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Hollywood's Sabbatean Sex Propaganda
By Henry Makow Ph.D, with comments by Ron
Jan 9, 2011 - 1:49:23 AM

Hollywood's Sabbatean Sex Propaganda

January 8, 2011

For more than 40 years Illuminati Jews in Hollywood have been disparaging marriage and pounding the drum for promiscuity.

by Henry Makow Ph.D,

In a fit of nostalgia,
I watched
one of my favorite movies again, "A Touch of Class" (1973.) I had fond memories of a sophisticated romantic comedy starring George Segal and Glenda Jackson that had influenced me.

What a shock! I quickly realized why I was so messed up as a young man. 
The movie presented a man betraying his wife and children as the height of sophistication and fun. It presented random sexual intercourse as if it were the Holy Grail.  As an impressionable 23-year-old, I adopted these attitudes which ultimately undermined my ability to form healthy relationships with women. (I am now on my fourth and I hope final marriage.)

Then, I happened to see a trailer for an upcoming movie, "No Strings Attached" which teaches young people that promiscuous sex is the height of modern thinking.

Both these movies were made by Jews. Although almost 40-years apart, Hollywood Jews are pumping out socially destructive agitprop in the guise of sophisticated comedy. If "A Touch of Class" hurt me, I can't imagine the damage Hollywood is doing to the new generation.

Illuminati Jews Melvin Frank and Ivan Reitman directed the two movies respectively. Their sex for sex's sake dogma is hardly the "latest thing." The Illuminati are a continuation of the Sabbatean-Frankist Jewish heresy dating back to the 17th and 18th century.

The Sabbatean-Frankists were satanists who believed in "redemption through evil." The believed the Messiah would return when the world had descended into chaos. They advocated the destruction of marriage and family, and engaged in adultery, orgies, incest and pedophilia. 

They have enormous power because the Rothschild banking syndicate belong to this cult. Sabbatean-Frankist (Illuminati) Jews were behind Communism and Zionism. Long story short, Satanism and Communism is spewing from our movie theaters and TV's, and no one has a clue.


touchofcrass.jpgIlluminati Jews who own Hollywood have been making home movies for decades and passing them off as entertainment.

"A Touch of Class" is really "A Touch of Crass." (That's what they do, present crass as class.) George Segal plays a typical narcissistic Jew yet the "J" word is never mentioned.  There is no explanation of why anyone would find him attractive, except for his money. His friend "Walter Menkes" played by Paul Sorvino, is also a Jew. The movie oozes "Jewish humanistic" values yet the audience is totally unaware.

Glenda Jackson plays the gentile divorcee looking for uncomplicated sex on the side. Since Segal is married, there is no danger of "falling in love."

Which of course always happens. But on Menkes advice, Segal summons up the strength to end it for her sake, because he really loves her and doesn't want to hurt her any more.

Based on the trailer, "No Strings Attached" seems to follow the same theme. "Uncomplicated sex" leads to "wanting more." 

"Monogamy goes against human nature," Jewish actress Natalie Portman exclaims. "Why can't we just just have sex?" Ashton Kutcher, the male lead, apparently is also a Jew, or at least a Cabalist.

It seems like Illuminati Jews are obsessed with having sex as long as it is out of wedlock. The "falling in love" part is a fig leaf to cover making random sex socially acceptable and pervasive. A habit of promiscuity, combined with feminism, effectively kills the institution of marriage. The habit includes homosexuality as Kutcher, in the trailer, awakes and wonders if he had sex with the guy.

Recently I walked in on someone watching "Hot Tub Climate Change,"
directed by another tribalist, Steve Pink. The scene was pure porn, interracial at that. A naked white girl with ample jugs is having intercourse with a black guy in a hot tub. Mainstream movies today would be banned as obscene as recently as 20 years ago.

Some of these movies are just Jewish navel gazing. Recently I rented "Greenberg" with Ben Stiller, directed by Noah Baumbach. The title character is a self-obsessed middle aged Jew at loose ends. The tiniest thing he does for anyone is regarded as earth shattering. He is of no interest to anyone yet his self importance is staggering.  Nothing happens except that he has sex with a gentile girl, avoids commitment and helps her get an abortion.

When you own Hollywood, it appears you can inflict your home movies on the world, even if they are derived from Sabbatean satanism.


Movies and TV determine mass taste, values and behavior. Monkey see, monkey do. It's remarkable that a country that was ostensibly Christian would let a tiny cult of Illuminati Jews (and Freemasons) have this kind of power.

I'm going to be accused of anti-Semitism. I'm a Jew myself and the behavior of Sabbatean Jews embarrasses and jeopardizes decent
Jews. [Ron: Arguably saying one is a "descent Jew" is a contradiction in terms. IF one professes Judaism or "Jewishness" one is at least tacitly supporting the vicious, anti-gentile ideology and activities which that claim represents. Remember, Jews are NOT A RACE they are a religion which adheres to a particular religious ideology.] The days are over when Illuminati Jews can spread sickness and use us as their human shields. [Ron: This statement can only be true for those raised as "Jews" IF they reject Judaism. IF they continue to use their Jewishness to obtain financial rewards and/or influence and power in the gentile world THEN they are part of the problem not the solution. Similarly, anyone who converts to Judaism OR professes to be a Zionist, is telling the gentile world that s/he is part of the problem.].

The world is in the malignant grip of a satanic cult. We suffer from a cancer we won't even speak about. Hollywood and the entertainment business in general are a big part of it.


To be fair, Noah Baumbach has made some fine movies, "The Squid and the Whale" & "Margot at the Wedding."

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