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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Getting Off Money II
By Ron Chapman
Nov 19, 2012 - 4:23:59 AM

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Getting Off Money

By Ron Chapman 17 November 2012

Our world is full of clever commentators who do their utmost to focus attention on the past rather than the future. They fight the last war not the next one. Presumably they do that because, either they are shills for the status quo OR they suffer a mind lock that prevents them thinking “outside the square.” Either way they clog up debates with erudite irrelevances.


A good example is the offering of the Daily Bell and its “feedbacker” “Bionic Mosquito” posted at RMN on 13/11/12, see:;read=259971


In criticising Ellen Brown’s advocating of the creation of local community (state) banks to replace the Jew’s money supply and fractional reserve banking monopolies these deep thinkers reckon that:

‘the answer is not yet more public involvement and laws banning "usury." The answer is a freer market and more money competition.’


However usury IS the core of the problem and advocating ‘a freer market and more money competition’ doesn’t actually explain how that might be achieved. Nor does it grapple with the devastating negative effects of the money meme upon human society.


Money is an illusion within a wider illusion - the holographic universe in which we seem to move and have our being. Money is an idea vivified by human consciousness; human group think. It is therefore possible to unthink it. But why would humanity want to do that?


Well, we are told that money is a needed societal tool for exchange of goods and services, but it isn’t. It is actually a socially engineered mechanism for enslavement. Humans have been programmed from cradle to grave to equate money with personal identity and self worth. It isn't. Sooo, in order for humanity to live free and BE healthy that social engineering must be reversed.

Arguably the money meme is a central mind control mechanism that has been used to enslave humanity mentally and physically. It creates artificial distinctions between sovereign fragments of the ONE Creator. It SEPARATES us from each other, isolating us psychologically from others and spiritually from Creation. That psychic isolation is in our faces all the time because it results in physical separation in all aspects of life as well as spiritual estrangement.


I suspect that one reason we are still waiting for the 3DD is that Western “civilisation” really HAS to have the shock of experiencing life AFTER the banks shut down. Until that happens most people will not even contemplate the problems created by the money meme. Learned economists and commentators keep mouthing platitudes like: ‘we just need freer markets and more money competition’ - whatever that means. And even New Agers who like to say 'all are One', cannot seem to grasp the possibility of living without money or at least marginalizing the need for money in any REAL (ie loving) community. A real community is or should be, typified by the family structure. Is it not absurd to argue that mothers, fathers, children and grand parents et al should only provide goods and services to each other for money? And if they did, would such families expect to pay income taxes on such transactions to the IRS or equivalent? If we do not expect to subject all family activities to the money meme, why do we automatically expect that local communities should subject their members to the tyranny imposed by the money meme?


Arguably the main reason most modern societies have lost any real sense of community is that their members have totally embraced the money meme. That situation can only be addressed by closely examining the nature and effects of the money meme and seeking to modify or eliminate it. In my opinion the first requirement for undoing the mind lock imposed on people by acceptance of a money based society and economy would be to have each relevant community come together to abolish usury and to create a mechanism whereby a locally appointed, supervised and transparently controlled government organization is directly responsible to the community - not to a private corporate government which is the situation now in the US, Canada Australia and most other countries.


Be aware also, that not only are governments private corporations listed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (which is also a privately owned corporation) BUT the actual creation, supply and setting of interest rates for money is in the hands of yet other private (for profit) corporations that have been given monopoly licences to create money out of thin air and to charge AND VARY, interest on that fictional debt money at whim, and totally without audit or scrutiny. What could be more absurd?!


It is the refusal of most people to contemplate, let alone seek to deal with these matters that has led humanity to its current crisis situation. Sooo, the choice is: make the mental and emotional effort to understand the money meme and then to reject it; OR continue to exist in a growing shower of shit created by the banksters AND justified by their bought and paid for governments and mainstream media corporations; and their erudite minions and henchmen whose comfortable lives depend upon maintaining the illusion that money is necessary for civilised life.


Those who think they cannot live without money; and are unable or unwilling to even to make the effort to force their governments and money creators and suppliers to be responsible for what they do, are slaves and will remain so.

Those who cling to the old money paradigm need to realise that at the core of our so-called Capitalist global economic system are two mechanisms. First, the usurious monetary mechanism. Second, and symbiotically co-dependent with that money mechanism, is the labour for income mechanism. The global economic system is based on human beings selling their labour as a commodity in the open market so that they can then buy and consume the production of that market.


The reason the banking matrix controllers have concealed the true meaning and implications of the rapid uptake of mechanisation, automation, computerisation and electronics (robotics) in human workplaces in the last century is that the steady decline in available paid employment for people heralds the end of the fictional fiat money creation and usurious fractional reserve banking systems that have held humanity in thrall and enslavement to the matrix controllers for centuries. But the future is here. See eg: Artificial intelligence – can we keep it in the box?

See also: And: And: And:


If people do not have the option to work for a living because paid employment is unavailable, then the monetary system as we know it, is finished, and the capitalist economic system based on it must implode also. No one can buy goods if they don’t earn money or get given money by the welfare state. Similarly, companies and businesses cannot afford to produce goods and services if consumers have no purchasing power to buy them. Lastly, governments will cease to be able to collect income, sales and other taxes and charges sufficient to continue the Welfare State if only a minority of people are working, earning money, paying taxes and consuming.


Sooo, as the need for workers declines below the “tipping point” at which the state ceases to be able to take enough money from those in paid employment to provide adequate “welfare” payments to the unemployed and their dependents, this jerrybuilt system breaks down. As that happens those who control the corporations that own the robots and machines will decide who lives and who dies and whether the process will be quick or not.


This situation underlies the matrix controllers’ desire to eliminate the bulk of the human population of the planet. Billions of human workers are no longer “needed”. That is why the banksters are currently arranging the collapse of the global economic system.


Once you’ve digested the fact that the old employment for money syndrome cannot be sustained and is on the way out VERY SOON, because machines will do the work, have a look at the positive technologies that will become available as soon as there ceases to be a monetary advantage in suppressing them. For instance the Keshe Foundation plasma technologies will soon be changing many, many aspects of our world. See eg:


For example, think about the fact that zero point (free) energy devices will all but eliminate the cost (and human effort) involved in creation of electrical and other power supplies including the power needed for transport modes. Once the free energy systems are up and running and freely available, there will be no need for power grids, power poles down every street, smart meters etc. The bulk of the construction, operating and maintenance crews currently needed for those tasks will be released to do more productive and enjoyable activities. Ditto for the administrative, sales and billing staff of the power and oil companies and so on.


Similarly, no trucks, trains, ships and pipelines will be needed to transport oil, coal and gas etc all over the world. That will also eliminate the specious alleged need to make war on countries that have lots of oil, and/or coal or gas. THAT would save the trillions of dollars spent on bombing countries back to the Stone Age and invading and occupying them. It would also eliminate the work required to rebuild the infrastructure destroyed in such processes.

Similarly, there would be a big drop in the need for surgeons, doctors, therapists etc for those wounded or injured mentally or physically in bombings and wars. The Keshe Foundation plasma medical technologies will also decimate the need for allopathic medicine and Big Pharma.


The inertia and cognitive dissonance experienced by many people (especially those currently living comfortably off the current system) confronted by this prospect, is the single biggest impediment to humanity making the leap to higher consciousness needed to enter the new Golden Age. It isn’t the banksters that are holding us back Pilgrims, it is us! Our own inertia, insecurity and fear of change.


Also, think about all the unnecessary work created by the money economy. For instance most work in banking, financial services, accountancy, financial law, court cases over money, wage tribunals, marketing, and merchandising, advertising (ie lying propaganda), taxation, policing of taxation and other crimes relating to money, insurance and so on would all be unnecessary in a money free economy. Such activities do not contribute anything to real productivity and abundance.


IF those functions are eliminated a huge number of people would be freed up to do productive work and private projects, and that would increase both personal and general welfare. Gardening and being “in nature” would be much more frequent and satisfying activities. Moreover, eliminating the stress, pain, angst and misery relating to existing commuting and negative work activities would reduce the workload on doctors, psychologists, therapists, clergy and everyone currently needed to minister to those now suffering from the effects of those activities. If nothing else, the US could soon close its Veterans' hospitals and health facilities including Obamacare. Similar health care advantages would be available in all other societies.


What all this means is that we must get a grip on the new reality in which forced, full-time and/or multiple part-time employment will be no more; and only a relatively small, select cadre of specialist planners, designers, engineers, technicians, supervisors, administrators, scientists, therapests and such, will be needed to perform construction, industrial, infrastructure, horticultural and services "work" etc on a sustained basis. Those performing that work will choose their occupations and be suitably equipped to perform them; and ordinarily such work could be undertaken on a part time basis if desired.


As a result, most people will be free to provide domestic, therapeutic and human services to their families and others while still having plenty of free time to spend doing research or study and following personal pursuits that are considered to be of benefit to society or at least not detrimental. In that environment cultural activities like “The Arts” will come into their own. In such a society the readily available abundance made possible by robots and technology will ensure that everyone has all their basic needs met. You have nothing to fear but fear itself Pilgrims.

Blessings to all,

Peace be with you,



First published at RMN:;read=260399


[Added on 16/12/12}


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