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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Germany Expels U.S. Spy Chief; Opens Geopolitical Can of Worms
By Christof Lehmann
Nov 8, 2014 - 10:00:08 PM

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Germany Expels U.S. Spy Chief; Opens Geopolitical Can of Worms

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : Germany expels Washington’s CIA Chief in Berlin. Germany accuses the CIA chief of having led two employees within Germany’s security services who are under investigation for being double-agents. Following previous NSA spying scandals and pressure against German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the scandal opens a geopolitical can of worms and questions about German sovereignty.

Merkel_ObamaSteffen Seibert, the spokesman for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Clemens Binninger, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Control Group, announced that the German Federal Government expels the United States’ CIA Chief in Berlin.

Stressing that the events are “very serious”, Seibert explained that the government requested to expel the CIA chief on the basis of the results of ongoing investigations conducted by the Federal Prosecutor General, as well as on the basis of months of unanswered questions pertaining the activities of U.S. intelligence agencies in Germany. While the German Parliament (Bundestag) established a commission of inquiry into the U.S. spy activities, Washington has not exactly been forthcoming with information.

After a meeting of the Parliamentary Control Group (PKGr), Clemens Binninger explained that the expulsion comes in response to U.S. intelligence agencies’ long-term failures to show efforts to cooperate with German authorities. “The federal government asked the American intelligence representative to leave the country”, Binninger added.

German authorities accuse the U.S. spy chief in Berlin of having led two members of German federal authorities against whom the federal Prosecutor General investigates for espionage. The U.S. spy chief in Berlin coordinates the efforts of the different U.S. intelligence agencies in the Federal Republic of Germany.

The two German federal employees under investigation are one officer from the German Foreign Intelligence Service (Bundesnachrichtendienst – BND), as well as a civilian employee from the Ministry of Defense. The BND case officer has meanwhile been incarcerated.

Intelligence Damage is Negligible but the Political Damage is Very Serious – Interior Minister.

The German “Welt” reports that the Prosecutor General’s investigations into the double-agent activities of the BND case officer revealed serious espionage. “Welt” quotes “security sources” as saying that the 31 year-old case officer sold 218 dossiers to a U.S. contact. The dossiers reportedly contain most sensitive files. Among them, instructions from the Federal Chancellery to the President of the Federal Foreign Intelligence Service, BND. Other documents reportedly reveal BND locations abroad.

The BND, reports “Welt”, has so far been unable to determine the full extent of the leak. The Federal Prosecutor General received the dossiers from the Federal Criminal Police (BKA). The BKA found the BND dossiers at the home of the BND case officer on Wednesday and has not yet transferred the dossiers to the BND. Another question with regard to the extend of the leak is whether the BND case officer transferred other dossiers to U.S. agents.

“Welt” spoke with Marcus Köhler, the spokesman of the German Federal Prosecutor General, who said that the prosecutor would carefully evaluate and analyze the documents, adding that Köhler asked “Welt” to understand that information about the details of ongoing investigations could not be disclosed.

The German parliament stands united in support of the expulsion of the U.S. spy chief from Berlin. German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière said the damage with regard to intelligence is negligible, but that the political damage caused by the espionage is disproportional to the intelligence damage and very serious.

Post-Nazi German occupation borders and territories. Areas in beige indicate territories east of the Oder-Neisse line that were attached to Poland and the USSR. The Saar Protectorate, on the lefthand side of the map, is also shown in beige.  Berlin is the multinational area shown within the red Soviet zone. (source: Wikipedia)

Post-Nazi German occupation borders and territories. Areas in beige indicate territories east of the Oder-Neisse line that were attached to Poland and the USSR. The Saar Protectorate, on the lefthand side of the map, is also shown in beige. Berlin is the multinational area shown within the red Soviet zone. (source: Wikipedia)

The Geopolitical Can of Worms of German Sovereignty and European Peace.

The government of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and German MPs in general are coming under increasing public pressure to finally come clean with regard to German sovereignty. The expulsion of the U.S. spy chief from Berlin comes as this pressure is about to reach critical mass, and that, despite the fact that most German MPs and media shy questions about German sovereignty like the can of worms nobody wants to open.

At the European Banking Congress in November 2011, German Minister of Finance, Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble spoke frankly about German sovereignty, saying that the concept of national sovereignty as enshrined in international law has been drive to absurdity in Europe.

Schäuble added“In Germany, at no time since the 8th of May 1945, have we been fully sovereign”.

Enemy State Clause. One of the most serious worms in the can is the fact that the UN Charter still designates Germany as an enemy state, thus giving any UN member state the right to wage preemptive war against Germany on the basis of a perceived threat.

Letter of Submission to Washington. Blackmail about German Unity. Former German Secretary of State Egon Bahr, who served under the administration of Chancellor Willi Brandt writes about another worm in the can in his memoir.

Bahr wrote that Washington pressured Brandt into signing a “letter of submission” to Washington. Unless Chancellor Brandt would sign the letter of submission, wrote Bahr, quoting Brandt, Washington would throw a spanner into the development of inner-German relations. Many German historians agree that this letter still exists and that it still has validity with regards to German sovereignty and U.S.-German relations.

2+4 Contract Not a Peace Treaty. There are many more worms in that can. One of them is the Germany still has no peace treaty. Because nobody wants to open that can of worms, both German, U.S., British, Polish and other diplomats and MPs are doing all they can to convince themselves, the media and the public that the so-called 2+4 Contract “substitutes” a peace treaty. Military historian Peter Feist commented that “if” the 2+4 Contract had the function of a peace treaty, “then” the words peace treaty would be written on its front page, or at least somewhere in the document. The fact is, Germany and Poland have no peace treaty and as long as they haven’t signed one, WWII legally still continues.

No German Constitution, No Human Rights. Another worm is that Germany is not governed constitutionally. Germany has a basic law, which was to a large extend dictated by the victors of WWII. The basic law states that it shall be valid until the German people, freely organize themselves to adopt a constitution. Until that happens, which only will be allowed to happen after a “peace treaty”, Gemany remains under foreign control, politically, economically, financially, and militarily.

So far, this process has been prevented by Washington and by German MPs who don’t dare to open the can of worms. Making matters worse is that the basic law lost the area on which it was valid when it was amended in concert with the signing of the 2+4 treaty.

The matter of fact is that the Federal Government and the basic law, according to the founding fathers of the basic law are instruments of a modality of a foreign regime. The sobering matter of fact is that Germany, today, still is under the control and governance of the Supreme Headquarters Allied Command.

What is sobering for Merkel and German MPs is that a growing number of Germans are waking up to the fact that they have no constitution, no human rights, and a beholden government that represents foreign interests, whether it wants to or not.

NATO_expansionUkraine Crisis Opened The Can – Europe-wide.

The so-called crisis in Ukraine, micro managed predominantly by Washington and London, has opened the geopolitical can of worms that is inseparably tied to the question of German sovereignty. NATO and the European Union become increasingly split between a U.S./UK or Atlantic Axis dominated faction and a continental European alliance.

The logic of the so-called “special relationship” between Washington and London dictates that the U.S and UK throw a spanner into developing Russian – Continental European relations to rescue the primacy of the Atlantic Axis over Europe, and with it, the primacy of the City of London, Wall Street, the U.S. Dollar and the (f)ailing Bretton Woods system.

The cracks could be seen recently, when the governments of the Czech Republic and of Slovakia announced that they would not allow NATO bases or foreign troops in their countries. The announcements came shortly after Washington deployed additional U.S. troops to Poland and the Baltic countries “to send a message to Moscow” over the situation in Ukraine.

Not too far apart for peace?

Not too far apart for peace?

Ironically, it was the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, and her French colleague Francois Hollande, who admonished the overtly Nazi parliament in Kiev that any use of military force is exclusively legal to protect human lives or infrastructure, and even then, they added, it must be proportional.

The irony will especially sink in among those who understand that U.S., British and subservient German intelligence services, for decades, have done all in their power to denounce Germans who ask questions about Germany’s sovereignty as neo-Nazis.

The expulsion of the U.S. Spy Chief from Berlin is a slap over the wrist of Washington. In the words of German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière, the intelligence damage done by the U.S. spying is negligible and “ridiculous”, but the political consequences are severe.

One of the reasons for the severity of the damage is that nobody wants to open that can of worms. On the other hand, there is a growing number of Germans, Italians, French, Czech, Slovak, Austrians and Swiss who understand that a sovereign Germany and good relations with Russia are the best guaranty for peace and stability in Europe.

In reverse, the number of Europeans who understand the fatal error and potentially catastrophic consequences of letting Europe be dominated by Washington and London, Wall Street and the City of London continues to grow. Especially the U.S./UK-led warmongering in Ukraine has woken many up to long omitted realities.

The one-way ticket for the U.S. Spy Chief from Berlin to Washington is representative of what a developing majority of Europeans would like to do with the so-called Atlantic Axis. To say Here, my friend, is your ticket. Take it and leave before we have to kick you out, and don’t return unless you have a peace treaty with you and stop dragging Europe into another catastrophe”.

CH/L – nsnbc 11.07.2014

[Colour fonts, bolding and underlining added.].

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©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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