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Political Information Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:37:51 PM

Gaddafi - A Libyan Hero [And a global Light Warrior]
By Not stated
Jul 17, 2011 - 4:41:23 PM

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Gaddafi - A Libyan Hero [And a global Light Warrior]

Ron: How is it that Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is able to parade openly through the streets of Tripoli without fear of getting shot? Ask yourself, have millions of  Libyans been totally brainwashed OR is it the Anglo-Amerikkans and Europeans who have been deceived and mind controlled by the Murdoch media and other Jew controlled media?

The difference is that Muammar Gaddafi is a TRUE leader whereas the Anglo-US and European leaders are sock puppets for the Rothschilds Jews and their bankster associates.

How can you tell? Well for starters on 16 February 2009 Gaddafi called on Libyans to back his proposal to dismantle the Libyan government and to distribute the country's oil wealth DIRECTLY into the bank accounts of the 6 million inhabitants of the country. His reason?

To end corruption in government which was stealing Libya's vast oil wealth: "bundles of cash should be delivered to the poor."(Gaddafi). Gddafi said this plan would help to overcome corruption in the government. Last March, he complained about ineffective ministries and corrupt officials and said Libyans should not trust government bureaucrats to manage their money, saying:

"Libyans, this is your historic opportunity to take yout oil wealth, power and full freedom.'"

[Ron: Note that the UN, US, UK and NATO started their FORMAL attack on and bombing of Libya on 19 March 2011.].

An outline of his plan: '$33 billion (23 billion sterling) from oil revenues, less $21 billion paid to foreign contractors to build roads, houses, hospitals and schools leaves $12 billion for the people. That, plus $6 billion left over from the last year's budget, $8 billion from taxes and tourism, leaves ssive (six?) million Libyans in line for a bonanza. Flow charts set out eight alternative plans for redistributing the wealth, for consideration at congress.

His plan to deliver oil revenues directly to the Libyan people met opposition by senior officials who could lose their jobs due to a parallel plan by Gaddafi to rid  the state of corruption.

Some officials, including Prime Minister Al-Baghdadi, Ali Al-Mahmoudi and Farhat Omar Bin Guida , of the Central bank, told Gaddafi that the measure could harm the country's economy in the long term due to "capital flight." [Ron: This is the bankster bullshit used globally to justify the enslavement of humanity by banksters using fiat money, usury and "fractional reserve banking" to tax and impoverish everyone.].

In a Popular Committee (the Libyan method of genuine democratic governance) Gaddafi said:

"Do not be afraid to directly redistribute the oil money and create fairer governance structures that respond to people's interests."

The Popular Committees are the backbone of Libya. Through them citizens are represented at the district level.

On state television Gaddafi said:

'The Administration has failed and the state's economy has failed. Enough is enough. The solution is for the Libyan people to directly receive oil revenues and decide what to do with them.'

The government, however, voted to reject Gaddafi's plan to turn ownership of the country's oil over to the people. 64 ministers from a total of 468 Popular Committee members voted for the measure.

Obviously state bureaucrats rejected the idea because they feared for the loss of their cushy jobs and also feared the wrath of transnational oil corporations and the banks that own them.

Given the rejection by the Committee, Gaddafi affirmed before a public meeting:

"My dream during all these years was to give the power and wealth directly to the people."

For the mistake of suggesting oil profits be returned to the Libyan people, muammar al-Giddafi is now suffering an Anglo-US cum NATO attack on himself and his country.

This demonstrates that he is NOT a dictator as he didn't have the power to give oil revenues to the people.It also gives the LIE to global Jewish media propaganda that he is some sort of demon.

THAT is why Colonel Muammar Gaddafi parades freely through the streets of Tripoli without fear of getting shot - despite the CIA, Mossad and other Western secret services and covert NGO organisations trying to kill him AND NATO seeking to BOMB him and his family.

ASK YOURSELF: Who the fuck is being brainwashed in relation to Gaddafi, Libya and the CIA organised Al-Queda led "rebels" there, the Libyan people OR YOU?

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©2005-2019 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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