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Francisco Franco’s Middle East Prophecy
By Michael Hoffman with comments by Ron
Apr 8, 2014 - 10:35:34 PM

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Francisco Franco’s Middle East Prophecy

The following is an excerpt, published for the first time in English translation here in our On the Contrary blog (and in our e-mailed "Hoffman Wire" column), penned by Francisco Franco (1892-1975), the Catholic "El Caudillo" of Spain, in his suppressed book, Masoneria (Gráficas Valera, Madrid, 1952). His volume was written under the pen name "Jakim Boor." For those who are Spanish language literate, the book may be read in its entirety online:

is a compilation of essays which first appeared in the newspaper Arriba between late 1947 and early 1951. According to Paul Preston in his biography Franco (Collins, 1994) p. 564: "For the rest of his life, Franco remained convinced that all the copies had been bought up by Freemasons to prevent them being read." Preston also says (p. 590) that Franco wanted his book translated into English but his effort along those lines was thwarted.

In our brief selection from his book, Franco exhibits the usual Cold War naiveté concerning the supposed good intentions of "the West" in seeking "peace and order" in the Middle East. This is a strange assessment coming from someone who simultaneously grasped the fact that the West was riddled with masonic agents in high places, reminscent of Hitler having been seduced by the "pro-Nazi" masonic aristocracy which the British Secret Service dispatched to Germany as a Trojan Horse, and which succeeded in lulling him into a stupor of pro-British sentiment, even as Stalin, who was highly suspicious of the British empire and cunningly aware of its masonic nature, was astounded at Hitler's gullibility.

Franco also exhibits, in his animus toward secular Zionism, a seeming preference for Judaism, which he imagines to be the religion of Moses, as contrasted to ill effect with the atheist Left-wing founders of the Zionist-Israeli state. Franco's notion was a creaky hobby horse of the early and mid-20th century Right wing in general, as most famously stated by T.S. Eliot in his 1933 speech at the University of Virginia (published in 1934 in Eliot's
After Strange Gods), in which the eminent poet stated, "...reasons of race and religion combine to make any large number of free-thinking Jews undesirable."

Eliot's goofy supposition, widespread at the time, was that Talmudic censors and micro-managers were preferable to freethinking Judaics who broke away from the Talmud. One of the most signal accomplishments of the 18th and 19th century
Christian Enlightenment (yes, there was such a thing, see our introductory essay to Eisenmenger's Traditions of the Jews — scroll down at this link), was the separation of Judaic people from the dictatorship of the rabbinic texts. Moses Hess and Adolf Hitler combined to impede the progress of these liberated Judaics: Hess by diverting them into Zionism, and Hitler by mass extrusion and shootings of this most patriotic element of the German-Judaic citzenry. [Ron: I have not seen evidence of this phenomenon.] Hitler's crimes were secretly celebrated by prominent Orthdox rabbis who lauded Der Führer for wreaking vengeance on the anti-Talmudic, Judaic "sinners." (For a more complete refutation of Eliot's thesis see footnote 402 on p. 360 of our book Judaism Discovered; for elaboration of the rabbinic approbation for Hitler see Judaism's Strange Gods, pp. 37-39).

Consequently, we should not be surprised at the fact that the recent return of Crimea to Mother Russia is greeted with dim-witted outrage on the American Right (and not just the neocon Right), which continues to view the "West" as a bulwark against "Russian aggression," a truly risible proposition in that the vaunted “West" is contracepting, aborting and "gay"-marrying itself out of existence. In places like Brussells, capital of the European Union which attacks President Putin at the behest of the Cryptocracy's plutocrats, pornographers and sodomites, the spectre of a Muslim demographic majority in “Belgistan” (Belgium) in the next decade, as
documented in this brief video, will soon put paid to tired cliches about "the West" as standard-bearer of civilization. Whatever remains of our civilization will likely be preserved by Russia and her allies such as Serbia and east Ukraine, and the networks of private and home-schooled Christian young people in America and elsewhere who have eluded the tentacles of the barbarians to whom Franco referred.

Franco unfortunately, could not escape being a product of his times, but to be fair, having successfully defeated Soviet proxy forces in Spain in scratch and claw warfare in the 1930s, thereby saving millions of Catholics from slaughter or internment, one cannot expect him to have had some higher insight into Russia. Moreover, Franco has the distinction, together with  Eamon de Valera of Catholic Ireland and the leaders of Protestant Switzerland and Lutheran Sweden, of remaining neutral during the World War II fratricide in western Europe. Franco courageously offered refuge and safe haven to post-war Germans fleeing General Eisenhower's forced starvation and Stalin's arctic mines.

The prophetic portion of the excerpt we have translated below from Franco's work is found in the last paragraph, where the Spanish leader predicts an apocalyptic scenario for the Israeli-Zionist project. This was a display of eschatological prescience that was shared by few world leaders in the late '40s and early '50s, who were at the time optimistic about the type of egalitarian "Labor Zionism” which was ruling the Israeli state, and masking the authentic root of counterfeit-Israel, i.e. the monstrous Talmudic-Zionist hybrid forged by Hess, which would emerge with tremendous vigor under Begin and Sharon in the 1980s, with the rise of the religious-Zionist "Settler movement" of the appropriately named Rabbi Kook.

: the Spanish text of the following excerpt, along with bibliographic information and cognate research, was kindly provided by our UK-based colleague, Mr. Ian Buckley. The translation itself represents our own collation of two English versions, one provided by Mr. Gabriel Valdes Gomez, and the other by a translator who wishes to remain anonymous. The generous donation of their time and effort in this little project is most appreciated.

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An Excerpt from Masoneria
By Francisco Franco

Another focal point of this Soviet infiltration which Freemasonry presents us is that of the State of Israel, where, under the pretext of creating a Jewish religious state, there has taken place a concentration of atheist elements from Central Europe and the international bas fonds (lower strata), who eventually regard as Pharisaic and backward the ministers and representatives of the Mosaic faith. What was to have been a Jewish state, built on the old models of international Jewry, has thus become a focal point of faithless and rootless people, receptive to foreign slogans and influences.

Russia takes advantage once again of the state of affairs which Freemasonry offers to her to serve its own interests. Russia was aware of the great influence of Judaism in American politics, and the presence in many governments in Europe and in America of leading members of the Masonic sects; the oath they took when going through the XV and XVI degrees of “Knights of the Orient or of the Sword” and “Princes of Jerusalem;” regarding “turning over to the Hebrew people all that which was taken away from them by force”;”, and while it helped and supported Stern Gang’s terrorist attacks in the Middle East, it worked in international meetings to foster Zionist principles, which would take their struggle to the field of their enemies, since for Russia, before the war, during the war and after the war, the nations which will not submit will always be its enemy.

No one is more anxious than the Western nations to maintain peace and order in the Middle East; but no one is more interested than Russia in creating a center of disagreement in the united front which the Middle East offered to Soviet expansionist ambitions. The moment could not be more favorable. The creation of Israel was of Soviet work. Here, as in the case of Lie, President Ben Gurion also presents himself with the complexity of his dual nationality, for he was active in the Communist ranks under a different name.

Let us not lose sight of the diminutive State which, small as it may be, is ambitious in its aspirations, which reach to the limits of the Euphrates, and, however farfetched it may seem to us, there are those who feed the fire which one day may become a devouring wild fire, behind which the tanks of the modern barbarians will surge forward. (
Masoneria, pp. 104-105).


Peter said...

Mr. Hoffman, always a learning experience reading your deep research.
I posit a theory to you for critical comment.
Using this quote as anchor for my thesis:
"Habit is thus the enormous fly-wheel of society, its most precious conservative agent. it alone is what keeps us all within the bounds of ordinance, and saves the children of fortune from the envious uprisings of the poor." ~ William James The Principles of Psychology 1890
I say a secret society of Knights Templars infiltrated both Jesuits and Masons to direct world affairs.
Today, "the children of fortune" are found both ,in wealthy Protestant Masonic armies of fortune and privilege. And wealthy Cathlolic/Jesuit armies of fortune and privilege.There is no divide between these children of fortune. They are the status quo with much to lose.Consequently watch each others back in the never ending struggle against the envious uprisings of the poor. The only divide is between the two rank and file lower socio economic poor, peasantries which bear the brunt of canon fodder pawnhood.
To take the theory one step further, it is my estimation, from careful observation, that both masons and Jesuits, have as their inner sanctum, a homosexual base which is deeply interlocked, going back historically, to the ancient Knights Templars.

Michael Hoffman said...

Dear Peter

William S. Burroughs in his illustrated “Book of Breething” with its focus on professional assassins seems to create a milieu associating these killers with homo-eroticism.

There is a Catholic revisionism which asserts that the Templars were victims of King Philip the Fair’s greed and envy and that the charges against them were false. So far the documentary record has not produced a definitive judgment one way or the other.

Many Freemasons and Jesuits are not homosexuals, of course, however much their hierarchies may or may not be involved (it seems likely they are involved, particularly in initiatory hazing ceremonies at high degrees, or within elite circles, such as Skull and Bones).

One of the most powerful Freemasons in antebellum America was Mormon founder Joseph Smith, a man who committed serial adultery with the wives of other men and who seems not have had a homosexual bone in his body. The blade swings both ways within the bowels of the Cryptocracy.

It appears we are ruled by sodomites today, or by their allies, since the advancement of the “gay” alchemy is at the top of priorities — from the Vatican to the White House, Hollywood, the New York media and the universities. Did this happen overnight or has it been brewing, as you suggest, for centuries.

Dante viewed sodomy as intimately connected with usury, and that most usurious of medieval cities, Florence, had one of the most notoriously aggressive homosexual populations in Europe. I develop this thesis in “Usury: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not."

RUKMINI said...

Alois Irlmaier (8 June 1894 - 26 July 1959) was a Catholic visionary who lived in Bavaria, Germany

"Everything calls peace. Shalom! Then it will occur -- a new Middle East war suddenly flares up, big naval forces are facing hostility in the Mediterranean -- the situation is strained."

Al Ellis said...

"Franco has the distinction, together with Eamon de Valera of Catholic Ireland and the leaders of Protestant Switzerland and Lutheran Sweden, of remaining neutral during the World War II fratricide in western Europe."

It seems Franco's Spain supported the Allies on the Western Front and the Nazis against the Soviet Union. In the East, Spain sent the Division Azul (Blue Division) to fight Stalin. Stalin had supported the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War.

In the West, in 1940 Spanish troops provisionally occupied Tangier during World War II, on the pretext that an Italian invasion was imminent. Tangier was an international zone among six European nations, includung Spain and Italy. It came under defacto Spanish rule during WWII because the other five powers were actively involved in the conflict and could not administer their respective jurisdictions. The Spaniards also let American planes from Britain fly unhindered over Spain during Operation Torch. Spain did not allow Luftwaffe bases on its territory and did not lay siege to Gibraltar. Spain cooperated in the deception operation (Operation Mincemeat) preceding the Allied invasion of Sicily by handing over to the Nazis a cadaver with fake documents and other information indicating an Allied invasion of Sardinia (the man who never was). In 1943, a British bank in Tangier was the first to uncover the Nazi counterfeiting of British currency (Operation Bernhard).

Peter said...

Would it be a stretch to link the anti masonic sentiments of central New York, during the early 19th century, with the religious revivalism of the"Burned-over district" at roughly the same time?
Mormonism's emergence(in the burned over district) served as a Trojan horse. The children of fortune knew their popularity was waning(perhaps similarities can be drawn to the anti masonic sentiment that was bubbling at the time too). The burned over district was a hot bed of anti elite sentiment( "Europe's Crowned Bloodsuckers"). The populist religious revivalism, an uprising to be sure, was a direct challenge to the elite's/ children of fortune and their traditional religious,social, political, &economic, institutions which did nothing to capture the imaginations of the envious poor.

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