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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 21, 2020 - 6:53:12 PM

Esu speaks on Jupiter and Stasis
By Esu Immanuel Kumara, Sananda and Planetary Prince of Urantia
Jan 24, 2020 - 6:30:48 PM

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Esu speaks on Jupiter and Stasis

By Jess Anthony

Nov 28, 2007,


Esu, I ask for another update today after Candace’s comments this morning on feeling new ascension energy. Where are we at the moment? I can be ready this evening if necessary. I ask for the status of stasis, as well. I also read Bellringer’s comments that the Jupiter/ stasis information was a lie put out by the dark. It seems to me he is holding to an outmoded process that no longer works because of the free will request that has led to the intervention. Speak to that, if you will.

Jess, good afternoon. Things are moving. The progression you read about was the preliminary jolts of light that are preparing Jupiter for the effect you anticipate. This will be a spectacular event for the world.

Bellringer doesn’t know or accept what has been talked about. He is caught up in his twisted version of the truth that ignores what we have been saying through you and others for the last ten years. The truth is that Jupiter is happening. The truth is that stasis will take place. This is the response to the cries for help that Earth has been sending out based on the inhabitants’ free will ability to choose life or destruction. The evacuation scenario was the only plausible method we could envision twenty years ago when the destruction of Mother Earth in her present form was inevitable. You as a planet have awakened to your connection with us in sufficient numbers that it demands we intervene. The fact that this bears a resemblance to the Biblical story of saving the planet is coincidental, but ultimately beneficial. Because it sounds like a preconditioned eventuality, the true situation is more easily accepted by the masses. I am not coming in the clouds, but I will be returning to Earth in a space ship’s shuttle. This is a given and the prophecy’s comments in that instance are facts.

There will also be the return of Christ Michael himself in a form that is acceptable for the energy level you will have. We have split our merged form of 2,000 years ago and now are returning individually and as a Christed consciousness. This will happen when the energy allows this to be accomplished. The dimensional level has been gradually raised during the last year or so, and the God Event also triggered the molecular changes necessary for the raising energy to begin its changes in the physical embodiments you have adapted on Earth.

I will repeat this is not a Rapture. This is leveling the playing field of Earth so man can have a fair change once he wakes up again to re-build as he has been told he will need to do. This is not waving a magic wand. This is saving the Earth from the type of destruction what would have mandated an evacuation of sorts. The thing that Bellringer never speaks of in the evacuation is that only about 10% of the existing population could be lifted up successfully if this were to happen. The scenario we spoke of in the original Phoenix Journals is no longer viable. The population has increased too much, for one thing, and the teleportation methods we use are not suited to the still dense physical construct the Earth inhabitants continue to have.

The only viable method we have now to preserve the Earth’s inhabitants as Mother Earth and Christ Michael intend is to engineer a stasis, or suspension of time for certain energy levels comprising most of the mammal population, and intervene within the paused stasis to re-engineer other levels of energy manifestations. This will have the effect of removing the worst hazards man has created with the help of their off-world advisors—hazards that man is not capable of removing in time to prevent Mother Earth from taking events into her own hands and bypassing her plan to save her inhabitants.

The ignition of Jupiter is another event that is inevitable in the Ascension process for the whole galaxy. This is necessary to trigger the raising of the energy level of the solar system you inhabit so that it can then lock into the changes that are already taking place elsewhere in the Universe. Christ Michael is determined that Nebadon will ascend as a whole, and Earth is a troublesome weak link in this chain of events. The quarantine imposed on it and the extraordinary development of dark resistance over the eons has contributed to it becoming almost unrecognizable as the jewel it once was in Christ Michael’s design. He allowed it to sink into such depths to allow his highest masters to agree to incarnate on it with its peculiar dual system of manifestation as a rigorous testing ground for learning all there is to know about counteracting this infestation.

This almost has been the death of the planet. But Christ Michael has been given permission from higher up to intervene as he sees fit to save and resurrect his original seed planet. This is what is happening now, and the process on Earth is key to the process that is happening to its Universal context. This is all tied together. Man is an element, but he is not the ultimate deciding factor. The Ascension of the Universe takes precedence over man’s free will choice to reject the help he has been offered.

This is happening now and the Jupiter ignition and the stasis will be events that occur. They are not figments of Candace’s [Ron: aka Kan Daek's] or your imagination, nor do you work for the CIA, or for other religious voices speaking for the dark status quo. The insistence on evacuation is folly. It will not happen. There will be a period of turmoil, along with the change of governments and the installation of a new economic and financial system based on no credit as it exists now. Money all over the world will be based on hard metal currency. There will be no fiat printing. There will be no purchases without the money to back up the agreement.

The government systems all over the world will be based on true representative discussion and decision making. This will come from community groups that influence the elected representatives, not the other way around. The economic power structure that controls all governmental decisions now will be abolished, and educated choices by individuals will determine how the community is structured. This is a republic form of government, not a democracy with control given over to those who force their decisions on the less powerful.

This all is coming and will be announced from broadcasts beamed to Earth after the stasis is completed. The current elected officials will be removed and interim appointments supportive of these Universal ideas will be installed in their place. These changes are based on Christ Michael’s plan for his Universe. The only way his creation can ascend as a whole is when it has a unified acknowledgement of this truth. His decision is final and represents the wishes of the Creator Source.

This is a sufficient statement this afternoon. You may post as you will to whichever outlets you choose.

Esu Immanuel Kumara, Sananda and Planetary Prince of Urantia

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©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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