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Political Information Last Updated: Jun 6, 2020 - 2:54:43 AM

Fiona Barnett and the Problem of Soldier's Orders
By Mary Maxwell
Jun 6, 2020 - 2:51:54 AM

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Found at:

Fiona Barnett and the Problem of Soldier's Orders

Posted By: MaryMaxwell [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 5-Jun-2020 22:43:17


For Whom Do Soldiers Work? Can They Disobey Illegal Orders? Vignettes from Fiona Barnett

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB, author of Prosecution for Treason

Once you join the military in the USA, you get deeply immersed in the atmosphere on base, and are trained to have great loyalty to your platoon or division, as well as to look upon the Army (or Navy, or Air Force) as family. It must be a very emotional experience, combined with worry about being sent to a dangerous area, and at least a vague sense that you may be asked to do something wrong.

Non-military Americans, like myself, have a view of “the services” that comes almost entirely from Memorial-Day type ceremonies honoring the dead, and photos of movies glorifying achievement. in that regard, the bronzed planting of the flag at Iwo Jima, in 1945, is the main heart-tugger.

Yet we do we hear that the US makes policies in military matters that would hardly bring out heroism, and may force a recruit to become a monster. Today I happened to read, at, a 2017 review by Todd Pierce, of a book by Doug Valentine, CIA As Organized Crime. Under the article was the following comment by “Sam F”:

“[There is] the mass media pop culture barrage of superheroes, war movies, propaganda about foreign monsters, then military/CIA training and acquaintances sharing rationales and social pressure to do what is expected. Throughout, the deluded presume that someone up there knows what he is doing, and would not send them to do wrongful things. Once committed by their own misdeeds, they will fight rather than admit that they were wrong.”

My plan here is to discuss Who makes policy at the Pentagon? and Can soldiers disobey illegal orders?

Who Makes Policy at the Pentagon?

As to the first question, “who makes policy at the Pentagon?”, it has got to be “The Powers That Be.” I am referring to the secret government, as opposed to the “ostensible government.” The president of the US does not appear to sit down, as Commander on Chief of armed forces, and plan war strategy, à la Eisenhower, or war policy, or à la a statesman on the world stage. So, someone else is doing that.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Pentagon do not appear to set policy either. They may decide on strategy, but not policy. Of course, they shouldn’t set policy. The US Constitution was arranged in such a way as to leave war-making decisions in civilian hands. And not executive civilian hands, but legislative hands, i.e., Congress.

Today, someone, somewhere, is telling the Joint Chiefs of Staff how to proceed. I can only imagine that those chiefs – one from each service – were chosen on the basis of their proven willingness to follow marching orders uncritically. Perforce, they are only front men for the ones who are making the decisions.

Douglas Valentine’s 1990 Book, The Phoenix Program

Recently at, our informant from the Tavistock trenches, Diane DeVere, sent in a clip from the marvelous blog of Cathy Fox. (That blog has largely to do with child sex trafficking and with satanism, aka Luciferian cults.) Cathy said that Barack Obama is the new Phoenix. I don’t know if that is a supportable statement, but the word ‘phoenix’ grabbed me.

The Phoenix Program took place in Vietnam during the 1960s and ’70s. It involved horrible treatment of the people there by our military, or by the CIA, or both. (The two can be hard to distinguish.) Cathy Fox’s remark about Obama was meant to indicate that as “the new phoenix” he is the leading satanist. I had not known of any connection between the word Phoenix and satanism.

So, I reached for my old copy of Doug Valentine’s 1990 book, The Phoenix Program. Here is a quote from pages 11-12:

“In early 1984, Elton Manzione [a Navy Seal] was the first person to answer a query I had placed in a Vietnam veterans' newsletter asking for interviews with people who had served in the Phoenix program. Elton wrote to me, saying, ‘While I was not a participant in Phoenix, I was closely involved in what I think was the forerunner... OPLAN 34...for LRRP [long-range reconnaissance patrol] operations into Laos. ... [It became the well-known Delta program. Our primary function was intelligence gathering, but we also carried out the 'undermining of the infrastructure' types of things such as kidnapping, assassination, sabotage, etc.

“‘The story needs to be told,’ Elton said, ‘because the whole aura of the Vietnam War was influenced by what went on in the 'hunter-killer' teams of Phoenix, Delta, etc. That was the point at which many of us realized we were no longer the good guys in the white hats defending freedom -- that we were assassins, pure and simple. That disillusionment carried over to all other aspects of the war’...."

Fiona Barnett

Maybe it should not come as a surprise, but that sort of under-the-radar horror in a theatre of war is connected to the child trafficking game, which is rampant today. Not because Phoenix was a military thing, but because it was (I am speculating) a satanic thing -- the connection is a “belief system.” I said above that the Joint Chiefs of staff are following marching orders. It seems likely to me, therefore, that they themselves have been schooled in satanic “philosophy.”

Fiona Barnett, host of the website, is a survivor of MK-Ultra mind control. Although Fiona (age 49) was born in Australia, and still lives there, her “career” as a trafficked child involved many overseas journeys, including to US military bases. She mentions one base, Dulce, in New Mexico at which she was allegedly tortured by Col Michael Aquino.

(I say “allegedly” as Fiona’s case has so far not come to court. Aquino was named in the McMartin scandal of the 1980s. The aggrieved families lost their case when the DoJ caused it to be closed down, yet recently-declassified FBI files show the case to have had merit. Kindergarteners who claimed to be raped were telling the truth.)

On June 2, 2020, for the first time, Fiona has made a claim involving retired US Army General Jerry Boykin (born April 19, 1948). At the website, which belongs to Family Research Council, we find:

“Lt. Gen. (Ret.) William G. "Jerry" Boykin serves as Family Research Council's Executive Vice President. He was one of the original members of the U.S. Army's Delta Force. He was privileged to ultimately command these elite warriors in combat operations.
“Later, Jerry Boykin commanded all the Army's Green Berets as well as the Special Warfare Center and School.... [He spent] his last four years as the Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence. He is an ordained minister with a passion for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” [Emphasis added]

Message Sent to Boykin’s Site “Kingdom Warriors,” by Ms Barnett

In 2015, if not earlier, Fiona informed the New South Wales authorities that children were kept in the underground of Holsworthy, an Australian Army base near Sydney. She accuses Boykin of being there, and of ordering murders of some of the kids:

“I remember the time beneath Holsworthy, when our unit were sparring on the mat. We were at the drinks trolley when you ordered Jason’s murder. The Australian Delta soldier left behind a young brunette widow dressed in red. You killed him because he was my favourite....

“I remember [in] that helicopter over Honduras. You relied on me to detect whether that middle-aged dude sitting next to me at the door was dodgy. He wore a beige vest with pockets. I obeyed and, with stealth, told the co-pilot to change coordinates and signalled to you, ‘Drop Charlie.’ I returned to my seat. You gave the order for the boys to throw the man from the bird. I can still see the landscape and his limbs flapping as he screamed to his death.

“And I remember the time at Dulce, when that communist General Al Gray stuck his member (being polite for all your duped Christian readers) in my mouth as I sat bound to Lt. Col. Michael Aquino’s torture chair.

“My objection to being orally raped by Al landed the alcoholic pervert in hospital. As punishment, you ordered my three Delta team members to rape me that night. They bawled when they woke up out of their hypnotic trance.

"The following day, you commanded their throats be slit as they lay bound in that little cave in the hill outside – the one accessed via the pedestrian door.

“Unlike you, I don’t get recognition for what I did. I don’t get to gather with my unit and reminisce about the old days – coz you killed them all. ... I don’t qualify for a military pension and medical benefits. Because I was just fourteen years old.”

My comment on the above is that Fiona’s story jives with many others, and I am on the record believing her claim about some other killings (as satanic sacrifices), such as the one at Bathurst City Hall. The helicopter story may be faulted, insofar as she says she could see the victim’s “limbs flapping as he screamed to his death.” Most likely a passenger can’t view anything below the helicopter, nor hear screams outside, given the noise of the engine.

(An aside: the remark Fiona makes about not getting a pension has echoes in the writings of other MK-Ultra women who for years, even decades, did gruesome work as veritable slaves of the CIA Shouldn’t we pay them? Oh, you say we don’t pay for crimes to be committed. Well, then, should we pay the CIA?)

What Goes On at the Pentagon?

None of us American citizens has a clue as to what goes on at the Pentagon. In 1987, I took the standard tourist-y tour of the Pentagon. We were shown some cases of medals, special flags, and other sentimental stuff, and were told how many cups of water are consumed each day in HQ and how many miles of corridor there are.

Later, when I became at least semi-literate about the Pentagon, I digested the 2004 book, The Pentagon’s New Map, by Thomas Barnett (surely no relation to Fiona Barnett). I thought it was nutsville, but now realize it may be accurate. Barnett claims that the eyes of the Pentagon are on achieving a “core” group of nations who are, well, well-off. The poor can be “disappeared.”

In the actual map, printed at the front of the offending book, much of South America and Africa is simply missing. Another startling fact casually mentioned by the author is that the physical campus of the Pentagon, located in Washington DC and Arlington Virginia, has, as its major occupants, not military officers, but financiers.

Thomas Barnett – who appears to be happy about the arrangement – then published a follow-up in 2008 -- Blueprint for Action. I quote from one of the enthusiastic reviewers at Amazon, code named “HMS Warspite”:

“Barnett's thesis is that globalization has divided the world into the haves and the have nots, and that the United States is uniquely positioned to police the friction between the two. ... Barnett has a good handle on all the latest forward thinking on globalization and the asymmetric, netcentric, and fourth generation warfare that seems to travel in its wake.”

Holy Christmas!

Barnett himself (born 1962 in Wisconsin) was at the US Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island, working with others to show how the US Military could become a “security enabler” of America’s commerce. Per Wikipedia (retrieved June 4,5, 2020), he was developing a “rules set,” prior to 2001:

“The project was hosted by Cantor Fitzgerald and took place near the top of One World Trade Center. After the offices of Cantor Fitzgerald and its carbon credit brokerage subsidiary CantorCO2e were destroyed at One World Trade Center on 9/11/2001, Barnett described the event as the "first live-broadcast, mass snuff film in human history."

Can a Soldier Disobey Illegal Orders?

I promise to take up, on another occasion, the legal issues related to obedience in the military, as expressed in the Uniform Code of Military Justice and elsewhere. There really is no question that a soldier has a moral duty and legal obligation to disobey bad orders. My point for today is that we the citizens do not have a clue as to what orders are being given or why. Each order may be expressed in fine language, covering flagrant atrocities.

I repeat what was said at Consortium News by a commenter: “The deluded presume that someone up there knows what he is doing, and would not send them to do wrongful things.”

If Fiona Barnett is right, someone up there does know what he’s doing and it is wrongful indeed.

I have made a Freedom of Information request to ask if General Boykin had any assignments in the 1980s to Holsworthy Base in Australia. Boykin is still alive and could be made to answer to a Congressional committee. Article I, section 8 of the US Constitution puts Congress in charge of the Army and Navy.

As for General Alfred Gray, he is 91 years old. For several years, he was in charge of all US Marines. It may pay to ask him to verify or refute the claims made by Kay Griggs. She, the wife of a Marine, famously said that Henry Kissinger was the instigator of the rape of Marines, as a sort of rite of passage to a higher calling.

As a US taxpayer, I be anxious (extremely anxious, in the time of Covid-19) to find out what that higher calling consists of.

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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