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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

History Rhyming, Biden Administration Constructs Familiar War Plan Using Qatar as Long-Term Mechanism to Fund Protracted War in Ukraine
By Sundance
Mar 11, 2022 - 6:30:33 PM

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Mark Twain was reported to have said, "History may not always repeat, but it rhymes."  With the Obama foreign policy team back together again in the White House, we are watching Twain's truism play out in real time.

Yesterday, the Biden administration specifically designated Qatar as a major non-NATO ally {LINK}.

The purpose of this designation is brutally obvious. The United States is putting Qatar back into the business of brokering arms sales from the U.S. government into Ukraine.  Following the geopolitical intervention models previously used in Egypt, Libya and Syria by President Obama and Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Antony Blinken are now repeating the process toward Ukraine.

In many ways this should not be a surprise.  Qatar is the financial hub and support network for the Muslim Brotherhood.  Qatar is also the arms broker for covert military operations when the U.S. does not want visible fingerprints.

By making this designation now, the Biden administration is setting up the groundwork for a long-term proxy war between the U.S/NATO and Russia in Ukraine.

The designation provides the people around Joe Biden with the mechanism to write finding memos which will authorize the CIA and State Department to conduct the proxy war in Ukraine, and the U.S. Senate will now facilitate authorization as they did in Libya.

What this designation also tells us is that the U.S. is deploying the Ukraine insurgency model for the long haul.

We are going to be sending massive amounts of military hardware and financial support into Ukraine, to support the Ukraine ‘rebels', and Qatar will work as the U.S/NATO broker for the equipment sales.   This is what Brotherhood organizer John McCain called the "Libyan model."

Additionally, the always annoying position of Turkey as a NATO partner is going to become more important as the old alliance gets back into operational mode.  Turkish President Recep Erdogan will have a role to play in this; keep watching and we should see Turkey appear in more headlines as the conflict within Ukraine continues.

Let's take the 2011 "Libya Model" playbook and give a refresh to the new 2022 players for Ukraine:

  • President Obama replaced by Joe Biden
  • Secretary of State Clinton replaced by Secretary Antony Blinken
  • CIA Director Leon Panetta is now Director Bill Burns
  • Defense Secretary Robert Gates is now Secretary Lloyd Austin
  • Senator John McCain is now Senator Lindsey Graham
  • NATO Commander General Stavridis is now General Philippe Lavigne
  • Victoria Nuland, John Kerry, Susan Rice and Samantha Powers remain/return as they are.


Ukraine is the new proxy war geography, replacing Libya

  • The key geopolitical alliance members on Team NATO will be the U.S., Canada, U.K, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand and Qatar
  • The key geopolitical alliance members on Team Putin will be Russia, China, Iran and Syria.


Support for new Biden alliance between The Brotherhood and NATO will be a little complex, as Iran is pro-brotherhood and also pro-Putin.

Additionally, Israel is a very tenuous pro-Biden, but definitely not pro-Brotherhood. Watch how Mark Levin and Ben Shapiro line up on this one with buckets of hypocrisy - supporting the Brotherhood against Putin, yet denouncing the Brotherhood overall.

The Israeli media lobby is pushing hard against Russia because their arch-nemesis is Iran (a Russian ally).  The scale of propaganda delivered by the MSM is a reflection of scale of this effort.

There will be soft support for Russia from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Arab states, along with OPEC.  That group does not support Qatar, the Brotherhood (now aligned against Putin), or Iran which is solidly pro-Putin.

There will be pressures from Biden toward India and Brazil who lean toward Russia in this Ukraine conflict, and they have a strategic economic alliance in their BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) agreements.

Senate and House Republicans will be pro-Biden, as they use Ukraine as a proxy war against Russia.  The DC Republican class don't give a rat's ass about what their voters want.  When it comes to war, they and their corporate allies love it.

In the United States - Democrats, Republicans, Wall Street, Big Tech and the multinational corporations are always aligned in a pro proxy war stance.  This is why Big Tech announced yesterday it is okay right now to support Nazis in Ukraine and violence against Russians.

Obviously, we will keep watching it play out, but that's the basic outline.

Posted in Big GovernmentBig Stupid Government,

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©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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