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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Holocaust Lies: Horror Fiction Presented as Fact (Part 2)
By Lasha Darkmoon
Jun 18, 2016 - 12:15:39 AM

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Holocaust Lies: Horror Fiction Presented as Fact (Part 2)

Part 2 : How a Mass Delusion Became the Truth

Screaming babies flung into fire pits,
magic rings leaping off fingers,
geysers of blood spouting from Jewish graves:
these are some of the tall stories we are told to believe.

D31Holocaust artist David Olère, L’Oeil du Témoin (The Eyes of a Witness)

“The lie of the Nazi gas chambers will go down one day in history as one of the most fabulous impostures of all time.” — Revisionist historian Robert Faurisson

One of the “Holocaust survivors” interviewed last year in London by Matthew Tucker, 85-year-old Lily Ebert (pictured here), claims to have received 1000 letters from British schoolchildren telling her how deeply moved they were by listening to her gruesome Holocaust stories. Lily is one of many such Jews who are ferried round British schools, all expenses paid and with a generous lecture fee. This, added to their state pensions and their Holocaust reparations payments from Germany, help to boost their total incomes to more than respectable levels.

Jewish pensioners, like the plump and prosperous-looking Lily, are incomparably better off than ordinary British taxpayers on the breadline who have to rely on their meager state pensions to make ends meet. In America, big bucks can be made by Holocaust survivors who manage to get on the lecture circuit. According to Norman Finkelstein, Elie Wiesel charges $25,000 a lecture and demands a chauffeur-driven limo.

Sitting in her London home with interviewer Matthew Tucker, Lily doesn’t seem too keen to answer awkward questions relating to times and dates—questions that might possibly catch her out in little lies, inconsistencies and exaggerations. Tucker writes: “Lily rejects a traditional style of interview, preferring to tell her story her way. “The truth is, I know what I want to say,” she tells me. “I don’t need questions.”

That’s interesting. Lily prepares her Holocaust script in advance in order to prevent embarrassing slip-ups. It wouldn’t do, after all, if some curious child should ask her innocently, “Where is Auschwitz, Mrs Ebert? Is it in Germany or Poland?” and if Lily should answer: “I’m not sure. I’ll have to check. I think it’s, um, in Germany.”

No, that wouldn’t do at all!

Here is Tucker describing Lily’s adventures in war-torn Europe:

After travelling for five days, the train arrived at its destination: Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. Ordered off the train, Lily and her family were lined up in rows. A German soldier “with shiny boots and a stick in his hand” sent people either to the left or the right with one movement of his hand. “Old people, mothers with babies, were sent to the left. Young people who they saw could still work, they were sent to the right.”

The soldier making the selection was the notorious Dr Josef Mengele, a Nazi in Auschwitz who performed medical experiments on prisoners and is known to have carried out many atrocities. (See picture below)

[Ron: This monstrous LIBEL is exposed in: Lessons of the Mengele Affair -].

Lily’s mother, younger brother, and sister were sent to the left, while Lily and two of her sisters went to the right. Those on the left were taken straight to the gas chambers. “Mothers with babies, young boys and girls, walked to their deaths. But they didn’t know it.”

Lily and her two sisters soon came to realise the reality at Auschwitz: “We saw nearby a chimney. From the chimney fire came out, and this terrible smell.

“We asked people who were already there, what sort of factory is it? They told us, ‘That is not a factory, they are burning your relatives.’ … And you know what we told them? ‘You are mad.’ We wouldn’t believe that. But very quick, we found out that this was true.”  (See here)


Evil Nazi Dr Mengele carries out fiendish experiment on sexy Jewess

The painting is by David Olère (1902-1985), inmate # 106,144 at Auschwitz. The representation is meant to be taken literally as something Mr Olère had seen with his own eyes, given that the “ghostly witnessing face in the background” is a portrait of the imaginative Jewish artist himself.

According to Stephen Spielberg, there are 300,000 Holocaust survivors worldwide, many of them earning lucrative incomes on the lecture circuit and parroting bizarre horror fiction stories of amputations and other atrocities at Auschwitz and elsewhere.

The London Evening Standard has been honest enough to add: “Considerable dividends accrue from this specious victimhood—in particular immunity to criticism, however justified. Those enjoying this immunity have not escaped the moral corruptions that typically attend it.” (Quoted here)

—  §  —

Here is Holocaust survivor Josef Perl (pictured) whose experiences bear a striking resemblance to those of Elie Wiesel. Like Wiesel, Josef is constantly being shunted around from death camp to death camp, with Jews all round him being slaughtered like flies, while he himself, miraculously, somehow manages to survive:

“For the rest of the war, he [Josef] was moved between concentration camps – Auschwitz, Dachau, Bergen-Belsen, Gross-Rosen, Balkenhain, Hirschberg, Buchenwald – finding ways to survive.

For two years he moved from one Jewish ghetto to another. In one, he was rounded up with the other inhabitants and taken to a field to be killed. As he waited to be shot, he saw his mother and four of his eight sisters. Before he could cry out, they were shot.

As it was coming to Josef’s turn – he was “around seven rows away” from his turn to be shot – an air-raid siren rang out, and the crowd scattered.

Josef had escaped again.”

The resemblance to a passage in Elie Wiesel’s Holocaust memoir, Night, is uncanny. Here is Wiesel striking exactly the same mournful and miraculous note:

“In Buchenwald, 10,000 people a day were sent to their deaths. I was always among the last hundred before the door. Then they stopped. Why?” (See here)

Wiesel’s miraculous escapes are almost comical, couched in the heated, melodramatic style of a pulp fiction thriller. Here he finds himself, with his father, being led to the flaming ditches of Auschwitz where Jewish children and adults were allegedly burned alive. Both father and son escape a fiery death in a manner most miraculous:

“Our column had only 15 steps left to go. I bit my lips, so that my father would not hear my teeth gnashing.

LD: Is this plausible? Does a child being frog-marched into a fiery pit bite his lips because his father might otherwise hear his teeth rattling and get a bit upset? It is too ridiculous for words. As is Wiesel’s lurid and pulp-fiction prose.

Another 10 steps. Eight, seven. We marched together, as if behind the hearse at our own funeral. Only four steps to go. Three steps. It was now quite close, the ditch with its flames. I gathered all my remaining strength in order to jump out of line and throw myself against the barbed wire. Deep in my heart, I took my farewell from my father, from the whole world, and involuntarily formed words, which took the form of a murmur on my lips: Yitgadal veyitkadah chme rabah… His name be exalted and sanctified.

My heart was nearly bursting. It was almost the moment. I stood before the face of the Death Angel. Two steps away from the ditch, they ordered us to turn around, and we were told to go into a barracks.” (See here)

We now know that this entire passage is fictitious and that no Jews were ever burned in fire pits. Here is another purple passage of baby burning in pits of fire that is also a total fabrication:

“Not far from us, flames were leaping from a ditch, gigantic flames. They were burning something. A lorry drew up at the pit and delivered its load—little children. Babies! Yes, I saw it—saw it with my own eyes…those children in the flames. Is it surprising that I could not sleep after that? Sleep has fled from my eyes.”

It is to entirely imaginary incidents like these that Elie Wiesel’s infamous epigram obviously applies — “Some events do take place but are not true. Other are [true], although they never occurred.”

Robert Faurisson points out that, unfortunately for Wiesel, time has shown him to be a barefaced liar:

Here Wiesel the false witness had some bad luck. Forced to choose from among several Allied war propaganda lies, he chose to defend the fire lie instead of the boiling water, gassing, or electrocution lies. In 1956, when he published his testimony in Yiddish, the fire lie was still alive in certain circles. This lie is the origin of the term ‘Holocaust’.

Today there is no longer a single historian who believes that Jews were burned alive. The myths of the boiling water and of electrocution have also disappeared. Only the gas remains.

The gassing lie was spread by the Americans. The lie that Jews were killed by boiling water or steam, specifically at Treblinka, was spread by the Poles. The electrocution lie was spread by the Soviets. (See here)


David Olère, SS Trooper Throwing Live Children Into Furnace

The painting shows in grisly detail an event that never took place except in the fertile Jewish imagination: Jewish babies being  unloaded from the back of trucks and being burned alive in bonfires by evil Nazis. This was at Birkenhau camp, immortalized by the mendacious Wiesel in his Holocaust memoir Night, for which he won the Nobel Prize in 1986. Wiesel tells us that on his very first day in the camp he witnessed two burning pits, one for adults and one for children, in which Jews were being burned alive:

“Never shall I forget that night, the first night in camp …. Never shall I forget that smoke. Never shall I forget the little faces of the children, whose bodies I saw turned into wreaths of smoke beneath a silent sky.”

One notices, in the account above, the slow evolution of the Holocaust lie. The different liars, all accomplices in the same scam, are not quite sure in the beginning how they should go about arranging the extermination of 6 million Jews. They are asking themselves: “Should we say the Jews were burned alive, or shot, or electrocuted, or steamed to death, or disposed off in gas chambers? What’s the best way we can make the public believe that our lies are the truth?” In Elie Wiesel’s original Yiddish version of Night, the Jews were killed by being burned alive in fire pits. Then it was steam, then it was boiling water, then it was electrocution. Finally, the Americans decided it would have to be gas chambers.

This was the only way to convince a skeptical public that six million bodies had completely disappeared into thin air. No need to dig up six million corpses to prove your point.  Just let the wind blow away the ashes—and the evidence.

“The ashes of millions of victims,” Professor Arthur Butz notes tersely, “have never been found. Surely any thoughtful person must be skeptical.”

As Faurisson moreover explains in an extended  footnote (# 2) to the above essay, A Prominent False Witness: Elie Wiesel, nowhere in Wiesel’s original Hebrew version of Night do the words “gas chamber” occur. When the Hebrew version of Night was translated later into German, French and English, a mendacious mistranslation was deliberately sneaked into the text: the word “crematory” was falsely given as “gas chamber” on 14 occasions.


Cremating Jews at Auschwitz, David Olère
(A feat now shown to be false and also physically impossible).

Faurisson notes: “To kill a crowd of people in a room with hydrocyanic acid [Zyklon B] is dangerous but not impossible; but, to enter the room afterwards, even with a gas mask, amid a host of cyanide-infused corpses and then proceed to extricate and carry them, in the course of a few hours, so as to make way for a new gassing of the same proportion, is in the domain of the impossible.”

Here is a picture of the famous “gas chamber” fraudulently shown to millions of tourists at Auschwitz for the last 70 years:


This room had in fact been an air-raid shelter and had never gassed a single Jew. The authorities at Auschwitz have since admitted that they lied to the public for decades, probably cowed by the state of Israel and international Jewry into maintaining this imposture. To this very day, tour guides and teachers regularly inform relays of gullible schoolchildren, “This is the gas chamber in which thousands of Jews were killed every day!”

[Ron: Imagine the huge piles of stools due to involuntary defecation as muscles relaxed in death; and similarly, the streams of urine flooding that room, IF thousands of Jews could somehow have been gassed to death therein in a day!].

Faurisson adds caustically: “The door opens inwardly, which constitutes an absurdity since the corpses strewn about on the floor inside would have prevented it from opening.” [Ron: Not to mention that the door would be knee deep in shit on the inside...].

Any Holocaust revisionist who dares to mention this blatant example of fraudulence runs the risk today of being thrown into prison in 17 countriesAustria, Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Switzerland and Romania. Italy will  soon be the 18th country to join the club.

Voltaire was right to warn us against these hidden slitherers in the corridors of power.

—  §  —

Apart from the anomalies mentioned above, there were other demonstrable falsifications in the text of Elie Wiesel’s Night when it appeared in translation. One of the most egregious examples was Wiesel’s candid confession in the Hebrew version of Night that after the liberation of Buchenwald the Jewish inmates of the camp went into Weimar as a group with the specific intention of stealing clothes and potatoes and raping German girls (“un tsu fargvaldikn daytshe shekses.”)

The translators thought this was too much and decided to sanitize the passage.

There is now no mention of Jews going into Weimar on a rape spree. Both the word “Jews” and the word “German” are dropped, and, in Stella Rodway’s now prettified English translation, it all becomes harmless fun: “On the following morning, some of the young men went to Weimar to get some potatoes and clothes—and to sleep with girls.

The Jewish thugs have suddenly morphed into nice “young men”. These thugs now go into Weimar to “get” potatoes, not to “steal” them. And, finally, they hope to “sleep with girls”—a bit of hilarious fornication, you understand—instead of “raping” them.

To summarize the situation in Faurisson’s own words:

“Elie Wiesel passes for one of the most celebrated eyewitnesses to the alleged Holocaust. Yet in his supposedly autobiographical book Night, he makes no mention of gas chambers. He claims instead to have witnessed Jews being burned alive, a story now dismissed by all historians. Wiesel gives credence to the most absurd stories of other “eyewitnesses.” He spreads fantastic tales of 10,000 persons sent to their deaths each day in Buchenwald.” (See here)

One Jewish academic has been scathing in his dismissal of mendacious Holocaust memoirs such as Elie Wiesel’s. It’s a wonder he hasn’t been whisked off to Israel and incarcerated for his outspoken criticism of Jewish liars:

“Most of the memoirs and reports of ‘Holocaust survivors’ are full of preposterous verbosity, graphomanic exaggeration, dramatic effects, overestimated self-inflation, dilettante philosophizing, would-be lyricism, unchecked rumors, bias, and partisan attacks.”

—Samuel Gringauz, Jewish Social Studies, New York, January 1950, Vol. 12, p. 65. (Quoted here)

—  §  —

Here, finally, is Holocaust survivor Renee Salt (pictured), spinning a story so preposterous that one can’t help wondering how Tucker can have kept a straight face while relating it. Let’s cut to the chase and narrate the story briefly.

Renee finds herself in the Lodz ghetto with her father. The Nazis arrive. Renee’s father has a gold ring on his finger. It has been stuck fast to his finger for years. His finger has grown too fat and there’s no way the ring can be removed, even with soap. An SS soldier eyes the ring covetously and orders Renee’s father to hand it over.

Needless to say, it can’t be done. “Fetch me a knife!” growls the evil Nazi, grinding his teeth with rage. Mein Gott, what a beast!

And then, unbelievably, a miracle occurs in front of everyone’s eyes: the ring decides to take action!  It literally leaps off the finger, freeing itself from captivity, and rolls across the ground … coming to a halt just near the evil Nazi’s boot. Ach du meine Güte, talk about miracles never ceasing!

Let’s hear it in Renee’s own words:

“Now I didn’t see many miracles during the Holocaust, but as he finished saying these few words [‘Give me your ring!’] the ring on its own, without any prompting, rolled off the finger so loosely as though it would have been at least five sizes too big, and stopped at the SS man’s feet.” (See here)

Renee Salt’s miraculous Holocaust story was brought to my attention by a trusted correspondent who claimed it had been plagiarized from a 62-minute Tom and Jerry cartoon, “The Magic Ring” (2002).

My correspondent writes:

“This Holocaust Survivor story is tailor-made for schoolchildren. It’s just the kind of fanciful fairy tale likely to appeal to a classroom of gullible kids.

All the main motifs of Renee Salt’s Holocaust story are to be found faithfully replicated in the Tom and Jerry cartoon: (1) a magic ring; (2) a finger on which the ring is stuck; (3) someone trying to steal the ring; (4) futile attempts to remove the ring from the finger; and finally (5) the ring succeeds in self-expanding and miraculously frees itself from the finger.

Here is the account in Wikipedia:

“Tom hears his master Chip coming and tries to get the ring off, but to no avail. Chip, believing that Tom attempted to steal his ring, chases after him out of the house, where the ring falls off Tom’s finger…”

I will leave it to the reader to decide if five such striking similarities between Renee Salt’s Holocaust story and the 62-minute Tom & Jerry Disney cartoon (see HERE) constitute plagiarism or are purely coincidental.

—  §  —

I will end this essay by advising readers to do their own research and arrive at their own conclusions in a rational and well-balanced way. Allow me to bring this presentation to an end by quoting two authorities at different ends of the intellectual spectrum and allowing readers to choose the authority they prefer.

First, here is Robert Faurisson, the world’s foremost revisionist historian — beaten up by Jewish thugs no fewer than eight times for daring to speak his mind:

“The reader will have understood: serial mass gassings are just another silly story of the same kind as those about “Jewish soap”, “lampshades of human skin”, extermination of the Jewish detainees at Treblinka by steam, their extermination at Auschwitz by electricity and in blast furnaces, or, near Belzec, by quicklime. [All officially sanctioned “guesses”. LD]

There is an endless list of nonsensical tales in the manner of Elie Wiesel or Father Patrick Debois about “geysers of blood”, or a hand emerging from a mass grave to grab a shovel, or systematic extermination under quilts or pillows—the Holocaust by suffocation!

The lie of the Nazi gas chambers will go down one day in history as one of the most fabulous impostures of all time. This lie has developed slowly, without plot or conspiracy, and without the general public’s becoming aware of it. If the good people have been so badly taken in, it has in a way been with their consent and cooperation. They have believed, then wanted to believe, then in the end wanted to have others believe and are now legally bound to believe.

One of the most brazen lies in history, the alleged Nazi gas chambers, of course originated in hatred and in the inveterate habit of lying but it has thrived on naivety. In perfectly good faith, the good people were outraged at that “Nazi horror”. In doing so, they lent a hand to a gigantic slander, a criminal lie of worldwide proportions.”

(See here)

Finally, the official Jewish response to Faurisson. It would appear that Faurisson, in relying on logic and reason and the scientific method for arriving at his “facts”, has been horribly misled into believing that the Impossible cannot sometimes occur in exceptional circumstances.

Today I learned to my astonishment that the laws of nature do not necessarily apply to Jews, especially when it comes to Holocaust miracles. In the case of Jews, God’s Chosen, the laws of nature may sometimes be suspended. According to an official Jewish publication, the Juedische Rundschau Maccabi, Basel, dated 11 November 1993:

“Every Jewish person may learn from our survivors and live with the knowledge that the Jewish people are not subject to the restrictions of the laws of nature.”


David Olère, SS Ogre eating Jewish children

The hallucinatory paintings of Holocaust artist David Olère, conjuring up phantasmagoric events that never took place except in the fevered imagination, have now entered the popular mind as a result of innumerable imitations spawned by art works, movies, Holocaust survivor memoirs, and TV documentaries. The dividing line between fact and fiction has been abolished. A new reality has been created out of the collective fantasies of millions.

In the words of Henry Kissinger, “It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true.”

Lenin said it better: “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”


Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.



106 thoughts on “Holocaust Lies: Horror Fiction Presented as Fact (Part 2)

  1. The “Holocaust” will go down in history as the second greatest lie ever told by the tribe. The first is, of course, that they are God’s Chosen People. That, by far, will always be the greatest whopper of them all. Ha!

    1. Then I guess the jew Kabbalah LIE, the Universe is “Heliocentric”, is THE THIRD GREATEST WHOPPER of them all.

      The “holy” trinity of the most egregious most insidious most perfidious of all jew lies.

      1. The “Nazi gas chambers” is definitely a lie, an imposture, and needs to be revealed for the lie it is. The whole jew “religious” thing whereby the jews can only find redemption and salvation after 6 million jews die in fire is so wretched of a “religion”. How heavy it is on the human spirit. Gee, I can find redemption and salvation and nirvana, but first I have to wait until 6 million of my co-religionists die horrible deaths in fire, 6 million of my fellow co-religionists need to die in the flames, kinda like sending 6 million of my fellow co-religionsists to Hell before I can go to Heaven. It’s so sick, what a demented mentality, what a demented religion, if “religion” is the correct word. I don’t think so.

      2. The Jewish “religion” (if you can call it that with a straight face) is SATANISM, pure and simple. It is totally anti-Christ and anti-Christian. The Jewish Talmud is the filthiest book ever written, masquerading as a “holy book”.

    2. Since realizing that the holocaust is a lie I now think the bible, (OT and NT), is BS. It is all Jewish Lies to give themselves special status.

      I think there is a God, but not as described in the Bible.

      1. The God of the Bible IS the “correct one”. What you are failing to understand is that the Israelites of the Bible were NOT JEWS. Yahweh was in fact ordering the Israelites to murder all of the Edomite Jews, who were the mortal enemy of Yahweh and the Israelites.

        Doesn’t that sound like the “correct God” to you? [Ron: NO! The Creator loves ALL of Creation and does not interfere in free will actions let alone order the killing or punishment of anyone or any thing. A g-d that is angry, jealous, psychopathic, war mongering  or genocidal is no God at all.]

      2. John –

        I have similar thoughts. I resisted the thoughts for decades.

        Proof either way is impossible. Guesses prevail.

      3. Hi Pat, I suppose that the only honest statement would be that I am agnostic, but I feel there is something there. I doubt it is some bearded old man in the sky. I have come to think of it more as a guiding force for creation. Embryology is so beautifully perfect and elegant that it defies logic. I have alsolately come to doubt that evolution has occured entirely by natural selection.

        Francis Crick, a phycist and one of the discoverers of DNA, did not believe that DNA could have occured by chance, by random shuffling of atoms. He did not pretend to know how it occured, and who are we to disagree with him?

    3. @ Joe

      You are somewhat correct about the first greatest lie being that the jews are God’s chosen people. As described by Jesus in John 8:44, the jews are their God’s, the devil’s, chosen people. The jews are not the chosen people of the Heavenly Father.

      The second greatest lie is that the God of the Old Testament is the Heavenly Father spoken of by Jesus. The characteristics of the two are miles apart and contradictory. Even the Commandments do not match. Some of the characters in the Old Testament were real, but the stories about them are obviously untrue. The Old Testament is certainly not the divine word of the Heavenly Father.

      The third greatest lie is that Jesus was a jew. Jesus said that he was before even Abraham who was before the jews and was not the lineage of David.

      The fourth greatest lie is the Holohoax which is impossible to be true based on simple mathematics.

      The simple truth of reality as taught by Jesus avoids anyone accepting as the truth any of the above greatest lies. These lies have worked well for the jews in their quest for human domination because they keep everyone confused.

  2. Well-done article! If anyone reading this happens to have known any American officers with direct involvement in the European war theater, they have probably heard them talk of “present-day exaggerations” of German activities and episodes. I have been fortunate enough to have met several (all, of course, deceased, now), including Omar Bradley, who advised us youngsters (his great-granddaughter was a high-school friend) not to be too quick to believe “modern-day exaggerations”. Also, I had a relative present at the “liberation” of Buchenwald, who was a news correspondent (actually OSS) whose description was published in the Huntsville (Alabama) Herald in 1995, after his death. Lengthy – and beautifully-written as a personal letter to his wife – he NOWHERE THEREIN made mention of being witness to any such evidence of these Jewish fables. He did, however, lament the “starving circumstances” of the inmates there (due to supply deprivation) (which was due to war activities).

  3. I am simply so goddamned tired of this hollowco$t stuff I could spit.

    I am tired of the fabricators.

    I am tired of the suckers.

    The whole thing, what has NOT been said about the conning and conniving?

    Thank the dear lord I was way out of school before this stuff became the force-fed educational material from hell. Dear lord I pity the students and people forced to accept this shite as fact. To me, the truth is so elementary it is not even worth discussing any longer to be honest. Guess I am getting old and cranky!

    Anyone with a modicum of honest education and capable of ethical research can find the truth and then just move on. Fools will always be fools will always be fools.

    1. @ Noor

      Trust you, madam, to stick up for this disgusting liar Lasha Darkmoon! Not a day goes by but this neo-Nazi fanatic from hell scatters her poisons into the minds of all good citizens doing their best to live on friendly terms with the Jewish community. I say enough is enough! I am going to report this evil witch to the internet authorities and get her website shut down.

      After that, I hope, further sanctions will follow. A prison cell for Holocaust denial. Solitary confinement. No books. No visitors. No hope. Just torture music day and night to drive her crazy and make it easier to find out the names of her collaborators and accomplices in crime.

      This comment will of course be deleted before publication. Never mind. At least it will be read by the administrators of this website who all deserve death.

      1. “At least it will be read by the administrators of this website who all deserve death.”
        We’re all going to die, so everyone deserves death. Which is why your filthy Jewish scheme to rule mankind will fail. So far you have tricked, through lies and emotional blackmail, the gullible Americans and craven Europeans into being your catspaw in attempting world hegemony. Let me tell you this the 64% of humanity residing in Asia couldn’t give a rat’s anus about your “holocaust”. The same for Africa. You and your fellow “schmaltzifiers” of history deny the real genuine genocides of Asia and Africa and as one living in Asia, and speaking a couple of Asian languages, they are fully aware of Jewish narcissism and mendacity. Realise this, Israel and their puppet America are the most detested countries on planet earth.

      2. Come on Zaky! Many of us try (and DO!) “get along” with Jews. I, myself, have noticed skepticism among their own tribe. Even certain Jews can appreciate the TRUTH! Get over it!

      3. Seymour Zak,

        No, actually I think LD would be well-advised to leave your comment perfectly AS IS. You have just done more to confirm what the leading “anti-Semites” (sic, yet another Jewish lie) have been saying for decades now. You Jews have an absolutely diseased, sick mentality. You are not a religion, but a death cult instead. There is nothing at all healthy about you. You reject the truth everywhere it appears, because you are literally of your father the devil.

      4. That is the Jewish version of freedom of speech, science, fact finding and research: “sanctions, prison cells, authorities, solitary confinement, no books, torture music and death”.

        Have you ever reflected for 5 seconds, this could be one of the reasons why you generate and draw lots of anger against your tribe?

        You´re not special. Integrate into society just like everyone else, behave well and your chosen troubles will evaporate.

      5. @ Karl

        TO ZAK THE JEW : “You´re not special. Integrate into society just like everyone else, behave well and your chosen troubles will evaporate.”

        Asking Jews to “integrate” and behave like model citizens is like asking a pack of wolves to be nice and do their best to get on with the sheep.

      6. I say enough is enough!

        My man, zaky!
        It sure helps clear the air, what with all the goys wondering how much is too much, like a true jew genius, you nailed it: anything more than enough is too much.
        We should work in tandem to stanch the seepage, before your co-satanists work it into the revised Kol nidrei,
        £$$♥☻Gmar Hatima Tova Steven Spielberg☼♫♫€$♪₤™
        (just read all the jew comments creaming themselves – truth lovers, all) All vows, obligations, oaths or anathemas, pledges of all names, which we have vowed, sworn, devoted, or bound ourselves to, from this day of atonement, until the next day of atonement (whose arrival we hope for in happiness) we repent, aforehand, of them all, they shall all be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, void and made of no effect; they shall not be binding, nor have any power; the vows shall not be reckoned as vows, the obligations shall not be obligatory, nor the oaths considered as oaths, lies shall be made truth, no lie is enough or too much, abominations of deceit are sacred, holy-of-holies, Hollywood-Shmollywood-St Eliewiesel, Zak is anathema to say enough is enough, he is a moser collaborator with Amalek Lobro to cap the upper bound to Shoah claims.

      7. What a vile tribe you are! So sure of world domination that you no longer care to play wolves in sheeps clothing anymore but at long last are starting to show your true faces at long last. A more evil and inhuman race than yours doesn’t exist. You are not gods chosen people but rather the devils. I can’t help but wonder if Tolkien had your tribe in mind when he created his fictional orcs. He was an intelligent man and a devout christian, just like his friend C.S. Lewis of Narnia fame. Tolkien was born in South Africa. He must have noticed your influence already there. He was smart enough to mask it as fiction because he knew he would have been killed otherwise. Just like Kubrick was many years later. I hope LD reports you for your death threats. I have taken a screenshot of your flaming hatred. I have a feeling I’m not the only one.

        Maybe it wasn’t so smart to depict goyim as soulless animals. Because if you are right, then we don’t have much to loose anyway. Because when we die we will just cease to exist. But the door swings both ways. It can also be a great motivator. To literally fight to the death. At least we won’t go to hell. That is if you are right. That place is most certainly reserved for your kind.

      8. Thank you for the (thought) provoking comment. What do the perpetrators of the Holodmor deserve? To my knowledge, not one has ever been sought by Interpol or anyone else. Kaganovich died 25th July 1991, but there are probably a number still around. Looks like the Neshek (‘a bite’, if I’m not mistaken – referring to interest on loans to non jews, not applied to jewish borrowers) is operational in the International enforcement of genocide laws. African murderers, fair game, German war criminals (think Das Reich and a certain church in France) as well, and they should be. But what about the Holodmor?

      9. hey mfs administrators of this shity website
        you are cowards who delete comments exposing your sickness and phony nature
        you are the lowest of the low a toxic waste, you are Zionist parasites
        fk you and fk your witch

      10. If you have any comments to make on the Holocaust, one way or another, you are welcome to make them. Now is your opportunity. We allow all initial abusive and hostile comments, without censorship, but see no point in publishing and republishing silly comments that have nothing to say apart from “fk you and fk your witch.” That’s when we begin to delete and send you into spamblinka.

        Email address of “fk u” (probably false) :
        IP number :

      11. Hi Seymour,
        There are too many holes in the holocaust story, and any reasonable person would be skeptical. It does Jews no good to accuse these skeptics of anti-semitism. Neither is it good for Jews to believe that non-Jews have some sort of genetic inborn anti-semitism.

        I do not hate all Jews as individuals, I take people as I find them, one at a time. Skeptics are onto something and Jews seem to fear that

    2. Old and cranky? Your avatar belies the description you give of yourself. I will tire of the Hallowedhoax subject matter only after the truth finally exposes Jews for the liars they truly are. Darkmoon is doing the greatest of public services by running this series.

  4. Great article.
    It mentioned words of Henry Kissinger, “It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true.”

    My “perception” is that any group which claims to be “THEIR god’s chosen people” should find out what they have done wrong….. to be so hated by THEIR god to have allowed such a mass extermination. Since they are determined to hold to their own invented story….. the only logical conclusion is that they were “chosen” by THEIR god for genocide….. according to their own claims.

  5. Well I reckon the story of Gas chambers is a lie, as no-one has been able to find one and also demonstarte how they worked. I also do not accept that there was an order from Hitler to kill Jews just for being Jews.

    However, there is an area of ww2 history which I am yet unable to have an informed opinion; namely the executions of jews in occupied Soviet territory by the Einsatzgruppen (EG) and also by Latvian and Lithuanian troops who had joined up with the Germans. My understanding is the EG did shoot jews as they were partisans, not because they were jews.

    This thread here – deals with a pogrom in Lithuania – NB the Holocaust Denial subforum is dominated by posters who support the Holocaust narrative – there are only a few posters arguing against them.

    Main thread

    Monstrous on the Einsatzgruppen

    22 pages and loads of walls of text to wade through, but in the last few days

    some selected problematic posts “Statements from three soldiers of a German motorized column as they watch a massacre in Paneriai [Ponary], Lithuania (The Good Old Days: The Holocaust as Seen by Its Perpetrators and Bystanders by Klee, Dressen, Riess, and Trevor-Roper.) pp 38-45”

    “Ponary is a special place. Unknown clos­er both to the Polish people and people from other countries, at the same time symbolising great tragedy and cruelty. Relegated to oblivion over the years, in contrast to places
    of equally horrible tragedies, such as Piaśnica or Szpęgawskie forests in Pomerania, the Death Val­ley near Bydgoszcz, Sobibor, and Treblinka. Ig­nored by the totalitarian Soviet regime, forgotten by our neighbours: the Germans and the Lithua­nians. After seventy years since the beginning of the executions, it is definitely worth restoring the memory of Ponary in Vilnius.”

    Did this happen? Monstrous – a poster who questions the order to exterminate Jews admits it was likely revenge “by some locals against Communist Jews for earlier atrocities.”

    Anyone here researched this aspect of the war? Also to consider is where are the mass graves?

    1. Dear Mr. Bulba: Yes, there were shootings in the East. I’d suggest reading “Gestapo Chief” by Gregory Douglas, volumes 1-3. General Mueller noted that in one case, around 3,000 were shot, to which figure several zeros were added later to fan the flames. Mueller was not involved – none other than Army General Warlimont (who landed his Fieseler-Storch on the Champs D’Elysees in Paris) attempted to get the Gestapo involved in these activities. General Mueller would have none of it and showed Warlimont the door. It’s important to remember that the Gestapo was not a Nazi party organization, but an apparatus of the Bavarian state. Warlimont later had his record sealed and went to work for the US. There are many fascinating insights in these works. Also recommended are the works of General Leon DeGrelle and other Waffen SS soldiers who survived; unlike Mr. Wiesel, they were really there. General Mueller did note that many old scores were settled with local communists by locals. Stalin had a standing policy of regarding any captured Soviet soldier as a traitor, including his own son, and shipped all surviving liberated POWS off to the Gulags to be worked to death; very few survived. Treblinka was a special case. It was run at one point by SS General Odilo Globinik, who was Slovenian, before his nemesis General Mueller helped in his removal – Mueller had the SS judicial oust Globinik in 1943, but as he was a friend of Himmlers, was unable to have him shot. Globinik essentially ran a murder camp (you wouldn’t want to have gold teeth in his jurisdiction) and amassed a sizeable fortune which he secreted in Austria. A file on Globinik surfaced in the early 1980’s in the possession of UK author John Costello. Mueller suggested that the best solution was to plant Globinik in the ground, and noted he was just the sort the communists would welcome and Stalin would probably keep him so busy killing his enemies that he would die of exhaustion. Globinik seems to have reached some sort of deal with the UK (who originally had him) and the US, who very likely sent him to the Mid East to counter Communist activities.

      1. Please note: General Muller’s name is spelled correctly without an e, but with those confounded double dots above the u. To make matters worse, upon checking the source I found that although Warlimont was behind the effort to get the Gestapo involved with the executions of the captured jewish commissars, it was Wehrmacht General Muller (no dots, and no relation) who was sent by Warlimont to visit Gestapo General Muller at his office. Gestapo Muller told him that “the army had guns and they could shoot them themselves” before throwing him out of the office. Gestapo Muller was always interested in LIVE commissars who might have something useful to trade. He kept his word and saved a number of them, providing them with new identities, as there really was no way they could ever possibly return to Russia – Stalin would have had them shot on the spot. Of course, if they were uncooperative or had nothing to trade, they’d be sent to camps. The restraint on Gestapo Muller’s part was difficult, as many of these animals had participated in the 1918 German trouble with Communists, and he detested them. The Wehrmacht General Muller’s picture can be found incorrectly in at least one history of the Gestapo as “Gestapo Muller”, probably by design. The Florida based organization “Sharkhunters” published a photo of Gestapo Muller’s grave in California in the monthly news magazine around a year and a half ago. Sharkhunters is a historical organization who’s motto is “Yesterday’s enemies are today’s friends”. It is primarily concerned with the history of Germany’s U-boat service, but covers many aspects of historic interest and has annual tours for members to Germany, France, Austria, and elsewhere. President Ronald Reagan was a member. Needless to say, the modern insane zionist fanatics killing themselves to believe the Wiesel lies don’t like Sharkhunters very much, but the rest of the world seem to find the history (and beer) in the Austrian and Bavarian Alps quite pleasant, membership is growing. See for more info on the Eastern front history as well.

      2. Both Mullers have those blasted dots above the u; when are we going to get more ‘inclusive’ keyboards?

      3. Winston,
        The two dots over the U in Muller is called an umlaut. It’s a very common German name, like Smith or Miller in English. Believe it or not, it’s also a common Dutch, Afrikaner or Flemish name, without the umlaut. When I passed out of the South African Police College in the late 60’s, two cabinet ministers by the name of Muller attended the parade; S.L. Muller, minister of police and H. Muller, the foreign minister. Because of their names, the Commissioner of Police remarked, “Altogether there are 19 Mullers here today, 17 passing out and two attending the parade.”

      4. @Felix: Thank you Felix. An umlaut. I did spend some time in Southern Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, all three are wonderful countries, as is England. Recently a Polish immigrant requested some small assistance from me. His mother used to sell pharmaceuticals to visiting German officers during WW2. All were very correct but for one, who was immediately replaced as my friend’s mother was married. This, just on an overly familiar manner – USA Okinawa base, take note. My friend’s German is most impressive, he speaks Russian as well as his native Polish. As you may have noticed, I still struggle occasionally with my native English. By the way, what ever happened to that fine group of South African based problem solvers called “Executive Outcomes”? They really did a superb job solving matters in Sierra Leone, prompting Mr. Blair and BBC into a hasty grab for the credit. The barbarism was on a par with Rwanda before EO got involved. Of course, it seemed to make a lot of African governments quite nervous, though from what I saw EO was not your common variety of mercenaries by a very long shot. You probably would enjoy General Muller’s accounts from a professional police perspective, but the history is quite interesting too. He pulls no punches regarding Holocaustianity – or regarding murderers and their victims, be they jewish or anyone else. Unfortunately, Mr. Wiesel and other ambulance chasers seem to have found lucrative careers as professional victims; yet another fraudulent one was outed this week from PA, USA. Mullers books can be found at and other internet bookselling sites.

  6. 6 million, hyperbole? That’s nothing, in my day we’d do a lazy 8 million before morning tea.

    But seriously, as the article sets out so elegantly, this is such a shabby lie that anyone who still clings to it when a few hours of web research can correct them is implicitly admitting that, for them, politics trumps morality, that they prefer to take the money and run the party line.

    As Christ says, he did not come to bring peace, but a sword. The truth is divisive, and this topic really separates the sheep from the goats. So this is God’s use of his Chosen People. They get the leadership they deserve with the Synagogue of Satan, and we get the choice. So who is your king?

  7. The most telling of all this is the fact that; Where Russians/Germans chaffed under the claws of “the chosen”, Sewer Nation’s Idiot Culture and the West in general revel in it!

  8. Sp. Oler, to emit an odor, so D. Olere is a Chosen name, very well Chosen indeed, to depict the saintly Via D. Olerosa, the 6 million stations of the Kike.
    I am proud to have demonstrated a good eye for quality art and spotted David Smell’s special scent early on.
    There should definitely be an exhibit dedicated exclusively to David Stink because in my opinion David Reek is the very best of all jew painters, even Sarah Levy’s pudendo conception:

    ARTIST has decided to make a statement by selling a portrait of Trump painted in her own menstrual blood, and donating the proceeds to an immigrants’ rights organization.

    Umm, the sweet Oler of burnt offerings, I’d just like to ask the ARTIST about how to handle the masterpiece or should I ask FDA, is the lucky buyer supposed to store it in fridge overnight, is there a “use by” expiry date, you know, stuff like that, are you allowed to inhale beside it, I wouldn’t want the viewing public to get sick and start throwing up, like some primary school kids vomiting up their tuna and egg and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches all over my precious one-eye Trump … or would that increase the paintings price in Jew art world, you know, performance art is their special invention, true Jew genius.
    Because all jewish art is Ewige (eternal), non-perishable like holocaust and all the lies birthed in the sordid womb of kol nidre, right?

  9. Lobro –

    “..the sordid womb of kol nidre”

    Kol nidre = lie for free chant… yearly 🙂

    “All vows we are likely to make, all oaths and pledges we are likely to take between this Yom Kippur and the next Yom Kippur, we publicly renounce. Let them all be relinquished and abandoned, null and void, neither firm nor established. Let our vows, pledges and oaths be considered neither vows nor pledges nor oaths.

    Kol Nidre /ˈkɔːl nᵻˈdreɪ/ (also known as Kol Nidrey or Kol Nidrei is an Aramaic declaration recited in the synagogue before the beginning of the evening service on every Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.
    Strictly speaking, it is not a prayer, although commonly spoken of as if it were. This dry legal formula and its ceremonial accompaniment have been charged with emotional undertones since the medieval period, creating a dramatic introduction to Yom Kippur on what is often dubbed “Kol Nidrei night”. It is written in Aramaic, not Hebrew. Its name is taken from the opening words, meaning all vows.

    Kol Nidre Singers

    Al Jolson:

    Johnny Mathis:

    Perry Como:

    Neil Diamond

    Jan Peerce:

    Yosele Rosenblatt
    In1927 Warner Brothers offered Rosenblatt $100,000 to co-star with Al Jolson in ‘The Jazz Singer,’ but they could not persuade him to sing Kol Nidrei. He felt that it was much too sacred to be used as entertainment.

    Cantor Moshe Koussevitzky Kol Nidre Broadcast to Soviet Jewry Sep. 22, 1963

    1. Thanks Pat, kol nidre is music to my ears just like Sarah Levy’s and D Olere’s menstrual monstrosities are treat for my nose.
      If the mood ever strikes you, here is the kol nidre sheet music:
      Play it in your sheethouse for best effect.

      1. You forgot to add the screechy (U) and … scratchy (K) 🙂

        No women chanters… ‘cantors’ among Pharisee-Jews..???

  10. If I vus a rich man……deedle, deedle, deedle………. The hallmark of Judaism.
    Having been kicked out of 100 countries throughout history, there MUST be a reason. The reason? Jews have demonstrated they are not to be trusted with money or power. They are a thieving, destructive, destabilizing group of self-centered, humanoids, contemptuous of all others but themselves. And they promulgate their lies, justify their deceit and treachery through the use of power; the power they gain by slithering into the financial dealings of every country they infest. Hence their expulsion.
    They are the chosen ones of Moloch: another ‘god’ they invented. It is the origin of the word ‘holocaust’ wherein they would burn their own children, or better yet, the kidnapped victim children of non jews, alive.
    This is what they are and this is what humanity knows in it’s heart. This is why ‘they’ are passing laws against the exposure of the truth about them.

    1. Right on. Why we, the 98+ percent of the Western population, have put up with these sick, perverse, demented psychos and all of their unbelievable lies for so long is completely beyond me! We need a serious change in rulers here!

  11. Regarding David Olère, “L’Oeil du Témoin” – The people in the painting say it all in one, big, Freudian slip.

    The boy on the left with an incredulous look, says: “You mean that people will really believe the lies we tell them?”

    The boy on the right: “Yuck, not another holocaust story, haven’t we had enough already?”

    The young mother: “Mom, I think I’ve got a goot story in mind about swallowing diamonds.”

    The little girl says: “I feel sick! I’m sure it wasn’t the camp’s knishes.

    The grandmother thinks: “Geysers of Blood ! Again with the bullshit! How can we live with all these lies?”

    The body hovering above: “Why am I doing back-flips over these stories? I’m not dead, hell, I don’t even exist.”

    The guard (off camera): “I’ll bet the Jews wind up telling everyone how demonically evil we are and use the lie to profit from this mess. I wonder why we never got any orders to exterminate these lying vermin.”

  12. “For the rest of the war, he [Josef] was moved between concentration camps – Auschwitz, Dachau, Bergen-Belsen, Gross-Rosen, Balkenhain, Hirschberg, Buchenwald – finding ways to survive.”

    Hollywood later made a comedy about these whirlwind holiday excursions titled: “If it’s Tuesday, This must be Buchenwald.”

  13. i hope this works. sometimes i can’t make the connection. sorry about the ‘test’ but i’m tired of writing comments only to have them undeliverable. why?

    anyway, it’d good that darkmoon, whoever she is, belabors the correction on the holohoax.
    there are a few insights here.
    one is – how effective media mythology and indoctrination into these gigantic hoaxes has been. understand the power of a centrally operated media, operating without real journalism, functioning as one big stenographer for the power center. it takes advantage of the natural goodness in people, a childlike quality, a willingness to believe without proof.
    another – the enlightenment of humanity and the consequent evolution of society is badly impeded by the preponderance of all kinds of false history. meaning, the more false information the masses go around repeating to each other – the less likely they are to figure out what’s actually happening to them now. and without understanding the current circumstances there’s little chance the public can progress toward a better world. most of what people think they know about history is completely false.
    here’s another big insight, for those who are ready – religion is the main mechanism of maintaining systemic gullibility in the masses, conditioning people to “believe” . i say, stop believing. it uses indoctrination of children very effectively as well, and of course without the indoctrination of children religion as we know it would pass from the earth in one or two generations. same with the fake holocaust story. in fact – the holocaust as told by the establishment, including the main religions, which are certainly complicit in maintaining the false narrative, is itself a religion. so then, religion itself is actually the problem. that is – the religious mentality. but not only is the holocaust a hoax – so is judaism itself, and christianity. while catholicism, which is not even christianity, such as that might be, is a jewish conspiracy.
    look, many people are now aware of the holohoax, and they deny it as they should.
    and evidence of jewish control of many countries is forthcoming by the more and more laws being passed against denying it. see how new york state just ostracized the bds movement.
    the usa as a country (it’s a corporation), the central bank with the irs as lawful, pearl harbor as sneak attack, lee harvey oswald, the moon landing, 9-11, osama bin laden, school shootings like sandy hook. they’re all lies making up the false narrative, handed you by those sleazy creeps on morning network tv and maintained by every talking head tele-prompter fool in the business. the commercial media is only in business to mold and contain public opinion. so everybody is a bought and paid for ‘universal soldier’. there is no journalism.
    i think though, that the jesus hoax is probably bigger than the holocaust tale and all the rest of them. it is, as they say, “the greatest story ever told”. and i wonder how many of our peepers are ready to open their eyes all they way on that one? how about you lasha darling?

    1. What “Jesus hoax” are you referring to here? Ever read Matthew 23 or John chapter 8? That was Jesus speaking to the J.E.W.S. (Just Eternally Wickeds) of his own day.

      If you are imputing that Jesus never existed at all, then ask yourself why the Talmud mentions him in a scathing manner hundreds of times. Why would the Jews bother to do that, if Jesus never really existed? They would just (perhaps more sensibly than I should give them credit for being), simply never mention him at all.

  14. here’s hat i had to add last week. thanks for the platform, when it works.

    couldn’t open with safari. why do we have to use safari? can’t you designate another system?

    most of what you’ve been taught about history is false. pearl harbor was not a sneak attack. the white house planned it. the atomic bombs dropped on japan didn’t shorten the war. the japanese had already surrendered to everybody they could find, including the russians. nobody ever landed on the moon. it was filmed in area 51. now they’ve shifted the focus to mars (see the matt daemon movie), because that can needed to be kicked farther away. oswald didn’t kill kennedy, though he was a player, like the 19 arabs from 9-11. they didn’t do it either, but they were patsies, like lee harvey. isis didn’t rise up by itself. it was a creation of the western powers (zionists), who want the middle east destabilized and white europe flooded with foreigners. the ashkenazi are behind it all, as usual.
    there were jews killed in ww2, yes. but by now we can figure out they were the non-zionist kind who did not approve of the state of israel. and they were killed by the zionist banksters who put hitler in power and dictated his policies. hitler was a jew and so was eichmann, the officer who did the shipping. half if the ss hierarchy were ashkenazi too.
    and most of what the state and the commercial media try to tell you now abut your current circumstances is also false. if history is a false narrative – it stands to reason that so is the current “accounting”. when they use the world “official” it means they’re lying.
    as long as the state operates in secret as a pyramid power structure it will be in its survival interest that it lie to you. it is therefor conspiratorial and adversarial to the general public. now you have the surveillance state and the ndaa, where the state finds out who knows too much and gets rid of them, that’s in addition to the general state of class suppression warfare.
    the current big lie perpetration is vaccinations. vaccinations don’t give immunity.immunity is a natural process. vaccinations are behind the cancer epidemic. cancer is a virus spread by vaccines.

    1. It makes no sense to consider Hitler as being a Jew. I don’t doubt that the Zionists DID fund the National Socialists, at least initially, in order to give themselves the enemy they needed in order to destroy the REAL Tribe of Judah, otherwise known as the German people. To the extent that Hitler was a knowing partner in this cockamamie scheme is seriously in doubt. I believe Hitler was a sincere, truthful man and was probably the greatest political leader in history. He did more for the German people and their national economy during the 1930’s than any national leader has EVER done! This is why I cannot possibly believe Hitler was a Jew, because this is the exact opposite of what we have regretfully learned is the way Jews operate.

      1. notwithstanding the right of free speech, barkingdeer is either abysmally ignorant, stupid or poisoning the well according to a plan.

        I would doubt the first option because he shows signs of real historical knowledge, 80% of his claims are quite correct.
        For the same reason I discount the stupidity option.

        So that leaves just the last one, ie, that he uses soundbites of truth to provide stealth protection to a couple of gruesome lies whose acceptance would greatly benefit the jew project, namely denying historicity of Christ and smearing Hitler as creature of talmud, notwithstanding that they are the greatest, bravest opponents to Satan’s world conquest that ever existed and Jew fears and hates them to this day because their memory could spark great upheavals.

        All one has to do is pay attention to their words, no interpreter needed.

        Now if barkingdeer were genuine, he would provide solid arguments to back up his claims instead of cheap shot Mickey Mouse ones that we heard on so many occasions before.

        I don’t own the truth, give me a more powerful and convincing evidence and my conviction will change accordingly.
        here is your challenge, go for it if you feel confident enough.

        Explain how the statements made by Jesus and Hitler aid the Jew project.

  15. If we don’t stop this lunacy, I can imagine how it will look 50 years from now. There will still be holocaust survivors travelling around lecturing school children. The children however, will be so dumbed down by vaccines, fluoride, gmo, chemtrails and such that they won’t question that the survivors must be around 150 years old or more. Their chutzpah lies will get even bolder by time, to be even more bizarre. Like some narritive who could have been written by the Grimm bros or even by Baron Munchhausen himself. The SS ogres from that crazy painting will be codified into religion. Anyone not believing it is truth will be executed by the master race of G-d.

  16. You know that it is rather interesting…..
    The same oblivious thinking, or should I say, complete illogic happens to with people when I mention either nationality or Jewish eviction from their lands. Case in point:

    1. If I say to someone for example that would they agree that a watermelon and a gaia melon, although different from one another are from the melon family, they’d agree. So if I took a watermelon seed and planted it in the same field where there were gaia melons planted, When that melon ripens and I pick it, is it a watermelon, or has it now become a gaia melon. They of course tell me it’s a watermelon. However, when I talk to a fellow Brit and make the same analogy but with humans instead and ask them if an African or an Asian born here is African or Asian, they’ll say “They were born here so they’re British aren’t they? You take your nationality from the land you were born in…..and in saying so completely contradict their argument.


    2. If I say to someone that should they be in a bar one evening and they spot an argument, with one man being evicted, they’d think that man was probably in the wrong place at the wrong time and a bit unlucky. Should they go to another bar later that week and see the same man, in another argument, with different people and being evicted yet again, they’d start to wonder on his possibly having a problematic personality. Should they go to another bar the following week and see the same man, being evicted yet again, they’d come to the conclusion that this man is indeed a troublemaker and shouldn’t be allowed in any bar, for the sake of the other customers.

    Should you state this story to people and then tell them the story of the Jews, just as with the nationality definition above, courtesy of CONSTANT brainwashing and indoctrination, they will lapse into complete illogical thought and contradiction mode by saying: “Ah well, the Jews are a persecuted people and so it wasn’t fair they were kicked out of all those lands. It wasn’t their fault. It was the fault of the anti semitic Europeans and the church.”

    As Noor above stated how sick she was of hearing all of this rubbish, so too am I. It seriously frustrates me with all the ignorance, hypocrisy and blind following of utter propaganda and lies. The problem is that people are simply, today, unable to think critically. They are unable to think outside the box. They look at the world from their house window and their ignorance to reality is apparent. As with the situation with my brother-in-law the other day, he was adamant there was a holocaust and the extermination of six million Jews regardless that he was unable to refute any of my arguments I put his way. The world’s population has now crept into Plato’s cave. They cannot comprehend anything unless it’s spoon fed to them courtesy of the msm.

    The only part of history that one is unable to debate is WW2 and the holocaust. 60+ years of constant propaganda has completely stopped people’s ability to think for themselves.

  17. The only part of history that one is unable to debate is WW2 and the holocaust.

    In fact, the ONLY reason that one is unable to debate WW2 is the holocaust, ie, shutting down the debate on WW2 protects holocaust (for me the word holocaust denotes a linguistic perversion rather than any historical event). [Ron: Arguably the Holocaust meme is a multi purpose mechanism. It not only elevates the Jews and their current activities beyond all scrutiny and criticism, it also conceals their responsibility for causing WWII; AND it justifies and largely conceals the truth that the Jew controlled Allies committed horrendous war crimes (including the fire bombing of Dresden and 60 other German cities and a similar number of Japanese cities) along with the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WWII. Those genocidal crimes against humanity absolutely dwarf the relatively minor war crimes committed by Germany. The Holocaust Libel of Germans is a never ending demonisation and dehumanisation of Germans which constitutes a grave and continuing crime against humanity to this day.].

    In example of just how ridiculous this is, consider that a widely assumed mythical occasion of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ has at least two possibly supporting artifacts, namely the shroud of Turin and the facecloth of Manoppello, which after all, present some sort of physical evidence that can be subjected to scientific scrutiny and argues out in the open, pro and con (neither have been conclusively refuted or proven, hence the fun controversy rages on unabated even after centuries of egghead strife).
    I don’t wish to argue one way or another, but simply indicate that I can freely do so, spout any wisdom or bullshit I wish, without fear of persecution by any authorities, ecclesiastical or political (the greatest danger lurks from bugeyed academics).
    The point being that the magical sounding death and subsequent rising from the dead of a single putative person 1,985 years ago have infinitely more valid forensic evidence (2+ pieces) than wide open killing of 6 million putative victims 70 years ago.
    In my life I’d never come across a more yawning chasm between the truth and the lie, thereby lending further credence that Jesus stands for the truth and jews for the lie and are the humanoid stand-in for the Antichrist at the opposite end of the spectrum.

    1. “History is a pack of lies about events that never happened told by people who weren’t there.”
      – George Santayana, American philosopher (1863-1952)

      FOMENKO studied the dates of eclipses and found that the chronology of the church had been set wrong. Events were dated as much earlier than the true dates. Typically the events of the New Testament actually occured in the middle ages. So carbon dating of the shroud could be correct. Maybe Jesus lived much later than we have been told.

      Google “The Chronology Issue” [Ron: Yabba, yabba disinformation, yabba.].

      1. FOMENKO and the chronology issue, a time consuming brainteaser full of cabbalistic equations.

        Forget about WWII revisionism, with recentism as we call it here, Russia is the center of civilization and 8 centuries of history have been invented by the Jesuits with the complicity of Islam and many others, Charlemagne is actually Augustus, no Gengis Kahn…. If you like immemorial global plot, this one is for you.

        John, are you a KGB spy? 🙂
        Name me just one Pope that hasn’t existed if you dare.

        My advice, don’t google it.

      2. This particular carbon dating was performed shoddily and quite amateurishly in fact.
        Look up the physics behind it, I can’t be bothered because it is readily available, not a big deal, I learned it either in my senior year of high school or as uni freshman.
        First of all, the strip they cut off was never properly cleaned of organic contaminants, let me list a few:
        human fingerprints, sweat and germs, because it was held along this edge during dozens upon dozens of open air public exhibitions over centuries, picking up fresh radiocarbon along the way which would have skewed reading upwards, what about exposure to all the incense smoke that was burning continually?
        Secondly, it’s lowest bound, 1350 AD as I recall was unfortunately preceded by discovery of a painting unmistakably depicting the shroud that predates the radiocarbon date by 150 years, this is in the so-called Pray Book discovered in Hungary dated 1190, about 40 years after a Hungarian delegation made an official visit to Constantinople where the emperor John Komnenos displayed the treasured relics of the the church of Blechernae and the royal chapel of Pharos, where objects similar to the shroud were stored, Image of Edessa and so forth.

        That carbon dating was a sham and widely discredited now.

        Besides, if you are insistent that it is a medieval forgery, please explain how was it made, since it cannot be reproduced today – been there, tried that, with cartoonish results.
        Not to mention totally inexplicable knowledge of future discoveries required of the forger, such as various anatomical principles, historically accurate marks of a Roman scourge, correct placement of blood marks and pulmonary plasma after piercing by a legionary lance to verify death … and so on and so on, not to mention presence of pollen very specific to semi-desert plants native to Palestine.
        I cannot recount all the details but go ahead, pursue them yourself.

        At any rate, if you are right, we are honored to be in your presence because fame awaits you, simply go and present your findings before the scientific panels.

      3. yeah, Elie Weasel will tell you all about the events that never happened, and he WAS there…or so he says…er, I THINK it was him…..whoever HE is…

        Like those actors (including the cops) at that gay nightclub in Orlando

      4. Hi Phil,
        A KGB spy?! No, sorry, I’m not a spy. I got interested in Fomenko because he found descriptions and dates of eclipses and when he mathematically checked them the only dates they could have occured were all much later than the dates given in the historical sources.

        I had always wandered why there were no original copies of ancient writings. Also there are drawings of the Roman Forum in the middle ages and it was in fairly good condition, not the ruins we see now.

        It could explain the medieval carbon-dating of the Shroud of Turin.

      5. For what it may be worth: the carbon 14 dating of the Mandylion (“Shroud of Turin”) was indeed incorrect as the sample was taken from a part of the Shroud that has been identified as a repair performed in the Middle Ages. See: “Shroud of Turin Facts Check : Carbon 14 Dating Biggest Mistake” at Sue Benford, Joseph Marino, and other textile experts undertook a detailed examination and found clear evidence of a medieval patch. This was confirmed independently by Fellow of the University of CA, Ray Rogers who published a paper with Anna Arnoldi of the University of Milan, finding indisputable evidence of a repair patch, The Sudarium (Burial Head Cloth of Christ) in the Cathedral of San Salvador, Oviedo, Spain also contains blood stains and has a relatively good documented history back to around 500 A.D. – the carbon dating performed on the cloth may have been contaminated by oil stains in this case. Some have alleged the blood type (AB -unusual as it’s a more modern blood type, with type B predominating among semitic peoples) is the same on both the Sudarium and the Shroud, but that may not be scientifically verified as yet. Both are fascinating relics. Author Ian Wilson has written some fascinating books about The Shroud of Turin, and there has been interesting work comparing the blood flow patterns which seem similar, perhaps identical on both relics, along with much other fascinating anecdotal and scientific evidence. Author Holger Kersten has published at least two books, one dealing with the Shroud, another investigating the so-called (wonder why) lost years of Christ, titled “Jesus Lived in India”, where there is a strong tradition and memory of Christ having spent a good deal of time in various parts of India, though he was said to have had some problems with some Brahmin Priests (wonder why) necessitating his departure from one area, but warmly remembered by many elsewhere, including, possibly, Tibet and Kashmir. By the way, if you ever are offered cakes or food that were used as funerary offerings at a cremation, don’t take them – they can pollute your mind. That is one of several issues some Hindus have with certain types of Brahmin priests. In the Smashan (cremation grounds) small balls of rice are traditionally offered to the spirit of the departed; a spirit is said to be present when the ever present crows who normally fight for morsels won’t go near it.

      6. Another giant source of shroud contamination that would seriously skew the reading upwards is the fact that it was in several massive fires that burned the buildings down in which it was stored, churches, monasteries, chapels.
        In the first one, the silver reliquary started to melt gobs of silver that burned through the cloth and the latest fire destroyed the cathedral in Turin but the firemen salvaged the cloth.

        So all of that deposited heavy layers of soot onto it and what is smoke but carbon released from newer organic sources, wooden furniture, drapes and so on, thereby being more radiocarbon 14 rich than the ancient cloth itself.
        And what about the air pollution in Torino (Turin) with its heavy street traffic outside, isn’t Torino the Fiat HQ?
        That atheist moron, Prof Hall who supervised the test at Oxford crowed happily afterwards that it was just a bit of cloth that someone had painted an image on and the case closed.
        Lucky for him, he died before his methodology was torn apart by the critics.

      7. Besides, you miss the main issue, which is that Christianity’s core relics are open to public inquiry, skepticism, theorizing (one doesn’t have to be a “conspiracy theorist” to spin whatever tale hatches under the tinfoil hat), free criticism and because the truth is perfectly able to justify and defend itself, it doesn’t matter in the end, these cloths could be forgeries and Christianity will survive, although centuries of the most intense scrutiny imaginable hasn’t proved the faking nor was it able to explain how the graphics were produced.

        Meanwhile, say Boo and Holocaust dissolves in hysterical screams with SWAT teams racing to the rescue with Patriot missiles and smelling salts, helicopters with searchlights and laser target pointers circling overhead to prop it up from fainting in angst and to neutralize the blaspheming Denier.

      8. @ Lobro

        RE The Turin Shroud

        I have researched the Turin Shroud for many years and I agree with you that there is a compelling case for accepting the authenticity of this holy relic. The impression on the shroud, in my humble opinion, is the impression of the actual face of Jesus Christ.

        The two things that impressed me most in my study of the Shroud were probably these two things:

        1. The total inability to prove that PAINT had been used to obtain the impression of the Holy Face.

        2. The presence on the Shroud of POLLEN SAMPLES from plants that grew only in a particular location in the Palestine of Jesus Christ’s day. The presence of these pollen samples have been verified by the world’s foremost paleo-botanists.

        These pollen samples do not belong to any plants growing in Europe during the Middle Ages. The plants existed only in Palestine while Jesus was alive and they probably grew in the very places associated with the crucifixion of Jesus, i.e., on the Via Dolorosa and Golgotha.

      9. Yes Lolicia, there is nothing to invalidate your conviction that the shroud is not a visual record of the Passion of Christ in the slightest anatomical detail.
        It is truly a remarkable object.
        It cannot however be deemed a proof, just as if Jesus himself showed up in person, how would he prove that he is he?
        A nonbeliever can always persist in his Denial, that too is his divine right, I got no problem with it because faith is and should be completely personal, just as prof Edward Hall chose atheist position in face of all evidence and jumped on a chance to (probably subconsciously) sabotage the carbon 14 test through negligence. In the end, his legacy is that of a fool.

        But I want to mention something else before it evaporates from my mind (it has a high rate of evaporation, not sure if it is a good thing).

        Let’s examine for a moment the issue of Holocaust Denial.

        Jew cannot openly state that it should be outlawed because it is true or possibly true.

        So, his argument is that examining the evidence in depth would lead to yet another Holocaust.
        On the face of it, this is a valid argument, who wants “another” 6 million Jews dead? (please don’t answer, a rhetorical question)

        But let’s peek down this rabbit’s hole a bit deeper: under what circumstances might there arise a popular urge for “another” Holocaust?
        Because bringing all objective evidence to light validates the Holocaust (#1)?
        But how is that possible if the assumption going forward is that Holocaust is true in all respects, all we do is double check and confirm, “yes, it did indeed happen just as told”!
        I don’t see how confirming the commonly accepted belief causes “another” Holocaust.

        Therefore, the only thing that might occasion another Holocaust is if the evidence overturns the veracity of the claimed Holocaust.
        And why would that happen?
        Well, what about the damage claims if it suddenly becomes clear that decades of pimping the official story resulted in absolutely astronomical human and cultural misery and destruction, genocides, disease, fear, ignorance, civilizational regression …
        This is the inescapable conclusion behind the Holocaust “Denial” laws and it is

        more emphatically and directly than dredging out the historical records.

        the Shroud is smirking at you, Synagogue of Satan.

      10. Let’s take it a bit further … I am like the Roman legionary lancing the right lung to verify death – but in reverse, this one is directed at the Devil.

        Might there be a weapon sufficient to win the Fight?

        These 2 cloths should be considered in tandem, just as the 4 meter long shroud records the death of Man, so this Veronica image (vera icona) asserts the rising of God … feel free to pursue the documentation all you want but IF they indeed represent Passion and Resurrection in a form not made by human hands (acheiropoieta), what does this tell us?
        Well, do the “2+2” thing: God is with us / Gott Mit Uns.
        If you understand this, what do you have to fear but your own cowardice?

  18. Holocaust Lies promote wars…. the main tools of the Pharisee-Jews at the top.

    Jew Christopher Jon Bjerknes – Secrets of the Satanic Sabbatean Frankists

    At 13:00 he explains that the most wealthy Pharisee-Jews…. “did not gain control of Palestine and establish Israel for no reason. And the reason is to fulfill the messianic prophesies of judaism.”

    “And that is why they want to create a world government, because that is one of the aspects of judaism.”

    He continues:
    “They think that when they gain control of the world, all the other nations will be destroyed… god will descend to Mt Zion in Jerusalem…. And share the empire of the world with the king of the jews. And will instruct the king of the jews on how o conduct world affairs. That is what judaism teaches. And that is why jews have kept themselves segregated for 2500 years…. from the rest of humanity.”

    At 15:00 he states that “Henry Ford was a pacifist…. And pacifists have come to realize that jewish leadership are warmongers…” And Ford wanted to keep America out of the senseless war….. set up by jews.


    Christopher Jon Bjerknes (born 1965) is a purportedly dissident Jew active in the alternative media, best known for his website blog Jewish Racism. Bjerknes is from Chicago in the United States.

    He has authored works which have sought to uncover the fraud in science of Albert Einstein and the artificial cult created around this figure. As well as this he has authored a hard-hitting work on the Armenian genocide, documenting the fact that quite a number of the Young Turks were actually crypto-Jews.

    Albert Einstein: The Incorrigible Plagiarist (2002)
    The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians (2006)
    The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein (2006)

    1. Thanks, TB –

      I see him as a profiteer…. gathering eyeballs for $$$$.

      I really don’t know what a ‘jew’ is.

      I make guesses just like the rest of the world…. and use the term Pharisee-Jew to attempt to cover more ‘guessing-ground’… as in ‘hunting-ground.’

  19. it i not possible to say with certainty that the jesus actually existed.
    it is far more likely he is only a personification of the old pagan sun worship and astrotheology in general.
    the new testament, where he is introduced, was written by the roman scribes in the 300 years or so after his supposed death and resurrection.
    the apex of the roman power structure was every bit as infiltrated and co-opted by jews as are the british and american now.
    the jew/romans created catholicism out of their christianity. it is a mind control technique.
    the new testament was written to serve the command and control purposes of the roman empire, which it still does. constantine was a flavian.
    christianity/catholicism claims to be peaceful but its main theme is violence.
    religion is a hoax. it is a psy-op that defines demographics usefully.
    quoting ancient scriptures doesn’t prove anything.

    hitler’s real name was not hitler. he was of uncertain parentage, like bill (rockefeller) clinton. it’s not real uncommon that the ruling bloodlines put their offspring into power under surreptitious circumstances.
    the nazis were a small (ashkenazi jewish zionist) faction that took control of germany. the german military made the mistake of following their orders. hitler was the banksters’ boy all along, literally and figuratively.
    eventually some of the high command did hatch a plot to kill him. what does that tell you?
    in the end everything hitler did served the purposes of the rest of the jews who ran ww2, including the destruction of germany and the mass murder of german civilians, the slaughter of the german army, and don’t forget the creation of the state of israel (rothschildlandia). and of course he escaped at the end.
    the official (false) narrative of ww1 and ww2 and a lot of other so called history are believed by the masses religiously. look at the connection to the word ‘mass’.
    we can all see that the holocaust is a total hoax. why do we still believe the rest of the story? is it because we’ve been conditioned to ‘believe’?
    the first rule of war is treachery. organized war is first and foremost a big lie. it only keeps happening because people are still easy to lie to.
    try to get it through your heads – almost all of what you’ve been taught is false; all the things ‘everybody knows’.
    the security pyramid can not maintain its shape if everybody has all the correct information.
    wars do not occur as spontaneous conflicts between nations. they are arranged for by the global elite as the methodology of class suppression and domination.

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      You said, “it i not possible to say with certainty that the jesus actually existed.
      it is far more likely he is only a personification of the old pagan sun worship and astrotheology in general.”

      The Roman Emperor Tiberius investigating whether Jesus was a threat to the Empire because 30,000+ people were following him most everywhere proves something. The writings of the unorganized Christian Bishops about Jesus prior to your magic 300AD date proves something. You might want to research history that was not written by jews.

      People raising people from the dead in front of highly qualified medical personnel using only words proves Jesus exists. People being healed and controlling the natural world using only words proves Jesus exists. There are tremendous numbers of accounts of these happenings. Proper usage of a good internet search engine will reveal lots more of them than you will have time to read.

      The only thing a person gets from worshiping the sun is a sunburn which indicates a false deity.

      Your post is a contradiction. You believe the jewish lies about Jesus not existing even though the jews have spent 2,000 years working diligently to erase his existence and continue to do so, but do not believe more recent jewish lies.

    2. You did not advance your credibility an iota. Try (much) harder.

      In a previous post I said I recently came across a broad and very lively field of scientific, metaphysical, theological and philosophical inquiry open to the whole world to participate and take their best shot regarding the origin, nature and meaning of two objects, the shroud of Turin, allegedly representing the death by crucifixion with unique wounding characteristics of the Jesus of Nazareth and secondly, the napkin of Manoppello, even stranger if that is possible, which seems to have captured the instant of Resurrection.
      Ridicule them all you want but unless you marshal a very powerful evidence that they are forgeries, you end up ridiculing your own intellect.
      If you do a good job and refute their physical significance, INSTANT WORLD FAME IS GUARANTEED, Jews will lionize you, shower you with tens of million$, you’ll be a media star, get laid by Hollywood starlets by the truckload – so why wait, go for it before someone else scoops the gravy.
      Until you’ve dealt with this, your antichrist message goes straight down the chute.

      As for Hitler stuff, too pitiful to be given a second read: not his real name – as if that disqualifies him, since the whole world could have easily learnt his real name at any time, Stalin is not a real name, nor Lenin, nor Ghengis Khan. Schikelgruber is too long and unwieldy for politics, so he chose a stage name – big deal.

      His origin is perfectly well known, books have been written about that, read David Irving or Arnold Toynbee or Robert Faurisson.

      He tried his mightiest to save his nation and the fact that he was sadistically backstabbed by cryptos and shabbo goys like FDR and Churchill is Hitler’s fault, right?
      This is your best argument.

      His Mein Kampf is a document of lethal danger to Jewry, anyone who reads it ends up with a very clear picture of what Jew is, their history, nature, aims, psychopathology, methods of infiltration and subversion.
      Instead of that you peddle that tawdry excrement of Dublinmick’s and gabreal Jones – what can we hope for next, how Eva Braun shat on his chest and he loved to smear it all over, how he was a teenage prostitute and played chess with lenin at the tavistock institute – great stuff, except that we heard it all before.

      Germany went to war and went down in defeat to the world of Jews, their shabbo enablers and mind dead imbeciles who believed their foul message – and you blame Hitler, because in your opinion he should have told Germany to take it lying down, like America did and is doing today, to their great profit?
      Right, yes or no?
      Tell us how America is better off not fighting the Jew, the pimp prostituting their daughters after having emptied their bank accounts, taken over the land, is now chemtrailing their skies, genetically poisoning their food in order to commit genocide by disease, polluting their minds with pornography, sending them into fratricidal wars, all for Jew’s profit, pharma and medical industry ensuring their children are born decrepit, shitting into their young minds with morally deformed educational programs, pushing culturally degenerate artforms, inverting justice and press into grotesque parodies of themselves, ensuring that the only law that must be obeyed without question is Obey-the-Jew in form of “hate laws”, “antisemitism”, etc …
      and guess what, Weimar “Republic” was their petri dish until Hitler put a stop to it.

      So, all I am led to believe is that according to you, Hitler was wrong and is therefore an agent of the Protocols and the American leadership, from Woodrow Wilson onward were right, because they took the opposite road of Hitler.

      And you will no doubt say that in addition, Putin is also a Rothschild man, because all his actions seem to serve his nation’s welfare and his promotion of Christian principles confirm that.

      1. Lobro –

        “…Putin is also a Rothschild man, because all his actions seem to serve..”….
        ….. Rothschild’s legal systems, courts and banks..!!

        Putin is so tough… he will sue you if you are not careful. 🙂


        Russian Navy Faces Surface Modernization Delays Without Ukrainian Engines, Officials Pledge to Sue

        The modernization of Russia’s surface fleet — already behind schedule — could face additional delays due to Ukraine’s decision to stop selling the Russian Navy gas turbine engines crucial to two new ship classes.

        Russian shipbuilder United Shipbuilding Corporation issued a statement on Monday saying due to the Ukrainian arms embargo, Russia will employ jet engine manufacturer Saturn to build the gas turbines for Admiral Grigorovich-class (Project 11356) and Admiral Gorshkov-class guided missile frigates (Project 22350) frigates currently under construction.

        In addition to procuring a domestic gas turbine for the two classes, USC has pledged to sue the Ukrainian government to get the engines the company said it has already paid for.

        The original gas turbines were produced by Ukrainian state-owned of Zorya-Mashproekt. Originally established in World War II, the company was a center of Soviet maritime gas turbine design and production. Following the Cold War the company continued to supply the engines for the Russian surface fleet and export ships until the Russian seizure of the Ukrainian region of Crimea and the subsequent arms embargo.

        The first three 3,850-ton Grigorovich frigates and the first two 4,550-ton Gorshkovs are already equipped with Ukrainian gas turbines, according to USC. Russia has said it plans to build at least eight of the larger Gorshkovs and the Russians have ordered six of the smaller Grigorovich ships.

        According to USC, the new engines are slated to come online in 2017 or 2018 and the frigates with the new engines will transfer to the Russian Navy around 2020.


        Putin’s Russia cannot even make their own engines… 🙂

      2. Putin’s Russia cannot even make their own engines

        They have Olympic class rowers on their warships, because they get all over the globe.
        And those hamster powered treadmills that make their ship-borne cruise missiles fly hundreds of miles to the target are pretty good too.

        You can’t electronically jam human rowers and treadmill rats, so that’s an advantage.

        And you conveniently forgot that Ukraine was part of Russia (USSR) before its dissolution, so all it is is physical factories that now have to be built in Russia proper.
        Like saying that without Detroit and Flint, America would have no clue how to build a car engine … hm, come to think of it 😉
        USA can’t build a toaster because they all come from Korea, so there is your logic boomeranging on you,
        oops, USA can’t build a boomerang either, must look for another phrase.

      3. Toasters notwithstanding….

        Italy is just one of many NATO countries building planes and ships for Putin, with help from hundreds of US companies… including Boeing and France’s Airbus.

        Italy is working with Russia building planes for them…. right now. Joint-venture.

        Russia’s Yakovlev Design Bureau chose the Yak-130 as its priority project, and together with Italy’s Aermacchi, succeeded in bringing the plane to the production phase this year.

        Alenia Aermacchi is a partner of Boeing…. Not a competitor.

        A major partner and supplier to Boeing and Airbus, Alenia Aermacchi is also one of the world’s largest providers of aerostructures, and a leader in aircraft modifications and overhaul on behalf of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers.

        Moreover, Alenia Aermacchi has teamed with General Dynamics C4 Systems to offer the T-100 Integrated Training System as a solution for the upcoming U.S. Air Force’s T-X Trainer Program.  Alenia Aermacchi will provide the platform, while General Dynamics will serve as the prime contractor and systems integrator. The T-100 Integrated Training System will be built in the United States with an emphasis on United States-made components and equipment.

        IT IS A CONSORTIUM…. of Pharisee-Jew Bankers’ companies….
        …………….. not competition. 🙂

      4. Well Pat…a little bird told me some time back that the Rolls Royce car gear boxes were made by General Motors….I’m not an auto technician, so, I dunno.

      5. Ashkenazism can make people sound like fools with their assessments of Hitler and the NS’s (re: Barking Deer)

        not to mention “ashkejewism” when it comes to whether Jesus existed (re: same as above)

  20. “On 18 November 1969 Simon Wiesenthal gave a lecture to a packed audience of Jewish students in Zurich on the ‘prosecution of Nazi criminals’. He introduced his remarks by quoting a saying by Clausewitz, to the effect that the enemy of yesterday remains the enemy of today and tomorrow, if he is not annihilated without trace… for tomorrow’s murderers have only just been born today. The crucial thing is that these potential future murderers should be eliminated right away here and now. Wiesenthal also gave his audience to understand that Jewish high finance, especially in the USA and above all the capital resources of the Rothschilds ‒ for the past century the uncrowned kings of the Jews ‒ are being deliberately used in order to eliminate in capital terms those states and ethnic groups which potentially contain Nazi criminals. ‘The essential thing’, Wiesenthal proclaimed in Zurich, ‘is to annihilate potential opponents even in the germ, yes, in the fetus state, annihilate them once and for all.’ ”

    (“Salzburger Volksblatt”, 23.1.1970, “Neue Zürcher Zeitung”, 21.11.1969, also in “Tat”, the “Tagesanzeiger” Zürich and “Geburtswehen einer neuen Welt” [“Birth Pangs of a New World’], p. 143)«

    Who would Simon Wiesenthal have had his eye on, among his Jewish students? Medical students perhaps, and future gynecologists and pediatricians? This is already very reminiscent of the figure of the Jew Shylock in Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice”!

    1. The Merchant of Venice is banned in America, so also is…I believe, Oliver Twist. Can’t think why ;-).

  21. The body of Jesus was born into a jewish community approximately 2000 years ago. That did not make Jesus a jew, but Jesus certainly had a message for the jews. He spoke to two types of jews: Judahites and the counterfeit-jews (Edomites / Idumeans). Not of the same mold, he knew it was needed to distinguish the two in restoring the Abrahamic Covenant.

    To the Judahites, he said, THEY are not you. To THEM, he said, THEY are not the Jews; THEY are the Synagogue of Satan following their organized-religion: Talmudic Judaism.

    THEY = The Hierarchy Enslaving You and THEM = The Hierarchy Enslaving Mankind.

    Matthew 23:1 Then spoke Jesus to the multitude, and to his disciples,
    23:2 Saying, The lawyers and the politicians sit in Moses’ Law seat:
    23:3 All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe of God’s Law, [that] observe and do; but do not ye after their example: for they say, and do not (and make up their own laws against God’s Orders – Deut. 4:2).
    23:4 For they bind heavy burdens (the Talmud) and grievous to be borne, and lay [them] on men’s shoulders; but they [themselves] will not lift one of their fingers to remove them.

    Revelation 3:9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are NOT, but do LIE (Idumeans); behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

    The counterfeit-jews of more recent times are mostly Ashkenazi, with some Idumeans.

    Christ Jesus’ Mission approximately 2000 years ago and presently was/is the Restoration of the Israelites to the Covenant they made with Heavenly Father (Deuteronomy 29:1-29) [Ron: The message of Esu Immanuel (aka Jesus the Christ) was for all humans on this planet.].

    1. Jesus was a Galilean. Why the ‘jews of convenience’ call Him one of their own is beyond me…

    1. Thanks, 5ds, downloaded.
      But I will need some anti-nausea pill to keep going, like for the motion sickness.

      Throughout, it received lurid illumination from the flares of the autos-da-fè. Each of these aspects deserves a whole volume. I stand astonished at my own moderation in having compressed them into chapters, or even paragraphs.

      [Jews are such great writers, in fact, Jews are such great everything! I do declare]

      It is not, however, its importance which gives the history of the Marranos its appeal, but its incredible romance. The submerged life which blossomed out at intervals into such exotic flowers; the unique devotion which could transmit the ancestral ideals unsullied, from generation to generation, despite the Inquisition and its horrors; the figures of rare heroism which every now and again emerged to burst upon the world; the extraordinary climax in our own days—all combine to make a story unparalleled in history for sheer dramatic appeal.

      got it: they, Marranos (original meaning: pigs) and Jews generally are incredibly romantic unique exotic flowers, jews blossoming despite goy horrors, persecutions, they are extraordinary heroes, sheer drama of ancestral ideals.
      My picture of Jews is greatly modified as result of this paragraph, until Jews told me how extraordinarily brilliant and incredibly romantic they are, I would have remained plunged into profound darkness of antisemitism (at noon), failing to observe the sheer dramatic appeal of usury, pornography, Pussy Riot, Annie Sprinkle, organ robbery, child sacrifice, to mention a few of these romantic ever blossoming unique flowers.
      But will keep trying a bit longer, shoved a bathtub plug down my esophagus sort of like Ulysses chaining himself to the mast to hear the sirens singing in yiddish.

      1. sorry
        did not even quick peek
        get few minutes on computer each use
        hope it gets better
        time up
        will check on your mental state next visit

      2. Shlomos, you know me, my mental state is beyond repair, “Anti-semitismus Macht Frei!”, mein logo.
        In that sense, my mental state is very stable.

      3. @ Lobro

        my mental state is beyond repair, “Anti-semitismus Macht Frei!”, mein logo. In that sense, my mental state is very stable.

        Yep . . . once a nutcase, always a nutcase! 🙂

  22. Jesus was a member of the Hebrew tribe of Judah (which was named after their patriarch Judah who was Jacob’s fourth of twelve sons). The name ‘Jew’ was a shortened version of the name ‘Judah.’ Sometime after the kingdom of Israel was divided into two nations all of the Hebrew people were called Jews even though only the people of the tribe of Judah were actually Jews. But they were the true Hebrew Jews. The so-called ‘Jews’ of today are descended from Ashkenaz who was a grandson of Noah’s son Japheth. The name ‘Semite’ was derived from the name Shem who was also one of Noah’s sons. The Hebrews were/are descended from Shem. The counterfeit ‘Jews’ are descended from Ashkenaz. In Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 Jesus called them the Synagogue of Satan. In 2 Corinthians 4:4 the Apostle Paul referred to Satan as the god of this world. So when today’s ‘Jews’ say they are ‘God’s Chosen People’ they’re correct in that they are chosen by the god of this world. .

  23. Jesus was born into an Essenic community because it represented a complete antithesis to everything we pejoratively assign with our use of the word “jew”. Therefore, “Christian Jew” is a contradiction.

    Ezra Pound famously said that jews should never be allowed in the following institutions: banking, government, and education. But it goes deeper than that in emulating Christ and the Essenic understanding.

    They KNEW that Existence in this world as physically constituted means being in a ‘macrocosmic trap’ (the “greater pale”). They wanted nothing to do with whatever may exacerbate this condition, as illustrated by the following:

    “During this present Age of Man, the seed of a ‘microcosmic corral’ (“lesser pale”) for Mankind was planted in furtive soil around the 5th Millenium B.C., in the aftermath of the great flood. Instrumental to its implementation has been the infusion of a panoply of lies and distortions, cultivated and maintained through a misleading array of authoritativeness in the forms of false dogmas that run the gamut of deceptiveness blinding Man from knowing his truth.”

    institute: L instituere, to establish, ordain

    As seen within the context of the Essenic world view, the verb “institute” suggests an action causing participants of an institution to dance to the strings of what’s being instituted.

    But whose strings? Ordained by WHO in establishing WHAT, as reflected by these institutions?

    WHY money? (the root of all evil, not “LOVE” of money, which is an erroneous deception, but money in and of itself)

    WHY government? (as devised by Man)

    And while not being dismissive of the various content that make up a general body of learning, the research of which should be done independently, what IS this “education” that fosters those other two primary institutional formats that spit out squawking parrots to serve the machinations of fiendish planters with a diabolical end-game?

    We are hoisted on our own academic petards

    John 18: 36-37

    Jesus to Pilate:

    “…my kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then my servants would fight for it, that I should not be delivered to the jews. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth (within). Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.”

    Knowing Christ means renouncing the sound and the fury of the world without – signifying nothing.

  24. I found out the truth about the holohoax in 1998 after having been a brainwashed ‘Lover of Israel’ for over twenty years. Since then I’ve told a lot of people the truth about the holohoax but only a few have believed it or have taken an interest in knowing it. It seems that only a small percent of people are truth seekers. The majority don’t care about the bothersome truth. Sometimes I wonder if they’re worth trying to reach. Those who seek the truth are going to find it. Everyone else will play into the hands of the handlers. But I guess trying to reach them is the honorable thing to do (and the loving thing to do).

  25. I only discovered the truth about the Hollow Hoax early last year when finding things about Ernst Zuendel. Since then it has been an amazing journey of discovery.
    A good resource are the books on:
    Free to download.
    Talking to people I find that most respond with the shocked “taboo-violation reaction” and don’t want to know. Sheeple are just more comfortable in the middle of their flock, even if they are in the middle of a great deception.

    1. John –

      Welcome aboard the train of facts which you stumbled upon recently. I have been on the train for decades. There is no car with comfortable seating…. just cattle cars where you will be bumped, trampled, soiled upon and mostly ignored by the fearful cattle being led to political and economic slaughter. This site is one of the stops along the way where you can engage in presenting any facts you find without as much – not as much 🙂 – disagreement as in the general populace.

      Thanks for the great book list. CODOH is one of the very best organizations fighting to bring facts forward.

      Never hold back in stating the obvious. It may not be obvious to new readers who might never comment here.

      Also …. as you may know… argument is just someone wanting more facts. Some will argue very loudly.

      1. Many thanks for your encouraging words. I work for the NHS in England and am already threatened with a disciplinary dismissal because of my “xenophobic” views. Well, all I can say is: Tell the truth and shame the devil!

  26. Say goodbye to The Overton Window and say hello to the Oventime Window.

    Thanks to Lasha and her dedicated team of family members and friends it is now a moral imperative to not only reconsider and restore the reputation of Hitler and the Germans but also to reconsider and restore Hitler’s fabled Final Solution for these lying and murdering filthy jew bastards!

    The long-overdue “Oventime Window” has entered our lexicon.

    In the years to come, when the pundits and punters alike look back and try to figure out just when exactly the Overton Window morphed into the Oventime Window, they will either credit or blame this series of landmark articles exposing the phony Jewish Holocaust at Darkmoon.

    Well, in any event, I am the first to coin the term here. 🙂

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