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By ADAPT 2030 with comments by Ron
Mar 7, 2022 - 9:10:16 PM

This 17' 21" video was published by ADAPT 2030 on March 7th, 2022:


Ron: So much for the bullshit about global warming. The coming solar minimum has other ideas.

PRAY that the Triodity and Global Alliance ends the criminal global cabal's control of Ukraine and the ridiculous WEF inspired boycott of Russia end quickly Pilgrims. Otherwise a lot of smartarse Western Normies are gonna go hungry. And blaming Russia won't help.The sooner the Normies realise that their governments, medical industries and MSM are NOT THEIR FRIENDS the sooner we can end this.
The Truth About Imperial Russia -


Publisher's comments: Grain export bans, planting season delays, energy cut offs and shipping ports closed indefinitely across the Black Sea region mean one thing 4X food prices and rationing across the globe for wheat and petrol beginning this month. Which countries will ban exports next ad which will be most impacted from import cut offs.

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