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Escaping the Matrix
By Editorial – Islam
May 18, 2009 - 5:29:00 AM

Escaping the Matrix

Editorial – Islam April 6, 2007

As we had warned in our previous blog, the 15 British sailors, under pressure from their military commanders, are now changing their story and state they were mistreated in Iran.

We had expected exactly such an outcome, these 15 young people or for that matter any other person within the Matrix will not be allowed to get out of it. This Matrix has been carefully created and crafted by the Western Military/Industrial complex over centuries. Once you are in it you are not allowed to get out of it except as dead.

The Military/Industrial complex has at stake trillions of dollars and can not allow ordinary Goyims (cattle) to challenge their power and their privileges. Powerful institutions have been put in place to ensure that the cattle think, eat, work, pray, play, behave and fight according to the blueprint. No other system can be allowed to challenge it, as otherwise it will mean their own death.

However, truth has a way of getting through, perhaps even faster and easier than the lies. The Matrix knows that people are bailing out of the system, slowly but surely, and they are getting desperate. Pre 9/11 there was a huge social movement against it. The Matrix had raped the world with their manipulated financial system, industries employing tens of thousands of people were bought and sold like commodities, bringing loss of jobs and devastation to entire communities and countries.

Huge demonstrations against globalization, the bankrupting of pension funds, cuts in social spending and downgrading of health care systems took place in most of the western countries. Wars in the developing world were created as diversionary tactics, young men and women were used as cannon fodder. It was this development and the final manipulated crash of the stock market in 1999 in which millions of ordinary people who had bought into the manipulated markets lost all their savings, which was about to cause a massive social revolution in the western world that led the Matrix to engineer the 9/11 event.

9/11 was engineered to corral in all those who were about to leave the Matrix and revolt against it. The trick worked for a while, but, here is where higher power comes into play, mankind has a built in firmware that seeks the truth even though it does not realize it. Despite the carefully choreographed and orchestrated propaganda through the controlled media about who was responsible for the events of 9/11, it was the built in quest for truth in mankind that led people to see through the lies and fraud. At first a handful of people started rejecting lies and then millions around the world joined in. More and more people are realizing that they have been enslaved by the Matrix and long to get out of it.

At the moment the Matrix is feeling very vulnerable and will do some wild things to prevent people from escaping it, but every incident such as the recent one of the 15 British sailors, will strengthen this anti-Matrix movement and ultimately lead to it’s demise.

As long as there is only one person in this world who is determined to find the truth, truth will be established.
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