amalek but it is a trait of Amalek.”

“Amalek wants life to be forfeit. Liberalism is the focus of Amalek today. It is not a coincidence that liberals are atheists. Liberalism is what happens when you take God and meaning out of life. Ultimately, liberalism is idolatry. It is making God in the image of man, making man the ultimate authority, freeing him to do what he wants. The Golden calf is the liberal movement in action. They made a god, imbued him with powers, so that under his rule, they could do what they want.”

“They don’t hate life; they have no idea what life is. They are leading a meaningless existence. They need to tempt death to confirm that they are living. When a person gets to this point, Amalek has won.”

“People who acknowledge a covenant with God, his existence and presence in this world, they appreciate life as a gift. They also have meaningful things to do with their lives. We are hardwired to want eternity and to seek meaning.”

“Liberalism claims to be the avenger of justice and truth. They reject discussion and other opinions. That is because Amalek in gematria (Hebrew numerology) is 240, equal to the word safek (doubt); they want you to doubt what you know is clearly the word of God.”

“Amalek puts emotions over the intellect. ‘I want it’ becomes more important than anything. Abraham was given the strength to conquer Amalek through the test of offering up Isaac, by putting aside his emotions to do the will of God. Judaism, which is based on the chesed (loving kindness) of Abraham, is intellect over emotions.”

Amalek: Leading the Nations to Hate Israel

Rabbi Yosef Berger, the rabbi of King David’s Tomb on Mount Zion, believes that Amalek exists in the world today, in individuals and also in nations.

“Without direct divine guidance, it is impossible to say with certainty who is Amalek,” Berger told Breaking Israel News. “Therefore, it is forbidden to perform the commandment. But each person must ask himself if he has the traits of Amalek.”

“Amalek is a symbol, it is a character trait. Amalek came to kill Israel after they saw all the wonders Hashem did for us when we came out of Egypt.”

“The Torah says they came upon us by happenstance.”

How, undeterred by fear of Hashem, he surprised you on the march, when you were famished and weary, and cut down all the stragglers in your rear. Deuteronomy 25:18

Rabbi Berger quoted Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki, an 11th century French Torah scholar who is known by the acronym “ Rashi”, who explained the verse.

“An expression denoting heat and cold (קוֹר). He cooled you off and made you appear tepid, after you were boiling hot, for the nations were afraid to fight with you, just as people are afraid to touch something boiling hot. But this one,came forward and started and showed the way to others. This can be compared to a bathtub of boiling water into which no living creature could descend. Along came an irresponsible man and jumped headlong into it! Although he scalded himself, he succeeded to make others think that it was cooler than it really was.

“Amalek was burned but he wanted so much to harm Israel that he didn’t care, even though Israel hadn’t done anything to them. The other nations followed and were burned but they didn’t want to look bad in front of the others now that Amalek had jumped in.”

“We see this happening today. Iran is willing to destroy their economy, they are willing to destroy their own country, just to convince the other Arab nations to attack Israel. Erdogan is the same way. His economy is crashing but he doesn’t care. Hamas is clearly this way. They want the IDF to attack, as long as it means bad for Israel. Anyone who acts this way today is from the seed of Amalek.”

“The commandment isn’t to conquer Amalek. It is to wipe him out from the world because as long as there is a memory of Amalek in the world, the Moshiach (Messiah) cannot come.”

“Obama was not satisfied in setting his country’s policy against Israel. He organized Europe in order to give Iran nuclear weapons, even though Iran was calling for ‘Death to Israel’ and ‘Death to America.’ He used the United Nations against Israel. These are the traits of Amalek.”

“The evil that Amalek planted is still in the world and every person has to ask himself if he has taken on these traits. God promised that Amalek will be wiped out. Whoever goes in the ways of Amalek will most certainly be wiped out.”

Amalek: Preventing the Jews From Settling Israel

Rabbi Yosef Dayan, a member of the nascent Sanhedrin, is unafraid to make difficult judgments with dire consequences. Rabbi Dayan played a central role in so-called “death curse” ceremonies, or Pulsa diNura, aimed at Yitzhak Rabin and Ariel Sharon as a punishment for their giving up portions of Israel and dealing with murderers of Jews.

“Amalek didn’t just do random evil,” Rabbi Dayan told Breaking Israel News. “They came to stop the Jews from entering Israel. Anyone who does the same, who tries to stop the Jews from doing God’s will, from settling Israel, is Amalek. This can be Jews or non-Jews. This is certainly countries and leaders like Iran. This can be the United Nations or even movements like BDS (Boycott Divest Sanctions). This can even be left-wing Jews in Israel.”

Rabbi Dayan paraphrased Rabbi Moshe Charlap, a leader in the religious Zionist movement of the first half of the 20th century.

“A major trait of Amalek is the rejection of any rule, in particular the rule of heaven. Amalek wants to rule himself and everyone else. Israel is, quite simply, visual and undeniable proof that God rules the world. That is why Amalek and those who go in his way simply cannot bear the sight of Israel.”


  1. #1 by lobro on 08/16/2018 - 9:34

    i like torah.
    i positively (((+))) LERV torah.

    therefore, i suggest applying the full, unplugged torah on the jew, anywhere, under every rock.
    channeling saint isabel and ferdinand, also st. edward confessor, not to forget st. titus vespasian, all my kind of torah worshipers.

    what’s sauce of the jews is sauce for the gentile.

  2. #2 by Sassine on 08/16/2018 - 9:34

    there never was a place called Israel until 1948 the people that call themselves jews are Amalek. Amalek meaning lying SOBs sons of satin, anti-Christ

  3. #3 by mothman777 on 08/16/2018 - 9:34

    When ‘medicines’ do this, no matter who invented them, once their massively damaging effects are understood, in that they cause around half the reproductive capacity of humanity to be permanently deleted, not only in one generation but in following generations due to permanent genetic damage, it surely follows that such ‘medicines’ that are now clearly understood to be severely damaging toxins should be removed from the list of available ‘medicines’.

    But here we are, they have not been removed, our governments are making no legislation to withdraw these actually genocidal ‘medicines’, and the peoples of the world who are being affected are not being urged to stop using them, when they could be being directed instead towards the use of organic natural analgesic plants like ginger etc. and they are still on sale, still being prescribed, and people blindly carry on taking these chemical toxins, yet just one week’s use of these toxic so-called medicines, Paracetamol (Tylenol) and Ibuprofen, permanently destroy around half a woman’s eggs, and they destroy a huge proportion of the sperm-producing cells in men also, as well as causing severe genital developmental disorders in young male children.

    That these actually genocidal toxins remain in use is completely unacceptable. These so-called medicines are effectively major genocidal weapons used by TPTB by surreptitious means to bring about mass sterility and genocide.

    When half of the reproductive capacity of our species is removed like this by this one means alone, that is simply staggering, and people must be walking around in a suicidal stupor with their minds burned out by fluoride to not even take any interest, to not understand, or care, or raise a flicker of protest.

    It is what it is. If you or I were part of a government, we would remove these toxic chemicals from the list of medicines with IMMEDIATE effect. There are safe alternatives without these horrific side-effects.

    What kind of politicians allow PERMANENT genetic changes to be inflicted on their captive peoples? ONLY TREACHEROUS politicians who are actually infiltrated enemies against the peoples whose countries they have taken control of by deceptive means allow these kinds of dangerous ‘medicines’ to continue to be distributed.

    I remember the ex-UK PM David Cameron refusing to ban hydrogenated fats when he had the opportunity, when it is known that hydrogenated fats take years off peoples’ lives, and cause masses of disease through causing general ischaemia throughout the human body, starving all cells of oxygen that would otherwise preserve their lives against cancer and many other diseases. That also was a genocidal act by Cameron.
    Scum like that are not genuine politicians, but cruel, vindictive, callous, murderous hate-filled bastards with a highly sinister Jewish agenda against the British Gentile people.

    Again, if you or I were in any position to effect change, hydrogenated fats would be banned overnight by an act of Parliament and phased out very rapidly indeed, adding years to people’s lives, and adding vastly increased quality of life throughout our all their years of life.

    The following effects of Paracetamol (Tylenol) and Ibuprofen occur ANYTIME, not just during pregnancy;

    “Ovaries exposed to paracetamol for one week had more than 40% fewer egg-producing cells. After ibuprofen exposure, the number of cells was almost halved. Experts say this is important because girls produce all of their eggs in the womb, so if they are born with a reduced number it could lead to an early menopause.

    “Painkiller exposure during development could have effects on unborn boys too, the study found. Testicular tissue exposed to painkillers in a culture dish had around a quarter fewer sperm-producing cells after exposure to paracetamol or ibuprofen.”


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