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Political Information Last Updated: Oct 26, 2021 - 10:43:34 PM

Gab’s Statement on President Trump’s Social Network
By Andrew Torba
Oct 26, 2021 - 10:40:06 PM

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Gab is a Christian-owned family-run technology company. Our mission is to build a parallel digital economy and defend free speech online for all people.

Our industry-leading free speech social network has a community of over 20 million people and growing. We invite you to join us here and please kindly tell a family member or friend, as word-of-mouth is our only form of advertising.

Recently hundreds of thousands of doctors, nurses, students and employees who have been fired for refusing to be injected with an experimental substance have joined Gab.

Our religious exemption documents have been viewed and shared tens of millions of times across the internet and have been successful for many people.

Our No Vax Mandate Job Board is helping tens of thousands of people find new jobs. It's also helping businesses who are facing incredibly challenging staffing and hiring conditions in the market.

Gabbers are buying and selling goods and services from one another. They are helping their businesses and families thrive in this time of great trial and uncertainty.

Businesses are using Gab Ads to grow.

Dissident Soaps, a Christian family-run soap company, received so many orders that they were backlogged for weeks and had to move to a bigger office space.

Happy's Woodworks, a Christian family-run business, told us that they "turn off our ad spend after 30 minutes, so our industrial laser can keep up with orders."

Malina New York, a natural skincare company founded by the wife of a US Marine, had this to say about Gab:

"[Gab] brought a record number of people to my website (over 800), gave me a record number of daily newsletter subscribers (over 200), and over 20 orders. These numbers may not be big to some, but my company (despite appearances) is really small, and operated by me alone. I really can't thank you enough. You gave me the exposure I need so badly these days and hope that I can grow this business to support my family."

The point is that Gab is having a real impact in the lives of real people. It's more than just a social network, it's a parallel economy and a community.

Gab gives a voice to the voiceless.

Gab helps people feel less alone in this crazy world and gives them hope of a brighter future for our children and country. These are the people we are building for. This is our mission, actualized.

If there is anything we discovered during our talks with the President's team earlier this year, and based on his public statements, it's abundantly clear that his mission is to build a parallel economy and media empire for himself that he fully owns and controls, and that's wonderful!

We support the President participating in the marketplace and building up a community in the growing balkanized internet landscape. We wish him all the best as we know full well the consequences and many challenges that come with taking on the wicked and fallen people in Silicon Valley.

Gabbers can follow all of President Trump's statements on his reserved Gab account which has been viewed hundreds of millions of times and is followed by millions of people. Gab has gladly served as the single largest uncensored distribution channel of the President's voice on the internet since he was banned by Big Tech in January 2021.

The more time that We The People stop spending on Big Tech platforms the faster the balkanized internet will grow and decentralize. That's always great news for Gab.

What we have seen time and time again is that these new channels act as a gateway to Gab. People join places like Parler en masse, then discover Gab from the people on Parler. They then join Gab and stay, because unlike many other alternatives we have a real mission and a real community of real people who support that mission.

We see other players in the alternative technology space, Trump included, as a market validation of our five year thesis on the balkanization of the internet into communities of shared values.

On Gab our values are simple: we fear God, we cherish and protect our families, and we defend free speech for all people as not only a fundamentally Christian value, but as a basic human right.

Gab is not listed on Wall Street. Nor do we have have any billionaires investing hundreds of millions of dollars into our business. Gab is owned and operated by my family and I, as well as the thousands of Gab users who invested in our business several years ago during our equity crowdfunding campaigns. Our investors are The People.

Gab is the small business owner, the family, and the everyday normal person who is fed up with the existing morally corrupt and rapidly decaying secular, anti-Christ, and degenerate society.

They are tired of placing all of their faith in a rigged political system and in politicians who have consistently overpromised and underdelivered for decades.

So instead, we are placing our faith back where it belongs: in God. We are peacefully taking matters into our own hands to defend our local communities, our families, and our way of life.

We are builders, reformers, and most importantly: men and women of God. We build civilizations. We build roads, bridges, airplanes, space ships, and the internet. We explore the world and the stars. We spread the Gospel to every nation as we are commanded.

God is righteously judging our world, but we must not be tempted by The Enemy's deception and lies. We are going to sit back and watch as the Establishment machine consumes and destroys itself. While this happens we are going to peacefully build a future for our children.

We are building new channels of communication. New sources of information. New financial infrastructure. New healthcare systems. New economies. New cities. New churches.

We will rebuild it all, just as we've done many times before.

We welcome anyone who shares this vision and these values to join our growing community and help us build a parallel Christian society to defend our way of life, our families, and glorify our Savior Jesus Christ.

To God be the Glory,

Andrew Torba
Jesus is King

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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