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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Hervé Ryssen explains Judaism is not a faith but the geopolitical project of a hysterical, incestuous master-race cult
By John de Nugent
Jul 3, 2014 - 10:16:48 AM

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ENGLISH Hervé Ryssen explains Judaism is not a faith but the geopolitical project of a hysterical, incestuous master-race cult

by John de Nugent on July 2, 2014

Hervé Ryssen, born in 1967, is a French writer and activist who specializes in Judaism as a geopolitical project, and graduated from the famous Sorbonne in Paris. He was fired for his views as a high school history teacher and became a militant with the Front National and then other groups. In 2003, he threw a pie in the face of a famous Catholic priest who, on television, had condoned illegal immigrants occupying his cathedral. He has been constantly fined and given prison sentences for denouncing Judaism, and especially the practice of incest in Jewish families, which he says makes Jews suffer from both inbreeding and hysteria. He is known for his definition of Judaism as a political project of world domination over a planet of uniform slaves. His website:


Interview by Margaret Huffstickler in Paris for The Barnes Review magazine (httpt://


TBR: Hello, Hervé Ryssen. Between 2005 and 2010, you published five major books on Judaism. We are in the age of the Internet, videos and blogs, but you persist in writing books. Why? Do young people in France still read?

HR: From 2005 to 2010, I actually published six, six major books on Judaism (, which are the fruit of my research on the subject. It was in 2004 that I began systematically, voluminously, and daily to read Jewish authors, to devour books written by Jewish intellectuals, philosophers, sociologists, novelists, historians, etc. I realized that their thinking was extraordinarily uniform. Whether they were religious Jews or atheists, liberals, socialists or communists, Zionists [committed to Israel] or “fully integrated” [supposedly committed to their host country] I found in every epoch–and regardless of nationality or language of origin–the same ideas, the same paradoxes, and the same messianic expectations.


As as I advanced in my reading, I sorted into chapters everything appertaining to the same Jewish subjects. After completing the first book back in September 2005, I found that I still had many more things to say, and so I continued to document my findings in new books. . . until I realized now that I have completely covered the subject of Judaism.

All my books are very well-documented and factually unassailable. Moreover, none have triggered prosecution [Ed: unlike his interviews] and In order to avoid this, I had to do exhaustive research and follow strict procedures. In France, for many decades, the only available ”judeo-skeptic” books were old compilations of quotes from the Thirties and these never clearly understood or explained the global political project of Judaism or the pathological nature of this sect. So to go beyond mere quotes, I had to do a great deal ofwork analyzing Jewish texts and also bringing the progress of the Jewish project up to our times.


I believe the message has been received, because I estimate that at least 15,000 people have read at least one of my books. And I also know that reading one of these books tends to make the reader into a fanatic! That’s not so bad for just a few years’ time. I am thinking of Freud, who had sold only 700 copies of his first book after ten years.

TBR: For decades, writers and activists have indulged in “anti-Zionist” talk and agreed on the hatred of Jews toward gentiles. But you think the Jews have not only negative attitudes and feelings, such as resentment, toward gentiles, but also a kind of concrete geopolitical plan. What exactly is their plan?

HR:To understand and explain Judaism, one must always begin with the idea that Jews are obsessed with a vision of “peace” on earth (“shalom“) as depicted by their prophets. This is because they are convinced that only when peace reigns over all mankind, only then will their messiah finally come and establish the new kingdom of David, which will mean their absolute domination of the planet earth.

In order to achieve this peace which they envisage, they feel they must remove all possible sources of conflict, that is to say, they must eradicate all the differences between people, because differences for them cause conflict. The Jewish theorists who gave birth to communism wanted to abolish social classes, but not just that. They sought to also liquidate all religions, all national borders and even all separate nations.

So the current globalism means we must do away with separate races, hybridize humanity and create a one-world government. And feminism, which is also Jewish in essence, intends to abolish all differences between the sexes. We see that all this massive trend springs from one single project, the “pacification” of humanity by making everyone exactly the same. And every committed Jew works daily to carry out this project.


When there is nothing left on earth but individuals without any roots, sans racial identity or pride, deprived of any religion, and existing only to be a consumer, the Jews – who, however, will have kept their own traditions and identity – will be recognized by all as “God’s Chosen People.”

You see, Judaism is, first and foremost, a political project of world unification under the rule of the Jews. It is also, as we have seen, a sophisticated worldwide war machine, deployed against the rest of humanity so it obeys.

How does one recognize a Jew?

By what he says, how he writes, and what he does.

The Jew wants a world without borders and a global government. It all starts with this one goal.

It is very rare, I have found, that committed Jewish intellectuals ever clearly express their true goal and idea, but it forms the background of their every thought. But nowadays, with the power the Jews have acquired in recent decades, some feel bolder and more arrogant, and sometimes they let their goal slip out unintentionally, especially in certain novels, non-fiction books and articles which however are put out only by small Jewish publishers and are intended only for an audience within the Jewish community. In these works that we gentiles are not supposed to read we find the most extraodinary pearls.

One that we discovered in the April 2003 issue of Israel Magazine is too beautiful not to be mentioned. This is a monthly magazine in color, sold in French kiosks. Dr. Yitzhak Attia, the “director of French-language seminars at the International School for Holocaust Studies of Yad Vashem” in Tel Aviv, used very explicit language here, writing with a clarity unusual among Jewish intellectuals:

“Even though our reason shouts out with all its might the absurdity of this confrontation between a small people as insignificant as the people of Israel and the rest of humanity,… as absurd, as incoherent, as monstrous as it may seem, we are engaged in close combat between Israel and the Nations, and it can only be genocidal and total, because it is a question of our respective identities.

You have read that right: Attia of Yad Vashem writes that between the Jewish people and the rest of humanity, the battle can only be “genocidal and total.”

The Jews, therefore, inevitably trigger the hatred against them, and it is as old as Judaism itself.

TBR: What do you think are the main characteristics of the Jewish mind ?

HR:If one adopts the perspective of the Jewish public, we note first that the history of Judaism is depicted as a succession of tragedies. From the Exodus out of Egypt all the way to Auschwitz, passing through the destruction of the Temple and the ravages of the Cossacks, Jews present themseves as an eternally persecuted, unjustly persecuted community.

Now, if you look closely, dissecting their texts, I can assure you that there is also great pride taken in belonging to the “Chosen People” and no less contempt for the traditional cultures of the goyim.

Major French-Jewish writers such as Bernard-Henri Lévy, Emmanuel Levinas and Alain Minc have declared their distaste for our indigenous, deeply-rooted cultures. This is associated with a deep desire for “revenge” (an ever-present Jewish theme) and an absolute faith in the final Hebrew victory over mankind.

This ferocious state of mind is however usually embedded in egalitarian phrases advocating “tolerance,” “human rights” and “universal brotherhood.” At other times, their goals of domination and revenge are expressed much more frankly.

TBR: Your second book is entitled “Psychoanalysis of Judaism”. Could you tell us the connection between the Jews and “psychoanalysis”?

HR:After writing Espérances planétariennes, [The Planetary Hope] I recognized, without being able to explain it, what seemed to me to be an “abnormality.” I noted especially how Jewish intellectuals are in breathtaking denial about their coreligionists‘ roles in the Bolshevik regime. The truth, as Solzhenitsyn revealed, is that many Jewish theorists, civil servants and torturers played an absolutely overwhelming role in this tragedy that remains, with thirty million dead, the most terrible crime in the history of mankind. [Ron:  Solzhenitsyn said the Bolshevik Jews genocided 66 million Russian Christians and Hatonn says that they killed 100 million Christians in all.].

And yet almost all Jewish intellectuals still refuse to shoulder their responsibilities and do their mea culpa.Their impossible contortions to prove otherwise are a dazzling example of”chutzpah.“

One observes constantly their efforts to deny the obvious, to reverse roles, and finally to place all blame on others. One thinks, for example, of the role of the influential Jews surrounding George W. Bush in advocating the invasion of Iraq in 2003, or the key role of Jews in the African slave trade. And what about the “Russian mafia” we hear of constantly, of which nothing but the name is Russian?

While systematically obscuring these sensitive issues, the media exaggerates disproportionately any incident of anti-Semitism, causing at regular intervals “an uproar in the community.” There is indeed, in this community, an emotional fragility, a need to dramatize, that sometimes takes the form of outright paranoia. Beside that, there is also a great nervousness whenever ”the community” is criticized. Medical diagnosis emphasizes this “great intolerance of frustration.”

The fact is that the Jewish soul is pathological. A number of Jewish intellectuals (such as Philip Roth, among others, with his Portnoy’s Complaint), have confided in us their anxieties. They talk about the “mystery” of Judaism without understanding the nature of the evil that underlies it. Judaism is for average Jews themselves an “enigma” that they fail to solve. Bernard-Henri Lévy (photo) says it is “one of the deepest mysteries facing contemporary consciousness.”


I must say their situation is unique in all humanity. The truth is that after 3,000 years they still sometimes feel very alone in this world. Put yourself in their place: for centuries, they were expelled from almost all the countries where they settled, and nevertheless – they will not budge on this ─ they believe themselves to be the “chosen people” of God and to have from Him a “mission” to transform this earth. Elie Wiesel has repeatedly referred to the“dramatic solitude of this people with a universal vocation.”

TBR: What is your own take on this “mystery of Judaism“? And above all: what is its relationship with Freud and psychoanalysis ?

HR: Freud had already thought about the Jewish enigma in his time, in studying his own personal and family case history, but he then projected his discoveries about the Jews onto the “universal” plane, beyond the Jews onto humanity as a whole.

“Projection,” it must be said, is indeed a Freudian concept, as well as typically Jewish. We have already seen this tendency to systematically reverse roles and invert situations.

This also explains why Jewish intellectuals, in their entirety, accuse anti-Semites of being “mentally ill.” Note what Abraham Foxman, the president of the Anti-Defamation League in the U.S., said about Mel Gibson, director of The Passion of the Christ, who had made remarks considered “anti-Semitic” under the influence of alcohol before apologizing abjectly to the Jewish community under the influence of who knows what pressures.

“Treating his alcoholism is a good thing,“ Foxman said in substance, but he also needs to treat his anti-Semitism.”

You understand. Antisemitism, to them, is a “disease.” Jewish comments along these lines are legion. And we can understand, reading them, why opponents of the Judeo-bolsheviks were locked up in mental asylums in the USSR and other Stalinist countries.

So Freud was projecting his own Jewish pathology onto the universal level, where it did not belong. As for pathology, it is not for nothing that he began his career working on the phenomenon of hysteria. In this condition, countless symptoms are found that mimic perfectly those I can detect in the behavior and discourse of these cosmopolitan intellectuals. The similarities are truly amazing: depression, introspection, anxiety, paranoia, constant state of vigilant arousal, selective amnesia, confabulation, sensitivity to the opinions of others, egocentrism, tendency to self-dramatize, the narcissistic inability to observe others, intolerance to frustration, megalomaniacal delusions, etc. Every trait of hysteria is found in these committed Jewish writers, just as hysteria is described by Freud himself.

Ryssen in the Swiss Alps

ryssen-swiss-alpsBack when I wrote Espérances planétariennes I first noticed, without being able initially to understand why, that the horrific issue of incest – parents having sex with their own children — returned hauntingly and mysteriously in the writings of some Jewish intellectuals, such as Jacques Attali, Isaac Bashevis Singer [a Nobel laureate], Stéphane Zagdanski. . . as if they had something to hide, some tribal secret.

I continued my research on this subject, and what I discovered is very enlightening, because incest is extremely traumatizing — and incest triggers hysteria. I think I am the only writer to bring up this huge issue of the Jews and the widespread practice of incest.

TBR:You do realize that your work may be highly offensive to members of the Jewish community?

HR: Well, Jewish intellectuals have never been shy about offending others, and writingtheir “psychoanalyses of the anti-Semites” that call their opponents “paranoid,” “pathological“ and “crazy,” with opinions that are “repulsive.This propensity to insult and slander others is one of the traits of the cosmopolitan intellectual.

Here, for instance, is what Elie Wiesel said on TV about Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: “The religious leader of Iran is crazy, I mean pathologically ill; he is mad with hatred.” ( May 6, 2006). To this he added, with impeccable logic: “His bomb does not threaten Israel, but the entire world.” Now there is some projection for you! Yes, you understood it right — all those who oppose the plans of Jewry are “crazy,” and Iran threatens the world, not Israel, so we have a duty to fight their enemies. So should we now go to war in Syria or Iran?


My point is not to insult the Jews. I just think that the accusation of “the perfidy of the Jews,“ as it was denounced by the Church and all major Western thinkers throughout the ages, does not come close to describing the real bedrock of the Jewish personality.

And although no statistics are available, I can tell you that my research suggests there is a very high rate of suicide in this community, and it seems the Jews need to exorcise their “dybbuk,” their demon, as they say!

TBR: How can one resolve the dispute between the Jews and the rest of humanity?

HR: We must once again repeat : Judaism is first and foremost not a religious faith but a political project of world unification. Its plan is to eradicate all the differences between individuals and peoples in order to achieve an absolute and definitive peace, because this “peace“ will be conducive to the advent of their Messiah. One must crush and grind into one single powder all the nations, races, religions, and civilizations of the earth, raze everything that is different or unique to the ground, and leave behind only a human mass which can then be coagulated into a vast planetary workforce for them. Everyone must be exactly the same, except for the Jews.

Thus, the essence of Judaism is drastic — to destroy everything that is not Jewish. They are indeed “enemies of humanity,” just as they were regarded even back in the days of the ancient Greek and Roman thinkers. Now, if you do ever find that rare Jew who defends the white race, who supports ethnically homogeneous and independent nations, and advocates the patriarchal family, etc., it means only that he is no longer a committed Jew, that he has left his Judaism behind, or that he lives in its margins. I have written about that phenomenon too in my books, the Jews who reject Judaism.

This is why great thinkers throughout history have warned men against, in Latin, the detestanda secta, ”the sect one must detest.“ Under these conditions, combating Jewish nihilism is the duty of every human being, for we can be well assured that they will not halt their activities on their own. They are like infernal machines that will stop only when smashed!

When faced with the project of total Jewish destruction of all cultures and nations, it is perfectly legitimate in turn to contemplate the annihilation of Judaism at least in its spirit — in order to save and liberate mankind.

This goal however is probably not very “Christian.” The Church, indeed, has always protected the Jews as the “witness people” of the victory of Christianity, a people who must be preserved to be converted in some coming “end times.”

The Church has never changed its position on the Jews. Throughout history, it has always wanted the Jews to be respected in their peoplehood and their religion, but still she wanted them to be kept down, in a state of submission, powerlessness and isolation, in order to prevent them from harming others. (See our Histoire de l’antisémitisme [= History of Anti-Semitism], 2010).

Until the French Revolution of 1789, Jewish power was contained in this way for centuries. But then it was unchained. The fact is that our history is very hectic, and Jewish power required a constant effort over the centuries to be contained, which even before 1789 did not prevent Jewish financiers from being guilty of causing many wars and misfortunes.

In my most recent book, La guerre eschatologique [ = The Eschatological War] ( 2013), I showed that according to the doctrine of the Church, the Jews must endure “until the end of time,” and yet their final conversion to the “true religion” of Christ will owe nothing to the work of Christians. But now, at a time when European civilization and nations around the world are threatened with death by the cosmopolitan venom, the old Church doctrine of ”charitable segregation of the Jews” has shown its shortcomings.

You do not keep a basket full of writhing snakes around in your home!

Within Catholicism, only the Scottish theologian Duns Scotus opposed Judaism with an ideological and religious force that could have confronted it victoriously. Duns Scotus (1266-1308), a professor at Oxford, was one of the most remarkable minds of the Middle Ages and the pride of the Franciscan order. He went further than St. Thomas in proposing a solution to the Jewish problem. It was not on the basis of segregation, but of the utter destruction of the sect.

Unlike canonists and theologians of the thirteenth century – with Thomas Aquinas at their head who believed Jewish children should not be baptized against the wishes of their parents, Duns Scotus believed it was the very duty of kings to take Jewish children away from their parents, to rescue them, and to baptize and raise them as Christians.

And readers of our books know that this salutary measure would also have broken the horrific chain of incest, a sexual crime that goes forward from generation to generation among the Jews.

When faced with the old argument that we need to preserve the Jewish people intact anticipating their conversion to Christ in the far-off end times, the Franciscan replied that “for this it is sufficient to preserve just a small number of them, but isolated out on an island.”

We must never lose sight of the fact that Judaism is not a religious faith or a race, or an ethnic people who eat bagels. It is primarily a commitment, a mindset, an ideology and a project of world Jewish domination over a slave planet. And so it is primarily through the mind that this evil mindset must be destroyed.

When a Jew is sincerely converted to Traditional Catholicism, for example, his Judaism, his hate and his desire to dominate others and wreak vengeance is destroyed within his heart. Judaism can in fact be rendered harmless in a peaceful manner.

For example, here a few common-sense measures for a future anti-Jewish program:

We must begin by dissolving the major Jewish-Zionist organizations across the country. It will be established by law that any statement or written work, book, television program or film that glorifies immigration, miscegenation, adultery or homosexuality be punished by a prison sentence.

Likewise, all writings calling for the establishment of a world government will be punished with imprisonment and a revocation of citizenship. Anyincitation of Westerners to engage in a Middle Eastern war against the Muslim world will be punished as well with a prison sentence. In this way, militant Judaism is sidelined.

Further measures will be needed to put an end to the Jewish menace once and for all. It will obviously be necessary to forbid any rabbinical teaching, to close Jewish schools and synagogues because they teach hatred, and to separate children from their parents early enough to prevent the horrors of incest, which is all too frequent among the members of the sect, an atrocity which generates the characteristic pathology called hysteria in the Jews.

Children from Jewish families must receive instead a quality education, inculcating all the basic Indo-European, Greco-Roman values. Jewish youth in the process of healing will be encouraged to engage in projects that show solidarity with others, and work with other American and European children who are out in contact with nature, fresh air, animals, woods and farms.

And the most fragile young elements of the sect will receive the best care in specialized psychiatric hospitals.

After three or four generations, Judaism will have completely disappeared. We will organize,in the meantime, an international trial for the crimes of Judaism against peace and humanity, and repudiate once and for all this disastrous, mankind-hating cult.

TBR: When I interviewed the Catalan Revisionist author Joaquin Bochaca, he had a somewhat pessimistic view of the future. In fact, he compared the work of truth tellers to someone on a sinking ship who writes a final note and stuffs it in a bottle for posterity to find. What is your opinion? Do you think it is not too late to prevail against the forces that seek to enslave humanity?

HR: Au contraire.In my book La guerre eschatologique [ = The Eschatological War],when speaking of psychological warfare, I took the example of a reader who

expressed his disappointment in poor election results in 2007 by the Front National here in France [then led by Jean-Marie Le Pen]. In a nationalist newspaper he wrote in these terms:

“I am desperate, my friends. . . the Front National has lost three quarters of its electorate in France. . . I tore up my voter registration card. Hope is dead; I no longer believe in anything. We are disarmed; we are done for.”

My comment in the book was:

“After reading this kind of defeatist prose, I ask three questions. First, is this guy really a supporter — or an enemy infiltratingour ranks? Secondly, was the letter editor of this newspaper paid to publish it? And thirdly, should this defeatist be shot now or wait until later?

The last line is no doubt a little exaggerated, but everyone understands what I mean. The war our enemies are fighting against us is first and foremost a psychological war.

For centuries, when we Europeans were fighting among ourselves, each side gathered his men and they lined up openly in front of their opponents on a battlefield. The prince who was the winner grabbed some of the conquered territories, and it all ended there.

Jews, though, do not fight in this way. They act by stealth and deceit, through the media which they control; and all their work jhas one design –to demoralize others, to blame the white man and paralyze him with a guilt trip so that he will fall to his knees and submit, begging the Jews’ forgiveness.

So through their films, their newspapers and television they have constantly portrayed our Western history as one long succession of crimes: torture under the Roman Empire, the Inquisition, the pogroms of the First Crusade, colonization and pillage of the third world, etc. . . So today our teenagers leave school unconsciously feeling the urge to obliterate their own race in a great, universal program of miscegenation. All races must merge, then the evil white man is gone.

To be demoralized faced with the ugliness of the modern world is to submit to the enemy. Obviously there are many reasons to be pessimistic if we look at our environment, if we turn on the TV, if we observe the statistics about unemployment, crime, immigration, etc. . .

But this is exactly what our enemies want — to destroy our morale so that we give up defending ourselves, we fold up our tents and we abandon the field.

Sarcastic graphic by Ryssen on his site: “If a Jew says it, it must be true. ;-) ‘Antisemitism is not freedom of speech but a crime.’- Haverim Collective.

Hervé Ryssen, 100% antisemite.”


Consequently, we must consider that everything that demoralizes the enemy, is good, and everything that demoralizes and demobilizes us must be combated with the utmost energy, mercilessly censored, and totally rejected.

To paraphrase Carl von Clausewitz, we can say that “literal war is only the continuation of psychological war.”

HR: Thank you, Hervé Ryssen.


This interview shows that the Jews are absolutely unique: And this corresponds to my own finding, which is that they are agents of another power. They are too sophisticated in their approach; they act as if guided by another group that psychoanalyzes humanity objectively as an outside force, as an entomologist would study a bug.


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