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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

German Parliament Approves Compulsory Measles Vaccinations
By The Truthseeker
Nov 16, 2019 - 4:50:32 PM

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Introduction -           Nov 14, 2019

I had measles as a child and recall being confined to bed with fever and a rash. Sure, it wasn't very pleasant but it was hardly life threatening. Less than 0.2 percent of those who contract the disease go on to develop complications and die.
So why is the German government about to make measles vaccinations mandatory? After all in 998 cases out of every 1,000 cases measles is no more life threatening than flu or a bad cold: so why does the German government want to make vaccinations compulsory?
If the vaccines provided 100 percent immunity it might make sense, but they don't. Moreover death rates from measles were dropping even before the introduction of vaccination.
"the crude death rate for measles was still only at 0.002% in the early part of the twentieth century and by 1960 it had fallen to 0.0001%." - Stop Mandatory Vaccination
So why do we have this drive against a disease that in the vast majority of cases does not threaten life or limb?
Although we are not suggesting they have any specific plans, mandatory vaccination will give the German government a variety of options they may decide to use at a later date.
For example, vaccinations will provide them with the opportunity to inject the population with microchips, should they decide to do so.
Alternatively, vaccinations can be used to induce a wide variety of diseases and disorders, which can be used to control or reduce the population.
In the end analysis, mandatory measles vaccinations won't protect the public from a life-threatening disease but they will give the authorities the opportunity for greater and more invasive control.
Of course some will argue that this view is paranoid but is it really? Let's not forget that Angela Merkel's government also encouraged more than 1.6 million migrants to enter the country since 2014, despite the wishes of most Germans and against their better interests.
Ostensibly, this was done in response to the crisis in Syria.
However, far from easing the situation in Syria it has only helped undermine Germany's social fabric and, given the EU's open border policy, it threatens to do the same elsewhere in Europe. So while Russia has dealt decisively with terrorism in Syria, Merkel has simply used it as a pretext to flood Europe with migrants.
Given Merkel's policy on migration, there is every reason to question the motives behind the policy of mandatory vaccinations. Ed.


German parliament approves compulsory measles vaccinations

Kate Connelly - Nov 14, 2019

Germany's parliament has voted to make measles vaccinations compulsory for children, in response to a global rise in cases of the disease.

Parents who refuse to get their children inoculated face fines of up to €2,500 (£2,140) and a likely ban from nursery or school.

The measles protection act will come into force next March, and its introduction is likely to be watched closely by advocates of mandatory immunisation in other countries, including Britain.

The UK health secretary, Matt Hancock, said in September the government was "looking very seriously" at making vaccinations compulsory for state school pupils.

The Bundestag approved the law on Thursday after months of debate, with doctors speaking out both in favour of and against the legislation.

The health ministry, led by Jens Spahn, described the law as "child protection" and said those who backed it were expressing a responsibility towards the whole of society.

"A measles infection is an unnecessary threat in 2019," he said, amid growing evidence that decisions to not have children vaccinated, in part fuelled by an influential anti-vaccination movement, have led to a steady rise in cases of the illness, which kills an estimated 2.6 million people globally every year. Incidents of the disease increased by 350% last year in Europe

The World Health Organization has said a vaccination coverage of 95% of the population is necessary to prevent a mass outbreak.

The German law was widely supported from bill stage onwards by the centre-right Christian Democrats (CDU) and their junior partners in government, the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD). The Green party has been among the fiercest critics, widely supporting the vaccination process but arguing it should be backed up with an education campaign rather than forced on people by law. But health professionals have said legislation was the most efficient and effective way to try to reduce the risk of an epidemic.

Under the law, both children and staff in childcare facilities including kindergartens, hospitals, asylum-seeker homes and holiday camps must be vaccinated and show proof of the fact.

Before the introduction of a measles vaccination 56 years ago, major epidemics of the illness occurred every few years.

In Germany there were 543 cases of the disease last year, and this year there have so far been a reported 400 cases. In Europe, incidents rose from about 5,270 cases in 2016 to almost 24,000 the following year.

Those who are inoculated against measles will also be protected against mumps and rubella, because of the availability of the vaccine as a triple shot, or sometimes as a quadruple shot including chicken pox.


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