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By Rev. Ted Pike
May 2, 2011 - 5:26:29 AM


By Rev. Ted Pike
2 May 11

In 2005 ADL attempted to imprison 11 Christians for the “hate crime” of witnessing to homosexuals. Through talk radio and online, I informed millions that ADL was the creator of freedom-quenching hate laws worldwide. Christian conservatives in America grew increasingly aware of the League’s sinister agenda. Yet they resisted the recognition that supremacist Judaism itself is intent on ending western Christian freedoms. Prominent new right authorities, such as hate law guru Robert L. Knight, loudly proclaimed that hate laws were spawned by liberals and homosexuals. (1)

But ADL itself undermined that idea, frequently and boldly boasting that it masterminded 45 state laws and the federal Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act. Today conservatives no longer claim hate laws originated with liberals and homosexuals. The right accepts the fact of Jewish creation of hate laws worldwide. Yet there remains a paralyzing fear of ADL recrimination—of being labeled “anti-Semitic” for attacking the ethnic/religious motivations of a venerable Jewish institution. Thus conservatives will not warn that hate laws, in their goal of silencing western Christian liberties, are quintessentially Jewish.

Will Hate Laws Come to Turkey?

Christian conservative fear and silence leaves ADL free to start new hate law bureaucracies in Latin America and now even strongly anti-Zionist nations such as Turkey.

Despite its predominant Islamic majority, Turkey has a long history of Jewish anti-Christianity. As early as the 6 th century AD, Turkish Jews, facilitated by Persian conquest, slaughtered 90,000 Christians. In more modern times, Turkish-Jewish anti-Christianity has been present through crypto-Jews – the Donmehs. Like the “Maranos” of 16 th century Spain, Donmehs posture as devout Muslims but are actually anti-Christian Jews. “Young Turk” Donmehs bear large blame for plotting the genocide of 1.5 million Armenian Christians at the beginning of the 20 th century. (See Brother Nathanael Kapner article, Jews Plotted the Armenian Holocaust)

ADL, recognizing this continuing anti-Christian element, has hosted a Turkish Conference on Bias Crime.

During the International Conference Against Hate Crimes, held April 15 th-17 th in Istanbul ... ADL presented recommendations on responding to the problem of hate violence in Turkey. Turkey does not presently have a law against hate crimes… While laws against hate crimes will differ from country to country, the American experience does provide practical insight into some effective strategies that Turkey can adopt. (, At Turkish Conference on Bias Crime, ADL Offers Guidance to Counter Hate Violence)

The formula is wearingly familiar. It ended free speech and brought ruthless persecution of Christians and free thinkers in all countries in which hate laws have been enacted. (The full brunt of hate law repression is currently restrained in the US because of widespread Christian conservative activism and suspicion – primarily created by the National Prayer Network since 1989 and greatly assisted after 2005 by alternative right-wing media including World Net Daily.)

ADL’s Prescription for Ending Turkish Freedom

Here, in brief, are ADL’s recommendations to Turkey:

  • “Enact a {hate} law to address and recognize hate violence
  • “Acknowledge and identify the [largely non-existent] problem
  • “Provide law enforcement with training and resources
  • “Establish coalition communication networks [a pro-hate law lobby]
  • “Encourage and maintain the expectation of leadership [pressure the government]”

Robert L. Trestan represented ADL at the conference. He underscored the worldwide zeal and outreach of ADL to enshrine hate laws everywhere.

Hate crime laws in the United Sates were enacted because people, like everyone attending this conference, drew attention to the problem, tirelessly urged leaders to speak out and pursued solutions. Even with laws in place, ADL and others understand the need to keep raising public awareness of the issue. Just because hate violence transcend borders so do the people and organizations working on these solutions.

Will ADL deceive Turkey?

Turkey, including Prime Minister Erdogen, was outraged at Israel’s terrorist murder of nine Turkish participants in the “Free Gaza” flotilla a year ago. But do the Turks understand that the ADL is one with that murderous government?

One of the great benefits of present worldwide outrage against Israel is that it gives people and nations precious time to understand the relationship between the Anti-Defamation League and Zionist goals to destroy all opposition. They may see that ADL wants to seize their free speech – including their right to criticize Israel—and thus recognize that supporting ADL hate laws, while opposing Zionism, is self-defeating.

Will the people and government of Turkey, as well as Latin American countries, catch on before ADL’s Abe Foxman becomes the fox in their civil liberties henhouse?

No one knows.

We do know that opposition to Zionism, and worldwide education about ADL hate laws (available at, is the best insurance for freedom everywhere.


Five years ago there was an element of truth in Knight’s claim. As I document in my article “Judaism and Homosexuality: A Marriage Made in Hellhomosexual pro-hate law Jews overwhelmingly dominated all the major gay rights organizations in America, feverishly working with ADL to pass their federal, homosexual-protecting hate law. Yet after widespread dissemination of my article, homosexual Jewish activism decided it was too risky for Jews to remain in prominent gay rights leadership. They evacuated en masse, preferring to install mostly Gentiles in their places.

Yes, hate laws were orchestrated in America by liberals and homosexuals – especially Jewish ones!

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