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Political Information Last Updated: Aug 15, 2020 - 12:16:18 AM

Globalist Elites’ post-COVID Vision for Humanity is Satanic, anti-human
By Jeanne Smits
Aug 14, 2020 - 8:44:54 PM

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While the World Economic Forum is not actually promoting the idea that humans should 'cease to exist' in so many words, the idea is there for everyone to consider.


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August 14, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) - The World Economic Forum (WEF) has a lot to say about the "post-COVID" era. It is openly using an "epidemic of fear" surrounding the Wuhan coronavirus in order to push the world in a specific direction - in particular through its promotion of the Great Reset planned for next January together with the International Monetary Fund and the prince of Wales. Where is it headed?

Regular tracking of the website gives a foretaste of the world of the future as favored by the globalist community. The World Economic Forum recently published a flattering presentation of "untact" - a push towards long-lasting "social distancing" as promoted by South Korea. It also suggested five novels with ecological themes as must-reads. One of them features a heroine who commits suicide in the middle of a conference to show that only the disappearance of humanity can save trees and our planet.

Other recent posts include: "Reopening schools too early could spread COVID-19 even faster - especially in the developing world," "Seasonal flu reports hit record lows amid global social distancing," "The coronavirus has shrunk LGBTQ youth's safe spaces," "A brief history of racism in healthcare," "Coronavirus: Green recovery ‘could prevent 0.3C' of warming by 2050," and so on. The COVID-19 crisis also prompted the World Economic Forum once again to promote the supremely socialist dream of a state-paid income for all, under the title "Universal basic income is the answer to the inequalities exposed by COVID-19."

Although the World Economic Forum's website routinely warns that the opinions expressed in these stories are not those of the organization itself, the fact remains that these articles have been selected and are distributed under its banner. They all point in the same direction.

The World Economic Forum is indeed true to itself. It is the forum that, under the impetus of its founder, Klaus Schwab, has since 1971 organized discreet annual meetings in Davos, where the world's leading proponents of globalization meet. Top government and business leaders from all over the world gather in the small Swiss ski resort under heavy protection and discuss the shape of things to come.

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As the meetings have become less discreet and more publicized, the WEF has shown its aims more and more clearly in terms of societal and economic change. Its website,, clearly frames the "dream future" of globalism by distributing good or bad marks to countries and leaders.

Concerning the coronavirus and "social distancing," a good mark was awarded to South Korea. South Korea has achieved remarkable results in the fight against the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus, with fewer than 15,000 infections and only 305 deaths despite its population of more than 50 million, and it obtained these results without a lockdown. But in the light of this non-crisis, Moon Jae-in's government wants to promote "social distancing" at all costs, through the growing institution of a "contactless" society.

A word has even been coined to describe the South Korean ideal: "untact" as opposed to "contact," a neologism worthy of 1984's Newspeak. Until recently, we all thought contacts, encounters, the absence of isolation, meeting and exchanging with family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, neighbors, and shopkeepers of all kinds were part of the riches and fullness of life. Even today, despite COVID-19 propaganda, older people often say that loneliness is the worst suffering of old age. But the Wuhan coronavirus seems to have the function of sweeping away life's many freedoms and joys. It requires - no, it demands! - "untact."

In her August 11 story on the WEF website, Rosamond Hutt explained: "South Korea's government wants people to use contactless services in the fight to stop the spread of COVID-19 and to aid economic recovery." How? By using more robots and automation and going digital.

The article describes a café in Daejeon whose barista is a robot that prepares, serves, and comments on beverages to reduce contact between employees and customers - or rather, its only employee, because the bar hires only one human: a pastry chef who also takes care of cleaning and restocking. Man's worst enemy is man, as they say.

A "Digital New Deal" - part of a $62-billion five-year comprehensive stimulus package - will help South Korea to expand these inhuman services. The plan comes with an extensive agenda: the construction of 18 "smart" hospitals in view of providing remote health care, especially for the elderly and vulnerable, funding to help small and medium-sized businesses to set up virtual meetings and remote after-sales service, and investment in technology for robotics and, of course, drones.

In South Korea, online shopping with the help of chatbots and appointments with virtual doctors are already gaining momentum.

Beyond the simplification and time-saving that videoconferencing can bring, it should not be forgotten that the gradual elimination of real human interlocutors also means the elimination of jobs and human warmth. Digitalization is leading to the replacement of man by machines.

Robotization, which the WEF regularly refers to as a major element of the "fourth industrial revolution" that should be accompanied by the introduction of a universal basic income, has found its "facilitator": COVID-19. Men and women are being terrorized by a virus that has hardly killed anyone in South Korea (and that hardly kills any longer in France). They are gradually being conditioned: no longer touching each other, no longer seeing each other, considering the other as an infectious product, rejoicing in interacting only with screens. Such is the ideal of the so-called "new normal."

We have known this since Genesis: "It is not good for man to be alone." And it is his lot to work by the sweat of his brow - even if it means sharing bread, salt, and wine with his companions, and a few bacteria as an added bonus!

The very foundations of our human and social life are gradually being dismantled by the new death-mongers. The meaning of human love, family, procreation, male and female identity, all that which was given to us at the beginning has already been unraveled. Now friendship, companionship, human proximity, and work, which are also gifts of God, are also on their way to being put out of bounds. How can we fail to see here the hatred of the Evil One toward humanity? It is a hatred that stems from the fact that humanity is called not to "social distancing," but to eternal life with God in His paradise, which it is also called to fill by generously transmitting the gift of life.

If this seems far-fetched, consider this. On July 29, also on the WEF website, a man named Ti-han Chang, a lecturer in Asia-Pacific studies at the University of Central Lancashire, suggested that it is time to take advantage of the new, more widespread ecological concern that has arisen - according to him - thanks to the coronavirus crisis and to the near planetary lockdown to read five novels he thinks are enlightening for our time.

"These 5 books will help you connect with the environment and understand the importance and urgency of the climate crisis," wrote Ti-han Chang. Decolonialism, ecology, feminism, affirmation of animal rights, denunciation of the "patriarchy," and the problem of the "trash vortex" in the North Pacific rank high in the books' mainly ideological themes.

The fifth and last novel was recommended unreservedly. The Overstory, by Richard Powers, features a fictitious researcher, Dr. Patrica Westerford, who has published a study showing that trees are social beings who know how to communicate with each other and warn each other of danger. "Her idea, though presented as controversial in the novel, is actually well supported by today's scientific studies," the WEF article said.

Matter-of-factly, it added: "Despite her groundbreaking work, Dr Westerford ends up taking her own life by drinking poisonous tree extracts at a conference - to make it clear humans can only save trees and the planet by ceasing to exist."

This comment by Ti-han Chang followed: "These are just a few books with a specific focus on environmental issues - perfect for your current reading list." He also hoped that we would all learn from lockdowns and the "sudden dip" in human activity and carbon emissions: "Maybe then if we can learn from this experience we can move towards a greener future."

While the WEF is not actually promoting the idea that humans should "cease to exist" in so many words, the idea is there for everyone to consider.

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