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Political Information Last Updated: Apr 6, 2020 - 1:02:03 AM

Has The US Cold War Shifted From Russia To China ?
By Tom Luongo with comments by Ron
Apr 5, 2020 - 8:49:37 PM

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Starting in the Obama administration the U.S. increased its full spectrum dominance campaign against Russia as an extension of its goals to destabilize the entire Middle East.

Russia's intervention into the war in Syria after the so-called Arab Spring across North Africa emerged over an eighteen month period as the demarcation line between the unipolar moment of U.S. hegemony and the beginning of the multi-polar world now well underway.

From the moment President Putin brokered an agreement to halt the U.S. invasion of Syria over the chemical weapons attack blamed on Syria's President Bashar al-Assad Putin has been the main focus of U.S. foreign policy.

That focus has shifted now.

The thwarted invasion, helped by the betrayal of the U.K. parliament of Prime Minister David Cameron, set the stage for turning the Maidan uprising in Kiev into the ouster of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich and the bloody war to prevent Donbass secession that has raged since then.

That led to Russia's reunification of Crimea and the worst strategic defeat for the U.S. since Vietnam.

Now, I bring up this history not to pedantically repeat myself but to remind you of how deep the roots of U.S. policy are and how hard it is and how long it takes to turn the ship of statecraft and point it somewhere else.

Because we're nearly seven years since Putin stepped in to help President Obama save face over his ‘red lines' in Syria. We're six years and a month since the Crimea vote which the U.S. still refuses to acknowledge even though Crimea is healthier, happier and more prosperous despite sanctions than it ever was as part of Ukraine.

Events of the past few weeks have shifted the narrative significantly thanks to COVID-19 and the Coronapocalypse it has engendered. The escalating back and forth between the U.S. and China over this pandemic I would normally dismiss as typical statecraft and bloviating between rivals looking to create a small gain here or there.

But this time I don't think that's the case. There's something much more serious happening here. Donald Trump has been making his pivot to China as the real threat to the U.S.'s future world standing a priority since the day he was elected.

And he has been hampered and dogged in this the entire time by the Democratic Party and its Clintonista and Obamaite holdovers in the CIA, State Dept. and both sides of the legislature who clearly work for the globalist oligarchy I love to call The Davos Crowd.

One could easily make the argument that RussiaGate itself was an extension of Chinese influence over the Democrats, which has been China Occupied Territory going back to the Clinton Adminstration.

And that has had the disastrous effect of putting the U.S. at odds with everyone who Trump thinks looks at him cross-eyed. The die-hard neoconservatives want him to finish their encirclement of Russia and secure Israel's future as an energy exporter to Europe and destroying Iran.

The globalists of both Clintonian and Obaman persuasion want him to continue cozying up to China, outsourcing America's productive capacity and propping up the failing European Union.

And he's been focused on realigning our foreign policy towards China to reverse the globalism and decouple the U.S. economy from China. He's used the crudest of tools, trade wars and tariffs, but there's little denying what the goal has been.

And with the Coronapocaplyse coming on the heels of bitter confrontations in Hong Kong, Iraq, the Philippines, Kashmir, and Iran Chinese/U.S. relations have hit a new low as both sides openly accuse the other of a bio-weapon attack via COVID-19.

It doesn't matter if the accusations are true or not. Likely neither claim is true. What is relevant is that both are using it to justify fundamental shifts in rhetoric to justify shifts in policy.

So, in contrast to the bitter words between the U.S. and China over COVID-19 and the growing propaganda operations by both governments, we have a pivotal phone call between Trump and Putin which seems very well timed.

Beginning with helping Trump save American lives with a plane-load of aid and expertise and potentially ending with a tacit agreement to keep oil prices from cratering further to assist Trump stabilizing the finances of his domestic oil and gas industry on which both his re-election campaign and the future of the U.S. rests.

So Putin now emerges as someone Trump can do business with when the chips are down. He found out Putin's character when presented with a real crisis while MbS reacted with belligerence and, worse from Trump's perspective, incompetence.

MbS has been incapable of wrangling OPEC into any kind of regional force. He's started a price war while Trump is paying for defense of his oil fields from Yemeni attacks.

So, right now it seems to me the perfect opportunity for Putin and Trump to put MbS and the rest of OPEC in its place and dictate terms as to how the oil markets of the future will look.

I'm not suggesting that Putin and Trump will bury the hatchet or anything, but they need each other in many ways. And they will need to tone things down on a number of fronts, especially the Middle East and Ukraine, if Trump is going to successfully pull the U.S. out of China's economic orbit.

Putin's partnership with China, his friendship with Chinese Premier Xi Jinping is an asset which Trump can use to broker deals between all three nations during his second term if he survives this Coronapocalypse.

But he has to get through this summer and the concerted effort on the part of The Davos Crowd to destroy the U.S. economy through mismanagement of this pandemic and the insane power grab that is on the table.

It's more pronounced and obvious in Europe, which I've talked about at length in previous posts (here and here), but it's a real concern in the U.S. Riders on all of these stimulus bills will see the Democrats getting some of their worst ideas made manifest at the national level even after we see broad usurpation of power by officials at the state level.

And I have to wonder, now, just what these people were thinking in trying to stop the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat the disease, especially in light of real hinckey circumstances in France and the overwhelmingly positive results doctors are getting with the treatment.

This, by all accounts, is a cheap and effective solution to the virus, which can be treated for around $20. And when people truly realize just how thoroughly ideological hacks like Bill DeBlasio, Andrew Cuomo, Emmanuel Macron of France and the media tried to kill their loved ones for their political gain, their anger will be explosive.

The attacks on Trump from all the usual suspects in the media after he let it ‘slip' at that infamous press conference that the drug could be promising are a dead giveaway that he broke containment on the severity of the crisis.

If Trump did that against everyone's advice it may turn out to be the most influential act of his presidency.

Becuase, there's something not adding up about this Coronapocaplypse. I'm becoming more and more convinced this is a naked power grab during a crisis by The Davos Crowd to retain control while the financial and political systems fail.

The sheer speed we've gone from it's just China's problem to cries of the need for global government, gun control, nationalization of industry and financial repression has given even the most paranoid of us whiplash.

And if Trump suspects that China was assisting his political enemies in withholding treatment for COVID-19 to do damage to him politically, true or otherwise, this will forever change the nature of the U.S's relationship with China.

He already believes they purposefully downplayed the disease to let it infect the world.

This will accelerate the decoupling of their economies and set them on a path indistinguishable from open warfare.

Putin then becomes a very interesting middle man standing between these two behemoths struggling with maintaining their standing in the world while their economic and political fortunes metastacize in the new world built on a whole lot less credit and public trust.

Regardless of where things go from here, it should be obvious by now that Trump is ready to pursue a different path if he's given the chance. It's clear he's still battling the remnants of the Clintonista and Obamaite globalists within the U.S. bureaucracy of dubious loyalty.

But after guiding the U.S. through this pandemic and the financial crisis it has catalyzed, he may be in a position in his second term to beat The Davos Crowd one more time.

[Ron: Arguably President Trump has already beaten "the Davos crowd" and so has President Xi. China was chosen by the demonic global bankster controllers to be their militant global HQ by assuming the dominant global economuc and military role of the US while it was being hollowed out economically and militarily and turned into a Third World nation.That involved the JOOS continuing to control China in the way they have controlled the US; and China under Mao Tse Tung. THEY FAILED. The result will become obvious very soon.].

*  *  *

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