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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Horst Mahler’s Heroic Struggle Would a liar be able to summon up such fortitude?
By Horst Mahler
Nov 7, 2010 - 3:29:30 AM

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Horst Mahler’s Heroic Struggle

Would a liar be able to summon up such fortitude?

By Christian Herold, translated by J M Damon from the German at:

Attorney Horst Mahler is a hero for every German who wants to be a German. With his youthful comrades filing legal self-accusations in order to fight repression, his place in post-BRDDR history is assured.

The “BRDDR”* courts are subjecting Mahler, 73, to endless trials in order to exhaust and impoverish him. As the Süddeutsche Zeitung cynically reported: "Under extreme security measures, another of Attorney Mahler’s countless trials began in Munich on Monday... Probably not even Mahler is able to keep track of them all." (, 12 Jan 2009)

As always, Germany’s Lobby-controlled media gave full vent up to unmitigated hatred at the beginning of the trial, as Mahler again presented the results of what he has investigated in many years of tireless effort.

The media’s most frenzied attack is directed against his revelations of the Jewish-Zionist national agenda, above all this observation: "The Holocaust is the most mountainous lie of world history. It is the most powerful weapon of Jewry, Germany's enemy, ever employed against Germany." (Die Welt, 13 Jan 2009, p. 4)

Mahler has never suggested that ordinary individual Jews are Germany’s enemies, however. He is referring to Jewish law, especially the Old Testament or Thora, which designates the whole non Jewish world as its enemy.

Mahler emphasizes that since the Jewish ruling elite consider us their enemy, we must take their hostile views into consideration. This view is not new. The weekly magazine Focus quoted the Roman historian Tacitus: "'They consider everything unholy that we consider holy', he observed, expressing amazement that the Jews 'hate all other peoples as their enemies'." (Focus, 38/2001, p. 130)

The Lobby controlled German media all agree on one point: Mahler must not be allowed to express defense arguments in court. This can only mean that the German media are unanimously opposed to legitimate trial procedure, human rights and Democracy. The leading news magazine DER SPIEGEL dismisses Mahler’s right to a defense on account of "anti-democratic utterances." (, 12.01.2009)

As the trial began, Presiding Judge Martin Rieder violated democratic principles, the UN-Human-Rights-Charter and German legal procedure by denying the accused the right to present his opening statement which is firmly anchored in Western law and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. "The judge interrupted him and demanded that Mahler discontinue his utterances concerning Holocaust." (, 12.01.2009)

German courts are clearly terrified of Mahler’s command of the facts, empirical evidence and eloquence: The judge "threatened to shut the eloquent 73 year old out of the main proceedings." (, 12.01.2009)

From the Christian point of view, such suppression of empirical truth brings to mind St. Paul’s Letters.
Paul was persecuted by Jewish officials for telling the truth to the Galatians, just as those who declare historical truth and warn of the Jewish plans for the world conquest are persectued today. In his letter he asks the question: "Have I become your enemy becauce I tell the truth?" (Luther Bible, 1912, Galatians, 4:16)

In the following we are releasing selected passages from Mahler’s opening statement, which was read aloud and disseminated in written form to the Court as well as to the journalists present. For reasons of space we have had to abbreviate his homage to Sylvia Stolz, which we will soon release in a separate message.

* Bundes Republik Deutschland + Deutsche Demokratische RepubliK: the vassal BRD or Federal Republic of Germany merged with the vassal DDR or German Democratic Republic in 1989 to form the vassal BRDDR.

The Sham Trial of Horst Mahler Before
Munich District Court II
Case Number 2 KLs 11 Js 42142/07

Opening Statement

I did indeed mail Germar Rudolf’s book “Lectures on the Holocaust” in digital form to three different addresses, and I also distributed the DVD "Die kurzen Beine der heiligen Lüge" to a large number of recipients.

I am standing here because I choose to stand here. Do you know why I choose to do this?

Account no. 5194719002
BLZ 10090000

I respond to the question of why I am doing this with an observation by Prof. Robert Faurisson, the famous French revisionist and expert on the subject of the legends surrounding homicidal gas chambers.

These legends form the very heart of the “Holocaust” cult or religion. The following quotation appeared in the newspaper La Montagne on 8 January 2009: "The Zionist-American axis has bombed German children with phosphorus, bombed the Japanese with atomic bombs, bombed Vietnamese children with Agent Orange and bombed Iraki children with depleted uranium. It is high time that the defeated, humiliated and slandered of the world strike back, and I have been doing this for many years with the 'atomic bomb of the poor.' That is Historical Revisionism. Revisionism is a weapon kills and disfigures no one. It destroys nothing but lies, slanders defamation, and the myth of 'Shoa' along with its horrible 'Shoa Business' that is so dear to the likes of Bernard Madoff, Elie Wiesel, all those 'miraculously rescued' survivors of 'Holocaust' and the murderers of the children of Gaza."

In the Book of John, Jesus spoke to the leaders of the Jews and said: "You belong to your father the devil, and you wish to carry out your father’s desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. And now because I tell the truth, you do not believe me!" (John 8, 44-45)

Today we are living in a thoroughly Judaized world that is based on lies, and the greatest lie of all is the "Holocaust" lie.

It is the first duty of every German who wants to remain German to combat this lie. I experience great pain when I observe how many of my fellow Germans, blinded by Satan, believe the lie to be the truth.
They persecute those who, after great pain and effort, have struggled and escaped from the cave of illusions and now made their way back into the sunlight.

In carrying out my duty as a German to combat the “Holocaust” lie, I will give you some examples of what I mean. The Jewish god Yahweh commands the Jews to conquer the world by means of usury, loaning money for interest, because it is written in their holy book: "The Lord thy God will bless you as he has promised, and you will lend to many nations, but you will borrow from none. You will rule over many nations but none will rule over you." (Deuteronomy 15,6)


"You will lend to many nations but will borrow from none. The Lord will make you the head and not the tail. If you obey the commands of the Lord that I give you this day and carefully follow them, you will always be at the top and never at the bottom. Do not turn aside from any of the commands I give you today, neither to the right nor to the left, following other gods and serving them." (Deuteronomy 28, 11-14.)

The Jews are commanded by Yahweh to enslave all the nations and kill all who resist.

Their holy book makes them the following promise: "Foreigners will rebuild your walls and their kings will serve you. Although in anger I struck you, in favor I will show you compassion. Your gates will always stand open. They will never be shut, day or night, so that men may bring you the wealth of nations, their kings leading them in procession. For the nation that will not serve you shall perish, it shall be utterly ruined." (Isaiah 60:13)

How foolish are the non-Jews who do not take these threats seriously!

The powerful Jews, the global money lords, live by these rules and follow them exactly. Once more it has become unmistakably clear that they do not have a bad conscience when they deceive and rob us... When they commit robbery and murder, they are but following the commandments of their god!

In our own time global Jewish rule is coming to its inevitable end. According to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of 10 January 2009, a historic break occurred in September 2008 with the bankruptcy of the Jewish bank Lehman Brothers. "With the implosion of unregulated ‘shadow’ banking, a main pillar of the neoliberal economic model has collapsed." (FAZ, 10 Jan 2009, p. 19.)

Their money is gone and it will never return on the basis of private banking systems. This is because money is a social relationship of trust. The bearer of this trust was the private banking system. It is now understood that the private banking system was exposed to systematic deception.

We now know that, as a monetary system, it was identical with deception. However a swindler can be successful only as long as he is not recognized as such. Now the whole world has recognized the Jewish swindler for what he is! Historically, National Socialism had recognized interest slavery as a malignant tumor in the national body, but not yet recognized the systemic compulsion to globalistic treachery as such.

Through their “Holocaust” cult, the Jews succeeded in following their compulsion unchecked in the “globalized” world for 20 years, until the present global collapse. During that time their success hindered recognition of global Jewry as the “negation of the lives of nations” (Martin Buber) that is, as a deceiver, thief and murderer of nations. Now confidence in the Jewish currency, the “digital dollar,” is gone forever; and with this confidence goes the money itself: Jewish power disappears along with Jewish money. The world has reached a turning point such as occurs once every thousand years.

In the present situation, money can again circulate only under the auspices of National Socialism in conjunction with the abolition of interest slavery.

Now the taxpayer is amazed to learn that the State has suddenly appeared as the savior and rescuer of the banks! However, the State was drowned in debt long ago. It is itself a nonproducing asset, hopelessly indebted to the Jewish banking system. The astronomical “rescue packages” that we read about are nothing except a recycled version of global monetary deception (see Hamer) inflated more than ever. They are bound to usher in sudden hyperinflation.

Only the State that liberates the national economy from debt slavery by nationalizing the banks on the basis of a truly national (National Socialist) state will be able to create the necessary confidence for creating a new monetary system.

Since developed nations with their complex division of labor cannot survive without a monetary system, the irresistible energy of national self-preservation will result in a revitalization of National Socialism. It will be Germany that, on the basis of its unique vocation and historical experience, shows the family of nations the way out of the present catastrophe.

As a first step, our historic National Socialism, as embodied in Adolf Hitler, must be retrieved from the acid bath of Jewish lies and falsifications. Only this can bring about the end of the “Holocaust” cult.

The initial impulse for this international act of liberation must come from the German people themselves. This is because our natural allies in this struggle, especially in the Muslim world, cannot bring about anything effective as long as Germany continues to be perceived as a murderer of Jews.
The GUTMENSCHEN (hypocritical do-gooders) among us, those who have succumbed to constant brainwashing and are now infected with the psychosis of self-hatred, must be confronted with the real cause of their malaise.

They are supporters of the moral genocide of more than just the German nation. They also share responsibility for the genocides of the Palestinians, Iraqis, Afghanis and all the future genocides that are presently being plotted in the USA under the direction of Israel.

“Holocaust” persecution is the decisive front in the resistance struggle of Germans who are determined to be German. The German courtroom is the battleground of this struggle.

Sylvia Stolz, the attorney from Ebersberg whom many call the “German Joan of Arc,” has set the most intrepid example for us. She has given us the best example of how to proceed, and I salute her with boundless gratitude and respect. She has become my life’s companion and my dearest comrade in the struggle.

The age of moral personalism began in 1933, with Germany’s ascendancy under National Socialism.
United in the true national spirit, Germany was large enough and strong enough to cast off the yoke of interest slavery and take the lead in the global revolution against Mammonism. In the native lands of “laissez-faire” individualism – Great Britain, France and the USA, National Socialist Germany was a mortal threat to the old order of things on account of its example. In response to this danger, the powers of the Old Order conspired against the German Reich, the challenger, in order to defeat it with their combined strength. They did this under the leadership of the plutocrats, or Lords of Money, even though these powers were traditional enemies of one another. They hoped to drive National Socialism from the stage of world history forever.

The specific requirements for continued success of the Money Lords are as follows:

1. Their relentless war against the German Reich must be made to appear as peace.

2. Germany must perceive its enemies as its friends.

3. We Germans must be made to believe that the Basic Law imposed on us by the victors of World War II is our “constitution” and that the “Federal Republic” is our state. We must be made to think that the collaborators appointed to rule over us are legitimate representatives of our nation.

4. We Germans must continue to be brainwashed in order to maintain our guilt complex or psychosis, which makes it impossible for us to be proud of our nation and our history.

5. We Germans must be made to internally deny and resist our innate hostility to Judaism and “God’s chosen people,” our eternal enemies. We must conceive of our eternal enemies as “innocent victims” of our irrational hatred and envy. We must continue to perform every conceivable form of repentance exercise and pay unending tribute.

6. By means of ever-intensifying propaganda of lies and deceit, the National Socialist Weltanschauung must appear to coming generations as a product of hell, so that unbiased consideration will forever be an impossibility. Any possible approach to the subject of National Socialism must bring a Pavlovian sweat of anxiety to their brows of all our people.

7. Instead of a National Socialist view, we Germans must have the “American Way of Life” hammered into our skulls as the only desirable and worthwhile truth -- incessantly and in all areas.

8. In order to neutralize our characteristic German compulsion to improve the world, the evil desires that lurk in everyone must be titillated with the most sophisticated methods. In view of the omnipresent decadence of those around us, we must finally give in to despair and accept that “man is evil by nature.” We must believe that our attempts to improve mankind merely make fools of ourselves.

9. Our natural resistance to this propaganda of decadence must be overcome by Jewish power and control of the media. Our resistance must be sunk into a spiral of silence.

10. In order to maintain this spiral of silence, those individuals who choose historical correctness over political correctness must be silenced through use of the criminal laws.

Now put these observations to the test by exposing them to actual experience:

Is it possible that the enemy who believes he is commissioned to enslave all the peoples of the world, and to crush all those who resist –- the enemy who also realizes that he is hated by all the nations –- is it credible that this enemy would suddenly be filled with love for mankind, especially for us Germans?

Is it believable that following his military victory over the Reich, our enemy has abandoned his war aims?

Is it believable that our enemy would voluntarily open up his most potent psychological weapon (the "Auschwitz Cudgel" as Martin Walser call it) to scrutiny by independent courts in the nation he conquered?

Our enemy still needs this weapon, and discovery of its secrets would hurl him into the abyss. Whoever believes such a thing is beyond all help!

The Stolz trial was an attempt by the enemy to protect its heavy artillery, which is emplaced in the German courtroom. It was a desperate attempt to protect this artillery from observation and destruction.
Whether the enemy’s attempt will be successful or not, depends on all of us. It is time that we rise up against foreign rule by our enemies!

I am standing before you because I cannot do otherwise.
I cannot live in a Judaized world.
I am not willing to kill myself in order to escape it, however
Therefore, my only alternative is to commit everything I have as my contribution to changing this Judaized world.

Deutschland erwache! Wake up Germany!

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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