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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

By Bulov
Nov 25, 2009 - 5:57:00 AM

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Ron: Ashkenazi Jews know all about holocausts. They perfected the technique killing white Christians in Russia.

in Phoenix Journal #68: Ecstasy To Agony—Through the Plan 2000
Hatonn says:
'‘In 1917 the Khazar-Jews passed a major milestone toward the creation of their own state in Palestine.  That same year they also created the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia-financed by some very familiar foundations out of America.  Be patient and you shall begin to see the linkage of the secret societies and moneychangers.  There, of course, followed a Christian Holocaust, the likes of which the world has never seen.  The Khazar- Jews were once again in control of Russia after more than 900 years, and they set about the task of destroying Christianity by destroying Christians -- over 100,000,000 of them (almost makes the projections from Germany look feeble, does it not?).  Worse, and in addition, Godly Jews everywhere take note; at the same time over 20,000,000 religious Jews also died at the hands of their own proclaimed people, the Khazar Jews.’


According to the latest Jewish Holocaust story, what led to the deaths of 6 million Jews started with the Nazi party using Jews as a scapegoat for the problems in Germany in order to win votes and come to power. We are told that after the Nazi party came to power, instead of anti-Semitism going down because there would be no more elections, thus no more need to blame Jews in order to win votes, anti-Jewish feelings increased for no justifiable reason at all. Holocaust preachers then say that the Germans decided to divert what little fuel they had for their war effort (air force, trucks, and tanks, etc) toward burning Jews in ovens. The Holocaust preachers want us to believe that gassing and burning 6 million Jews was more important to the Nazi regime than winning the war. The story is so illogical and ridiculous that it is surprising that anyone would believe in such a thing, but that's the power of the mass media. It's the same mass media that got most people to believe that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and that Saddam Hussein had ties to Al-qaeda.
History of the Holocaust stories.

The first Holocaust story began in Bethar, Palestine - 135 AD where Jews claimed in their Talmud that 4 billion Jews were killed by the Romans. Over time more Holocaust stories were told including one in an American newspaper dated Oct, 1919 titled "The Crucifixion of Jews must stop!". In this Holocaust story they claimed that 6 million Jews were in danger of dying from "tyranny of war, and a bigoted lust for Jewish blood". The article then asks for 35 million dollars in donations to save the 6 million. During WWII another Holocaust story came out, once again 6 million Jews were claimed, but this time the Jews had something they never had before to advance and protect their fabricated story, control of the mass media, especially the newest media - television.

The Holocaust story didn't gain much ground as a propaganda weapon until the 1960's when television started to re-educate the population with Holocaust propaganda, and pressuring businessmen, educators, elected officials, and religious leaders to accept this new dogma, or be labeled a neo-Nazi "Holocaust denier". And it is a dogma; a new religion where the more time that passes since its supposed occurrence the more we have to hear about it, and watch our political and religious leaders make their yearly pilgrimage to the holy shrines of the Holocaust - Auschwitz, Sobibor, Treblinka, and of course the many Holocaust memorials that have sprung up like mushrooms all over the western world. If seems that if you want to get elected to higher office you must visit three places, a concentration camp, a Holocaust memorial, and Israel.

The Holocaust story has three purposes.

1. To support the Holocaust reparations industry and make lots of money.

2. To justify the existence of Israel.

3. To get all non-Jews, especially White people to believe that Jews suffered more than any other people in the world, and therefore no one has the right to question Jewish motives or organize in opposition to Jewish power (media, banking, etc) because the Nazis did those things, and what did it lead to? The Holocaust.

The main purpose of the Holocaust story is to prevent White people from organizing against Jewish power. That's why in every racially diverse White country, Blacks, Asians, and Arabs are allowed to have racial organizations, but not White people. The non-White minority groups are no threat to Jewish power so they get a pass, but the Jews know that White people have successfully organized against them in the past, therefore they needed a way to prevent White people from organizing against them in the future, and that way was the Holocaust. It is a psychological warfare weapon meant to morally disarm White people by injecting a feeling of White guilt, engendering a belief that the Jews are innocent and powerless, and by programing people to think that anyone who makes a negative comment about Jews is being a cruel, hateful, and a bully.

A good way to break though the Jewish Holocaust shield is for White patriots to side with the victims of the Jewish supremacist's regardless of what race they are. Remember, White people are very empathetic, so play on their empathy by defending the oppressed, and exposing their oppressors.

Below are examples of how Holocaust propaganda works to keep White people from organizing for their own interests.

If you want to form an organization that advocates for the interests of White people the same way the Jewish ADL does for Jewish people, then be prepared to be compared by the Jewish controlled press to Adolf Hitler and the Nazi's.
If you don't like the way the Jewish international bankers are sucking the wealth out of your country, then be careful not to say so publicly because that's what the Nazi's used to say in Germany, you're not a Nazi are you?

If you don't like Jewish produced movies and magazines promoting immorality, degeneracy, homosexuality, and interracial sex? Look out, that's what those Germans spoke out against right before the Nazis took over, and you know what happened then, right?

Feeling like an outsider in your own country because more and more people are looking and speaking differently than you? Yep, you guessed it. You're definitely a Nazi now - reserve your seat in hell you no good Nazi SOB!

In conclusion and in all seriousness, the Holocaust must be exposed for the fraud that it is, so that Jews can no longer use it to demonize people who don't want to live under Jewish supremacist control. A control that leads to the following: Jewish groups like the ADL and SPLC pushing White guilt propaganda, Jewish businessmen using ponzi schemes to suck the wealth out of our pockets and out of our country, Jewish lobby groups like AIPAC pressuring and bribing our political leaders into giving more of our money to Israel, the Jewish controlled press using lies to trick the American people into supporting more wars for Israel, Jewish made movies promoting every sort of filth and degeneracy to corrupt our society and the youth of America, and Jewish media and organizations pressuring our lawmakers into keeping our borders open to the third world because they want to make the White population a minority and eventually exterminate us by breeding us out of existence.

Since it is not possible to disprove the Holocaust to the majority of people because the mass media is in the hands of the Jews, the only productive thing a patriot can do is to demand an independent investigation into this subject. There have been so many lies told by concentration camp survivors and Holocaust profiteers that everything about the Holocaust becomes questionable. We were told that Germans made lamp shades from the skin of dead Jews, that was a lie. We were told that Germans made soap from the fat of dead Jews, that was a lie. We were told that 4 million Jews died in Auschwitz, that was a lie, then 2.5 million, that was a lie, and now the latest official figure is under half a million. What is the truth?

Once again the Holocaust's main purpose is to prevent White people from resisting Jewish power by equating any form of White activism or identity to Nazism, and because Nazism = Holocaust, and Holocaust = the worst crime in human history, Whites must not be allowed to speak or organize for their own interests. If Whites in America, Britain, France, Germany, and elsewhere don't like being forced into becoming a minority in their own countries, or they don't like what Jewish Hollywood is producing for their children to watch, or they don't like the way the Jewish controlled press reports the news, or how Jews get away with killing Palestinian's, or building nuclear bombs in Israel, or lying to us to get us to attack Iran like they did with Iraq - too bad, they must either keep their mouth shut, or speak out and be called Nazis by the Jewish controlled corporate media. That's the power and purpose of the Holocaust story - it's a speech silencer and a resistance organization destroyer.

There is no doubt that the leaders of all the major Jewish groups know that the Holocaust is a lie, that's why they pushed so hard to get speech crime laws passed in Europe, Canada, and Australia, and that's why they are pushing so hard for those same laws here in America. They don't want the truth about their Holocaust myth to get out, so they need laws to intimidate people into keeping silent about what they know. And this plan makes perfect sense because the Holocaust story protects Jewish power. Why should they allow you or anyone else to ruin such a good thing for them?

Nowhere in the world is there a speech crime law for those that would deny that slavery took place. Why? Because the evidence for slavery can stand on its own merits without the need for such laws. But the Holocaust story is not based on the truth, so laws are needed to prop it up to maintain the illusion of truth. Without speech crime laws to silence and imprison people, Jewish hate groups to intimidate people, and Jewish controlled attack dogs in the press to vilify people, the Holocaust story would disintegrate into dust. It would and should go into the Guinness Book of World Records as the biggest scam in world history.

Short Q&A:

Were Jews put in concentration camps during WWII? Yes

Were Jews put in gas chambers? No

Were Jews made to work? Yes

Did 6 million die? No

Did Jews suffer during WWII? Yes
Who else suffered during WWII? Everyone. Jews did not corner the market on suffering, although they want you to think they did.

For more information on the Holocaust:

Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust



Democratic U.S. Allies who have imprisoned people for their opinions.

Ernst Zundel sentenced to 5 years for Holocaust denial
"In several European countries, including Germany, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Spain and France, Holocaust denial is a specific criminal offense. In Canada, Holocaust denial can be prosecuted as a hate crime."

Horst Mahler Gets 6 Years in prison over Holocaust statement
The 70 year old lawyer called the holocaust "the most colossal lie in the history of mankind" and for that was sentenced to prison for 6 years.

German Defence Lawyer Sylvia Stolz was sentenced to 3 and-a-half years in prison and disbarred for 5 years for Holocaust denial.
"Sylvia Stolz is a German who defended Ernst Zundel at his trial for denying the Holocaust in February 2007. During that trial she called the Holocaust "the biggest lie in world history." Zundel was convicted and is serving five years in prison. Stolz was in turn tried for the same offense and is currently serving a 3 1/2 year prison term."

Dr. Toben Is Jailed For His Opinions On The Holocaust in Australia.

World Jewish Leaders Praise Argentina's Decision to Expel Holocaust Denying Bishop.

Kicked out of Argentina because he refuses to bend to pressure and retract his belief that the Holocaust is a lie.

How Holocaust Enforcers incite violence against Holocaust Truthers

Additional victims of Zion
This list was compiled in 1996. Since then, hundreds of writers, researchers, historians, even clergy and others who dared to question the Holocaust Dogma have been arrested, fined, imprisoned - even kidnapped! Hundreds of people have put their lives, reputation and freedom on the line to bring Holocaust Truth to the world.

"Jewish Soap" and "Lampshade" Lies A Picture Tells A Thousand Words. Jewish concentration camp survivors were caught lying before, who can be trusted?

Why Angry British Voters Are Tuning In to Bigots - Perfect example of how the Jewish controlled press uses the Holocaust to suppress pro-White organizations like the BNP. Along with the article there is a section on the left side of the page call "Related", and under that is a picture of Adolf Hitler with the caption "Adolf Hitler's rise to power". A blatant and deliberate attempt to equate the Nazi party with the British National Party.
more info
by Bulov on 24.11.2009 [04:09 ]

Holocaust: the Numbers Do Not Add Up!

Ahmadinejad Questions Holocaust. So do the majority of the World!
h ttp://

Above left: This was the plaque on display at the Auschwitz camp until 1989: note the "4 million" victims. Above right: This is the plaque currently on display at Auschwitz (2002) - note the suddenly reduced number of victims to 1.5 million - a casual reduction in the number of deaths by 2.5 million which never appeared in the American "free press"

Jews complained about a holocaust in 1919! "Six million men and women are dying ... eight hundred thousand children cry for bread. And this fate is upon them through no fault of their own, ... but through the awful tyranny of war and a bigoted lust for Jewish blood. In this threatened holocaust of human life ..." --The American Hebrew (New York, issue 582 of October 31, 1919) The Talmud also has atrocity claims which demonstrate the Jewish mentality: Gittin 57b claims that four billion Jews were killed by the Romans in the city of Bethar. Gittin 58a claims that 16 million Jewish children were wrapped in scrolls and burned alive by the Romans.

Actual Auschwitz records released by Russia reduce that figure to 30,000 Jews
[Ron: None of whom were gassed in gas chambers because the gas chambers were not built until the Bolsheviks built them AFTER WWII.]

Statistics collection by Dennis Nix:

World Almanac, 1940, pg. 129: World Jewish Population- 15,319,359
World Almanac, 1949, pg. 289: World Jewish Population- 15,713,638
World Almanac, 1996, pg. 646: World Jewish Population- 14,117,000
and National Council of Churches 1930 - 15,600 ,000
American Jewish Committee Bureau of the Synagogue Council, 1939 - 15,600,000
World Almanac USA 1946 - 15,690,000
Statistical Handbook of Council of Churches USA 1951 - 15,300,000

taken from:

More News

The Numbers Game - once more!

Over the years, the numbers of "dead" in Auschwitz have changed drastically. Hardly anyone can keep the lie straight any more. Below is the list of the various numbers that have come and gone over the years.

Dec. 31, 1945 French Research Dept. for Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal 8,000,000
April 20, 1978 Le Monde (One of Frances largest newspapers) 5,000,000
Jan. 23, 1995 Die Welt (One of Germanys largest newspapers) 5,000,000
April 20, 1989 Kogon, Der-SS-Staat (Expert on III Reich) 4,500,000
Oct. 1, 1946 International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg document number 008-USSR 4,000,000
Nov. 24, 1989 Chief Prosecutor Majorowsky, Wuppertal File No. (12 js 1037/89) 4,000,000
July 26, 1990 Germany's largest Jewish Weekly, "Allgemeine Jüdische Wochenzeitung" 4,000,000
Dec. 08, 1993 ZDF, Germany's second largest T.V. network 4,000,000
Jan. 25, 1995 German paper "Wetzlaer Neue Zeitung" 4,000,000
Oct. 1, 1946 International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg document number 3868-PS 3,000,000
Jan. 1, 1995 German magazine "Damals" (Magazine about history) 3,000,000
July 18, 1990 The Peninsula Times Tribune, San Fransisco (USA) 2,000,000
July 25, 1990 German newspaper Hamburger Adendblatt 2,000,000
Jan. 27, 1995 German newspaper "Die Welt" 2,000,000
June 11, 1992 Germany's largest Jewish Weekly, "Allgemeine Jüdische Wochenzeitung" 1,500,000
Oct. 8, 1993 ZDF, Germany's second largest T.V. network 1,500,000
Jan. 23, 1995 German newspaper "Die Welt" 1,500,000
Sept. 1, 1989 French newspaper "Le Monde" 1,433,000
Feb. 2, 1995 Large German weekly magazine "Bunte" 1,400,000
Jan. 22, 1995 German newspaper "Welt am Sonntag" 1,200,000
Jan. 27, 1995 German newspaper "Die Welt" 1,100,000
Dec. 21, 1994 Institute for Contempory History, Semi-official organ of the German State 1,000,000
Dec. 31, 1989 Jean-Claude Pressac's book "Auschwitz: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chamber" 928,000
Sept. 27, 1993 German newspaper "Die Welt" 800,000
Jan. 22, 1995 German newspaper "Welt am Sonntag" 750,000
May 1, 1994 Focus newsmagazine. Over 2 million circulation 700,000
Jan. 23, 1995 German newspaper "Die Welt" 700,000
Jan. 31, 1994 Jean-Claude Pressac's book "The Auschwitz Crematorium" 470,000
Jan. 8, 1948 Allied censored post-war German News Reels (Wochenschau Nr. 137) 300,000
Jan. 6, 1990 Frankfurter Rundschau 74,000
May 31, 1995 Former Director of the Institute for Military History at Freiburg, Hoffmann in his book "Stalins war of Destruction" 74,000
Pick your favourite number - facts don't matter, truth does not matter, death certificates don't matter to the Holocaust promoters! Anti-German propaganda is the only thing that seems to matter in this racket!
In brief, this is elite Jewry`s holocaust hate speech cycle:
by Bulov on 24.11.2009 [04:10 ]
In brief, this is elite Jewry`s holocaust hate speech cycle:

1. Jew elite tells the cosmic-sized Big Lie of the Holocaust.
2. Gentiles say, "Wait! Let us investigate that!"
3. Jewish elite protests, "What? You question Jewish suffering and eyewitness testimonies? You are engaging in hate speech."
4. The Jewish controlled media then proceed to silence and defame the hapless Gentile or Jew who refuses to accept the holocaust blood libel.
5. If the Gentile persists, Jewish thugs like Rabbi Kahane`s JDL Jewish Defense League send him mail-bombs or Jewish assisted lightening burns down his house. These Jewish thugs are almost always protected by their co-tribalists in the judicial system and the useless police never bother to seriously investigate the crime.
6. If the holocaust skeptic persists, jewdiciaries bankrupt, deport, and imprison him.

These six stages of the hate speech cycle of the Jewish elite can all be seen in the life of the great human rights fighters Ernst Zundel, Robert Faurisson, Germar Rudolf, Georges Thiel, et multi alii. The basic assumption behind elite Jewry`s thinking is that elite Jews themselves could never be guilty of anything in their relations with Gentiles.
Found at:

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